Muslims slaughter 500 innocent people including children, leave their bodies lying in the streets

This is absolutely horrible. For Obama’s State Department to describe this as a ‘set back’ is so callous and uncaring. All these people are dying because Obama is not serious about defeating ISIS:

CHRISTIAN NEWS – Thousands of civilians are fleeing the Iraqi city of Ramadi after the barbaric Islamic group ISIS, which identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, seized the municipality on Sunday.

According to reports, approximately 25,000 civilians have fled Ramadi as well as a number of government officials, adding to the many that have already left the region to find refuge elsewhere. Some were stated to be stranded on a bridge for some time as they sought to enter Baghdad, but were denied entry.

ISIS fighters went door-to-door looking for military troops and security forces after taking the city, and killed 500 people in the streets, including children.

Here is a tweet from someone on the ground in Ramadi that shows the horrors:


It continues:

“There have been executions in the streets of Ramadi,” Anbar Province spokesman Muhanad Haimour told NBC News. “The situation in the city is absolutely terrible. The city is in very bad shape.”

He said that ISIS has rigged cars and bulldozers with explosives in an attempt to overtake the city.

“Men, women, kids and fighters’ bodies are scattered on the ground,” Sheikh Rafi al-Fahdawi, a tribal leader from Ramadi who had been fighting ISIS, told the New York Times. “All security forces and tribal leaders have either retreated or been killed in battle. It is a big loss.”

All this death and mayhem because Obama pulled us out of Iraq and he doesn’t give a flip about defeating ISIS. It’s infuriating.

On the flip side Walid Shoebat writes about a tough Christian warrior who is leading the fight to save Ramadi from ISIS. You should click over to read about him.

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