MUST LISTEN: Mark Levin explains how we can rescue America from Tyranny

This is fantastic. For the first time Mark Levin begins to discuss his much awaited new book, The Liberty Amendments, and describes a process we can use to turn back the tide on this leviathan of a federal government we have. And the federal government will have no say about it.

In short, the founders made a way in the Constitution for the states to amend the Constitution WITHOUT the Federal Government’s involvement. It’s not a constitutional convention, but rather a convention for amending the Constitution. Mark Levin believes this is the only way back to a constitutional republic but he’s under no illusion that it will be easy. In fact, he said there has been at least one attempt to do this and it was not successful.

He explains the process below:

NOTE: The clip above contains the first 2 segments of hour 2 which is why it runs 16 min.

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139 thoughts on “MUST LISTEN: Mark Levin explains how we can rescue America from Tyranny

  1. dirkflournoy LeighSkinner
    Dirk, The New World Order is running this country, and that is why our laws aren’t being followed.  Some of the banks that belong to the Fed are foreign banks and they received some of the federal bailout money.  With members of government in on the unraveling of the U.S., it is vital to support those politicians who support liberty, like Ted Cruz who has an excellent plan to defund Obamacare.  We had a chance with Ron Paul, but the MSM lied about him and Romney stole hundreds of his delegates in order to win the GOP nomination, even though it was Dr. Paul who beat Obama in almost every poll out there.  There is method  to this madness, and that is why an overwhelming percentage of this country supports Edward Snowden, who never endangered anyone but who has embarrassed our government.  “Truth is treason in the empire of lies” (Ron Paul) –  “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act (George Orwell).

  2. LeighSkinner  I believe you are right, we don’t need any amendments. I wish I knew what to do. All I know to do is seek the truth. And speak the truth. The truth is the twin towers that came down on 9/11 was not from the planes, or, what ever hit them, they were exploded, or, demolished. A inside job. And our government is lying, covering up the fact that not only was our government, but our president behind this hideous act of TREASON..  and all responsible parties should be hung by the neck. On the white house steps, in public.!!!       Yes, Gorge Bush too. And possible his hole family too, if found guilty.  The Federal Reserve is next, and anybody that sides with them, hang them.  With the  Federal Reserve will go income taxes, and this county will flourish again. The Federal Reserve is the worst,and the dumbest , act in U.S. history. If not mankind. I can’t believe the only congressman, or any politician to try and change this act of treason, is Ron Paul. It seems he is the only one that has any common sense, about what we need to do. It is a wonder the owners of the Fed. haven’t  killed him. They killed J.F.K. I know you think I’m a radical or something.??  I don’t think it is radical to hang such a trader,as I believe Gorge Bush is. And to think that getting read of the Federal Reserve is radical, its radically stupid to have ,OR , keep it.  I am sorry to say,  I don’t believe this country will change unless the majority of the people in this country demanded the truth. The truth is, that after hearing and seeing the truth about G.Bush and the Fed., and you still don’t believe it. You are as guilty as they are. And should hang too.  Now that’s radical.     It says” to deceive is a sin,  to deceive thine self is a worse sin.”

  3. As I read the relevent article, V,  the scope of such a Constitutional Convention would be limited to only those ammendments which have been proposed by 2/3’s of the state legislatures.  If 2/3’s of the state legislatures called for ammendments to rewrite the whole constitution than that’s what would take place at this constitutional convention and if they only proposed adding or deleting one ammendment to the US Constitution that’s what the convention would be about and nothing else.
    Nevertheless, Mark Levin puts down the idea of forming a third alternative conservative party tonight, July 18, 2013, as a way to make us feel good about taking the Republican Party back but which won’t accomplish anything.  I couldn’t disagree with him more.
    The Big Government Parties have created “Mini-Me’s” throughout the states’ legislatures and will never allow any of them to vote for Levin’s ammendments.  Which means the only way to get this accomplished is through a third party which will successfully rest control of the various state legislatures from the national parties for the express purpose of proposing such ammendments to our Constitution. 
    John Craven – New Orleans

  4. A convention to amend the Constitution is a Constitutional Convention.  Levin is playing with words.  The only other ConCon was the original one in 1776, and it was attended by honorable people.  Since then all amendments have originated in Congress.  Today a ConCon would put everything on the table, available for revision.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others like them would exert considerable pressure to amend those articles and amendments they think don’t go far enough for the liberal agenda.  Think of how the widely unpopular Obamacare passed both the Senate and the House, and think how easily our Constitution could be gutted.
    And if one thinks the states can stop a bad revision, think of the 18th amendment that prohibited alcohol.  That one passed the 3/4 states and was in effect for several years before the American people had to go to all the trouble of reversing it.  Think of first trying to amend the Constitution and then reversing the changes in this day and age with the lies and propaganda issuing forth from the MSM .  
    Our Constitution is fine the way it is.  It is lack of following it that is the problem, and what makes anyone believe that amending it would guarantee faithfulness to its new version.  All the concerns of those who want to amend it are already covered in the existing document, but few know what it already covers.  Take healthcare for congressional members vs Obamacare for Americans.  Equal application is already covered, and incidentally, guaranteed healthcare is unconstitutional, as is the income tax and the federal reserve system that have ruined our money, and the bailouts to foreign and domestic banks.  Follow the money, and one can see why a ConCon won’t produce the desired results and will only make things hugely worse.

  5. It seems to me we’re in a game of “beat the clock.” (that dates me).  We’re running out of time for the solution Mark is advocating.  Tyranny is tightening it’s chokehold around our necks more every day.
    I would see this as the “next to last” resort.  Beyond that I see no hope outside of mustering at the Concord Bridge.

