MUST WATCH FULL INTERVIEW: Anderson Cooper’s captivating interview with Zimmerman juror

This is the full interview with one of the jurors who decided the Zimmerman case. And it is the most captivating thing I’ve heard in a while because she really help us understand their decision making process and how they came to a not guilty verdict, especially considering when they started deliberations only 3 wanted not guilty, 2 wanted manslaughter and one wanted 2nd degree murder.


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353 thoughts on “MUST WATCH FULL INTERVIEW: Anderson Cooper’s captivating interview with Zimmerman juror

  1. You are correct, A MUST WATCH! Did not watch any of the trail or the news, just what I had no choice in seeing until the last few days. She just said, race had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s profiling. What is going on with these professional race baiters? They must have seen what the juror saw, I guess professional race baiters is too high class a name, for what is happening today!?
    The medical examiner from what he saw, obviously from the examiner’s actions, believed Trayvon was at fault, otherwise wouldn’t he have done his job differently?

  2. cooper was trying to get her to say that Zimmerman was profiling… whatta putz… its in his pea brain that Z was guilty, and no matter what she says he tries to mix the facts with fiction… i made it thru 13 minutes and i was ready to bit**ch slap cooper…

  3. It is time to go because it no use to talking to some of you that are calling a young man a thug without any evidence as such.  Was he the one that had been charged with a crime in the past, no but Zimmerman had so is he a thug?

    1. frisky123 Trayvon chose to beat the crap out of somebody and make him fear for his life.   I don’t know, or care, about the rest of Trayvon’s life, but at that moment – Trayvon was a thug.

    2. frisky123 Martin had been caught by police with stolen property, a large breakin tool, and drugs.  He’s been a violent offender, and has been caught destroying public property.
      You should inform yourself before judging others from ignorance.

      1. Zimmerman was arrested for drunk driving,assaulting a police officer,attacking his fiancé, his cousin said he molested her so he is no outstanding citizen. I think our President said it best “would Trayvon been allowed to use the stand your ground law to defend himself if he was of age and had a gun”.

    1. Matt2Matt What do you mean? You might equally have said Up, Down and Across…..are you condoning? condemning?

      1. RightStuff1 Matt2Matt  
        Just guessing Matt is referring to Cooper’s questions as well as this case in general, where it’s a question of racism and profiling rather than the law.
        Ubama administration is permeated with class-gende- race consciousness, endeavouring to un-unite the United States.

  4. It really doesn’t matter whether OJ had a gun or not the point is they gave him 33 years and he did not kill anyone in that incident. Zimmerman killed someone and is free.

        1. frisky123 sallyjohanna Since OJ did murder two people…I consider 33 years justice. Zimmerman did defend himself, and that was self defense.

        2. And I said it again until it get through your head. A child was killed by an adult. The adult should have been the one to retreat.

      1. Your Zimmerman is molester and committed incest. An adult should know better than to approach a child with a gun. Maybe he will patrol your neighborhood and let’s hope your son or male relative is not walking in your neighborhood and he pursues him,get in an altercation with him and kill him.

        1. frisky123 Slander much?  Apparently in addition to Thugvon being in the possession of stolen property, kicked out of school, kicked out of the house, there is evidence to show he assaulted a teacher.
          I would trust George Zimmerman any day of the week patrolling the neighborhood where we live.  He was attacked by Thugvon because Thugvon was a homophobe.  He is now in he11 answering for his crimes.

        2. Good. I hope one of your male relatives come in contact with him and get the same thing that Trayvon got.

  5. I like Anderson Cooper for the most part even though it’s obvious he’s a liberal…however you can tell in this interview that he is frustrated that her story isn’t conforming to the version of events and beliefs that the news media wants everyone to believe about what happened that night. For example, when she says that race wasn’t discussed at all among the jurors you can tell that he is confounded and upset to some degree that that didn’t happen.

    1. And that is the sign of a TRUE racist! When you actually WANT race to be the issue! 
      Liberalism = DIVERSITY (division)
      Conservatism = EQUALITY (cohesion)

    2. elaguardia86 Yes, he led her horse to every liberal talking point to see if he could get it to drink.

    3. elaguardia86 The press just lost a big one here.  They just can’t seem to get it through their heads that we don’t believe their made up stuff.  They will keep trying and totally embarrass themselves although they won’t understand why we think they are idiots.

  6. The only thing that needs to be said is this:
    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”
    -Jesse Jackson

      1. enoughofthenonsense elaguardia86 He said more than that, but no one ever reminds him of it while he “working.”

  7. cracka is the equivalent of nigger sooooooo what if Travon was Hispanic ( like Zimmerman) and he said “crazy ass nigger”….wonder how that would have played out?   We all know the answer to that!!

    1. enoughofthenonsense 
      Trayvon made his comment in a private conversation to a friend whereas George made his comment to a public telephone conversation.  You and most other people speak differently to your friends than you do to the public.

      1. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense True.
        That is why the FBI asked about what Zimmerman said in private conversations.  They found no evidence of racism.
        So that private conversation does prove Trayvon a racist bigot.  Just as had Zimmerman said the n word to someone it would have possibly shown him racist.  I say possibly because the rest of a sentence matters.  White Ass Chracker is very very racist.

        1. First of off it is not cracker but cracka and it is not the equivalence of nigger. Trayvon’s friend Rachel gave the definition of that word in her CNN interview.

  8. Trayvon was a THUG who decided to  pick a fist fight with someone who was armed….BIG MISTAKE

    1. enoughofthenonsense 
      That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.  However, it was no evidence that supported your opinion.

      1. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense The EVIDENCE provided by an eye witness said that Travon was beating the daylights out of Zimmerman…..look at Zimmermans wounds…..there was but one would on Martin….a gunshot…so who was hitting who?   who was the thug?

        1. enoughofthenonsense frisky123 
          The eye witness said that he could not tell whether Trayvon was striking George or holding him down.  He stated that Trayvon’s arms were in a downward motion.  The wounds were minor and if you are being beaten like they claimed that happened to George then I believe his wounds would have been more serious and it would probably have knocked George unconscious.

        2. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense Minor wounds? Mind if we recreate it with your head bashed into a concrete sidewalk?

        3. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense Well, whatever he was doing exactly, he was breaking the law by doing it.  That’s what makes it self-defense – in pretty much every country.

        4. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense Keep trying.  You are aren’t very convincing with Lefty talking points.  I hope it makes you feel better, but you won’t find many believers in your made up stuff here.

        5. Maybe after your head is bashed on a sidewalk you will be able to see and feel the difference between a bashing and minor wounds.

        6. Well I hope you have a son or male relative that is in that same situation as Trayvon and you still feel the same when your relative was killed in self defense.

      2. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense Did you even go to school or do you just like gang talk? “However, it was no evidence…” Were you in the courtroom every day?  Even if you were, given your inability to communicate effectively, doubt you could comprehend the testimony.

