MUST LISTEN: Walid Shoebat says Obama admin HARASSING and SPYING on him for uncovering Obama’s Islamist ties

On the Kuhner Report yesterday, Walid Shoebat told of he is now being harassed and spied upon by the Obama administration over the work he has done uncovering Obama’s familial Islamist ties, especially his brother Malik Obama who is a supporter of terrorism. Shoebat said his phone is being tapped so they can listen into his house even when he is not on the phone. He said he has received harassing phone calls over and over and that a pre-taped, un-aired phone interview he had just recorded was played back to him on his phone just after he had finished recording it and hung up. Just unbelievable.

But Shoebat says he is an Eastern Christian and try as they may to wear him out by harassing him, he will not give up telling the truth to the American people about this president. Shoebat says the only way they will stop him is to kill him and he says, essentially, ‘bring it on.’



If for some reason you haven’t heard about Obama’s Islamist brother Malik Obama, then take a few moments to listen to Mark Steyn talk about Shoebat’s research:

Or watch this video presentation of Shoebat’s research:

Or visit and read their report on it.

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179 thoughts on “MUST LISTEN: Walid Shoebat says Obama admin HARASSING and SPYING on him for uncovering Obama’s Islamist ties

  1. I plan on running for President in 2016 and if made President i will undo all that Obama has done wrong. I will reveal to the world who he truly is and help bring him to justice along with any other president that has been in the wrong.

    I am looking for people to help with my Campaign if you are interested please get a hold of me. I do believe i an make a difference and i know i can bring the country back to being a proud country and if given the chance.

    My website is still in the beta phase but you can check what i currently have at or

    Thank you.

  2. Many of us have known from DAY ONE that Obama is Muslim and has evil intentions. How does he get elected twice. College Age Kids, Community Organizers, Blacks and Illegal Immigration and out right shameless Voter Fraud. We were also seeing in the Recall elections with Walker and in Colorado. Wide Scale Voter Fraud. Obama would not have won either time without Wide Scale Voter Fraud and we have wasted a lot of time chasing Obama’s bugaboos he creates when we should have been going after Elections officials…Nothing should be more important than securing honest elections in our country. 1. Obama was not eligible, 2. Voter Fraud is still being discovered and we are still putting people in jail from 5 yrs ago…that is shameful

  3. When I went to the theaters to see 2016 Obamas Dinesh D’Souza..I left with chills and depression and fear…I thought for sure America will never re elect Obama if they see this film! Nothing seems to make a dent in his armor plated behind! Not the truth…nothing!

  4. This man is an ex-muslim who says he is an Eastern Christian.
    This man knows the Koran and the Bible very well.
    This man also believes in a post-trib rapture.
    I, for one, have a hard time accepting this belief because it will not stand up under our Holy Bible.
    We Americans know who and what Obama is, was, and always will be.
    A muslim who wants to be recognized and accepted as a Christian.
    Well, Christians do not pay out billions of american money to support other countries and then turn a blind eye to Israel. A Christian does not pay out millions of tax payers dollars to support Planned Parenthood.
    A Christian would not support same-sex unions, marriages, make policies that give same sex domestic benefits through our government agencies, etc.
    A Christian would not support the forcing of the Boy Scouts of America to open their doors to homosexuals.
    Now, we have a man who is going on the air and protesting that the Obama admin is harassing him over his phone and other things because this man knows too much about what Obama’s family does and is doing.
    Pardon me, if I sound a little pessimistic over this whole protest thing.

    America, you and only you, Christians and non-Christians alike voted this man in for a 2nd term in office.
    Well, you cried out for a King and you got a King…so live with it.
    As for Walid, I have serious doubts and reservations about him.
    Yes, he “seems” sincere. But….. I will say time will tell.
    Oh, by the way….this man knows the Koran very well and he knows the Holy Bible very well….but when he does his teachings he mixes info from both books, and he has enough knowledge that he uses both texts and that, my friend, is extremely dangerous.
    Now, not only Christians, but non-Christians, will not know exactly what to believe. Think about it!!!

