MSNBC’s Alex Wagner: Voting is fine. IF YOU HATE WOMEN.

This image was posted on the MSNBC tumblr this week:


Not just in the spirit, in the practice. So Wagner thinks that our laws should create gender parity in Congress. I wonder what those laws would be. Would she have men barred from running for Senate in a state that already has a male Senator? What about in congressional districts? What about people who run unopposed?

Or perhaps she’d rather have the laws create parity after the election. Once we see who got elected we just, what, have a committee pick gender appropriate replacements for the incorrectly elected?

And what about race? So now we only care if women are represented, not minorities? That’s not very “progressive” Alex. What about LGBT? What about “undocumented Americans”? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!?!!??

There are many, many really dumb Lean Forward ads from MSNBC. So many that I often wonder if some Republican advertising firm just straight up duped the network and are sitting in their offices laughing their asses off. But this one has to be one of the worst.

Congress, MSNBC, isn’t about parity. It’s about representation. And that representation isn’t determined by demographic percentages, much as you would prefer it. It’s determined by the represented. That’s kind of a founding principle of our entire system of government so, you know, sort of a big deal.


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40 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Alex Wagner: Voting is fine. IF YOU HATE WOMEN.

  1. PLEASE take this and run with it – the premise that only people like you can represent you.

    She should also be asked if the GROSS over-representation of Jews in Congress should be addressed.

  2. And don’t mention the fact that women are a majority (51-52%) in America…if they chose Obuma over a women, just whose fault is that? Not that that would have made any difference in the continuing destruction of America, but just saying fact is fact regardless of how the majority says it isn’t.

  3. Affirmative Action in Congress and quotas for women???? The Left has lost it and I don’t think its possible anymore to get it back!

    1. I’m all for the 28th Amendment: No person advocating the ideology of liberalism, progressivism, marxism, communism, socialism, secularism or anarchism shall be allowed within the borders of, or be allowed to establish residency within, these United States of America.

      All in favor say Aye! or Yea!

  4. “Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.”
    — Jerry Pournelle

  5. If she represents the women who she wants in power (Shrillary, Sheila Jackson Lee, Pelosi, etc.), then no thanks.
    Is America really buying this ‘war on women’ Bull Squeeze?

  6. I would encourage everyone, woman especially, to watch the debut show of Dana Loesch on the GBTV network. She does an excellent job of explaining why women and liberalism cannot co exist. She certainly knows what she is talking about, too, she used to be one of THEM.

  7. Here’s one reason why there will never be “gender equity” anywhere.

    TheOtherMcCain: The Rocky Horror Dating Game: Translesbians Encounter Queer Hate

    The modern feminist movement has been taken over by the Gay Mafia, which has been busy destroying notions of trans-this and natural-that for several years, to the point where self-immolation of the whole thing is happening.

    It’s gotten so that, anymore, Feminism is as much about “women” as music videos are about survival in the interstellar vacuum.

  8. Proof that Darwin’s theory of natural selection doesn’t work, or fools like this would have ceased to exist long ago.

      1. Yes. Josef Mengele was an example.

        We have protected the weak(minded) sheep from the consequences of their weakmindedness, and now they have hired the wolves to take control of all the earthly possessions of the rest of the flock.

        But the last chapter hasn’t been written yet.

  9. for once i find myself in agreement with alex wagner, But i would exchange gender parity with intellectual parity,

    and now lets ban Any idiots or crony capitalists to run for congress since they enjoy to big of a majority now in congress, lets “at least” Balance it,

  10. As if “gender parity” will fix all of our problems!

    I could ask the same thing about “Conservative parity”; or “Christian parity”; or “representatives-who-actually-have-brains parity”.

    1. i assume she voted for mcCain/Palin instead of Obama/Biden,
      since she is such an outspoken advocate for parity

  11. E Lee Zimmerman had an excellent comment below:

    Hmm. Well, I can only ask when are they going to allow intelligent people to host on MSNBC?

    I could totally get behind that “intelligence inequity” idea at MSNBC. But if it’s an in-house competition at MSNBC… then we’re stuck with what they’ve got I’m afraid.

  12. I’m torn. On one hand I’m glad I saw this show up in America first. Makes me think there’s still hope for Canada.

    On the other hand… grieved approximates what I really feel. Where the hell’s all this asshattery leading? Were these people spawned under a rock somewhere… in the spittle and dregs of Obama’s empty coffee mug perhaps?

    Do these people not observe the world as it is and learn anything rational?

  13. we are a nation of laws and ideas… not boxes to fit people into!!! These perpetrators of hate have been spewing this venom for decades!!! Living free is not about color.. opportunuties are not about gender.. success is not about where you put you junk… Its about every man woman and child have dreams and goals and the opportunity to achieve them!
    All equal in the eyes of the law…
    Where is this woman complaint that white Jewish woman targeted by black in the polar bear knock out game are LESS of a victim due to the color and their gender..
    Than a black man hit by a white kid??????????????????
    under this administration black men are more valuable that white jewish women!!!
    if we are all equal than the punishment should be equal!!

  14. Disaffected voters is all the left has. They nurture it well.

    It is amazing how “liberated” women look for “parity” by allowing themselves to be exploited by two-bit politicians for their votes.

    We have become a joke.

  15. Hmm. Well, I can only ask when are they going to allow intelligent people to host on MSNBC? Can’t we have “intellectual parity,” too? Why most an entire network only cater to the lowest common denominator?

  16. I’ve often wondered why there aren’t any co-joined albino twins serving in congress. Someone should be looking into that .

      1. We need a “Million Co-Joined Albino Twins March on Washington Day” with Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow coalition leading the speeches. That should add some color to the festivities.

          1. So I accidentally double posted, edit to admit my mistake, then realized that I can actually delete my posts. And evidently Disqus thinks “delete” means “reupload comment as a guest”… seriously…

  17. Why isn’t there gender parity in Congress, you ask?

    Because citizens elect Legislators based upon the perceived notion that the individual elected will represent their interests and draft laws in concordance with those interests, and not because of some silly concept that somehow increasing the variety of genitalia in the Congress will magically produce better laws.

    There, you can stop asking.

    1. I wonder which part of voting and elections she doesn’t understand.

      (The picture below is for Ms. Wagner)

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