        1. I will say it again. I hope you have a son or male relative that is in Trayvon’s situation and he is killed by someone like Zimmerman claiming self defense. Let’s see if you still feel the same way.

      3. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense There was at the trial.  That’s where we get it from.

      4. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense The physical evidence points us to the truth about what happened.  Trayvon had no broken nose.  No evidence of his head being pounded into the, deadly weapon, Concrete walk.  In fact only one injury the gunshot wound.
        If you are willing to jump someone and inflict that kind of damage on someone you are a thug.  Trayvon used his fist as deadly weapons the concrete walk as a deadly weapon.  His training in martial arts as a deadly weapon.  He was well armed against a physically unfit old man.  He was thug with the pictures on his phone and facebook postings and record to prove it.

        1. I hope your son or male relative get in Trayvon’s situation and get killed by someone like Zimmerman and see if you will agree with the self defense law and see how you feel about someone calling him a thug after he is dead.

      5. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense  
        The evidence was overwhelmingly clear that it was self defense.

    2. enoughofthenonsense O and all the while I thought George Z got out of his vehicle and followed then confronted and finally shot to death  a 17 yr old kid. If anyone was defending himself, it was Trayvon and he did it well.

  9. If one black person could walk in the shoes of a white person who is walking at night next to a black person wearing a hoodie and saying that your a creepy ass cracka then maybe YOU would understand.

    1. enoughofthenonsense 
      Martin said that after Zimmerman was following him.  What would you have said if someone was following you in the dark?

      1. frisky123 enoughofthenonsense You mean someone in a hoodie hanging around under the eves of houses in the rain in a high crime area?   That “kid” which he isn’t ….should gone home………When I was 17 I was living on my own as an adult….this “kid”/”child” BS was all for sympathy

        1. He is a child. Hope your 17 year old relative get in Trayvon’s situation and get killed by someone like Zimmerman and let’s see how you feel then.

        1. jrenai67 frisky123 enoughofthenonsense 
          According to his friend that was on the phone with him, Trayvon ran from George and he continue to pursue him.  Therefore, he did try to get away from him.  You shouldn’t lead a strange person to your residence under any circumstances, therefore, he was right in not going to his residence, because he was so young, he did not think to call 911.  If George had followed the Neighborhood Watch Policy then we would not be having this conversation.

        2. frisky123 jrenai67 enoughofthenonsense convenient story but not the truth.  God knows the truth and spared the innocent life

        3. jrenai67 frisky123 enoughofthenonsense 
          You are true, God knows the truth and now George will know how it feels to walk as a black man.

        4. jrenai67 frisky123 enoughofthenonsense 
          As Whoopie Goldberg said on the View if he could get one hand free then why didn’t he hit Trayvon with his fist, or the gun, why shoot to kill?

        5. frisky123 jrenai67 enoughofthenonsense Your getting the timeline confused. When TM said that GZ was still in his car following his route. GZ never wanted to confront TM he just wanted to keep tabs on him so the police could take over when they arrived.  GZ lost site of TM and got out of the car to see if he could spot him again but was told not to follow.  GZ then went along the dog path to get a street address for the police. On his way back to his car TM came out of the shadows and ask “You got a problem homie” that is when TM punched GZ in the nose…the fight was on.

        6. sallyjohanna frisky123 jrenai67 enoughofthenonsense
          George did not follow the Neighborhood Watch Program as stated below, If he had followed this policy there would not have been a killing:
          Patrol members should be trained by law enforcement. It
          should be emphasized to members that they do not possess
          police powers and they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles. They should also be cautioned to alert police or deputies when encountering strange activity. MEMBERS SHOULD NEVER CONFRONT SUSPICIOUS PERSONS WHO COULD BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. […]
          The purpose of community patrol is to observe and report
          only. Patrol members should not leave their vehicle or
          become involved with a suspect. […]
          Patrol members should not challenge anyone. The patrol’s
          visual presence should be a deterrent to most criminal
          activity. […]
          Patrol members do not carry weapons. […]

        7. frisky123 jrenai67 enoughofthenonsense Then the thug would have been shot in the back.  Get over it. The jury is right, the thug is maggot meat.

        8. frisky123 jrenai67 enoughofthenonsense If Trayvon hadn’t been suspended from school again, and kicked out of his house by his mother, we would not be having this conservation.
          But none of that has anything to do with the fact that Martin broke the law when he broke Zimmerman’s nose, and that’s what makes it self defense.

        9. CalCoolidge frisky123 jrenai67 enoughofthenonsense If Martin was still alive, he’d STILL HAVE GONE TO JAIL for ASSAULT!

        10. frisky123 sallyjohanna jrenai67 enoughofthenonsense No evidence what so ever Zimmerman attempted to apprehend Trayvon just watch him.  His presence should have deterred Trayvon but instead Trayvon decided to attack Zimmerman.
          I think you are making some of this up out of thin air.  That should not leave their vehicle can not possibly be in there.  Guess they are not allowed to go home or to a bathroom.  Or go through the alley to find an address.
          Neighborhood Watch members are encouraged to watch at all times oft times not in a vehicle.  They certainly do not lose their second amendment rights to carry a weapon.

        11. Hope you feel the same way when this happens to your 17 year old male relative in Trayvon’s situation.

    2. enoughofthenonsense  
      Enough with the blasted hoodie!
      Everybody wears hoodies.  What the heck is wrong with people? More “whites” buy them and wear them than anyone else.  You got to a Wal Martin a country with near zero non-whites, and guess what they have?  Hoodies!  And we all buy ’em.
      Hoodies don’t mean anything.  At all.

    3. So if I were white, I would understand that its ok to kill someone if   1) its at night  2) he’s black  3) he’s wearing a hoodie, 4) call’s you  a racial name to someone on his cell, and you didn’t even hear it….. ok, now I understand why its ok to kill black people, thanks….

  10. If just one white male could walk in the shoes of a black male then maybe you would understand.

    1. frisky123 Try being a white conservative Christian male in today’s society. Your called a homophobe, islamophobe, terrorist, the list goes on…

    2. frisky123  
      Way to support permanent victim status.  It’s how they keep people on the Democrat Voter Plantations known as “inner cities.”

      Why not be a man?  A free man, living for your own sake, and not for the sake of others?

  11. My question is: if George Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was a “white” race, would we be even talking about this the same way?  Probably not, because EVERYTHING is NOT about race!!  The only reason he said the kid was black was when he was answering a question by the 911 dispatcher!

    1. DoubleTake55 
      If George Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was white then there would not be a conversation because George Zimmerman would have been arrested the night Trayvon was shot and convicted of 2nd degree murder.  So yes you are right we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

      1. frisky123 DoubleTake55 Your making assumptions. Firstly Zimmerman is Hispanic not white, which also makes him a minority. The police initially did not press charges because the evidence suggested it was self defense. If his intent was murder he would not have called 911 to begin with. Irregardless even after it went to trial the prosecution could not convince the jury it was murder or even manslaughter. Mistakes were made by both Zimmerman and Trayvon which led to an altercation and someone died. A tragedy yes, but not a travesty. And as long as it is perpetuated as a travesty nothing good will come from it.