  5. Every time I see videos of this nature, I remember Rush’s statement when Obama first came to office: “The press has met its Waterloo…”

  6. Lois Learner personally signs off on Malik Obama’s 501c3 status…why am I NOT surprised?!

    …and where is the lap dance media at with this story?

  7. HA!

    “I am NOT a Christian from the Middle West; I am a Christian from the Middle East. Just as I was stubborn when I was a terrorist, I’m as stubborn as a Christian. Nothing can stop us from revealing the truth to the American people.”

    That’s WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT RIGHT THERE! That’s the line of the year!

    Man I hate Western “Christianity”…a bunch of happy whacky agape cowards.

  8. Look at reality, the truth, the facts of what Obama is orchestrating throughout the Middle East, and America, which everything Obama says and does is politically ideologically personally motivated- ie; the Obama agenda

    “End Game of Obama Dictatorship: Tyranny Rising”
    Sher Zieve Sept 15, 2013

    “Since 2009, I have been writing and saying on-air that it was and is Barack Hussein Obama’s intent to replace any and all Shiite Muslim leadership with that of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood (Note: Obama’s “family” members are leaders in the Kenyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood). That is precisely what he is doing, now, and has been affecting since the beginning of his reign as Dictator-in-Chief of the “New American [Obama] Colonies.”

    On the Foreign Front-

    With his new and yet to be fully realized Syrian adventure (the “Sunni conversion”
    in Egypt and Libya was already “in the can” for Obama…until the people of Egypt rebelled against it), Obama must continue to work toward toppling Ba’athist leader and Shiite Muslim Bashar Assad and replacing him with an MB operative; no matter what he has to do to accomplish it.

    As each day passes and Obama becomes bolder in his foreign policy insanity, his
    actual personal membership in the Muslim Brotherhood seem increasingly
    obvious. Yet, those who know it in the media and Congress refuse to allow any of its members to speak the truth that is directly in front of them. And, with his favorable numbers on the wane in a distinct downward slide, The Obama syndicate must work even more quickly to establish its Police State and subjugate the population of the former United States of America.”

    Does this explain Egypt and Benghazi, Syria and Iran, let alone to individuals who expose Obama and his executed planned agenda policies. Absolutely

  9. Dear God please keep this man safe. My heart aches over this nonsense the Right and the Christians have to deal with from the haters walking amongst us.

    Is there any guessing as to the who’s and why’s of this harassment? Of course not.

    1. No we must disqualify the unqualified and rescend everything he ever signed into law and start back from there; restoring our rights that he has taken from us. Then we should put them all on trial for treason and tyranny in a military court and execute thous found guilty.

  10. If other are being harassed also we all need to band together and start a class action lawsuit against Obama .

  11. Thank you for making this known to a regular Christian American. I’m learning so much from these very informing sites!

  12. For heavens sake, Obama’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to Egypt. The problem is, no one wants to take it seriously. They just pretend they never heard it. Look at people like John Bolton and others, you would think would be in a position to do something, and they all just go on TV, telling everyone how his policies are a disaster. Well, no …..!

    Is it because they are going to be implicated, because they let it happen? Is it because they don’t want to have to explain to the loved ones of service members, that they allowed a member of the MB to usurp the highest office in the land after 9/11? That they’d have to say, I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, that your son died at the hands of a fake president, who by the way is a member of the MB. I’m sure you understand, it was just a mistake. God help us.

    I hope everyday someone gets Obama. I pray it. I pray somebody like Putin hires someone to get him.