  6. If it has to do with states requiring this, I am all for it, but will need to listen to this several times.
    Are there enough states to actually cause change (rather a a return) , and would the progressives get right in there and corrupt it in their disruptive ways? IMO, because of this, the more “organic” and not obvious approach, is required. You can bet they are looking at these ideas right now, and trying to come up with some kind of executive order to push. Grass roots tend to be too transparent in their actions and intent. White 531 makes sense on secession and moves to red states. I also agree with the comment about the Moyers map. It IS amazing and very telling, about vote manipulation, one way or another,

  7. I don’t see any change until we restructure the corruption from big money. Many people voted for Obama because of Enron, Bush brothers in Kuwait with their oil fields, Desert Storm etc… Both parties are corrupted by money coming in… Everybody wants to swing a golf club not just Obama..

  8. As much as I like The Right Scoop, it follows what we have come to know, as the “sound bite” attitude.
    We never have time to fully discuss an issue, before we are jerked by the neck, to a new, more pressing issue.
    Are we actually Conservatives who are trying to find answers to the issues that confront us, or are we just entertainment for the masses?    Sometimes I wonder.  I have friends on other sites that won’t come here, for that very reason.  You have exactly one day to make your comment and make your point.  After that, its history.
    There is no running thread.  Any comments you made yesterday, are vaporized.
    Actually, I have never had a conversation with the man who calls himself, Scoop.  He could be my next door neighbor for all I know.  He could be the man behind the curtain, in The Wizard of Oz. I just don’t know.
    Could I do without Scoop? What do you think?  Of course I could.  
    It isn’t Scoop. Its the people Scoop attracts.  I belong to many sites.  I just happen to like to hang out with the people here.  Because honestly, they are good people.  They get it.  When I talk to them, I don’t have to explain anything.
    But I sure wish we could have a running thread, on the issues that face us.  Instead of this “musical chairs” approach to the things that are happening to America.

      1. Manguscolorado white531 I’m not on FB but I am glad to see that people are getting the conservatives are classical liberals.

    1. Laurel A  
      I don’t know what that means exactly, but I’m glad you’re excited. 🙂

  9. We will never get 3/4 of the states to agree to limit the Federal Government. Too many people are dependent on it for their livelihood and too many state politicians are invested in the status quo. In my mind the only way to preserve Constitutional government is secession.  If the decent segments of our country do not separate themselves from the rest, than the entire country will decay and rot. I do not say this lightly. I love America. I love the great things we have done in the World to advance freedom. But, I just do not see another way. The Federal Government is doing more harm than good. their is simply no good reason to keep it around.

      1. AmericanborninCanada Gtrjag  I used to be completely against a third party because of the fear that it would lead to a permanent democrat majority. I still think that. But if the Republican party is not going to advocate for liberty than what other choice do we have?

    1. Gtrjag  
      You speak well Gtrjag, and I agree with you for the most part.  Most others here would agree with you too, but getting them to admit it is another matter.
      We Conservatives tend to be a mixed bag of emotions.  There are days when I wake up and  before I finish my first cup of coffee, I’m already spitting nails angry at some new atrocity Obama and the Federal government have committed.  Later, I may listen to a speech by Ted Cruz or Sarah, or Mark Levin, and I think well, “maybe there’s a chance.”
      I believe that is because the majority of us still want the system to work, and so we have a weakness for that side of the argument.  Problem is, we have just about reached a majority population of Americans who are simply takers, and no longer contribute.  The Federal Government and the Progressive/Democratic/Communist party have done their work well.  At this point there are more foxes in the hen house than there are hens.
      In a way, we already have the secession you mention.  Lots of corporations and also private individuals are fleeing the blue states and  moving to the red.  The formal act of secession by a State is of course more complicated.  Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done.
      Thanks for your post.

    2. Gtrjag  I disagree.  I think 3/4 of the states could easily agree to limit the federal government.  The political climate is right for it.

  10. I love the “We the People” approach by Mark
    Levin.  The U.S. has evolved into a “one party” system where Democrats and
    Republicans have become principally “statist”…..a system designed to insure big
    central government.A government of the
    privileged, by the ruling class for the elites.Perhaps it is time for the states to
    re-assert themselves and act unilaterally to amend the constitution to return
    power to the people.

  11. Hopefully the next amendment is term limits, along with a provision to impeach senators and congressmen who ignore the Constitution.

    Every proposed law should have a Constitutional basis and not “General Welfare”.

    1. gsmith_62  That General Welfare clause is what is creating most of our problems.  It needs to be severely limited somehow or left off completely.

  12. Among others, we need an amendment that would invalidate legal precedents on constitutional questions, and allow (require!) the Court to start over and reason from the actual Constitution, not use stare decisis to perpetuate creative (unconstitutional)  innovations by past Courts.

  13. Here is how our government works right now.  Obama and Congress decide to go duck hunting.  When they arrive at the hunting lodge, they discover there aren’t enough guns to go around.  They start debating with each other about what to do, trying to decide who gets a gun and who doesn’t.
    Meanwhile, Obama takes a gun and a box of shells from the rack, steps out the back door, and begins shooting ducks by Executive Order.