        1. frisky123 DoubleTake55 
          I made my assumptions based on history.  History will tell you that it is highly likely that a black male will be charged and convicted if the circumstances were reversed than any other race.  Also, if you review George’s interview with the police he identified himself as white.

        2. frisky123 DoubleTake55 By your observations OJ Simpson should have been convicted then of murdering his wife. And Zimmerman is both, his mother is from Peru.

        3. Watchman74 frisky123 DoubleTake55 
          OJ was only one black that was able to get a not guilty verdict.  If you review history you will see that more blacks have been convicted under these type of circumstances than any other race.

        4. frisky123 DoubleTake55 History also tells us that if you are black, you are far more likely that any other race to commit a crime.

  12. These protests are based on a fantasy.  This juror is perfectly reasonable and clearly took her job seriously.  Despite Anderson doing his best to try and confuse her, she had specific reason for her beliefs and stood by them.  May God grant her peace and safety in the coming months.

    1. ellebb Don’t you get the sense that Andersen Cooper is probing and questioning her for Obama, The NAACP, and Eric Holder and the DOJ?

      1. marketcomp ellebbTo a Marxist, everything is race, just like to a hammer, everything is a nail.

        1. Matt2Matt marketcomp ellebb – When your only tool is a hammer, (and a sickle) everything looks like a nail.

    2. ellebb It might have been racial.  No one speculated yet.  If Zimmerman were black, would Martin still have attacked him?

  13. I hope someone is keeping an eye on that Communist in the White House, this is a heckuva smoke grenade for him…

  14. I want to second a comment thats alrady being made here: Anderson Cooper is a disgusting specimen of humanity.

    He utterly disgraced himself in this ‘interview’ and threw away any little remaining ounce of credibility CNN might still have had left. 
    He is absolutely a shamble of a man who deserves the fire of Hades that he will undoubtedly receive, save by some miracle he repents.

    1. tinlizzieowner
      And the vultures did bathe in Martin’s blood, and thereby money floweth, Amen.

      1. K-Bob tinlizzieowner
        I’m not done yet, watch this and then ask yourself if this guy was an Arab or Black would he be treated this way at the border?

        1. tinlizzieowner 
          Go right on through, Mr. Awlawahazarihi.  Whoops! Here, let me get that gun for you.  Wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re Islamaphobic, now, would we?
          You!  Yes you with the walker and the oxygen bottle!  Up against the wall!

    2. tinlizzieowner I took a quick scan of it.  It’s really long and not well organized for reading.  So I took a longer read and cross checked a few links and finally figured out what the net of the article was.
      The folks really pushing the “get Zimmerman!” business with the most clout were Florida-based law firms with ties to Florida government, and it is all related to absolutely HUGE money settlement lawsuits.  HUGE money settlements.
      The biggest of which was the Pigford-related settlement, that barack expanded, so that it cost the taxpayers BILLIONS!  (I won’t go into the vote fraud involved) The Florida lawyers involved are now incredibly wealthy, and incredibly well-connected with barack.
      Well, they smelled a big settlement in the works again with Martin’s death.  Nothing as spectacular as the Pigford case, but not chump change, either.  The Homeowner’s policy will settle for One Million, and may be coerced into more, if they managed to get an arrest in the case.
      According to the article, that’s all they needed to open up the money taps: an arrest.
      This case would never have been brought if the scent of big money hadn’t been put into play by the race hustlers and the lapdog media.  The payout was going to be well worth it.
      I hope Zimmerman sues them all for every dime they have.

      1. K-Bobtinlizzieowner 
        Granted, the article was long and difficult to read but once you do, you see the classic case of ‘connect the (lawyer) dots’. You notice that ex-Governor Charlie Christ and the law firm that I mentioned in a prior topic ‘Morgan & Morgan’ even have their fingers in this pie.
        Nothing is ‘isolated’. this is all part of something that’s been going on in earnest since after WW2. The ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of America into a Socialist State. I just keep thinking of this Norman Thomas quote.
        Norman Thomas said this in a 1944 speech, though ‘Snopes’ does it’s best to discount it, taking issue with the date the speech and everything else but the accuracy of the statement. 😉 😉

        “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

        1. tinlizzieowner K-Bob Yep.  Getting Charlie Crist involved is mere cover.
          What an amazing money-factory this race hustle is.  From now on, I choose to consider all race hustlers as not being black men. (Or whatever supposed race they claim to be.)  They are vultures, clear down to the microcellular level.
          They aren’t even men.

      2. K-Bob tinlizzieowner   It’s amazing though, no matter what race, money is thicker than blood in this country!  If you see a money opportunity, they don’t seem to care whose blood was shed to get it, just when they are going to get their money…..or power.

  15. Take a look at the post by Stacy McCain which is sort of a lightning rod for  a factor that was noticed (gasp!) by reporters initially, but buried and forgotten as they pressed their lynching of Zimmerman:
    Stacy McCain:
    Follow some of the links he provides (because he gives credit where it’s due, and the info is more well-known than you’d think, given all the race-hustlers overdrive to lynch Zimmerman.).
    Martin’s background was not a pert of the trial because, other than his state of mind at the time, none of that matters when determining self defense versus murder.  However, that state-of-mind, and the world in which he was raised (hint: pacifistic it was not), made it imminently clear that this was not a case of some white guy (ZImmerman is as white as barack) stalking some innocent “black kid.”
    It’s really too bad the race hustlers are so busy trying to beatify Martin now (because it makes the money flow into their pockets), instead of managing to give the least bit of concern for his well-being when he was alive.

    1. K-Bob 
      Can only imagine what it did to Trayvon to have his stepmom pushed out of his life like that. It sounds like his biological mother didn’t have much to do with him until he died. Trademarking his name and winning a million from the Homeowners. Sick.

      1. Keyes K-Bob This happens a lot, though. Sharpton and company descend on a case like vultures, and before you know it, people have lost jobs, reputations are ruined, and communities or entire cities are bankrupted.  Usually the people the vultures begin beatifying end up being the ones who were in the wrong. (Sharpton’s nationwide case average is zero for five now, I believe)  But the lives and careers lost never return, and the vultures fly on to new prey.
        Sharpton isn’t a “black” man, he’s a vulture.

        A very similar situation occurred in Detroit with Malice Green.  The race hustlers went into rapid-beatification mode because they found an old photo that showed Malice Green looking kind of like Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon, instead of a more current photo of the blown-out cokehead he’d become.
        Green died from a single blow to the head, grabbing for a cop’s gun. The reason he died was because his coke-addled body couldn’t take the shock.  The coroner report showing this was buried, the two cops closest to him at the moment he grabbed for the gun went to jail.

