MSNBC guest: Obama was born for this moment

This is your lefty ‘Obama butt-kissing’ moment of the day. Politics Daily’s Melinda Henneberger tells us that, in the wake of the tragedy that occurred this weekend when our country needs to heal, Obama was born for this very moment:

This is the moment that he was born for. He has campaigned on and talked all along about the need to take the toxicity out of the discourse about how we have to be able to talk to each other without questioning one another’s motivations. So I think this could really be Obama’s moment when he can really do as he [proposes] on bringing people together.

Howard Fineman who just loved Henneberger’s analysis of Obama adds this:

Barack Obama has always presented himself as somebody who stands for civility, as somebody who stands for reaching out, as somebody who doesn’t let hatred figure in to any of his computations of politics. That’s how he ran. That’s the symbol of hope that he offered. And this really is a unique opportunity if he and the people around him have the discipline to take it.

But the way Fineman ended the segment, answering the question of whether Obama thinks his opponents are evil, was classic:

From having interviewed him a lot on this topic and listening to him talk about the Republicans and the conservatives who oppose him, he doesn’t think they’re evil. He thinks some of them are ignorant, that they don’t know enough; that they haven’t sufficiently had the world explained to them by somebody like him.

Now that hit the nail on the head. And not surprisingly, they are totally ok with having a President who thinks he’s better than his opponents. Why? Because they agree and believe that they too are better than their political opponents. That we are just ignorant.

Heaven help us with these mental types.

Now for the video. Warning: You may need to get a trash can near you before you watch this. You might just need it:

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