Muslim brawl at NY theme park after denied entry to rides due to head scarves

A theme park in New York made Muslims who were celebrating the end of Ramadan very unhappy when they were told they had to remove their head scarves for certain rides. It’s a safety policy and would apply to anyone wearing something on their heads. Makes sense, right? Well, apparently not to a few Muslim men and women.

DAILY MAIL – The incident started at around 2pm when the theme park was crowded with around 6,000 visitors. Roughly 3,000 were in a Muslim tour group celebrating a holiday at the end of Ramadan.

Trouble reportedly flared when women wearing Muslim hijab scarves tried to get on rides banning any head coverings.

The women were refused entry and offered refunds – but then male and female visitors started to argue among themselves, Westchester County officials said.

That apparently led to park guards stepping in, sparking the huge brawl. The park entrance was closed for two hours as the fighting escalated.

Some of the Muslims are blaming police for instigating the brawl and excessive brutality. My initial reaction was one of disbelief and was only confirmed when I read this:

Ola Salem, 17, of Brooklyn, New York, was wearing a headscarf and said she was denied entry onto a ride with her eight-year-old sister.

‘They said no because my of my “headgear”,’ she told the New York Times. ‘I said: “It’s not my headgear, it’s my religion“.’

She’s not the only one to say something like this. Dena Meawad said “It’s clear, this all happened because we’re Muslim.”

People like this are typically looking for a reason to start trouble. They want to be a victim so bad that when they are told they can’t ride unless they remove their hijabs, they claim offense in the name of their religion and won’t listen to reason.

So I have no doubt that the police acted professionally and short of any actual evidence to the contrary, I’m certainly not taking the word of people like this.

Here’s the video:


UPDATE: I changed the title to more accurately depict what happened.

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