        But before the long tril over his death, the City of Detroit had settled with Green’s family for over five million dollars (thanks to the Mayor’s stupid comments right after Green’s death, claiming the cops were murderers).  It basically bankrupted the city, and made sure Detroit remained a premiere Democrat h*llhole for keeping black voters on the plantation.
        Several years later, Detroit was on the verge of a comeback, which made it a prime target for the Kilpatrick family. Look at it now.
        Democrat Voter Plantations are American Gulags.

  16. I don’t agree with all of her conclusions but at least I see where she is coming from. She lacks a certain amount of logic on certain things though. Overall it seems to me that in her view the prosecution just flat didn’t prove their case. Overall though I cannot fault her because she had a tough job. I have sat on two juries and it is very difficult.

    On a side note I find it incredibly disturbing that a few on this jury wanted to find him guilty of something, anything, which goes to preconceived verdicts before the facts come out. It also shows just exactly how much the media influences our culture and the public at large. People should be very afraid.

  17. Interesting facts on Martin:We all should note that Martin – who was between 6′ and 6’2″ depending on
    who is reporting and 160 lbs.,vs Zimmerman 5′ 71/2″ – didn’t have his text
    messages, his Twitter account or Facebook account shown to the jury so they
    wouldn’t know about his slugging a bus driver, the 13 pieces of stolen women’s
    jewelry and burglary tool they found, or his avid drug dealing, getting kicked
    out of school for drug dealing, reported to the jury. Also not reported was his
    search for a .380 automatic. Finally, what he actually purchased in addition to
    Skittles was Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail which are 2/3’s of an drug
    called “skank”, “drank” or “lean”, when mixed with anything in one’s medicine
    cabinet such as cough syrup containing codeine. Also, before he left the
    convenience store he was seen speaking to a couple of guys outside the store,
    one of whom went back in and bought a cigar, which was bought by Martin. What
    druggies do is split open the top of the cigar, take out part of the tobacco and
    stuff in some pot making a smoke known as a “blunt” which is widely done by the
    drug crowd.

    1. Keyes  
      Most normal Americans don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Being a (42 year sober) Alcoholic/Druggie, I do. 😉  😉

    1. Dejonn Don’t forget, his god – a false god – is Money and he worships at its altar.
      You used to be dead because of your sins and acts of disobedience. – Ephesians 2
      The disgusting rot from the deadness within him shows when he opens his mouth.

  18. It seems this young adult wanted to succeed in killing Zimmerman and probably wouldn’t be as remorseful as Zimmerman was at the fatality of the shot.  I doubt that the media wouldn’t think it such a tragedy if Martin was successful in killing Zimmerman.

    1. jrenai67 
      Martin would have been strutting like a peacock and bragging that he’d killed a ‘cracka’ and angelheartniki would not be posting how she was uncomfortable with that.

      1. Keyes jrenai67 
        No Martin would not have been strutting like a peacock because he would have been in jail until the trial and then convicted of 2nd degree murder.  The jurors would have found him guilty.

    2. jrenai67  “… young adult …” That’s precisely the right description for Mr. Martin. I don’t care if he was pink, blue, black, red, or white. He was a typical human whose anger became uncontrollable and he became bent on doing severe, if not fatal, damage to Mr. Zimmerman.
      We see the same kind of behaviour in many different people. A good example is the Pharaoh of the Bible, whose anger became so uncontrollable that he ended up destroying some of his elite fighting force in the Red Sea. King Saul, in his uncontrolled anger, almost killed David.
      Road rage today is another example of people’s behaviour getting completely out of control. Decisions are made in the heat of the moment and someone ends up dead.

      Mr. Martin’s behaviour got completely out of control and it ended up destroying him.

      1. PoCoTex jrenai67 yes and the young adults of this day see themselves as so invincible and lacking wisdom and maturity that they have no respect for life

        1. jrenai67 PoCoTex 
          Young people have always thought they were invincible and I bet you thought you were invincible too when you were young and took foolish risks from driving fast to other foolish activities.  Therefore, this is not new for young adults.  We have all been young and done foolish things in our lives.

    3. jrenai67 
      It is always a tragedy when a life is taken and I believe the media would have treated as such.

  19. badbadlibs  A comment about your being a Jew. I am a Messianic Armenian. You’ve likely read my comments about my grandmother’s siblings having their heads removed from their shoulders by Turkish Muslim soldiers. As you yourself could be angry and vengeful because of the Shoah and because of the Chrisitian Inquisition, I could be very angry and vengeful about what happened to my relatives. Instead, both you and I follow what Sha’ul Paulos of Tarsus said, that is,
    seek revenge, my friends; instead, leave that to God’s anger; for in the
    Tanakh it is written, “ADONAI says, ‘Vengeance is my responsibility; I
    will repay.'” On the contrary, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is
    thirsty, give him something to drink. For by doing this, you will heap
    fiery coals on his head.” Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good .- Romans 12 (CJB)

  20. And now the media and drama queen Anderson cooper is going to exploit these jurors and take them to an unhealthy place.  This is all quite simple and I was surprised that this woman never once started the fact that Trey should have just kept walking or at the least talked to George instead of attaching and threatening Georges life.  Anderson bated her through this interview and should be ashamed of his self.

  21. angelheartnikki  Just a note of encouragement. I enjoy your opinions. Thank you for them. Keep asking questions and give us your perspective.

  22. Wow!  Only part way through the interview, but it is very revealing, in a good way.  No matter where the media is trying to insert race or ascribe ill-will to Zimmerman- the juror refuses to play into it…..actually, she asserts the opposite of what the leftists are trying to concern-troll her about.  Restores a little faith in my fellow Americans.

  23. RS Are you planning another live feed of the racist riots tonight? I love to watch people who are embarrassed to be Americans vent their feelings. It’s good experience for racist morons in training. 
    Can’t wait to see what happens to the white sycophants in the crowd of white haters when blood pressure start to pop the eyeballs out of the racist socxkets.
    Who will win the Reginald Denniry award for being the stupidest white man of 2013? Although that lesbian who promised muslim holidays in NYC if they pick her as mayor is running awful close right now.
    Well,I’m starting to count on you guys to keep me posted on black racism and thuggery. It is a real pleasure to watch the last 50 years of civil rights being flushed down the toilet like a big ***** ****.. Thx

  24. This whole Zimmerman issue is a distraction to the real problems (IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious) with the current Administration…and the DOJ wants to continue the circus.  It is BHO’s strategy (or a nice distraction that landed in their lap) of distraction.

    1. theusmcmonk 
      Don’t forget amnesty.
      Everyone, call your represenstative tomorrow and Cantor and Boehner too:
      Call, call, call!!! If the Houses passes an amnesty the USA will be gone forever.

  25. This was NOT Stand Your Ground…..Zimmerman was flat on his back….Zimmerman did NOT follow Martin.

  26. It was racially motivated…..Martin attacked Zimmerman because he was a “creepy a$$ cracker”.

  27. They did the right thing irregardless of the emotional race baiting media and politicians. Funny how your average everyday American does not realize they are being pitted against one another constantly by these reprehensible people.