  14. Some say that we are engaging in “cargo cult politics,” referring to Feynman’s warning against “cargo cult science.”   The cargo cults of the post-WWII Pacific islanders put on the appearances of economics – airplanes made of bamboo, ‘radio operators’ with coconut shells on their ears – but the cargo never came as it did when Americans occupied the island.   We now put on the appearances of political action – court cases, protest rallies, elections – but freedom never comes.   The Constitution is perverted by the Court while the regulatory bureaucracy takes whatever power it wants, our protests are flat out ignored by the political class and their media, and our ballots are thrown away while votes for the Obama by illegals and Mickey Mouse are counted multiple times.
    The true path of political action is stated in the Declaration:
    “whenever ANY form of government BECOMES destructive of these ends (securing our God-given rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness with only the powers loaned by consent of the governed in constitution), it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it”
    It is our duty to alter what our government has become, so that our children are not forced to take up arms to abolish it.
    That’s what Mark Levin is proposing.   I look forward to reading his Amendments.

  15. Where are our Margaret Thatchers and our Winston Churchhill’s that will lead to bring about these state conventions and who in our state offices are worthy and not leftist themselves and have not already sold out the American people.  We ourselves in just regular peaceful gatherings are already arrested and carted off by so called public officials.  What you have written in your book and the knowledge that you have is great but who will lead in this fight against the Federal government?  Who is left that has not turned been turned in Tryannist?

  16. Sounds good Mark, but sadly I don’t think there are enough people left to mount such an effort.  Too many Americans and their representatives are so apathetic and full of Obama’s Kool-Aid that something like what you’re talking about will never happen.  Sorry.

    1. Coeur de Leon  That attitude is nourished by liberals.  They want us too discouraged to do anything.

  17. This needs to be given some thought. Predominantly we must limit the potential,for abuse of power and future growth of the Federal government. Legal minds like Levin, Napolitano and agencies like the ACLJ and others need to be brought into the process to avoid constructing a product that will suffer challenges after the fact. I am so glad that someone is talking about this finally. This needs to be given great support. I will personally do what I can to support such an effort.

  18. This gives me hope, even if it may take a long time.  Already ordered. Feel like the little boy in “Overboard” where to start my wish list.  I wonder if there is anyway to put teeth in failure to uphold the Constitution.  The problem is state legislators are farm teams for the masterminds.

  19. Whatever we do along the lines of what Levin suggests will be pearls before swine. If we open the Constitution to these subversives who rule us will ensure we will end up with none.

    knows the Constitution but the probelm is that those we believe are in government to protect it are  boldly destryingit. Giveing them a fresh Constitution to wipe themselves would be worse. 
    We the
    People are the problem not the Constitution or the process. We must
    remove the lawless politicians. We must demand the rule of law. We must
    tsand up.
    The Globalists and bankers will ensure any Constitutional
    process will be hijacked by their paid minions  and manipulated by
    their state media. We the People have no leadership. I truly believe it will have to all break and break badly before anyone wakes up acts. That time is coming.

    1. sDee “the problem is that those we believe are in government to protect it,  are  boldly destroying it.,,”
      and that is exactly his point and the point of George Mason.
      The ‘elected’ congress has become a ruling class unable and unwilling to police itself or abide by the laws with which they seek to enslave us.
      Who doesn’t remember the hope that beat strong when the people and the states rose up in the 2010 election to turn out many of the criminals destroying our country from the federal level but most striking AT THE STATE LEVEL.
      Seriously? This is our only hope for a chance of correction before a total collapse of our system. Just look at the electoral map. The states are struggling to return to the Rule of Law but are thwarted by the population centers controlled by the progressives in national elections.
      There IS a chance however to cobble a majority of the states that DO seek a return to Constitutional governance because the Legislatures will control the convention process, NOT THE JERRYMANDERED voting blocks of the left. Sure they will be represented but they are a minority.
      I won’t bore you, I and many others have posted Amendments before, the repeal of the 16th, 17th, term limit changes for ALL 3 branches, changing the way new executive departments are created and providing LIMITED lifespans that must be CONFIRMED by future congresses and not having eternal existence, stipulations of time debated to consider legislation, etc.,,, but there are several REAL tweeks that could be made that would alleviate many of the problems we face today.
      When we hit bottom, the least likely result will be a return to the Rule of Law and a recommittment to the Constitution.

    2. sDee  
      I believe there is more truth in what you say than most people realize.  I admire Mark Levin for his love of this country and for his belief in it’s founding principles, but like you, I am extremely nervous about doing open heart surgery on The Constitution, because too many things could go wrong.  Knowing Congress and this administration, I’m not sure the patient would survive.

  20. I don’t like this. Ammending the constitution is something that should only be done after cataclysmic event such as a war. Besides, America’s problem isn’t the Constitution. The constitution is replete with safeguards against Hussein and his band of Liberty-sodomising incubi.

    I will wait to hear him iron this plan out but far better plans have been mooted I believe. Such as Alan Keyes’ for the formation of a new party long before Sarah Palin started tentatively mooting it herself. 
    And the motto of that New party should be: Allegiance to Right(/Values), not Party. (Right meaning Righteousness)

    Please see Dr Keyes’ plan for a “Federalist” party here:

    1. pushtheredbutton  
      There is so much interesting content on Alan Keye’s website.  Which article contains the plan for a Federalist party?

    2. For what it is worth I voted for Dr. Keyes in the 2000 GOP Louisiana caucus here instead of Bush because of Dr. Keyes solid credentials on the pro-life issues and I had questions about Bush that have never been satisfactorily addressed.
      I hadn’t been following Dr. Keyes for a while but I’m glad he is thinking 3rd party whatever it is called.
      John Craven – New Orleans

  21. We Implore Mark Levin to Lead a National Covention for amending the US Constitution.  Please lead the way Mark!  You are the one who can do the job.

  22. Thanks for posting this TRS!  I listened in my car for as long as I could but never made it to the part about what can we do with this completely lawless govt on both sides!

