MSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry dons tampon earrings on show

I’m not going to post the video just because there is just no point. But here is the photo of Melissa Harris Perry telling women how they can bring tampons into the Texas state legislature to protest Republicans taking away their ‘reproductive rights’:


And here is what she said (via Newsbusters)

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: I just have to show these. My producer Lorena made for me last week some tampon earrings because of course you’re remember that the Texas state legislature said that you couldn’t bring tampons in when they were going these women to in fact stand up for their own reproductive rights. You weren’t allowed initially to bring tampons. So, just in case that ever happens again ladies, you can just bring them on your earrings.

I’m sure all the children who won’t be aborted because of this new law in Texas will completely understand why these leftists wanted them to die and were willing to wear tampons on their ears to prove it.

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202 thoughts on “MSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry dons tampon earrings on show

  1. So the douchebag is wearing tampon earrings??   Makes you wonder what she keeps in the space they’re supposed to go!!

  2. Way to keep it classy, MSNBC. This speaks volumes about your network. First, Tinkle Matthews, now,Tampon Harris-Perry. What’s next?!? How far down are you digging for your ‘talent’. Lol!

  3. Can I get a cappuccino?  Someone should try to do something with the froth you people have worked up here so it doesn’t go COMPLETELY to waste…

  4. And who, exactly is THIS turd? And why should I care what a baby-killing piece of crap like her says?

  5. With minds this seriously dysfunctional, how do these rapidly-devolving humans still retain enough mental clarity to speak a human language?
    Seriously, what are they protesting? If you don’t want to have a child, either 1) don’t have sex (with a “partner” of the opposite gender) or 2) get your equipment modified.
    “Reproductive rights”, my overly large posterior. What fatuous nonsense.

  6. Good grief….can she be any more stupid and ridiculous! Not even remotely funny either! Just monstrously ignorant!

  7. Poor Ms. MHP still working through childhood issues–need for attention and not enough art and craft time.  Such clever repurposing the use of cotton. No wonder they have difficulty with their right to reproduce.

  8. Can somebody make a picture with Not-So-Sharpton by her side with panties on his head.  And, Tingles on the other side of her with a douche bag hat.  Title it the smartest people in the world.  Yeah, baby, progs rule!

  9. When you have nowhere else to go intellectually, this is where you end up.  They can make no cogent argument to kill babies after 20 weeks, so they double down on this kind of nonsense over and over.  Who can be the most controversial?  Who can be the most edgy?  Who can be the most outrageous?  It’s all they have left and it ends badly.  When they look back at their career, what do they see?  This kind of sad clownish behavior should be cause to pity them, for their souls are empty.  Somewhere in their lives, they took a wrong turn and this is the only road they will ever know.

  10. Do you have to have a hyphenated last name to be a libtardian or does it just help? (I couldn’t add to the tampon discussion without going out of bounds.)

  11. Now that I had my outrage for the night, reading through the comments, I really wish I could have been here earlier to play. You all ROCK!  I needed the laughs before bed time!! LOL!

    1. AmericanborninCanada We missed ya sis, knowing you would toss your wing right into it and really get us flapping :}

  12. Isn’t this the same fool who basically said that our children belong to the village? She’s an idiot. I have no other words, I can’t be polite when someone is such a complete fool idiot.

    1. AmericanborninCanada The trouble is, these people take themselves way too seriously. But the brainwashing is real, and they do get airtime…It’s too bad our side don’t call these lefties out for their total decadence and lack of any sense of decorum or morality.

    2. AmericanborninCanada
      “Isn’t this the same fool who basically said that our children belong to the village?”
      No, that was another liberal Idiot. 😉

      “It takes a village to raise a child” 
      Hillary Clinton

    1. WordsFailMe Do you think she screams racist at herself in the mirror? She doesn’t look like she’s 100% black herself.  Does she scream racist to her white relatives, at Obama, at the ObamaBrats?

  13. You still have your reproductive rights.  You can have all the babies you want.  You just can’t kill them at the late stages of the pregnancy.  That’s not reproductive.  That’s murder.

  14. This channel should be required to carry a warning that no one under the age of 21 is allowed to view it without parental supervision.
    Were oh where is the FCC when ya’ really need ’em??????

  15. Brings to mind the woman with the suppository in her ear who couldn’t find her hearing aid.

  16. MSNBC is nothing but a bunch of crass lowlifes parading as journalists. No wonder their ratings are at the bottom of a pathetic list. Eff them all.

