MUST SEE: Black minister DESTROYS Al Sharpton and the Ferguson movement

Minister Johnathan Gentry is noted for his original comments on Ferguson that went viral back in August. And he’s back, this time on Cavuto with a strong message of repudiation about what’s going on in Ferguson.

He takes issue directly with the likes of Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other activists who are blaming police departments instead of themselves, arguing that black males being killed by other blacks are the real problem. He said they need to look in the mirror and change themselves before they can effectively change communities.

When asked about Sharpton saying he’s acting on the Word of God, Gentry hits back hard, saying that God is love and that what Al Sharpton is doing is taking the hate from when he grew up and fueling that hate into an innocent generation. Gentry said for Al Sharpton to say he’s acting on the Word of God is a lie!

Just watch:

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