  23. If people really respected the government principles our nation was founded upon, we would not be living with a President who rules not by Congress and The  Constitution, but by Executive Order.
    If people really respected the government principles our nation was founded upon, the Judicial branch of our government would be equal to the Executive, instead of a puppet of that branch.
    If people really respected the government principles our nation was founded upon, people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would not be able to create dynasties of power, lasting several years.
    If people really respected the government principles our nation was founded upon,  we would elect good people, and if they failed to do what they said they would do, we would simply replace them.

    1. white531 If people would turn off the stupid tube called TV then they might understand what you, me and our founders are speaking of.  If people would turn off those liberal cancer politicians then maybe they might get their heads out of the sand.
      If people would uphold to our founding fathers vision of this country then they would PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!

      1. CassieCarter white531  
        I don’t have a television, Cassie.  Where the tv used to be, is a bookshelf full of books.  Been that way for about two years now.

    2. white531 I just realized that John Boehner has been a senator for as long as I’ve lived in the States. Now I had good reasons for not going for citizenship before a certain time (promise made to my parents, to honor their wishes) but what’s Boehner’s excuse for still being there? And crap, others have been there longer. We need term limits.

      1. AmericanborninCanada white531  Not a Senator. He is a State Representative (OH). He is also a RINO and a bum who needs to be shown the door.

      2. AmericanborninCanada white531  
        You know the answer to that as well as anyone here.  Being a Senator or Representative is a lifestyle full of glamor, power, and money.  They simple become addicted to it like a drug.

    3. white531 which is exactly why we cannot depend upon the officials WHOSE DUTY is to uphold the Constitution and protect it against threats.
      Morality, respect, conscience and common sense cannot be legislated. Look around our nation and witness the results of our success and prosperity. Weakness and decay.
      There are several Amendments that could be proposed to address each of the problems you have listed. Without gutting the Constitution but by defining and limiting governmental power more.

    4. white531  A constitutional amendment should be written limiting the use of Executive Orders, to begin with.  The President was not given that much power by the Constitution.
      Then we should repeal any federal laws that are the rights of the states alone to determine, which would be most of them.  The 10th amendment must be given more teeth to enforce it, and states cannot be bribed or threatened with federal edicts.

      There should be some redress for those politicians at all levels to be more easily removed if they do not uphold the Constitution.  We also need to find a way to give citizens “standing” in court cases and not have valid cases thrown out because of “standing”.  This is what happened to all suits about Obama’s eligibility…not even other candidates had “standing”.

      We should decree that no department within the federal government can make laws but only carry out the laws Congress writes.  It was meant for only Congress to make laws, but they have passed their responsibilities on to other departments, so we get Homeland Security and others making laws as they choose, with no appeal. 
      Congress must abide by all rules they write and have to follow them the same as all citizens.

      There should also be a requirement that all in power MUST uphold the laws or be removed for failure to do their duty.
      There should be minimum qualifications for judges in SCOTUS, and their terms should be limited, as should all other politician’s terms be limited.  The term limits of the Senate should be the same as the POTUS…two 4-year terms, period.
      Elections affecting the national political arena should be held to the same high national standards and more safeguards written in against election fraud, including IDs.  Those who are found to be involved with election fraud will be imprisoned for treason.
      This would just be a start.

      1. lanahi white531  
        I could not agree more.  When can we start?  Loved your post, by the way.

  24. Hard work, been working harder than ever these past few months. I can deal with hard work. All I want is the Country I came to back. I want the country the Founders gave, the soldiers kept and have paid so much for.
    I don’t know if I can even afford another book right now, even if I could, I don’t have time to read it. I wish there were more hours in a day because I’ve got none left to sleep. Am I whining, yeah. Again. Exhaustion seems to bring out the worst in a person.
    I don’t know if this is the answer- I’ll let more intelligent people who know the ins and outs of Constitutional law work it out. In the mean time, we can still do all the rest. Vet the candidates, find the people who will work towards the same Constitutional goals many of us have and work with others to hold them and everyone else who is elected accountable- to UPHOLD the Constitution, and if they don’t, that’s what pink slips/primaries and regular people running for office are for.
    People. you need to quit complaining, and do something. Run for office. The people who used to run were not all lawyers. They didn’t intend to run for a career- they ran to represent the people in their ‘neck of the woods’, for a term, then returned to their own careers.  Heck, they didn’t even live in Washington. They met there for a few times a year and lived back home.
    Dang it, I’m just a nobody who might just be dreaming and fooling myself thinking I can do anything big enough to change course, but I’m tired of waiting.

    1. AmericanborninCanada  
      Your words are full of tears and anguish, and I feel the same.  Stay  the course.  Its people like you, who will make the difference in the end.

        1. AmericanborninCanada white531  
          Bawling is good.  It has a cleansing effect on the soul.  When you get over it, you become more determined than ever, and that’s a good thing.

    2. AmericanborninCanada, I believe in what you are trying to accomplish and I believe that you will accomplish a lot more sooner than will Mark Levin with his proposal to convene the States in a states’ constitutional convention for the purpose of passing his proposed Liberty Ammendments without going through Congress.
      To go through Congress to pass such Liberty ammendments, I think would require a thousand years of darkness, 1500 at the most – but what’s a half a millenium when it comes to saving a great nation that may have only a couple of years left.  In other words the Big Government party of Marxist democrats and Big Whig Republicans would never let it happen.
      To pass these liberty ammendments as Levin proposes, might only take 50 to 100 years of darkness – 200 to 300 at the most – and would require overcoming opposition from al the “blue states” and not too few “red states” run by Big Whig Republicans.
      I think the fastest way to get any Liberty ammendments passed is to run 3rd party alternative conservative candidates for congress and get out the vote and win and that could be done in 2014 starting in Alaska, for instance.  But that’s what I think.
      John Craven – New Orleans

      1. JohnCraven  
        I agree John.  We have two Democratic Parties right now, even though one calls itself Republican.  Regardless, their goals are the same.  An ever-expanding Federal Government, and eventual complete elimination of all State’s Rights and with it, individual freedom.