  17. The world has gone mad, given over to evil. 
    The vulgarity, brazenness and even hymns to Satan during the Texas legislation abortion debate is proof of that.

  18. She’s the lib-tard who misquoted the Bible trying to say that our children belong to the village.  Mentally deranged.

  19. Does Mr Perry know how reproductive works? It seems she needs a lesson in basic female biology? Why is she wearing tampons to protest against abortion?

    1. notpilgrims   When the libtards were protesting at the state capitol security seized tampons, along with bottles of feces, urine, etc. that some had planned to throw in the chamber at legislators. It’s presumed they thought the tampons might get used and thrown. Nasty people.

      1. SheerPolitics notpilgrims Right, that just raises the question: Why did protesters bring tampons in the first place? They have nothing to do with abortion. So Mrs. Girl With the Same Name as Rick Perry is just continuing a non-sequitor.

        1. notpilgrims SheerPolitics Tampons were dipped in things and thrown at a prior “protest”.

  20. I know I say this a lot, but seriously, if my daughter pulled this stunt, I’d write her out of my will.  I didn’t raise her to be this vapid and needy.

    1. PVG Well said.  The shock value is gone.  When one advocates for the death of 20 week old babies … nothing really comes close.  That’s more shocking to me, IMO.

  21. I know this is an odd thing to admit, but when I first saw that Geraldo picture, the slefie, I thought it was Melissa Harris Perry.
    Go figure.

  22. I LOVE this term “REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS!”   YES, conservatives support your right to reproduce as often as you like.  YES, we’ll even pay for your offsprings’ food, shelter and healthcare when you can’t support your own.  YES we’ll even throw in a cellphone and big screen TV if you’re lucky.  BUT, we don’t want to pay for you to KILL the ones you don’t want.  Ask yourselves why that is.  It’s not the cheap way out, that”s for sure.  Will Obamacare pay for the death of a conservative’s baby?  Somehow I think all too happily.
    And just what do tampons have to do with vacuuming the life out of your uterus, anyway?

  23. Repugnant woman, after she uses them, she drops them in her steamy tea cup her menses is so precious to her.

  24. She’s so dimwitted that I’m sure this isn’t the only incorrect place she’s ever inserted them.  Someone probably had to tell her they aren’t ear buds for her Obamaphone.

    I no longer see why leftist women want abortions so badly.  They push their private parts into the public face so often now that a normal male above age thirteen is no longer interested in seeing any of them in private. Conservative women are hot.  Leftists are as exciting (and overused) as a broken yo-yo.

  25. There will be an outbreak of famous black women with tampons hanging from there ears as the myth of racist oppression of black people in the USA disintegrates.

  26. There is no decency with these lefties.  I am appalled at their behavior.  It makes my skin crawl.

  27. Liberals are simply subhuman… what rational, intelligent, respectable person would ever even consider this?
    How is MSNBC allowed to even be on the air? What… do they make Guantanamo inmates watch it as torture? No wonder they want to kill us.
    There just aren’t words for this. And when you add that to the half-wits who had jars of feces, urine, and menstrual blood at the courthouse in protest, prepared to do God knows what with it… They truly are owned and blinded by satan. There’s simply no other explanation for this sort of vulgar ignorance.
    Seriously, MSNBC is a cancer to anyone who tolerates the crap that is spewed out by that rag network. (no pun intended)

    1. Orangeone  Now that you mention it, I read the book “Passions of the Mind” by Irving Stone. It was a biography about Sigmund Freud…I believe he might have profiled a nut like her in that book…

        1. doofuschmartz Army_Pilot1967 OConstitutionO I must assume you were being literal,
          Using Depends to cover her face, LOL

  28. The minds of many are too lost to ever return back to anything productive at this point.

    1. OConstitutionO 
      You’ve got that right! People like this idiot, in days gone by would be institutionalized, and rightly so.

      1. badbadlibs OConstitutionO Yeah.Today they have patients rights and are let run loose among society.

  29. New MSLSD slogan. “On The Rag, All The Time”. 😉 😉 
    Kind of gives new meaning to the old media ‘Headlines’ slogan, “If it bleeds, it leads” doesn’t it? 😉 😉 
    I got more but I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. 😉 😉

      1. Orangeone tinlizzieowner 
        I raised 3 girls to be brighter than that one. 😉 😉

      1. doofuschmartz tinlizzieowner 
        Well, ‘bleeding’ from somewhere, anyway. 😉 😉

    1. nibblesyble If she has children, social services should remove them and a court should terminate her parental rights.