    1. Americans need to take responsibility to remove Obama
      Americans put him there
      Americans threw off the British
      Americans can throw off this foreign imposter

      Call on God Almighty night and day to throw him down
      Just as Jehu gave the command to throw Jezebel down from her high tower

      It will come to pass

      1. Obama is doing more to this Country than people admit. They have submitted a bill 4 times to try and make him Dictator no limit to RULE. These people we have in Office are very dangerous to our Country. Obama is now trying again to get Israel to sign Peace Treaty if he carries this through you and I can kiss America good by. God will punish us. Just like he says you divide my land I will divide yours. You curse my people I will curse you. You bless my people I will bless you. We will be held accountable for letting this Evil Man stay in Power over Our Country and not doing nothing about it. He would not have lasted Five minutes if we had Four Fathers like we used to have. Pray for America and Israel. God save us from this evil.

  13. The Koran talks about lies. Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.”

    There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances,taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

    1. Scary this is exactly what he is doing. Are we sure he is not Satan Son here to destroy America and our People????

  14. Obama hates Chrsitans, Jews and Israel. I challenge him to come on any radio program and state otherwise.

    1. I hope you’re right. I’ve actually prayed Air Force One crashes for the first time in history, with him and his fat wife on it. Nose first.

  15. Attacking Syria and Denying the Egyptians their right to
    remove the Muslim Brotherhood government are some how tied to the Killing of Ambassador
    Stephens in Libya. The White house is covering something happened in Libya,
    which implicates them and the previous Egyptian government in what happened in
    our embassy in Libya.

  16. i always knew the pig in the white house was an Islamic terrorist, he must be impeached now, but the traitors in the senate and the congress have become whores of this administration and are following his dictates. they should have sent in the us marshals to get him and handcuff him as a traitor and then hung.

  17. While you’re at it, why not tell the people that
    all over the Egyptian Radio TV & News paper Obama was found to be a member
    of the Muslim Brotherhood and how he has funded there activity over the last 5
    years with 8 billion US tax payer dollars

  18. Mohamed Elibiary, who was appointed to the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council by then-Secretary Janet Napolitano in 2010, tweeted Thursday that his appointment was renewed and his position elevated:

    Elibiary’s tenure on the advisory council created controversy almost from the start. About a year after his appointment, PJ Media reported that he used his new federal security clearance to download information on the Texas Department of Public Safety and sell it to left-leaning media outlets as proof of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s “Islamophobia.”

    Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Elibiary’s Twitter profile photo is the black four-finger salute on yellow background located on the lower right. The Muslim Brotherhood adopted the logo to symbolize the Aug. 14 “martyrdom” of pro-Morsi demonstrators in Cairo, according to Front Page Mag

    All those holding public office require the trust of the people they serve. That’s why they must avoid even the appearance of impropriety. But Elibiary is not being held to that standard, and the consequences are being felt around the world.

    The people of Egypt regard the Obama administration as pro-Morsi and pro-Muslim Brotherhood, although the president has been silent on the subject, even to the point of not calling the recent change in government a coup.

    It’s long past time to clean house, beginning with Elibiary, and risk the cries of McCarthyism and “Islamophobia” that will surely follow. The government’s relations with Middle East countries can no longer afford this “advisor.”

    1. Things like this underscore what I’ve been saying recently. It’s going to pick up speed, folks. Most of us won’t believe how fast.

      We’ve heard Glenn Beck and many others tell us that “it’s coming” for years. So many years that it’s easy to think it will be years and years yet to come before any American city looks like Richmond did after the Civil War.

      But this kind of lawlessness in our government will create its own backlash. When the few inertial logs holding everything back finally slip free, it’s going to go like a burst dam.

      1. The Hill is overrun with alcoholics, drunk on their own power, yet so many Americans continue to enable these fools. I agree with what you are saying K-Bob even though it’s terrifying to think of.

  19. Maybe Walid could have his phone service cut off, and pick it up again through a new provider and start screening his calls. Or just keep his phone in a closet with a box and a pillow on it.

  20. Naturally discus wouldn’t allow my previous username because it’s still active on livefyre. So for anyone listening, this is lawngreen. I’ll try to de-activate my livefyre acct and change to the correct spelling, but for now I’m a letter short.