  28. That was intense.
    God Bless her and the other ladies. Its hard putting emotions aside and forgetting what you want to feel and let the Law guide your judgement.
    In a case of someones death, there is a natural reaction to want to blame someone or have someone pay a price and be held accountable. Thats how some of the Jurors felt in there.

    1. therightscoop 
      I didn’t view Angel as a troll, but a youth that perhaps is willing to learn and understand. Is that who you are referring to?

    2. Does that include teasing them? Serious question. I know it means don’t encourage their rants.

    3. therightscoop my apologies, not trying to be a ‘troll” I didn’t attack anyone, just made a comment.

      1. angelheartnikki 
        I didn’t think you were a troll, you’ve been respectful though you disagree. That give me some hope for the youth!

        1. Agreed. Angel, you have a right to voice your opinion. Anyone can agree or disagree. Intelligent, civil discourse is always admired and appreciated. I’ve been the target of a real trolls, and have limped away missing a few layers of skin. With time and wise advice, I’ve learned to starve those who spread hate.
          Your voice is appreciated.

      2. angelheartnikki no, not you. I didn’t think were a troll. Just considering all the traffic we’ve been getting, we’ve had a few trolls stop by. This is a popular thread so I thought I’d remind people.

        1. therightscoop angelheartnikki  
          Yeah, I’ve been flicking them into the bozo bin for several days now.
          We’ve gotten more than a few right-wing impersonators trying to make you fine folks look even more racist than Al Sharpton.
          I urge everyone to stick with the ideas, facts, and issues, and ignore what people look like.  After all (say it with me!):
          Only Democrats Care About Skin Color

        2. It’s been said before but it never hurts to say it again…I love our Right Scoop Moderators…you guys do an outstanding job. : )

      3. angelheartnikki   There’s a lot of black on white violence (including murder) every year.  It’s never turned into a national crisis and it’s never pushed as representative of blacks everywhere.
        Yet, when there’s white on black crime it is made into a national crisis.  The threats on the internet are unbelievable.  You’d think the KKK was rounding up blacks for the next lynching.  The media paints all black people as victims…bla bla bla.
        Why is that, Nikki ?  Why is black on white crime ignored and treated as everyday activity, but when it’s white on black it becomes a major issue and we see the left playing the race card against all whites.  It’s as if all whites committed the crime.
        Why do you think that is, Nikki?  Did you ever see Bush get on the microphone when a white was murdered by a black man and say “if I had a son it would look like [the murdered victim]”?  No, you didn’t.  So why did Obama, the media and many many blacks push the race card on this incident?

        1. kong1967 angelheartnikki well, because the black guy is convicted and brought to justice. problem solved.

        2. angelheartnikki kong1967 
          In other words…the white guy Zimmerman should have been convicted because he’s white.  The facts be damned.

        3. angelheartnikki  Not always.  You’ll disagree, I’m sure, but O.J. was set free.  I’m not trying to argue with you about O.J.’s guilt, but just wanted to make a point.  
          The crime has to do with each individual case and shouldn’t be turned into a tool to create racial division among blacks and whites everywhere.  You don’t have to listen to what I say, but you are young….from what I understand….so do me a favor.  Look at the Democrat party over time and look how they use the blacks to push their agendas.  They intentionally try to create racial division and I want you to ask yourself why they do that.  They want to keep you angry, that’s why.  You should be offended by that.

        4. kong1967 angelheartnikki I have said this repeatedly… I think the protests are stupid and useless. It changes nothing. Oh well, but I know that eventually this will die down.

        5. angelheartnikki kong1967 
          Unfortunately, a white man was beaten today “for Trayvon” he was told. An hispanic (don’t know if he was white hispanic) was beaten as well.
          An hispanic man was murdered last year while walking his dog( he had the mental capacity of a 12 year old) by a black man . He claimed it was self defense, but no sign of the black being attacked…this happened shortly after the Martin incident.
          I remember living in Atanta during the Rodney King riots and a young white man was beaten to death in Atlanta by blacks. He had a young baby at home. A number of whites were beaten to death after that verdict. You don’t see whites doing that after OJ got off murdering his wife and friend. We don’t go around killing people because we don’t like a verdict.

        6. Keyes  It’s funny how you say the “white guy Zimmerman”.  That’s the narrative the media used in the beginning to push the race card.  I love your facetious-ness (I know, that’s not a word, lol).

        7. kong1967 Keyes 
          It’s certainly the poor wittle victims’ narrative. The mean ole white guy got away with killing that poor wittle child.

        8. angelheartnikki  I hope they die down as well.  I completely respect your willingness to talk to us and take the heat.  
          But, in the future please take notice how the Democrat party is controlling blacks to keep them voting Democrat.  They play the race card because they need your vote.  They tell you conservatives and Tea Party members are racist because they want you to think we are against you.  We are not.  They are playing you.
          Look at black communities in locations completely controlled by Democrats.  How’s it working for the blacks?  Are the Democrats really helping blacks or are they just using them?

        9. Keyes angelheartnikki Things like this only hurt racial relations.  I hear from liberals, on one hand, about racial harmony and reaching that goal.  Yet, on the other hand, they jump on any incident like this to play the race card and throw racial relations back a few years (or more).  Angel, since I’m talking to you as well, can’t you see the contradiction?  Does that make any sense for liberals to claim they want racial harmoney but they play the race card every chance they get?  How do liberals achieve racial harmony if they are always trying to stoke the fires of racial bias and anger?  They can’t, and they know it.  They do it on purpose because Democrats don’t benefit from it.

        10. kong1967 angelheartnikki If im honest, and heaven help me for talking about race again.. neither party is really for us. I guess I just see more minorities in positions of power in the democratic party than I do the republican. Frankly I feel no affinity for either.

        11. @angelheartnikki – You may see more minorities in positions of power in the DNC, but are their policies translating into any power for the minority people?

        12. angelheartnikki kong1967 Then you are blind. and your real problem is your delineation with the use of ‘us’. Until you get over that you won’t succeed.

        13. nekodachi  I guess you missed the  “frankly I feel no affinity for either ” part.

        14. kong1967Keyesangelheartnikki ” Yet, on the other hand, they jump on any incident like this to play the
          race card and throw racial relations back a few years (or more)”
          That has got to be the understatement of the year. What they are doing is blatantly lying so they succeed in exploitation.

        15. angelheartnikki nekodachi  – No, I saw that part.  I was simply addressing your statement about where you see minorities in power…

        16. angelheartnikki  Well, I apologize for talking about race to you.  It’s not something I like to talk about because it sounds kinda racist but I don’t mean it to be.  It has been thrown in all our faces nationwide lately so it’s not like we can ignore it.
          I’m glad to hear that you don’t let the Democrat party control you.  As for me, I think both parties suck, but I am still conservative in the way I think.  You are such a good sport and a good person to converse with.  I invite you to come back and we can talk about a range of issues.  I like you…..although we can disagree on the issues.  It’s healthy.

