MORON CNN anchor STILL doesn’t know what Ted Cruz meant by ‘New York Values’?!

I think one of the more annoying aspects of the biased media is how they feign stupidity in order to make Republicans look dumb – Brooke Baldwin is a master at it. Although sometimes I think she’s not pretending.

Watch below:

This idiot literally says, “we can’t crawl into his brain” and says she STILL doesn’t know what he means by “New York values.” Are YOU serious, woman?!?! Until you’re a damn idiot living in a cave, if you’ve paid ANY attention whatsoever to politics, you KNOW what it means because Cruz has EXPLAINED it countless times!!!

Oh look here’s the first time he explained it at the GOP debate:


The reason this gets me so angry is that further on in Baldwin’s segment she smugly mocks Cruz agreeing that generally you shouldn’t insult the people of whose votes you’re trying to get. Because Ted Cruz is sooooo stupid – except that’s NOT what he did, and if she was HONEST about what he meant by New York values, she wouldn’t be able to smugly MOCK him.

What a @#%$&#$!!!

And that’s how they subtly LIE in order to keep liberal left-wing narratives going – because this dimwit CNN anchor is certainly brighter than the guy who debated the Constitution before the Supreme Court, right?

Right. I need a stiff drink.

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