  21. Part of that fun and mental change he promised….don’t worry…tbe threads of islam are deeply woven into the fabric of this administration and soon will be within the general population. Next comes sharia type policies and sharia-minded laws. We get what we voted for in an ignorant and lazy nation that got too comfortable withour

  22. when we watch the interviews of people on the street and see that most of them have no clue even who the vice president is, we can understand how and why we are now ruled by an enemy of America. Disgusting to say the least !

  23. Praying for you Walid! Stay strong. Keep up the good (God) work! You are such a blessing to the Christian Community and to the World!

  24. Slightly OT – actually another head of the same snake. One of our congress is looking into the threat AlJazeeraAmerica poses to our national security. His contact info is contained in this article. though with Elbiary at homeland “security” I doubt McCaul will make any progress unless he can get the attention of the people.

  25. The Obama regime is coming at anyone who doesn’t tow the line and follow the progressive agenda. With this regime we are no different than Russia, Cuba, Iran, etc. Where’s the outrage? Are the American people okay with this? Scary stuff.

  26. I don’t think this comes as a surprise. With the Tea Party targeting by the IRS and other crimes, I think it’s pretty obvious they are spying on many prominent and influential conservatives or anyone else that would pose a threat to Obama’s agenda.

    Of course, we can’t verify that what Shoebat says is actually true. I have no reason to doubt him, not with Obama in office.

  27. When the arrests begin, I believe there are those high up in the Democrat Party and in the Media who should also be arrested. We should all be more like Shoebat.

    1. When an if There are any arrest the first who are to be arrested are the democrats for subversion and treason and aiding and abetting Americas sworn enemies.

  28. If you don’t know Walid Shoebat, find him om Youtube and listen to his excellent and well researched material. Another very tangible way we can support him and his family is by buying his book “Gods War on Terror”. It explains what Islam is all about.

    Lets support our Christian brother!!

  29. Shameful. They spy on anyone and everyone. The Fool on the Hill, you know the Nobel peace prize winner. does not it when you do not agree with him. So he will come after you. Period.

    1. @poptoy1949, don’t sweat anyone coming after you, ain’t gonna happen in a round them up kind of way. We all need to keep in touch with family, friends and website to inform each other about anything lawless we learn bout AS ARE DOING EVERYDAY. You don’t have to worry about the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood dog eater from Kenya in the Whitehorse, hes just body waste running down stream. American citizens just need to keep working hard to keep the dam from breaching and we are. We stand by the US Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.
      NOTE We’re always going to have enemies inside our borders we need to call them out every time they raise their heads above the snake holes they spawn from. Like for instance The NAACP, The National Black Caucus and Black Panthers and others that you and I are well aware of, Unions.

      One last quick note, did you know that the NAACP only has a few more than 100.000 donors? The rest comes from TAX payers. Now you would think as long as these communist racist pathetic jerks have been around that number would be far far greater. So they have the liberal democrat brain dead followers.
      sorry didn’t intend to go so long.

  30. Telephone company “operative”, Slip of the tongue I know but still appropriate. First they come after the ones they view as most extreme, then they come for us.

  31. Is it now safer to live in Russia? Will the police protect us? For the first time in my life, living in America has become scary.

    1. Don’t count on it. I think 0 and Putin may be in bed together. (Pardon the analogy, I didn’t want to suggest Putin is homo.)

      1. They are both communist, only Obama has Muslim blood running through his veins and Americans blood on his hands. And by the way Its no longer a secret Obama is a well. Just ask Larry Sinclair, love, drugs and sex: Google it or YouTube it its there for all to confirm.

        1. Oh yeah, common knowledge. I still want to know what 0 and Reggie Lewinsky were doing the night of Benghazi. Sorry, Reggie Love. Freudian slip. Ahem.

          1. On a media program a guest suggested for the 7 hours or so Hussein was out of touch, there is reason to believe hanky panky & drugs was on, but there was no follow up on the program. I was very surprised the ball was dropped.

