Muslims desecrate Christian war graves in Libya

This is disgusting. Muslims in Libya knocked over Christian and Jewish grave stones from a UK World War cemetery in Libya. (via Atlas Shrugs)

MSNBC – Libya’s leadership has apologised after armed men smashed the graves of British soldiers killed during World War Two, in acts of vandalism that appeared to be directed against non-Muslims.

Amateur video footage of the attacks, posted on video sharing site YouTube and social networking site Facebook, showed men casually kicking over headstones in a war cemetery and using sledge hammers to smash a metal and stone cross.

One man can be heard saying: “This is a grave of a Christian” as he uprooted a stone headstone from the ground.

Another voice in the footage says of the people buried in the cemetery: “These are dogs.”

The attacks happened in the eastern city of Benghazi, near where British and Commonwealth troops fought heavy battles against German and Italian forces during the 1939-45 war.

The BBC reported that the attacks took place at the British Military Cemetery and the War Graves Cemetery. …

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99 thoughts on “Muslims desecrate Christian war graves in Libya

  1. I say we pull back to the ship and nuke the sight from space……It’s the only way to be sure. (favorite line from Aliens) (and becoming more and more appropriate)

  2. These people do whatever they want and believe it is ok. They have zero respect or tolerance for anyone or anything non-Islmam but riot if someone doesn’t respect Islam. I’m tired of us bending over backwards to appease these neanderthals. Obama was an idiot for helping Muslims (Clinton did it, too, in Kosovo). The left needs to quit helping free the Muslims. Put them all in chains and dangle a pig over them with the name Allah painted on it. Muslims are scum.

    1. Hunch of COWARDS come to my country and try that, better still stand out in front of the next gunship that comes by and see what happens

      1. Which is your country, if I may ask?

        In the U.S. we’ll be lucky to have any left by the time Obama gets done.

  3. We shouldn’t be mad at the people who did this per-say, but their culture breeds their hate and contempt for others,as I’ve always said, you can’t train a dog to fight and kill then be supprised when they bite, you’ve only 2 choices, try to re-train them on dispose of them

  4. What should we expect from a group of people who follow the teachings of an epileptic, illiterate pedophile who married a six year old?

  5. A cemetery devoted to the honored dead, British soldiers who fought and died so that these swine would have peace and freedom from Nazi oppression!
    As a human being, a man, a former warrior, I am outraged by this criminal deed perpetrated by fanatic muslims against the graves of Christian dead!
    The supposed religion of peace is a sham, a lie! The Islamic world is in flames as they destroy each other in the name of Allah! The lie that is Islam, a religion of DEATH, DISHONOR, DESTRUCTION, VIOLENCE will be the cause of a third world war. They are committed to inflicting their horror of a religion upon the world. Indeed, their unholy koran demands that they do so and further demands of them that if we as christians, jews, buddists, etc. do not SUBMIT, we are to be killed. Barbaric!
    Look into the face of islam if you would know your enemy! I have nothing left in my heart for islam except rage, rage at a religion and a people who would condone such a vile act.

    To my British friends, and the many retired British warriors that I am honored to have known and call brothers in arms, my heart heart breaks for you and the desecration of your honored dead.

    1. Don’t let it get to you. Islam is filth, and hasn’t contributed one iota to human advancement. Once their oil runs out, we will have no use for them. This is why I try to drive as much as I can. Every dollar I spend at the pump is decreasing the life expectancy of Islam.

    2. I’m Irish, My grandfather fought in the British Army in WW2. This could easily have been his grave that these filthy scum desecrated. Did they also dishonor German wargraves too? These animals hold nothing sacred except their own vile hate-filled religion. They disgust me, where are the outcries from the leaders of the islamic world? Why the silence? Because my friends they support and approve of this.

      They will meet the god they worship one day, Satan !!!

      1. Everyone knows the Irish have the “right stuff”, my friend! Reading your comment, it shows a healthy dose of the famous Irish temper.
        Those swine desecrated the graves of christians. I don’t think they cared one iota whether it was British, Irish, German or any other nationality, as long as it was a christians grave. I’ve come to the conclusion that radical islam is beyond depraved. They are vile disgusting perverts and deserve the one thing they seek for all Christians and Jews, their own deaths.
        I see them as news coals in the fires of hell. Satan is laughing at his destruction of an entire population of ‘believers’, in islam.

      1. Gary, thank you for the link and the update.
        Over the years I’ve met some incredible Digger and Kiwi warriors. No nation should have it’s honored dead violated in any manner! My deepest respects to the ANZAC warriors and their families. My friend, we are all in this together. Soldier on.

