Moron Dem Governor says refugees have NEVER committed acts of terror – Boston bombing doesn’t count?

John Hickenlooper has never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the Lamps’R’Us store, but he made space in his mouth to fit both feet in when he said that no refugees had ever committed an act of terrorism on American soil.

Watch below:

Hick says that no refugee has ever committed an act of terror on American soil. Does he not know that Boston is on American soil, and not only where the Tzarnaevs refugees from Kyrgyzstan, but the federal government was supporting their terrorism by providing them with welfare benefits. I suppose blowing off Americans’ legs doesn’t rate very high in Hickenlooper’s estimation of a terror attack, but for the rest of us, it fits the definition.

But even if this wasn’t the case, so what? No guerrilla terror group had ever flown planes into American skyscrapers, and yet liberals take absolute glee in blaming Bush for not preventing it. Do we have to wait for a terror attack by a refugee to fit Hickenlooper’s definition before we take rational steps to defend America?

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