        17. Laurel A angelheartnikki kong1967 ok, this was directed to someone who specifically referred to African Americans and party lines. I am in not way trying to infer any separation with the use of “us’

        18. Laurel A  That is so true. You’re a little bit better with words than me…obviously, lol.

        19. nekodachi angelheartnikki  didn’t say it did any good or changed things, just an observation.

        20. angelheartnikki About the minorities in power thing.  Look at the blacks the Democrats put in power.  Look at their behavior.  They all act like victims from slavery and they survived.  This is the narrative Democrats want you to be thinking of all the time.
          Then look at all the blacks in the Republican party.  They don’t use their race as a leg to stand on and they don’t talk about treating blacks differently than anyone else.  If you want harmony, everyone must be treated the same and we have to stop putting people into groups.  Nikki, you and I are one in the same.  We are both Americans and that’s the only characterization government should be using against any of us.  Not a black group.  Not a Hispanic group.  How can we have harmony when liberals put us all in different categories and set out to piss everyone off at each other?

        21. Keyes angelheartnikki kong1967 
          Please.  They put OJ in jail for 33 years for stealing his own stuff.  They harassed him for years until they finally convicted him of a crime.

        22. kong1967 Keyes 
          George referred to himself as a white guy in his interview with the police.

        23. Keyes kong1967 
          He was a child and George was an adult.  George should have followed the Neighborhood Policy.

        24. frisky123 Keyes angelheartnikki  Are you serious?  It was stuff he claimed to be his, but it was legally owned by someone else.  Not only that, O.J. broke in and held people at gun point.  
          Even if someone steals something from you and sells it to a dealer, you don’t have the right to break into wherever the items are being held, hold people at gun point and take the items back.  He couldn’t even prove that stuff was stolen from him and that they weren’t legally sold to the dealer.  He just wanted it back.
          The only way you can blame that on the state for harassing him until they found something to charge him with is if they set him up.  What he did is definitely criminal.  HE did that, not the state.

        25. kong1967 frisky123 Keyes angelheartnikki 
          He didn’t hold the people at gun point, he was with individuals who had guns.  He did not have a gun.

        26. frisky123  That’s irrelevant anyway.  Skin color doesn’t matter, only the facts do.  It’s funny how those of us who just want the truth and justice to prevail are called racist by the left, yet those that are making this all about skin color are supposedly not racist.  You have it wrong.  It is racist to make this about skin color, and it’s always the left that does it.

        27. frisky123 angelheartnikki  No no no no no.  I can’t let you get away with that.  That is false, and if you’re going to make the accusation you have to explain it and give an example or two.

        28. kong1967 frisky123 
          I am not necessarily making this about skin color.  I believe George should have followed the Neighborhood Watch Policy and a child would not have been killed that night.

        29. frisky123  Wrong.  Trying to portray Trayvon as a child is deceiving.  The media was very good at pushing propaganda by showing pictures of when he was younger.  It plays with people’s emotions and gives the impression he was a harmless little boy.  He was 17 and beating Zimmerman’s head against the concrete.  Age doesn’t matter, because 17 year olds can kill you just as easily as adults can. When Zimmerman is getting his head pounded he can’t hardly ask for I.D., and even if he knew how old Trayvon was he cannot just let the guy beat him (possibly) to death.

        30. kong1967 frisky123 angelheartnikki
          Below is an excerpt from the Sanford Neighborhood Watch Program:
          Patrol members should be trained by law enforcement. It
          should be emphasized to members that they do not possess
          police powers and they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles. They should also be cautioned to alert police or deputies when encountering strange activity. MEMBERS SHOULD NEVER CONFRONT SUSPICIOUS PERSONS WHO COULD BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. […]
          The purpose of community patrol is to observe and report
          only. Patrol members should not leave their vehicle or
          become involved with a suspect. […]
          Patrol members should not challenge anyone. The patrol’s
          visual presence should be a deterrent to most criminal
          activity. […]
          Patrol members do not carry weapons. […]

        31. frisky123  You need to learn something about the law.  If you and I rob a convenient store and I pull out a gun you didn’t know I had, you are going down for armed robbery as well.  Who has the gun and who knew is immaterial in the eyes of the law.
          Your arguments are all based on emotion, not fact or law.

        32. frisky123  Maybe not you personally, but the liberal media, the liberal politicians, and many everyday liberals accuse conservatives of being racist all the time.  I hear them say it all the time and it’s based on nothing.  It’s a stigma they are repeatedly attaching to us so they can turn people against us based on a falsehood.

        33. kong1967 frisky123 
          I was responding to you saying that OJ pulled out the gun.  I am well aware of the law in that event.  You misspoke when you said OJ held someone at gun point.  It appears that your emotions are very involved and your facts are misconstrued.

        34. kong1967 frisky123 
          Well there are conservatives making statements to the public that will lead liberals to think that way.

        35. frisky123 That’s an emotional reaction, not a legal one.  You can just as easily say that Trayvon would still be alive if he didn’t cut through people’s yards at night and look into windows.  That’s not an argument I use, though, because that’s not what led to the shooting.  That only led to suspicion and for Zimmerman to check him out.
          Trayvon would still be alive if he just kept walking.  The time frame shows that he stopped and waited for Zimmerman, then attacked him when he got close enough.  Trayvon did not have to do that.  Even if he approached Zimmerman, he could have just said “stop following me” and Zimmerman may have responded with “I called the police”.  In any case, there was no violence until Trayvon started it.

        36. frisky123  You said the Republicans do the same thing with whites.  I call your bluff.  You have nothing to back that up, and if you do…tell me how.

        37. frisky123 This does not equate to guilt of murder.  He violated the rules of the Neighborhood watch program.  Those rules are there for his own safety because following a suspicious person could be dangerous…..obviously.
          It’s no different than someone saying to you “don’t walk down a dark alley at night where there has been a lot of crime”.  Doing so is stupid but not illegal.  Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, period, and that has pretty much been proven.  Trayvon only had injuries to his knuckles from pounding Zimmerman’s face in….not counting the gun shot wound in the end.
          It is illegal to assault someone when you aren’t provoked physically, and Florida law plainly states that following someone is not considered as aggression.  Zimmerman did not break the law and start the violence.  Trayvon did.

        38. kong1967 frisky123 
          You and everyone else is taking the word of Zimmerman and only Zimmerman and Trayvon know the real facts.  We do not know for sure that Trayvon was not provoked physically and there was no evidence of Zimmerman’s DNA on Trayvon.    The one juror that gave the interview admitted that they did not know for sure what happened.  The fact is the defense presented a better case than the prosecution and therefore they won.

