MSNBC’s Touré makes the DUMBEST argument that immigrants don’t displace American workers you’ll ever hear

On Friday’s “the Cycle,” MSNBC’s resident moron racist Touré made an argument in an attempt to prove that immigrants don’t displace Americans from their jobs. This is his argument – some industries have way more immigrants while others have less. No really, that’s his argument.

Watch below:

I don’t know if he’s accurately representing the economist he cites, since he can barely pronounce the concept he’s extolling, but if he is, then they’re both morons. It is not a necessary condition that immigrants take a proportional part of all jobs available in order to prove that they’re taking American jobs. That’s just an idiotic assumption.

Of course immigrants are going to take more jobs that are less skilled and pay less if they have few skills and are willing to be paid less. In no way does that prove that they’re not displacing American workers, or more importantly, that they’re not eroding the wages in those jobs.

But of course the idiots at MSNBC applauded the idiot for making a clearly irrational argument.

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