          1. Seems like liberal/socialist madness is a world wide problem. Add the radical mus-bros into the mix and chaos ensues.!

  6. Where is our Muslim apology? Heat your house with Korans cause your utilities are necessarily skyrocketing.

  7. Well, I guess we should start rioting and killing muslims now right? I mean, it’s not like they burned a bible or anything…

    These people are ignorant, rabid, putrid animals… They are the spreading darkness of this world. Only God can save them… or in this case, judge them.

  8. If they apologize, we get to murder 4 of them right? I would want to break a well established tradition among the beardy ones. Why they might think of us as barbarians.

    Let’s whack some muz virgins this time. I’ll bet Mickey-D’s for devil worshipers is running a little short right about now. Maybe Obammy will send a drone over. That’s how he likes to fry muz, at night, in the back, struck as if by lightenin’ from a god.

  9. Sir David starkey telling the truth about ‘humanitarian intervention’. Pity that anyone with unfashionable views like him never would be allowed to be prime minister. Someone in the audience actually thinks the UK has any say with the chinese and the russians. The left in my country love to mock americans,yet we have our own fair share of idiots.

    The lib politicians on the panel were laughing at him. I wonder if they would be laughing now after hearing what those savages have done in our cemetery.Thats the thanks my country gets for spending huge amounts of taxpayers money. Iam waiting for Obama to apologise to the UK even though it wasn’t americas fault ,simply because he loves blaming his own country for the actions of throwbacks from the middle ages .

  10. Sad that they don’t realize those graves are there because their own people were unable to defend their own land against the Germans. It would be interesting to see what they are taught in school about WWII and what happened in their own country during that time. I bet very little if anything at all is taught.

  11. first, the UK did not have anything to do with this. Second, WTF… poor guys cant even rest in peace without some scumbag coming to break their tomb stone

  12. You know what? As much as this makes me angry, I can’t get angry enough to go and remove heads, chop off body parts, burn down mosques or torture anyone wearing a burkah. I pity these lost souls whp have followed their prophet and will continue to follow him to hell unless they come to a saving grace from Jesus.
    I could say all sorts of stuff about dear leader, and muslims in general, but right now, my heart pities them. They are blinded by hate- so they desecrate some grave markers. They’ve desecrated worse already, but we will not hear a peep of indignation from our marxist in chief.

        1. Not going to happen but what will happen is Damascus will be taken away from being a city and become a ruinous heap. That’s their burden and it’s happening now.

  13. These baboons will probably be on a boat soon seeking asylum in England or Europe. Then they will turn Europe into the same country they were fleeing from…As is happening to Europe already.

  14. The daily, systematic human rights abuses, persecution and genocide of non-muslims by muslims around the world can be followed in websites like: and

  15. How is it that under the ‘ruthless’ Mhomar k Daffy, this British war cemetary survived intact, and under the benevolent supervision of the ‘peace loving’ islamists yearning for democracy, it is desecrated before the first winter passes?

    I guess K Daffy wasn’t the only thing a$h defunkt by the mohamidan spring on the shores of trippoli.

    1. They were paying Gaydaffi jizya to look after it. The koranderthals obviously think they aren’t getting enough.

      However, this is a Commonwealth war cemetery. I wonder if UK PM Cameron will make a statement or just offer more jizya?

        1. Sometimes, you have to do the right thing no matter the cost.

          Find out what the traitors were doing on Utoya before he arrived. I have a video of it on my blog.

      1. Sorry ABC, when I saw them desecrating not just the grave markers, but climbing ladders to desecrate the cross of Christ, a vision passed before me of countless Christian churches that have been deface and converted to musks. I know it will become hellish when Christians are taken out of the world. (and will most likely approach hellish as that day draws near) I see what we must inevitably do in preservation of our liberty and I just don’t have the stomach for it yet.

        It makes me cranky

        1. I’m just messing with ya. I know what you mean. We can get angry, as it’s our Lord they are doing this to really, but we have to expect it. I’ve been dealing with that for a while, trying hard to keep remembering that we have to expect it and it will get worse. Keep looking up scoopfan. He will be coming soon and we won’t have to watch this kind of blaspheme anymore.

          1. My heart breaks for those who will have to watch it, endure it, will be beheaded by it.

            Would that our voice could cry out in appeal to every soul locked in bondage to that cruel mountain of the law in Arabia, declaring liberty through the blood of Jesus Christ, reconciliation to God by grace through faith in His Son, and rescue from the wrath to come.

            I guess I just did, and will continue to do so.