              1. Heard on Fox-news just a few minutes ago a news report that another journalist just joined the Obama white house. the journalist is there to help Kerry with damage control for his gaffes. This orgy of journalist in bed with Obama makes #19 who have quit their jobs to work with the white house. All 19 are on white house payroll. This says volumes about the corruption in this Marxist, Communist, Muslim administration.

                President Bush only had 3

                Clinton’s had 1

                Its reasonable to believe These Obama journalist are helping this white house cover their lies an crimes.

  32. Fits right in line with the tactics being used on everyone else so I don’t doubt that it’s happening. The left is establishing quite the pattern of fascist behavior these days.

    1. I use to think it was just this administration too, but over the past 4 years I’ve learned its been heading that way like a freight train for a long time longer. More like since the early to mid 1980s.

        1. That’s OK Laurel, because I know there were many very great things happening during the 1980’s and I hope if you were alive then yours was all part of the greatness, but at the same time to us who were on the front lines knew and saw the unconstitutional new power grab by government, we saw in big ways what became more evident and chilling. Back in the 1980s Americans and government both were warned about big gov’t and what it would become 20 or 30 years down the road. Of course back then the politicians, most all media and Americans did not believed it, deep down not even sure I did, but the warning calls went out. What was happening during the 1980s and early 1990’s in increments just took off during Clinton’s 2nd term, 911 & now Obama.
          My good friend I’m sorry if you still disagree and if you do that’s OK because we’re here now and on the same team, fighting to protect freedom and liberty from oath breakers. (-:

          1. Yes dear I disagree but only partially. You are making a broad sweeping generalization that simplifies what cannot be simple.

            And yes I was a fully fledged adult in the 80’s so don’t make presumptions.

            1. I could get into many details covering the years with deep specificity, dates, names, events, and etc, but at this late date of the years there isn’t much point considering it all, since that so much since then has been lost.

              Glad to know you were there in the 1980s, and it was just a statement not interesting myself in making assumptions that’s why I mentioned it. And true for the working tax payers and the social life for goodtimes were great, but behind the scenes, liberty and freedoms were lost and just as now we still had sleeping citizens who weren’t paying attention or just wasn’t interested in protecting their liberty or freedoms, neither were they concerned about any other Americans freedoms and liberty.
              Please never take anything I say as a personal insult. I know other people are always much smarter and more correct than what I think I am on my best days (-:

  33. This is exciting. I love listening to Mr. Shoebat. He is steadfast in his faith. No one will move him. They will have to kill him to stop him. This is a true Christian. God has a remnant like him. No wonder our Satanic Govt is afraid…

    1. Exposing the truth has become a crime, may God watch over Mr Shoebat while he takes on these despicable evils.

      There is blatant corruption that seeks to oppress us into submission and we can only remain free if we’re willing to fight for our freedom.

    2. I pray that the enemy doesn’t kill Walid Shoebat like they killed Andrew Breitbart.

      Put on the full armor of G-d.

      1. Your word in God’s ears. I’ve been praying for Obama’s impeachment for a long time now… God is in control and He will NOT be mocked as those liberal clowns are pushing Him out of America.

        Americans, the situation isn’t any better here in Europe… where liberalism is abundant and God pushed out in favour of the Satanic Islamic agenda… But I think it is time to fast AND pray. Fasting has brought miracles before. We need to be strong in our faith.

        1. yes waffle-anna, prayer and fasting are very necessary, we know Jesus Christ told the disciples these can only be cast out by fasting and prayer.
          As you have seen the news America and Russia has be hit again by a terrorist attack, very sad day for all so we lift it all up to the Lord.
          Very strange that all this is happening during the coming of ISON and the 4 Bloody moons that will fall on the Jewish feast days. I think of Matthew 24 and Luke 21. bless you, be safe

    1. Since O is a usurper, that makes Biden a usurper too because it invalidates the whole ticket. Just frog march both of them to jail.

  34. Be careful Walid…Marxists kill people. We can ‘t lose you.
    I find it beyond chilling that they can now listen through the phone when you are not on the phone.