        1. Thanks white531.  They are two wings of the same totally corrupt regime which is headed by Nero Obama, the BORG Queen and enforced by his BORG drones.  How else can you describe McLame? He goes from one monumental embarrassing stupidity to another without missing a beat and so does his mentor Harry “the body” Reid.
          It’s a gangster government.
          John Craven – New Orleans

      2. JohnCraven Thank you John. I agree. We can only change things in Washington when we change who goes to Washington. Amendments, if they’re done right, may work yet, but we don’t have time for that.
         Thank you.

      3. JohnCraven The only salvation of America is a third party or an abolition of allegiance to party itself. Just good ol’ allegiance to solid candidates, even if they’re independent. 
        The new motto of the Right should be Values, not Party.

    3. AmericanborninCanada  
      These are the times that try men’s (and women’s) souls.
      I now know what those words really meant.  Thank you for your effort.  You are not alone.

      1. K-Bob Thank you K-Bob. I know I’m not alone, although sometimes it feels like it. It’s amazing how many of the Founders words, and the Bible have taken on their true meanings and how much more understandable they are.

    4. Ahh, Duckie, your words attest to your exhaustion. You, sister Patriot, are made of flesh and blood but your resolve is made of steel. You were the one who inspired me to have a voice. In the mired world of politics, you have given me the courage to stand toe to toe with those attempting to shred our Constituition and tear our country apart. Even though I may falter or misspeak, you have taught me to educate myself first, before I trip on my tongue. If not for your hard work and yes, your exhaustion, I would not have pulled out my copy of the Constituion to refresh my dusty memory. You are a great American. Keep the faith, and take care of yourself. We need you! Big Hugs..(((())))!!

      1. DawgfanInFL You floored me here sister. Nothing here is faltering or misspoken. You’re voice has always been there, but it’s everyone here who has helped each of us find our own. You’re a blessing to me girl. I mean that. Thank you so much for your words right now, you give me too much honor by them, but I understand what you’re saying and I’m grateful. Thank you. ((((()))))s back!!  God bless sister.

        1. AmericanborninCanada DawgfanInFL  Sometimes “preaching to the choir” is very much needed.  We are here to support each other as much as anything else, and we are doing that.  I thank you for being here, Right Scoop!

    5. AmericanborninCanada  
      Riight on ABC.
      Everyone commenting here on TRS has 100x the political courage and knowledge than anyone in our governents or parties.
      Everyone here should be a precinct chair, district chairs and/or delegate at a minimum!
      Just ne leader like we have here reading  will bring hundreds of patriots to the fight.
      DO IT! JOIN NOW. Engage NOW.  The bastards running our system are crooks.
      There are brave and principled politicians who need us – they will find courage and stand up too.

    6. AmericanborninCanada”the problem is that those we believe are in government to protect it,  are  boldly destroying it.”
      I appreciate the tenor of your post, but this is a large part of the problem.
      America cannot survive if we the people do get and remain engaged in the process. The law(less) schools are stocked full of people with degrees who hate the Constitution and what it stands for. We don’t need EXPERTS! We need US.

      Anyone who can read can understand the Constitution. The problems we face are partly the result of the accumulation of massive laws passed by congresses which ONLY lobbyists and attorneys can parse, but that really wasn’t the point as much as to ensure future work for attorneys and the expansion of the federal government, and the creation of the bureaucratic state to administer these laws which no one understands but MANY expand and regulate with no accountability to We the People.

      1. No_BlahBlah AmericanborninCanada I agree we don’t need experts- it’s we the people for a reason. We the people are the experts when it comes to real life, real work and reality. We need we the people to run for offices at all levels- we who believe in the Constitution and understand what the Founders meant for our Government.  The only way we can change anything is to educate those who have and are going through the government run ‘schools’ and talk and teach our family members, neighbors and friends. We can’t leave it up to lawyers and career politicians- they’re the ones who’ve made this country into the mess we’re in.

        1. AmericanborninCanada No_BlahBlah  And to run ourselves if we feel we can make a difference in office.

  25. I trust Mark! He is absolutely brilliant and I believe his love for this country is 100% GENUINE. I have seen and heard this man twice at the Reagan Library, he speaks from his heart. 
    He gives me hope!!

  26. I like Mark.  I really do.  Because he speaks for all of us.  But it makes me nervous when people start talking about amendments to The Constitution.
    Our current government does not honor or believe in The Constitution as it is.  What makes you believe they would honor or respect amendments to a document they don’t respect in the first place?

    1. white531 That is my thought about it also.  What would make them honor an amendment that they don’t respect?  Or would they twist it so as to fool the majority of the people into thinking that they ARE honoring the amendment?  i.e. Does the general public have enough time and energy to see that change actually respected or are the dollar amounts which the government has and can print so overwhelming to compete with that we (general public) would be stopped by them during our entire lives?

      1. cathy maccoon white531  There are some amendments they would have no choice but to observe, such as term limits.

    2. white531 Exactly. The answer is the abandonment of Party allegiance and the Party system, by which the American people are being raped in every one of their metaphorical orifices. Alan Keyes has been banging on about this for ages now. But we were too busy convincing ourselves that Romney would save us. The time to act is now! It is not too late.