            Unless they look upon the one who was pierced for our transgressions, then they will be trodden in the winepress of His wrath.

            1. My heart breaks for them too. There will be so many! 🙁 But yes, you just did. Keep it up my friend and hopefully with enough of us still proclaiming the Truth of Christ, some will come to see and recieve Him. Keep them in prayers too- there are hundreds of thousands of muslims who ARE turning to Christ in the worst possible places to do so- but He is making Himself known to them. All we can do is proclaim the Gospel and pray the lost will recieve Him.

  16. So…. does this mean that we get to riot in the streets attacking every Muslim and Mosque that can be found, demand an apology, and blame the entire group for this sacrilege?
    More than likely Obummer will apologize for the presence of these war dead that freed their country from the Axis Powers. We all know it was the dead men and women’s fault that they were lying their in state. Had they had any respect they would have moved out of the way and not insulted the followers of Mohamed, leader of the religion of peace. Even in death there is no peace.

  17. And the U.S. Liberals and Progressives want to support these Arab Spring Racist Religious Fanatic Rapists who desecrate other ethnic peoples graves …. How Righteous !!!

  18. I watched 5 seconds and stopped it

    Another example of why these peopel are PIGS – period

    WHERE ARE THE CLERICS? to stop this crap

    If I were to start saying what I was actually thinking – my post would be removed

    Obama will probably send them NEW boots since the ones they used got scuffed up

    1. It’s funny, you know. During the uprising, they were attacking each other’s moskes and digging up the fake saints buried in them. But the koranimals are like that, no respect for anything.

  19. How many times have we seen the Islamists do this to Christians? We should have state out of Libya and let them kill each other. How much money did we spending helping the “heroes” as John McCain called them? They are no better than Gadaffi. It makes me sick to see what the Egyptians are doing to Mubarak, the man is dying and they brought him into court in a hospital bed in a cage. I’m sorry if I offend anyone with this comment, but let that entire part of the world, except Israel, kill each other, they’ve been doing it for centuries and we should stay out of it.
    Obama should have stood up for Mubarak instead of throwing him under the bus, but that’s what he always does. Why isn’t he doing anything to help Syria? We lost an American reporter to them last week! Did an American citizen die in Libya before we stated helping the “heroes?” I am not aware of one.
    Egypt is now or is just about to become another Islamist state, exactly what we do NOT need. Have they killed more Coptic Christians and burned down churches lately? I am sure they have but we haven’t heard about it yet.

  20. Our Impostor in chief will, undoubtedly, call this a workplace incident. The result of these underpaid workers not being unionized. Has nothing to do with Islam at all.

  21. Well.. by apologizing for Muslim offense against Christians, “Libya’s leadership” demonstrated capacity for statesmanship beyond that of Afghanistan’s leadership and the current “leadership” in the U.S.

  22. I’m sure 0b0 will apologize for Colonist British soldiers being buried in Libya.

    Making this a glass desert would be a good start.

  23. Islam’s hate and intolerance and human rights abuses make the KKK and Stalin seem like the Rotary club.

  24. Time for another unreleased 3 page apology from Barack “The Appeaser”. That should “calm things down”.

  25. “The NTC will confront this matter and, in line with Libyan law, will pursue those people who committed this act. This action does not reflect Libyan public opinion because Islam calls for respect for other religions.”

    Really…Submit to islam or die… yeah that sounds more like it. They don’t respect Christians or Buddhist or any other religion…look at the Christian who have been killed in the name of the pagan dog god allah…. Look at the churches that have been burned in the name of this pig god allah…and you want me to apologize for the burning of the murder book the kor-on….i don’t think so……

    other than that i have no real strong feeling on the subject…..

    1. I personally think pigs get a bad rap. It’s actually a “moon god” … the moon god Illah which Mo’s father Abdullah worshipped… “the god” (al) named Illah – al-illah or Allah. Now you know what they worship… it’s no surprise where the word “mooned” comes from.

  26. We should start shooting all of them like they did our troops over burning fricking paper!

  27. and now we wait for the Apology from the Great Leader Obama for not supplying better tools to do a faster job on those grave…were waiting Mr President. Please Apologise.

  28. Go ahead, liberals (I’m thinking you Jim Wallis), defend this.
    The fact is, there is pretty much nothing in modern Islamic culture that can be defended.
    Did I say ‘pretty much’? Scratch that. The is nothing.

  29. I got no problem helping the muslims. I’m gonna make some nice pulled pork sandwiches and bring them down to my local mosque. I think we all should

    1. I’d rather serve them the same pie that black lady served that prissy white woman in the movie: The Help…

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