    1. If you watch the Godfather movies – “He didn’t show me any respect” – and then visualize it as reality, you’ll get the same chill of fear.

        1. That’s right. I don’t believe for one minute the official line on the death of Breitbart. I am not at all a conspiracy theorist, but I have a hunch that he had something big on Obama, and I believe some wet ops goon earned his retirement money by getting rid of Breitbart and whatever it was he knew.

          1. The first things that made me suspicious was them saying he died of natural causes hours after his death and that someone was looking out the window and saw him collapse around midnight. Yeah, right.
            Then the coronor died of arsonic poisoning.
            Remember, at the CPAC convention just a month or two earlier, Breitbart said he was going to vet Obama this time around.
            Never announce you have the goods on a Marxist…..just announce the specifics immediately.

    2. @Keyesforpres , I’d add that democrats, and liberals use their positions to rob and kill Americans. Remember to evaluate the democrat party as a whole and you’ll learn, the Democrat party is the party of death.

      Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge(Weaver’s), Benghazi, Fast and Furious. and others.

    3. “They” can turn on Mic or cam on phone or laptop, assumed most people knew. And all cell calls are recorded. Be careful patriots, but don’t give up!

    1. Who’s going to arrest Choom-man Barack? His buddy Holder in the Executive Branch? Holder who is investigating Holder? Not on your life.

      1. Yeah, “should be” and “will” are two different things. We can’t even count on the Republicans to be loyal anymore. We need a revolution.

          1. so do I , and concerning America, Liberty, and rogue government, we engage without wavering and with respect we never agree to disagree. These days its not affordable for those coming up behind us, our families and fellow Americans.

    1. Sadly, it isn’t a dream. This is horribly real. You think it’s bad now? It’s going to get worse.

      To give you an idea of how worse, read about the arrest of Yeshua of Natzeret (Jesus of Nazareth), his so-called trial (it was essentially a kangaroo court), and his being beaten and whipped to the edge of his life by Roman soldiers. And then nailed to an execution tree for him to die an excruciatingly slow death. It wasn’t nice. It wasn’t nice at all.

      That will give you just a touch of an idea of that which humans are capable.

      Just as Daniel the prophet did for Israel (see Daniel 9), Americans have to get on their knees right now, ask for God’s forgiveness, for themselves and for their nation. and turn back to him and follow his ways. And I mean now. Not tomorrow. Now.

  35. Why doesn’t he go to congress and make a huge stink. A press conference with Louie Golmert or Ted Cruz? Expose Expose Expose!

    1. Many of the folks doing the most work to expose the horror of Political Islam are treated like the third rail by Republicans. They are rarely invited onto right-side media broadcasts because of fear that they are going to say things that inflame. But if you study the problem, it’s incredibly difficult to come up with speech that is nearly inflammatory as the radical islamists themselves.

      Here’s some of the names to look for:

      David Horowitz (and associates at his site),
      Walid Shoebat,
      Pamela Geller,
      Robert Spencer,
      Wafa Sultan,
      Nonie Darwish,
      Ayaan Hirsi Ali,
      Brigitte Gabriel,
      Geert Wilders,
      Phyllis Chesler

      1. Seattle, Sat. nite, 8:00 pm

        There are thousands of Americans that stand with the people in the above list. Millions. It is just very difficult for American NGO’s to unite under one banner. We need that leader to unite us all. America, like Walid has articulated, is dividing. Me and mine stand with Walid. If Walid, then I stand with all of the above. We all have a shared endeavor. We must unite.
        P.S. Thank you; the banner that unites will not depict the elephant.

        1. I wrote that to the White House in 2004 and again in 2010. The Lord says; A Country, Kingdom, or House, divided, will not stand. Come together and who can break a three fold. With the Cross before us who can go against us. The Wolves are in between The Loin and the Lamb, and they don’t stand a chance.