  27. Sounds good and if the Framers left it there for us it was left for a reason.  This also can be screwwd by the powers that be and if this does not work…….i think it is time for the red and blues to go there separate ways.  Enough is enough.

  28. Even if it worked, you’ll still left with the enemy within the gates which will inevitably attempt to destroy it again.
    A civil war is lest painful and about thousand times more quickly and get rid of the enemy within. I know, it’s sloppy and destructive but at he same time, war is more permanent and leaves you with better odds of getting things done.

  29. The content of the amendments is the critical thing. They must restrain Washington by defunding it. As long as they have trillions to spend they will continue in their corruption.
    Check out for a serious look at what needs to be done.

  30. “And the federal government will have no say about it.” 2/3 of the states. 3/4 of the states.
    ARE there 2/3 and especially 3/4 of the states with enough Constitutional conservatism left to turn this into a conservative reality? Will the obama regime remain tranquil while this definitely long process goes on? Ha.

    The obama regime has ignored the Constitution for so long, so often, that it is quite likely to label such a convention “terrorist” and arrest everyone and detain them indefinitely without even charging them. Remember that little bit of recent “lawmaking”?
    Mark notes that it’s been tried once before and failed. Are we more conservative now?
    The 10th Amendment makes it much simpler for a single governor to start rolling back federal tyranny. How many governors have used it? There are many ways it could be done. We have a bunch of republican governors. How many times has the 10th Amendment been put into action?
    I think that Mark is 1) aware of and correctly afraid of the consequences of the path the obama regime is forcing us down, and 2) Mark is a lawyer, not a soldier. He wants his world to continue and his skills to be of use.
    That line from “The Ballad Of Liberty Valance” keeps returning disquietlingly to mind:
    “When the final showdown came at last, a lawbook was no good…”

    1. lawngreen  Yes, I think the 10th amendment is the answer…make states supreme again.  And protect those states that use it from the bribery and threats of federal action.  Yes, some amendments would be passed by enough states to make it law.

      1. lanahi  It’s an interesting possibility, but I have no confidence that it will be tried.

        1. lawngreen lanahi   Someone just needs to get the ball rolling.  Recall how a ball rolling down a hill picks up speed as it goes?

        2. lanahi  I don’t think there is time, lanahi. We are too close (IMO) to a takeover. I mean a literal, announced takeover. Also there are too many brushfires burning. As fast as conservatives stomp out one, three others come to light. The only remedy at this point, I think, is to remove obama and holder from office, jail them, and replace them immediately. Get someon in the White House like Bill Whittle, someone with common sense, business savvy, a love for the Constitution, and the courage to act swiftly and as harshly as necessary.

  31. Mark has been hinting at this for quite some time.  I did not expect him to advocate amending the Constitution.  Maobama and the Chicago Thug Posse ignore the current Constitution.  The Marxist controlled Senate ignore it.  The GOPe ignore it.  The Federal Courts ignore it.  John Roberts and the Marxist Jurists on the Supreme Court ignore it and send out their edicts in defiance of it.  How is amending it going to insure it will be followed?
    My first thoughts when Mark was hinting on the content of his new book was the various States would assert their Tenth Amendment rights in defiance of the Federal Government including the Federal Courts.  Brinkmanship if you will.  I was encouraged by the prospects.  IMHO, this would be the most effective redress.

    I don’t believe amendments will solve the problems.  I could be mistaken.  I hope I am.  I will keep an open mind.  I will buy the book and look at the specifics of what Mark is proposing.

      1. KeyesJudges718 
        If we added only one amendment that accomplished three things, we would at least provide out grandkids a shot at keeping the Republic.Section 1. The seventeenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.Section 2. No special preference shall be given to any applicant in the process of immigration to or residence within the United States, based upon such applicant’s relation to either of: a naturalized citizen, or to any child of a non-citizen born within United States Territories or Possessions; unless such applicant is a member of the immediate family of a United States citizen by blood, or has been granted an exception in name, by the legislature of the State where they shall first reside. No such exception shall apply to those who shall reside within the District of Columbia or any territory or possession.
        Section 3. Any ruling by the Supreme Court considering the Constitutionality of an act of any Legislative Body within the United States may be vetoed by a three-fourths majority vote by the State Legislatures.
        To attain passage, we could cut Section 3. If anyone can propose shorter language for Section 2, that would be better
        This amendment would restore the proper balance between the States and the Federal government.  It would also end chain migration.
        I just whipped this up.

        1. K-Bob Keyes Judges718 
          K-Bob, would you be able to answer my question re:  state Senates that I just put in the open thread?  I’m curious to hear your views about that since you just mentioned the 17th amendment.

        2. CDS_in_Manitoba K-Bob Keyes Judges718  
          I just took a whack at it.  Looks like we’d have to read each state’s Constitution.

        3. K-Bob CDS_in_Manitoba Keyes Judges718 
          Well, without going to all that trouble, what do you think was / is / SHOULD be the case in your particular state?
          Have a good night, everyone.

