Morning Joe wants to take away your ‘military-style’ guns…

Morning Joe is back on the gun-control bandwagon and he’s targeting what he calls ‘military-style’ weapons.

This morning he actually claimed that the only reason people have these ‘military-style’ weapons is to shoot American soldiers.


What a putz. His suggestion that most Americans only buy these guns because they want to take on the American government and shoot American soldiers is absurd. I’m sure there are people out there who fit that description – heck America is a big place. But most people who buy these weapons just want to use them for sport or hunting. They’re fun to shoot and a bit more complicated than your average handgun.

Now Morning Joe concedes that there may be some who just enjoy shooting these guns, but he argues those people should register their military-style guns with the government and join a gun club where they must leave the guns at the club.

Uh yeah, I want to leave my guns in a place where they can be stolen. Smart!

So essentially Joe is advocating that Americans shouldn’t be able to own any military-style guns at all, period. Doesn’t matter if they’re semi-automatic. Doesn’t matter if banning them won’t solve the problem of mass killings.

But it will make Joe sleep better next to Mika, his very liberal wife-to-be.

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