      2. Add: Franklin Graham, son of the Reverend Billy Graham and founder of Samaritans’ Purse.

        He was disinvited as keynote speaker at annual National Prayer Breakfast for speaking the truth about Islam. Was also an IRS target.

  36. Lord Jesus, in Your Most High Name we ask that you guard and protect Brother Walid from all the harm that the satantic administration in the WH are sending his way. Protect his wife, Maria, and his son, Theodore, and I ask in the name of Your Father that His angels may guard and protect the Shoebat family. I know that judgement is coming to America for all the sins she has committed, like killing the unborn, killing the innocent and oppressing the law-abiding American patriots. But please, O Lord Jesus, send a revival especially to America – if America falls into the hands of the adversary Satan, the whole world is doomed. I pray that You will raise strong patriotic leaders for 2014 and 2016 so that America can repent from her sins and lead the free world once more. You are in control, as always. Thy will be done, O Lord.


    1. Amen.
      But do not forget, for the sake of 10 righteous men, God would have saved Sodom and Gomorrah. We have hope….we are more than 10.

      1. Exactly. We need to cry out to the Lord for He alone provides for us. We must rely only on the Lord. I get angry a lot when I see so much injustice, but I know that the Lord is in control. We need to reintroduce God into the lives of our families, starting with our children. I’m too young to have children yet, but when I have children, I will anoint them through God’s word. The children are our hope. If we don’t take care of our children, the devil will.

        The revival WILL come to America, whether the lefties like it or not.

        1. It’s nice to see such a young person as yourself “get it”. It gives me hope to see such an intelligent, young, conservative woman like you.
          I hope you talk to all your friends and can reach them.

          1. Thank you, and I do. Even to Muslims. Every chance I get. I even have my children watch the news today. I want them to have an idea of the things heading their way.

      2. You will certainly find many, many righteous men scattered throughout the US, who are pleading fervently with ADONAI, God, for the U.S. as Daniel the prophet did for exiled Israel in Bavel (Babylon). They are, however, a shrinking list, to be sure.

        Good luck finding ten righteous men (or women) at the highest levels of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.

        Don’t forget, however, as ADONAI, God, went to see what was happening in S’dom and ‘Amora, he is walking amongst the people in the Executive Branch and he sees what they say and what actions they take.

        1. I think we should all come together as Brothers and sisters of America, and have a day of repentance, ask God to forgive our people, and try our darnedest not go out and repeat our repents, in Jesus Name. I’m telling the truth; At the mentioning of his name or opening the Holy Bible, People get an attitude, start getting offensive, or walk fast away. Sometimes it makes you sad, and sometimes ya gotta laugh, because you can see the power in his Jesus name.

    2. @waffle_anna

      The Lord is in control and will answer heart felt prayers like the one you just prayed. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe amen

  37. I thank the Egyptian people, for bringing the brotherhood into the LIGHT, since Jan. 25, 2011. The brotherhood went crazy when it shined on them. Look what they are doing to their land and people! So Sad. People don’t hurt them. They hurt the people. BULLIES.

  38. I wonder if these are the strategies and methods they used to “nudge” John Roberts?

    The Obama Brownshirts intimidate with impunity. Lois Lerner anyone?

    I’ll be praying for you Walid. Keep fighting the good fight.

  39. I write and leave messages to the White House when ever I feel its of great importance. An sometimes I too get phone calls that say; Private Name, Private Number or Unavailable, Unknown Number. I say Hello. They say nothing, but just listen. I have to hang up. This was happening for a while and then stopped, til last month. I do know one thing, it is somebody that knows me. Maybe they like to hear my voice. Makes one think though. We do have to keep guard.

  40. Walid vistited the church I was attending I think in 2005 or 2006, in Phila. God bless him and keep him from all harms way, in Jesus Name I Pray. I will pray on my knees, starting tonight for God’s angels, Walid’s guardian angel to surround him where ever he goes and in what ever he does, to keep him safe always. God changed Saul and name him Paul. I rather go from bad to good, then good to bad. Love Donna A Child Of The Most High God.

