MUST WATCH: Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell tells of the horrific battle in Afghanistan where he alone survived

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell tells the story of how he survived the most horrific battle of his life in the Mountains of Afghanistan against the Taliban when his Navy SEAL brothers did not. And he goes into quite a bit of detail in this lengthy 60 Minutes interview.

I must say that I didn’t start watching this until after 2AM when I knew I had to go to bed, but once I started watching it I couldn’t stop.

But there’s more to this story than just a warrior surviving against impossible odds. Luttrell also tells of the Afghan man who saved his life and is now his blood brother 8 years later. It’s a fascinating story and a must watch.




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45 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell tells of the horrific battle in Afghanistan where he alone survived

  1. We should be good to the Afghan man as well as Latrell. This is how the God of truth & love wants us to act toward each other… too bad we don’t all do that… good that these two do.

  2. A Real Hero! Obama would never understand what it is to sacrifice ones self for others as all these brave men we willing to do that day. God Bless Marcus and all those that serve/served and put their lives on the line to protect us.

  3. Thank you Marcus Latrell for sharing this journey.
    You were so blest to have been found by this man!
    I wish when Army Bowe Bergdahl briefly escaped HIS captors, the villagers he found and asked for help, had been this kind (he is still there 4.6 years later!).
    That fight video was so painful to view — there is purpose for you returning, please remain SEAL strong!
    Honoring all who died that fate-filled day.

  4. Great work by Cooper in bringing us a true American Hero. My how we toss that word around, but now we’ve actually found one.

    My mind went to many places as I watched this. I thought of my war, Vietnam……and a line by the great Jon Voight at the very end of “Coming Home” the defining movie in my opinion of that war… he sat in his wheelchair from his wounds in front or an auditorum of high school students he spoke of men that didn’t make it home….and ended with ………”and I just don’t know if it was all worth it” Sadly and tragically I ask myself the same thing about this war.

  5. Thank you for posting…words cannot express at how I feel and the deep gratitude I have for these men and ALL of them! Every American should watch these, damn this elected body of suites and ties with their useless ROEs…its appalling! GOD SPEED GOD BLESS

  6. This afghan man deserves American citzenship immediately and it should be given to him. I am a Navy Veteran and total respect what this Afghan man did. He stood up to the taliban and told them no protecting A Navy Seal with a code of honor the deserves america’s highest respect less give him our respect US Citzenship.

  7. I don’t even have words for how much I loved this story. I thought it was funny how he looked at Cooper a couple of times like – Did you really ask me that? I love the honesty with which he answered questions too.
    Men like these don’t come along every day. For one man to survive with the ability to tell the story makes me appreciate all of them even more…I did 21 years and not all of those days combined were as tough as a single mission they all survived – let alone a mission like they had that day.

    1. Thank you for your service. 21 years of willingness to stand between my family and an enemy is to be appreciated!!

  8. These always make me think of my Dad, who was born 1909. Too young for WWI and too old for WWII enlistment, he joined as Army Intelligence and ended up in London & Scotland (my Mum was English) where he got impatient with all the red tape and commandeered a single engine airplane to fly his own reconnaissance mission. (Drew a court martial for that one but came out okay – he served Army Reserve for many years.) He was a warrior, pure and simple; and if he had lived today would definitely have been a Seal. Thank God for our Seals and for the saints who rescued Luttrell.

    1. RC- see my reply to Sentinel below. I’d love to tell a story about your dad if I can. Read my latest, and think about it. Let me know ok? Thank you! Your dad sounds like he was an amazing guy!

      1. Thank you Duckie. He would have loved having his story told, although I only know fragments. He never talked about his past…at all…although everything I have learned indicates it was quite a story from the start. He was a fantastic Dad, though, which I can attest to personally. Love your site…signed the Cruz with Ted petition. I’ll have to try to gather some thoughts and get back to you; Dad wasn’t exactly a military hero except thru his unwavering patriotism.

        1. The patriotism is what got me with the bit you told. He may not have done combat, but what he did do was incredible, and his heart was for the same effort the others were fighting for.
          It doesn’t have to be too long (in fact I need to keep them to a few paragraphs like the ones I wrote already) so I can fit 3 or 4 on one article. But if you can find some things out, or just write what you do know- that would be an excellent addition to a future one. I’d be honored to include your dad. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!!

