Mueller has a second SECRET order directing the SCOPE of the Russian probe…

This is very weird and has apparently been lost in all the clamor over recent developments in the Mueller investigation.

Byron York points out at the Washington Examiner that it was revealed Mueller has TWO orders determining the scope of his investigation – one public, and one SECRET:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s recent admission that the May 17, 2017, Justice Department order defining the scope of his investigation was just for show, and that the real extent of his probe is a secret, is reverberating on Capitol Hill.

On Thursday, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley wrote to deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, asking to see the document outlining the true scope of the Mueller investigation. Grassley noted that earlier this month, federal judge T.S. Ellis “expressed some skepticism” about the secrecy of Mueller’s authority and demanded to be shown an Aug. 2, 2017, memo that is said to define the probe in detail. Now Grassley wants to see it, too.

In court before Ellis, Mueller lawyer Michael Dreeben revealed that the May 17 appointment order is not a “factual statement” of Mueller’s assignment. “The regulations nowhere say that a specific factual statement needs to be provided publicly,” Dreeben added. “The specific factual statement … was conveyed to the special counsel upon his appointment in ongoing discussions [between Rosenstein and Mueller] that defined the parameters of the investigation.”

That sounds like a problem, doesn’t it? Why would you have a secret order determining the scope of the investigation if there’s wasn’t something shady going on? I guess you might argue that in order for the investigation to proceed, you may not want to warn those you are investigating, but that cat already seems out of the bag. Again this is another development that raises more questions and offers few answers…

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