      1. E Lee Zimmerman You would think eh? But she does, and my prayers are with them. because they will have a lot to overcome with her as a mom.

    2. nibblesyble Don’t forget she is the same dimwit that said our children don’t belong to us.

  30. Liberalism breeds depravity, decadence and outright lunacy. She is nothing but an attention seeking spoiled “child” who obviously didn’t get something from daddy and mommy when growing up. 
    Is it any wonder Islam sees the Western World for what it is? Amoral and decadent? (Not making excuses for them, but there is this side of our society – women who sell themselves cheaply, have no sense of shame, and are desperate for something…though I don’t know what.)

      1. 57thunderbird Lady_Penquin How many libs do you know that weren’t disciplined growing up.
        They weren’t taught it and they don’t have it. They are devoid of any sense of accountability for their actions and believe because they were taught that they are the smartest ‘geniuses’ around.
        Meanwhile most are barely able to function.

  31. PS Thanks for not posting the actual video Scoop. Well done for gauging your audience well there. Many of us defs wouldn’t have watched.

    1. NYGino I can’t post what I’m thinking because a moderator would scold me but I’ll type this much. There are two of them when only 1 is necessary at a time……

    2. NYGino 
      “I’ve heard of not knowing your a$$ from a hole in the ground but this is ridiculous.”
      Or a hole in the ground from an A$$ behind a desk. 😉
      Perfect example why libs have trouble with birth control measures. She probably stuffs the ‘morning after pill’ up her …….. (well, use your imagination). 😉 😉

  32. How gauche and vulgar! To quote Sidney Poitier in “To Sir With Love”, “There are some things that decent women keep private.” Guess Perry missed that part.

  33. tsturbo I’ve heard a version of that joke before and it doesn’t go like that.  There was no “p” word in it…………….too blatant.

    I can’t remember the punch line right now though.

    1. DebbyX tsturbo The question is, DebyX, why would a nice, Conservative lady like you, want to?

        1. 57thunderbird tinlizzieowner LIBERTYUSA She needs to invent something to serve as purple drank filters!

        2. Orangeone 57thunderbird tinlizzieowner LIBERTYUSA Yeah,Trayvon could have used that.Maybe she could sell them in the hood.

  34. What a spin on things, call it what it really is. the “right” to kill your own baby.

    1. Watchman74 Try this one out. Force them to where a tattoo with strikes on them so if any children do survive, they know just how many brothers or sisters were murdered by mom. Should go along way in terms of respect from their children and society as a whole. At least the prospective sexual partner will know just what kind of a person she really is.

  35. Could someone give her a swirly to see if those earrings are absorbent enough to meet federal requirements?

      1. pushtheredbutton Orangeone If I may be so bold as to answer for Orangeone;a swirly is when you hold somebody by the ankles,dunk their head in the toilet and flush,thus swirling their hair.An old high school stunt.

        1. Orangeone 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton I think I’ll be joining you on the floor.LOL!!!

        2. 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton Orangeone  What era? I never had one of those, thank God! Was I just lucky???

        3. doofuschmartz 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton Orangeone 70’s when I was in high school.Not sure when it got started.Not sure of your age but maybe you did get lucky.. 🙂

        4. 57thunderbird  I was in JH in the 70’s, but that”s when we carried out the worst of our practical jokes. I guess we were too busy giving wedgies or something else…

        5. doofuschmartz 57thunderbird Today we would be referred to as bullies I suppose.We only did it to the deserving ones.(the ones that we considered bullies)

        6. 57thunderbird doofuschmartz Today’s you’d be arrested for assault!  How far this country has fallen.  
          I think our pushtheredbutton friend will wake up to the swirly, tis a bit late across the pond.  Can’t wait for his reaction.

        7. 57thunderbird Orangeone pushtheredbutton You are welcome to join me, plenty of room and I steam cleaned it this morning….

        8. Orangeone 57thunderbird doofuschmartz I think you’re right about the assault charges thing.I look forward to pushtheredbutton’s reaction.

        9. doofuschmartz 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton Orangeone I’ve never had one either, but then again, they were too busy just beating the crap out of me!  But I’ve always known about them, and I was born in ’86…

        10. BrianJones1 doofuschmartz 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton Orangeone  WOW! You’re a young whippersnapper! Great hearing from you! I love to hear the comments of young people as well as older people….

