MSNBC Prophet Chris Matthews Mocks 2012 Romney Over Russia Concerns

Truly, Matthews’ crystal ball is a treasure among men.

Chris is mocking the very notion of considering Russia to be any kind of threat at all. “I don’t know what decade this guy is living in” opines the perspicacious prattler. He also admiringly gives voice to the thrill in his nethers calling Medvedev sophisticated and witty.

A lefty smitten with Russia? What decade are we in, indeed.

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37 thoughts on “MSNBC Prophet Chris Matthews Mocks 2012 Romney Over Russia Concerns

  1. The liberty school knows that government is best used to preserve the liberty that keeps each of us free to unleash our own unique knowledge, talents, and skills.

  2. Chris Mathews doesn’t give a sh#t about the truth, never has, never will. He is only interested in advancing the communist narrative. Why anyone listens to him is beyond me. Everything Palin said is being fulfilled. Romney was right. This is pure subversion of the Republic. Mathews is a communist. Might as well come right out and say it Chris. No point hiding now.

  3. This is like listening to three insane asylum inmates who have to wear baseball gloves because they think their fingers are hotdogs.

  4. Yep, we have to start listening more closely to these liberals. They really, really have it down pat.

    Russia is not our enemy (oops), Iran will never get nukes (oops, again), we will ALWAYS back Israel (oh, oh), ObamaCare is the savior of healthcare in this country (aaarrrggg), and we have to spend more to get out of debt (yeah, right).

    Tingles is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stupidity. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us we need to reduce the size of our military (uhhhhh, doh!).

  5. UMMMM, the warm tingle of urine running down his left leg. His depends must be overflowing.

    1. I wouldn’t say dumb, but I would say, a myopic, sycophantic, butt kissing, communist shill.

      1. You’re right…………………BUT………He is DANGEROUS!
        He lives at the MSNBC the Home of OBAMERICA!

  6. I didn’t come on this page to listen to tingles, I came on to read Caleb’s summary. lol. The internet would be a dangerous place for other bloggers if Caleb and Rshill ever got together to write something.

  7. Kinda feel sorry for the libtards at MSNBC actually. Working all that overtime keeping up with BHO’s lies and failures, then scrambling to dismiss any truth from the mouths of folks like Mitt. Poor little darlings must very tired. The same libtards were content with “détente” back in the 70’s and 80’s, thinking it was the best the USA could hope for. Then Reagan shamed them all, a bitter pill liberals have never been able to swallow.

  8. Palin had it right. Matthews as usual is wrong. Matthews is the typical Lefty smug in his own stupidity. This reminds me of his trainwreck performance on Jeopardy

  9. I don’t know when this aired, but I would love to staple the transcript to each of these butt heads faces. They wouldn’t read it for fear the truth would burn their eyes and melt their brain, but a conservative can dream….can’t they?

  10. It takes a lot of guts every night to launch a visceral bombastic diatribe assault on conservatives when the guest panel is composed of solely like minded lefty extremists. Matthews is your typical progressive coward who only preaches to his choir which explains why his ratings are so low.

    I posted the above a day ago on the last Matthes column and that’s the story of this schmuck – same bull, just a day latter.

    1. Conservative1, we in the military would simply say SSDD, Same S*** Different Day. As for Matthews and his guest, they seem to be the only ones stuck in the past, after all, according to them, it is all Bush’s fault.

        1. I still use it today, only I replace the S*** word with stuff so its still fits, Same Stuff Different Day. Of course I can’t really use my favorite acronym SNAFU, Situation Normal All F***** Up, but with the current political climate, you know, Obama and other liberals, SNAFU works on so many levels. I just noticed I got your name wrong in my reply, sorry about that.

          1. I learned the clean version of SNAFU before I ever heard the original: Situation Normal All Fouled Up.

  11. what are the odds that Matthews shows a clip from his own show and apologizes to Romney ? Thought so……..

  12. …the only DUMB ONE in the room is your Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Mao Obama.”

  13. I keep trying to recall what sane people have said was going to happen with this administrations actions…that haven’t come true!!!

  14. Why anyone takes this moron seriously. It is a shame that this socialist air head is on the air.

  15. Wow, those three are clairvoyant, aren’t they? Russia wouldn’t cut our collective throats, right? Russia is our friend, correct? I’m tired of Chris Matthews and his mightier-than-thou attitude…what a jerk!!!!

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