MRC: Which cable network has more TRUMP BIAS? Let’s take a look…

MRC did some in-depth research on how much airtime presidential candidates and their surrogates have been getting lately on the big three cable news networks. And you’ll be stunned, even flabbergasted at their results!

Ok no you won’t:

NEWSBUSTERS – A team of MRC analysts logged each prime time interview of a presidential candidate or a plainly-identified supporter or surrogate on CNN, MSNBC and the Fox News Channel over the past four weeks (March 21 to April 15, weekdays only), poring over approximately 240 hours of programming.

Our study found that FNC spent much more time interviewing Trump and his surrogates than either of his GOP competitors. Over the past four weeks, Trump was interviewed for a total of 178 minutes on Fox, vs. 106 minutes on CNN and 43 minutes on MSNBC. (Interviews includes network-sponsored town halls as well as sit-downs with a network host, but not debates or live coverage of rallies or speeches.)


Trump’s leading competitor, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, was featured in interviews totaling 120 minutes on FNC, slightly less than the 133 minutes he received on CNN, but much more than the 35 minutes he managed on MSNBC. The only other active candidate, Ohio Governor John Kasich, received 84 minutes on Fox, 106 minutes on CNN and 100 minutes on MSNBC.


And this is just in the last FOUR WEEKS during prime time! That’s not much time at all.

Just think if they did this for the whole election cycle. It might look something like this:


If you get my drift.

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