  36. Oh……………my…………………..word!!  Can they get anymore ludicrous!?  I remember a time (in the olden days) like the 70’s, when polite women would conceal the fact.  
    It really wasn’t crazy.
    Her mama should be embarrassed.

      1. warpmine NYGino 57thunderbird doofuschmartz tsturbo Unfortunately,I think you’re right.

    1. NYGino 
      I’m sure it would be totally lost on that lousy, stinking excuse for womanhood/humanity…but, thanks for pointing it out!

    2. NYGino 
      The very day after MSNBC went public with their stupid “lean forward” slogan, Rush said it should be modified by adding “…this won’t hurt a bit”
      Now, of course, we all know what “Lean” really means.

  37. ON THE POLITICAL FRONT: Nancy Pelosi plans to propose new bill extending abortion rights to the Birds and the Bees…all Democrats on Board… 
    Planed Parenthood introduces: Frequent Fluker Reward Card “Come Again Soon”
    Gosnell’s Clinic in Benghazi raided by IRS proves to be MSM worst cover-up challenge to date. (/sarc) 🙂

    1. doofuschmartz You are on a roll today friend!  I think I need to recruit you to do comedy blogging at rednationrising

      1. Orangeone doofuschmartz  I’d like to take credit, Orange, but I actually read them on another blog site that does a lot of satire…these were just too funny and apropos not to pass along…

        1. doofuschmartz Orangeone That’s okay, all you have to do is give them credit and link to it on that site :}  Either way, I’m loving the great humour!

      2. Orangeone doofuschmartz  BTW: You have a great sense of satire, Orange, with a little brainstorming, you can easily do them yourself…

        1. doofuschmartz Orangeone Thx!  I actually do a pretty good snark when I’m doing an Op-Ed, gotta keep up that persona :} You’ve seen a taste in a couple of my rants here…..

  38. I guess Obama used a Preparation H suppository when he rammed Obamacare on us.  Makes as much sense as this idiot’s statement.

  39. Isn’t this the same useless POS that said children belong to the community and not the parents?You just can’t fix this kind of stupid.

  40. And it continues, the Democrats setting professional women who have fought to achieve success, further shame and embarrassment and placed little girls in the position of being humiliated in school.

  41. Now thats just classic. A giant tampon fitted with tampon earings. Just classic.

      1. Orangeone pushtheredbutton Oh wow. Thanks Kitty. You’re awesome. Just rea it. Great editing from yourself.

        1. 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton Orangeone Wow. Thanks man. Means a lot. Again, kudos to orangeone. Great editor.

        2. pushtheredbutton 57thunderbird Orangeone Silly you, very little editing. But I am working on my next IRS blog for those interested.  I think it’s #20 or close to in the series.

        3. pushtheredbutton 57thunderbird Orangeone ABIC does some great blogs as well.I read them often at politichics.

        4. 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton Orangeone ABiC via CFP4US co-blogs the important holidays with us.  It’s a blast!

        5. Orangeone pushtheredbutton 57thunderbird I wish I could find the time to read all the blogs by my friends here at Scoop.I’m sure I am missing out on some real gems.

        6. Orangeone 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton I bet it is.We sure have some talented folks here at RS.Makes me proud to be counted amongst you all.

        7. Orangeone 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton I seem to recall that spamming. :-)I don’t mind though.

        8. Orangeone 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton I will make an effort to visit there more often.

    1. pushtheredbutton I was thinking more along the line of a giant butt plug wearing tampon earrings.

      1. 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton where is moochier lately?  I hear there were more murders in Chicago during the thugvon “protests”.  Did she fly in to calm the waters or do those lost lives mean nothing?

        1. Orangeone 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton Good question.Seems they have been keeping er under wraps lately.Haven’t heard much from plugs lately either.I think only the Obamessiah can calm the waters.

        2. 57thunderbird Orangeone pushtheredbutton She flew to Chicago with the brats a few days back for the Beyonce concert.  They could have saved us millions by going to the thugvon NY event instead. Oh wait, can’t be amongst the commoners and be called out for the racist she is.

        3. 57thunderbird Orangeone pushtheredbutton Well she did snark out at someone so maybe she’s getting taxpayer funded anger management classes.

        4. Orangeone 57thunderbird pushtheredbutton  Funny you should ask…

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