            1. You’re very welcome! I love these stories and while I understand why so many don’t tell of their own experiences, the fragments which are told, they need to be written. People need to know.
              So thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

            2. Hey my friend. I’m working on another article right now. I don’t want to pressure you!! Just want to let you know, just in case you’d like me to write something about your dad on this one, or I can wait for another one. I do want to include him sometime RC, but don’t want to be a pain in asking more. If you can think of, or find out any more, let me know here, whenever and if ever you want.
              ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!!

              1. Hi Duckie! Thanks for the contact; I’m afraid it will be a few more weeks before I can gather enough info to make a coherent story about my wonderful Dad. I am just now finishing up a massive project at work but will soon begin going through some boxes my brother sent a couple of years ago, Dad lived in the “here and now” and never shared his colorful past; so everything is bits and pieces over the years for me. I am really looking forward to this, and thank you again…any time!
                ps Love your new avatar!

                1. Excellent. No problem RC. Whenever you can, you can find me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to it too. I’m getting a few responses now about others, so it looks like (if I’m allowed to) maybe this will be a semi regular feature article for me to get to do. There are a lot of excellent people out there.
                  Hope you have a wonderful Happy and Blessed New Year!
                  Thank you- Wolfie made the avatar pic and a few other ones for me lol. Had a friend suggest there needs to be duckie nose art on Military planes. I liked the idea, but love helicopters too, so Wolfie made a few different ones for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

                2. Wolfie’s a rock!
                  And a very blessed and healthy New Year to you and your family as well!

      2. I agree!!! I think your dad’s story should be shared (if you and your family would be comfortable with that.) He sounds like a remarkable man, a and a true soldier for our country that didn’t let the red tape hold him back in doing what was the right thing needing done — such bravery!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER TELLING HIS STORY!!!

  9. THANK YOU SCOOP! I knew you would have it! I switched to 60, minutes late from football, and knew I had missed some of it.
    BUT, then came Scoop, to save the day. Thanks so much. I read the book, listen to Glenn, Saw Marcus at 8/28/09 in D.C. and am so grateful to be able to see the whole interview along with the after show program!
    Most of us that check you out each day for clips we wish we had seen, know we can count on you! Thanks again!

  10. Lord this is hard to watch when there are still guys over there. But thank you Scoop for posting it. This is a story that needs to be known. Murph, Marcus and the others are heroes. God Bless Marcus for telling this story.
    God Bless all of our troops. Damn our government for their crap ROEs.

    1. WWII would still be going on or we would have out right lost had our soldiers faced the ROE’s they do today.
      My dad told me a story or two…..

      1. I don’t doubt it at all. Back then, they were sent to actually fight, were expected to fight swift, hard and fast, throwing everything they had been trained for at the enemy, who was well defined as an enemy.
        Not like today where half our government treats war as though it’s a legal issue (thanks to all the freaking lawyers in Washington) and they believe the poor terrorists are just freedom fighters.

  11. That was astoundingly riveting to say the least!
    What a story! Marcus Luttrell has lived a life that is impossible to describe.
    Wonder if any of you know the story when his first service dog was shot by some guys after returning home?
    Marcus Luttrell has a sense of honor and self control that I would think rivals anyone that has ever lived!
    Thanks RS for posting this!

    1. Humbling for sure.

      As I recall from his book, and/or Glenn Beck’s interviews, some local scumbags literally hunted down his dog in his front yard, fatally shot it and Luttrell chased them in his truck through a county or two. Sure hope those rats got what they deserved. Had they run out of gas before the cops got to them….

      1. I can’t imagine the kind of filth and low life one would have to be to do what they did. “Scumbags” is reserved for polite company.

    2. I remember that.

      He called Gov Perry, hopped in his truck and chased the guys.

      He and (extra) police caught them.

      1. Apparently he had the scum bags in his cross hairs and didn’t pull the trigger. That’s why I say he has a lot of self control. At the very least if he had beat the wretched guys to a pulp no one would have known and or cared once it was discovered what they did.

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