        39. frisky123  Lol, no… facts are just fine.   O.J. claimed he didn’t have a gun and that he didn’t know his buddies had them, therefore making him innocent of armed robbery because he wasn’t armed.  O.J. doesn’t have to have a gun and he doesn’t have to know his buddies had them.  If anyone pulls out a gun during a robbery, it’s armed robbery for everyone involved.
          Do I think O.J. intended on hurting anyone?  No, I don’t.  Problem is, there are a lot of cases where the robber wouldn’t hurt a fly and only uses a gun to scare someone and to get leverage without any problems.  People sometimes still wind up getting killed because one of the people he’s stealing from can pull out a gun and all hell breaks loose.

        40. kong1967 frisky123 
          My point is that OJ got 33 years for his crime and did not kill anyone in that crime. Justice?????

        41. frisky123  Well, I can’t agree or disagree when you won’t tell me what is being said.

        42. frisky123  I’m not taking Zimmerman’s word on anything, other than the fact that the police detective said that Zimmerman’s account matched the known facts of the case.
          The DNA doesn’t matter.  Zimmerman had a broken nose and cuts to the back of his head, so it is obvious Trayvon was hitting him….plus a witness said he saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman swinging downwards on him.  As a medical examiner said on the news, DNA tells us a lot, but the lack of DNA tells us nothing and means nothing.  There are lots of cases where they can’t find any DNA at all, but the crime was very much real.
          Your darned right the defense put on a better case.  The prosecution didn’t have a case and the prosecutor skipped the Grand Jury because she knew they would tell her so.

        43. frisky123   Well, that I kind-of agree with.  I’ve seen murderers get less time and it is a little mind boggling.   At the same time, when there are guns involved there’s always a chance of someone getting killed even if there’s no intention of it going down that way.  Things go awry.  But we can compare different sentences given to various people all day and be totally confused as to why someone gets 5 years for stealing $1000 dollars but the next guy only gets two years for cutting someone up.  
          I’m completely with you on the sentences being given aren’t consistent and many don’t fit the crime.

        44. kong1967 frisky123 
          Zimmerman could have got those wounds from rolling around during the fight.  Therefore, it is not obvious that Trayvon hit him.  Still if Zimmerman the adult had just followed the Neighborhood Watch Program then there would not have been any crime.

        45. frisky123  If you’re referring to liberals making everything about race and I’m not giving examples, it’s pretty obvious.  The case we are talking about is case in point. This had nothing to do with race, but liberal race baiters made it about race.  
          Voter I.D. isn’t about race, yet liberals made it about race.  Essentially they say that blacks can’t get I.D. so it’s racist to want voter I.D.  Essentially, they are saying blacks are too dumb to get I.D., which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Black people are not stupid and can get I.D. just as easily as anyone else.  Once again, not about race, but liberals made it about race.
          Tons more of examples, but you get the idea.  So what have Republicans said to make everything about whites?

        46. frisky123  Then again, if Trayvon wasn’t walking through back yards at night it wouldn’t have happened.  I don’t do that, because it’s something people don’t do for this reason.  If Trayvon would have kept walking he would still be alive.  If Trayvon didn’t attack Zimmerman he would still be alive.
          You can’t transfer the location of the incident to sometime before it.  What happened before doesn’t matter as long as it’s not illegal or provoking an attack.  As I said before, under Florida law it was not illegal for Zimmerman to follow Trayvon to see where he was going.  
          Even if you believe Zimmerman threw the first punch and got the injuries rolling around, you’re wrong.  You have to prove it.  A conviction isn’t about speculation.  If you can’t prove Zimmerman started the attack you can’t charge him with murder.

        47. kong1967 frisky123
          Below are comments made by Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman:
          Mitt’s comments:  Yes, “Mittens” finally made the list. At a campaign stop in Michigan, former Governor Romney (R-Mass.), quipped, “No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate; they know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”  (‘Because I’m white”). In an obvious allusion to the birther movement, Romney single-handedly validated the belief that Obama is a foreign-born socialist muslim terrorist. Bravo govRepresentative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) accuses Huma Abedin of being part of a Muslim conspiracy to infiltrate the Department of State: The, still available on the Representative’s official website, is eerily reminiscent of the McCarthy hearings. It espouses the belief that one cannot be both Muslim and American. When people accuse Illuminati Jews of infiltrating the U.S. government, we appropriately call them “crazy.” When they accuse Muslims of the same, Rush Limbaugh a “Constitutional Duty.” .  I will give credit to Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) for denouncing the attacks, an act which only further highlights how far we have fallen in just 4 years, bravo.
          I could go on and on.

        48. kong1967 frisky123 
          As I stated before the defense did a better job in proving their case.  George is the adult in this situation and should have had better judgement.

        49. frisky123  You are assuming that Romney wasn’t asked for his birth certificate because he was white and that Obama was asked for his because he is black.  Romney’s life history is well established.  His career, his family, his upbringing, his positon as Governor, and etc.  Everything could be easily traced back, and nothing was concealed.
          Obama, on the other hand, had a very sketchy past that we still don’t know what he was doing.  It took a while just to get information on his college days, but before that nobody knows.  The only record before that is a newspaper column announcing his birth, but papers do that even if they are born somewhere else if his grandparents or whoever live here and put it in the paper.
          As far as Bachmann….. The lady you are referring to is an aide to Hillary Clinton.  She has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring and in them getting power.  Many of us consider the Muslim Brotherhood to be a radical terrorist group, even many Arabs, Egyptians, and whoever.  I don’t want our government to have any ties to them.  it’s not a racial issue.  It’s the ladies ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

        50. kong1967 frisky123 
          I did not make that assumption about Romney.  He offered that comment on his own.

        51. frisky123  First of all, Zimmerman had no idea it was a 17 year old cutting through the yards.  Bringing age into this is absurd.  If you don’t know, you can’t make that judgement.  And when he’s getting beat on it doesn’t matter.  He’s entitled to protect himself.
          No one said Zimmerman did the right thing by following Trayvon.  Maybe it was stupid, but it wasn’t illegal.  Walking in a dark alley is stupid as well, but that doesn’t mean you’re at fault if someone attacks you and forces you to defend yourself.  
          You keep wanting to transfer the blame for Trayvon attacking Zimmerman.  No one on that jury believed Zimmerman attacked first.  Me, either.

        52. frisky123  Yes you did !  Nowhere did he say they didn’t ask for his birth certificate because he was white.  YOU did by saying he inferred it.  No, he didn’t.  He mentioned no reason for it.  You automatically assumed he was saying it was because he was white.  He did not say that.

  29. Absolutely fascinating, it goes to show you that when “the people” are put in to make the tough decisions they usually do their job unlike government.

  30. I get the sense from this juror, and probably most of the jurors that not only was George Zimmerman not guilty, but actually innocent as well. They pretty much believed Zimmerman was screaming for help, because he was getting beat up, and he needed to protect his life.

    1. StevenValdez GZ probably was hoping to stop the beating he was getting. Doesn’t seem like a murderer and from the looks of the 100lbs he seemed to put on from those photos from the attack to now he probably is suffering from depression.  I’m not so sure Trey would be so remorseful if he has succeeded and killed Zimmerman as he said he wanted to do.

