Morning Joe Montage: Democrats on Director Comey – NOW VS THEN!

Democrats absolutely LOVED Director Comey before last Friday when he announced he was reopening the Hillary email case because of hundreds of thousands of emails they discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that Huma used to back up her phone.

Here’s a montage created by Morning Joe that shows just that:

Democrats are furious now and are in unison attacking Comey.

Gowdy was on MSNBC this morning responding to Harry Reid’s new attack on Comey that was mentioned above. He calls it ‘laughable’, but his explanation why is awesome:

Gowdy nails the hypocrisy of Harry Reid, who tried himself to influence the 2012 elections by LYING about Mitt Romney and his taxes!

The day Harry Reid isn’t a hypocritical hack is the day fat ladies sing as they ride on flying donkeys.

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