  41. “Walid Shoebat says Obama admin HARASSING and SPYING on him for uncovering Obama’s Islamist ties”.
    Why would this surprise anybody?

  42. When I see posts like this, read Walid Shoebat’s website and watch these youtube’s, my perspective is that Walid Shoebat does more investigative journalism then the entire media does collectively on a worldwide basis.

    No wonder the libfag lamestream lapdogs, aka the govt controlled media labels it as just another phoney scandal.

    1. . There is only so much time in the day, how can you expect the average American to have time to be interested in where and who their president is when they have the kardashian clan, hollywood, drug addled professional sports stars etc etc to keep up with. All as a result of the last 50 years of dumbing down America to the degree we have no respect for ourselves or our freedoms which are diminishing at a pace faster than a speeding bullet.

    2. the proper spelling of “to” in this case would be “too.” Only pointed that out as you mentioned “Americans are to dumb and lazy to even care” also poor grammar.

  43. Walid has attacked Glenn Beck a few times for religious differences leading to differences in Islamic opinions…however…Walid appears to owe Beck/The Blaze a great thank you for the heads up…

    Just like Beck/Levin are burying the hatchet…
    I hope Walid/Beck do the same….we need greater unified numbers in this fight

  44. The most corrupt President and Administration in American history. Thanks for the continuing coverage.

  45. Thank you Mr.Shoebat for all your hard work.May God belss and protect you from the evil that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Aveneue.Keep fighting the good fight brother!

    1. From the snippets I’ve read, George says that he does not need his brother. I do not need his brother, either, but BO/BS won’t leave me alone, he won’t stop being a jerk, and he keeps telling me what to do.

      Seattle, Sat. note 8:20 pm

  46. Not only did I just push play, I listened afterwards. Towards the end I felt some tears welling up in me eyes. Are the Islamic Terrorists martyrs? No. They are mere murderers. If Shoebat becomes a statistic will he be a martyr? Certainly.

    Put the pedal to the metal sir. Expose them in this too. Show them the NSA is not only out of control, show that they are in control…by Obama, his Muslim Brotherhood, and by those who continue to massacre Christians.

    We will not be silent until we are silenced. Would you like to add murder to your slim resume Mr. Obama? Have you not displayed enough evil yet? How secure are you in your own position? Are we so vulnerable while you are so protected? Is the world like Chicago in your opinion? Have you been allowed to get away with so much that you feel you can get away with much, much more?

    Indeed. You heard the man. Bring it on. He is not afraid of you or your machine. Perhaps your machine will appreciate a monkey wrench or two being thrown into it’s works. Your party is toast. You know that right? Parts of our party are toast too.

    Guess what? You can’t intimidate true patriots into silence, try as you may. Picture yourself sabotaging your own party and your own “legacy”. Got the picture? Now chew on it awhile. Wake up in the middle of the night choking on it. Our government has the goods on you too. Pretend you are immune to your own disease as much as you may. You are not. You’re cooking dinner unaware that you are the main course.

    Bon Appétit.

    1. Thank you; “You can’t intimidate true patriots….”

      I have tears, too. I also teared up watching “Bikers to DC” on news video, all that chrome and metal, hearing that engine noise, all those personal stories.

      Our Vanguard, Americans. Unite as one.

      Seattle, Sat. nite, 8:30 pm

  47. The truth is there for all to see. Too bad most have sold out for nothing.
    If America would have stayed on the road of repentance after 9/11 this sham and wretched excuse for humanity (oabamaaaa) would never had made it to the highest levels of government.
    America, pray, return to God and the roots this nation was founded on before all is lost.

  48. Stay strong, Mr. Shoebat! Do not give up or surrender! Expose him from the rooftops! Nothing scatters cockroaches like the light.

  49. God bless Walid Shoebat and his family– brave Christian and patriot. This current WH administration is a treasonous horde. The One Almighty God, not Allah, loves his people and his disciples. Allah is a fiction and Mohammed is a thug.

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