        4. CDS_in_Manitoba 
          I suspect the larger question you are on the trail of here is the age old head-scratcher about where does Constitutionally-limited government end and local responsibility take over? 
          In other words, if the EPA shouldn’t be allowed to tell you whether you can build a tool shed in your back yard, does the township code get the right to tell you where you can build that shed?
          I don’t see much help for that question other than to have good limits placed on each level of government from Federal clear down to your neighborhood. So it starts with each state’s Constitution.
          I personally believe your neighborhood ought to have control, or “final say,” over “resources” within it’s bounds (land, wetlands, wells, mineral rights, airspace below a few thou, building code, platting, zoning, and any services they share–fire department, schools, etc).  From that level upward ought to be contractual basis with regular re-negotiation periods on shared services and resources (policing, cross-neighborhood schooling, roads, garbage, water and sewer, etc.).
          Courts are reasonably well allocated already.  As is most contract law.  So I don’t know what I’d look at there.
          Cities typically have land added or taken away by referendum of the landowners.
          Counties are probably altered only by petitioning the State.
          There’s a whole range of interesting connections that mostly work reasonably well, given the fact that states do not have access to the entire nation’s money supply like the Feds do.
          You also read about certain states being “bellweather” states.  Where innovative legislation occurs that spreads into other states.  The good news is that bad ideas tend to get eliminated in similar fashion, so that when one state causes others to take up a stupid idea, it often ends up getting removed by other states.  The “Shall Issue” concept is illustrative.
          I don’t think an “ideal” situation exists within the sovereign states.  Just as with business, competition changes things.
          I don’t think I was much help.  But it was fun thinking about it.

        5. K-Bob 
          I agree with your proposals.  Federalism is the answer.  
          However, I don’t think the Democrats or the GOPe would adhere to any dilution of even the minutest amount of their power.  They will continue to defy the Constitution, no matter how many amendments or limits the people impose on them.

          It is in the states and their respective legislatures we must concentrate our hope and our efforts.
          I hate to be a pessimist, but I think the union as we know it is defunct.  The corruption is too great.  Liberty, if we wish to preserve it, should be sought in a new union.  New England, the west coast, and many of the Mid-Atlantic states are lost for generations.  They no longer believe in Liberty or want to be free.  They prefer serfdom and servitude.

        6. K-Bob Keyes Judges718  
          Keep everyone of the amendments simple and single issue. Otherwise the process grinds to a halt.

        7. Judges718 K-Bob  They can only do what we LET them do.  Really, for now anyway, the people are the final deciders on what happens.  People have always griped to their neighbors about the government, but that isn’t enough.  
          No government can stand up under a strong people’s movement.  If Egypt can overthrow their government, so can we, with or without the military.  We have to keep the movement going.

  32. I was hoping for another shot at the Interposition concept.
    Interposition has been struck down by US courts, but they were struck down because of the Marbury v. Madison ruling where the Supreme Court arrogated to themselves the right to determine constitutionality of a given law. Courts supporting courts.  Yeah, who could possibly see that coming.

    Nothing in the Constitution gave them this power.  Only Congress can decide the Supreme court’s jurisdiction, and the makeup of the various federal courts.  And Congress has elected to be supine in regard to this situation.
    However, the States have a role to play in our government, as described in the Tenth Amendment.  And some states still try to take back some of the power that was stolen from them by the SCOTUS.  For example, Kansas recently passed a law called The Second Amendment Protection Act, which states:”Any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the government of
    the United States which violates the second amendment to the
    constitution of the United States is null, void and unenforceable in the
    state of Kansas.”
    I was hoping Mark would propose something like a convention of Governors who will draft and sign a resolution that they then get their legislatures to pass, which reminds the Federal government of the rights of the states under the Tenth Amendment, and nullifies the taking under Marbury v. Madison.
    But Mark has decided to follow this path instead. I’ll read his book and make up my mind later. (I think knee-jerk reactions to his proposal are ridiculous until folks read the entire proposal–his book.)

    1. K-Bob I don’t think my response is ridiculous at all. I trust the state legislatures as much as I do the federal Congress, NOT AT ALL!

      1. Orangeone K-Bob
        A) You haven’t read his book yet. Make an informed decision after.  We have time.

        B) We already went over the cliff. Let us have no further delusions about that.
        We are at the crossroads between open warfare and one last chance to avoid it.  We can, and should try to avoid it one last time.  So for all the worry over what damage could be wrought to the Constitution, I ask you: what do we have now?
        As far as I’m concerned, we passed the point of any legislative body fixing anything. It isn’t about “trust.” It’s about a path to Restoration.  We are not one one.  Electing a Conservative won’t automatically put us on one.

        So worrying over what badness could come from an Amendment convention is like worrying about the cleanup contractor making a mess of the flowerbed after the house has burned down.  Yes, my friends, we are “there” yet.

        So I’m interested in what the man has to say.
        I expect open war.  I’d prefer to be wrong.

        1. K-BobOrangeone”As far as I’m concerned, we passed the point of any legislative body fixing anything”  What Levin is proposing is have the STATE Legislative bodies “fix” it. Well they’ll fix it alright, they’ll set aside the Constitution and impliment Sharia law.  It’s all part of Obama’s plan.  If you think he isn’t smart enough to know the Constitution will be opened up, I’ll lend you some glasses.
          This country is headed towards revolt against the tyranny.  If you think we have time, let me remind you of:
          1. Fast and Furious murders. Congress has done nothing.
          2. Benghazi murders. Congress has done nothing.
          3. Murders of our Navy Seals. Congress has done nothing.
          4. IRS scandal and now the illegal release of 100,000 SSNs as revenge for going to Congress.  Congress has done nothing.
          5.  ObamaCare implementation in 3 months. Congress has done nothing.  The state governors have taken on the exchanges which will bankrupt the states.

