MUST WATCH – Allen West: If we allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons we are staring at World War 3

This serves both as a great primer on the state of the Middle East and a reality check on how dire the situation there has become for Israel. Allen West spoke yesterday at a Town Hall after the announcement that the Muslim Brotherhood had been elected as the new president of Egypt and gave a very serious talk on what we are staring at in the Middle East, tying together different strands to show the consequences of different policy decisions from the UN no longer keeping peace in Lebanon to Obama choosing to ignore four-star Generals who said we needed to keep around 15k soldiers in Iraq. In fact he says that if Obama is elected for another 4 years, it will be felt 50 years from now just as we are still suffering from Carter’s unwillingness to back the Shah of Iran. But the theme of his talk can be summed up as he notes that we are witnessing a battle for the next hegemonic power in the Middle East.

I’m calling this one a Must Watch:

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