MUST WATCH: Bill Whittle addresses the issue of ‘TRUMP’

Bill Whittle’s latest Afterburner is one that takes a reasonable approach to the issue of ‘Trump’ and seeks to calm down the tensions that have escalated on the conservative side.


Like Whittle, I too will gladly vote for Trump if he wins the nomination.

I have Trump fans who email me everyday telling me how terrible and anti-Trump my blog has become. In some ways they are right. But I didn’t leave Donald Trump, he left me.

No, Trump has never been my top candidate and I’ve never hidden the fact that I believe Cruz should be the next president. But I have been enthusiastically open to Trump winning the nomination throughout much of this race. And as I recall, I never got complaints from Trump fans when I was reporting what he said early on multiple times per day. No, they loved it.

But then Trump went scorched earth against Ben Carson and quite unfairly too. Now he’s doing the same to Ted Cruz by smearing him and telling lies about him and, quite frankly, I’ve had enough.

If Trump can’t be substantive and fair in his campaign to win the nomination, then I want no part of it.

So when all you unhappy Trump fans decide to criticize me for exposing what he says all the time, and he does say a lot that must be written about, then send your angry emails to Donald Trump. If you send them to me they will just get deleted.

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