MSNBC assails White House for mocking reporters over Obamacare, says Obama lied last night…

Yesterday we posted the clip of Jay Carney mocking ABC’s Jonathan Karl for pressing him about the president misleading the public into believing that they could enroll into Obamacare via the phone or by paper application. Well this morning the MSNBC crew called it a testy exchange and suggested that by going after reporters now the White House is in trouble:

The clip Julie Pace is referring to is from last night, where the president lied about his infamous comment ‘if you like your health care plan, you can keep it”.


“…if it hasn’t changed since the law has passed”? Julie’s right, he never said that, ever. He never even qualified that statement. In fact on several occasions he just ended it with “period!”

Obama then mocked us, accusing us of acting as though what’s happening in the individual market has always happened in the individual market (h/t: RCP):

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Not only is Obama lying about his lies, but he’s blaming us for being stupid as to how the insurance industry works. He paints himself as some angel in all of this when we all know he lied to us in order to shove Obamacare down our throats.

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