          6.  23 million unemployed Americans. Congress is passing amnesty for 11-100 million illegal aliens and their chain migrators to take even more jobs from Americans.
          7.  47 million on food stamps. This exceeds the # of full-time workers in the private sector. Congress and the states have done nothing.
          8. Jobs created are part-time.  Jobs that were full-time are quickly becoming part-time.  Congress is causing this with their do-nothing, “we have time” approach.
          9. The Department of Justice participated in and encouraged the Trayvon Martin riots before Zimmerman was charged.  Congress has done nothing.
          10. Eric Holder was found in criminal and civil contempt.  Congress dropped the pursuit of justice against him.
          11. Obama’s cabinet includes radical muslims, Congress approved their appointments.
          12. Obama has started wars in Libya and now Syria, sent tanks, jets and other arms to Egypt. Congress approved.
          13. Blacks are beating and murdering whites because of Obama’s “If I had a son”  Congress and the states are doing nothing.
          14. Blacks are threatening riots and more violent crime against whites if Zimmerman is acquitted.  Congress is doing nothing. FL is taking the “wait and see approach.”
          15. Obama has made numerous attempts at destroying our 2nd Amendment. Congress has done nothing.
          16.  Obama’s administration seized records of the press, attacking the 1st Amendment. Congress has done nothing.
          17.  Bush & Obama’s secret NSA and FISA court are seizing all of our records, phone, email, credit card transactions, have compiled a firearms registry with those records, which is also illegal, Congress has done nothing.
          18.  A BuzzFeed reported was “accidentally killed” in his Mercedes with a lead story on more Obama corruption.  State is doing nothing.
          19.  There is a list of 110 impeachable offenses against Obama and Congress has done nothing.
          And now my fingers are tired.

        2. OrangeoneK-Bob 
          Nice list.  Totally beside the point.
          “What Levin is proposing is have the STATE Legislative bodies “fix” it.
          Well they’ll fix it alright, they’ll set aside the Constitution and
          impliment Sharia law.  It’s all part of Obama’s plan.  If you think he
          isn’t smart enough to know the Constitution will be opened up, I’ll lend
          you some glasses.”
          No he most definitely is not.  That’s not what an Amendment Convention is for, nor what states can do in the process. Read Article five.
          Then read Mark’s proposal.
          Then we can have a rational discussion.  Anything else is pure speculation.

  33. Excellent!!!! Mark is a great man.  Mark said something very important. We have to give up the notion of reform.
    It is broken. The Government is the bad guy. It will not limit itself on its own. It was erected piece
    by piece and each department, law, regulation etc must be erased piece by piece.
    You want better Education, get Gov. out of Education.
    You want lower energy prices, get Gov. out of energy etc.etc… fixing Get Gov. OUT!

  34. Gotta do something and Mark is the only one who has proposed an answer. He is also one of the smartest people on the planet.

    1. njmom I respect Mark too. But what you mean to say is that Mark is the only one with a loud-enough mic who has proposed an answer. 
      There are others who have proposed what is imo far better answers but lack a mic as large as Mark’s One such alternative answer is that proposed by this man here: 
      and here:

      The answer is an abandonment of allegiance to Republicans and Demoncats. A new allegiance to Values not Party.

      1. pushtheredbutton njmom   I think the actual writing of an amendment to the Constitution should start with people like Mark.

  35. Both of you are wrong. If a convention is called, and a variety of people are allowed to propose amendments, NONE OF THOSE ARE PUT INTO OUR CONSTITUTION until 3/4 OF THE STATES have ratified it. We must be able to trust in at least +1/4 of the states to protect liberty, which they will. Point: Amendments proposed are not  ‘automatically’ ratified. It is merely a call to voice concern, and we owe it to the country to do at least that. But make no mistake, the Constitution will be protected, because it is ALREADY BEING SHREDDED!

  36. Sorry Mark but I don’t trust anyone touching the Constitution. Did you see how quickly the GOP governors like Jindal and Brewer came out for Amnesty?  How many GOP governors signed fully on to ObamaCare?  Not to mention Obama’s voter fraud machine that would strip our constitution of our complete Bill of Rights through an amendment.  I know you are trying to help but there is no flipping way State Legislatures can be trusted any more than Congress.

    Sorry Mark but I think the tree of liberty needs watering.

    1. Agreed.  I do not want any hands touching the Constitution at all, ESPECIALLY during this time when there are so many anti-Constitution agendas trying to destroy this inspired miracle – even from those we thought we could trust.  I do not trust the states or the Governors.  It is very hard to trust anyone right now…except maybe Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz.
      But since Mark, a national treasure, is discussing this, I will give it more thought and try to keep an open mind.

      1. Stehekin912 Check out my posts on the Rush Limbaugh immigration thread. I posted some tweets from Congressman Huelscamp (R-KS).  He is on my “Trusted List”

      2. @Stehekin912, The process is broken from the top down. We have seen what has happened under obama, amagin 2 or 3 decades of obama types hipsters. Sorry I just don’t see anything be rsolved except our nation being desovled.  Respectfully.

      1. ACThomas Congrats on your CCW, finally!  Your legislature did a wise thing overriding what the corrupt-o-crat governor did to their legislation.
        And welcome to The Right Scoop!

    2. Orangeone Let’s wait for the book. I don’t believe Mark (Being a competent Constitutional Lawyer)  would propose any amendments that would weaken our Constitution. In fact, I think the Constitution will have even more standing.

      1. marketcomp Orangeone Mark wouldn’t propose any but amendments can be proposed by the very idiots that signed the petition to abolish the Bill of Rights (see Scoop’s post) and the moo-slime that will offer the amendment for Sharia law and then blackmail, threaten, attack the legislators to get their way.  Have you been watching the illegal alien amnesty spewing from the GOP at the state levels like Brewer?  You would trust them amending the Constitution?

        1. marketcomp Orangeone The foreign money will flow into the pockets of the politicians pushing Sharia law faster than LaRaza’s is flowing to RubeCube and the other amnesty Congress Critters. We no longer have trustworthy government at any level.  And is so eloquently posted above, even if it was amended, it would be ignored like it is today.  This is a risk I am not interested in taking.

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