  31. I copied this from my journal and posted it somewhere else, but it fits here too.   It explains where some of my comments come from:
    Excerpt from “The Adventures of Willy and Billy”
    Our first scheme –
    Our mothers used to love to walk and talk along these ‘wagon trails’ through the woods around and in-between our houses. One of my first memories is when Willy and I were probably still in diapers. We used to play a game of getting our mothers to carry us on their shoulders while they walked. I can still see him over on his mother’s shoulders smiling over at me on mine.
    I’ll skip ahead in our adventures to get to the point. . . .
    In fourth grade, we learned at school that Willy and I were different. Very different. He’s supposedly black, and I’m supposedly white. 
    For one thing, we knew they were wrong right off because Willy is brown and gold (he used to bend backwards and push his stomach out – and he was a beautiful gold), and I was kind of a tan color. Darker in summer. Lighter in winter.
    Our parent set us straight though. How somebody looks is a stupid way to separate people.

  32. book deal already lovely. husband is lawyer and friend of defense. Nope, nothing to see here.

        1. angelheartnikki 
          If you can say, “I guess” then you are among those who will never be satisfied and will always buy into the racist tactics of the left. You are deciding to be a part of the problem and not part of the solution. Too bad.

        2. angelheartnikki 
          I thought you were worth having a conversation with and someone who was willing to learn and lean on what is truly right. Don’t be a racist.

        3. angelheartnikki 
          “Whatever” is a large statement in this context. I hope you think more about what truth really is and how it will best serve you in your youth and in your later years.

        4. badbadlibs angelheartnikki I am calling it as I see it. call me racist all you want, it wont change my mind. I am willing to dialog but me saying what I said doesn’t make me a racist, I was just relaying fact.

        5. angelheartnikki 
          I believe you more intelligent then you’re letting on to me in this conversation.
          You made a point to create a post detailing this jurors back ground. Was that just to inform us of her life or do you have a different reason for posting?

        6. badbadlibs angelheartnikki most articles on this site are geared toward the right. Badbadlibs, there is nothing I can do about the case, but you can not tell me this person doesn’t help the narrative? She is only making me feel worse.

        7. angelheartnikki 
          Maybe not, I’m not black, however my great granddaughter is half black and I want to understand her perspective one day. She’s a darling little toddler that I adore.
          Angel, as a Jew I do know first hand what it is like to experience prejudice. (wish means to pre-judge, btw)

        8. badbadlibs angelheartnikki well I appreciate your unique perspective. I also appreciate you hearing me out. I think we could learn from each other. Not to sound bleeding heart but I have a seven year old boy, this is my daily reality. Can’t unzip my skin and neither can he.

        9. angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          Neither could George…whom Trayvon described as a “creepy a$$ed cracler” and his girl friend said she used that term all the time too.

        10. angelheartnikki badbadlibs
          Trayvon would be alive as well, if he’d just gone on to his father’s fiancee’s condo. He was only a few hundred yards away, but instead he chose to hide and then jump Zimmerman as Zimmerman was walking BACK to his truck. Zimmerman was looking for a street sign….I heard it on the 911 tape…..he said he was getting out to find a street sign.
          Yes, their comments matter…it shows WHY Martin attacked Zimmerman….racism. If Martin had NOT jumped Zimmerman he would be alive.
          Remember……the REASON Martin was at those condos was because his mother KICKED him out of the house for getting into fights all the time.

        11. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs none of it matters anyway. You may believe his account but the only other person there is dead.

        12. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          I HEARD the 911 call and didn’t you hear the girl friend’s testimony? She said Trayvon called him a “Creepy a$$ed cracker”.
          It really is sickening how such a large percentage of blacks in this country don’t care about the truth. Just angry that the white guy was found innocent in a case that was CLEARLY self defense.
          It’s ashame blacks can’t put their race and racist attitudes behind. It’s getting really old.

        13. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs well I may be black but I can not speak for all blacks. Zimmerman was always latino to me, in fact I didn’t care about the race part. It’s like we’re not allowed to feel anything in this thing. We should just shut up and get over it. You’re right racism is getting really old, we’ve had 400 plus years of it and still going. You speak of racist blacks but you have no idea what it is to walk in our shoes.

        14. angelheartnikki 
          You still haven’t said what it is you feel bad about? If it’s not about race to you, then what is it that has you feeling bad?
          I’m sure you are aware that the black community is losing it’s young people thru violence via each other.
          What exactly, I wonder would it take for you and anyone else of color to feel like this nation has moved past the south of the 50’s.
          This would never have made the light of day but the president weighing in and holder (who I feel is the biggest racist this nation has ever known) calling us (Whites at any rate) a nation of cowards and fomenting racism to the point the Zimmerman trial makes headlines day and night. It never would have otherwise.
          There is much more to what is going on then meets the eye.

        15. angelheartnikki 
          But, it does matter. Life, limb and property is being destroy as we speak with each other over the verdict of this case. It matters greatly, now and in the long run.

        16. badbadlibs angelheartnikki I will say this, you are right, crime against ourselves is a serious problem, but that criminal is most often brought to justice in those situations. This is where the hurt comes in. To say that martin was a thug/bully/provoker is as good as saying he deserved it. It’s a one step forward, two steps back sort of thing when it comes to race in this country.

        17. badbadlibs angelheartnikki What I mean is it doesn’t much matter to me because the case is done and over with, nothing more to say and this will go no further. I don’t know why people are protesting because I know very well there will be no civil suite and if so they will lose. Why get all hot and bothered about something you can not change.  understand people are unsure of how to vent there frustrations but its futile because nothing will change.

        18. angelheartnikki 
          See, that’s the saddest thing of all that has come out of this situation. This case was never suppose to even come to trial. The FBI never found any civil rights violations against Zimmerman, the police did not find any reason to press charges and neither did the DA. NOT until the WH and holder’s DOJ weighed in the matter along with other such people crying for “justice”.
          It’s not two steps backwards. Zimmerman was defending himself, he was being beat to a pulp, had walked away and was jumped. Do not let the lies surrounding this case make you think that there have been more steps forward then backward.
          Look at the facts, please.

        19. angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          Are you kidding? A large percentage of the black on black crime in Chicago goes unpunished.
          What would you call Martin? You jump someone and beat their head against the sidewalk and break his nose (did you NOT see the pictures?) you are a thug.
          His own mother kicked him out of the house.

        20. angelheartnikki 
          I don’t know what kind of comfort you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the steps to be more forward then backward, they are. It’s being buried under the lies surrounding this case. It’s exactly what is intended by those who prefer and need for racism to be alive when in fact it’s nothing like this case would make you or others believe.

        21. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs how exactly do you know a “large” percentage goes unpunished?

        22. badbadlibs angelheartnikki  For goodness sake. This case aside, racism against minorities is alive and well. You can not pretend it isn’t. I’m not under any delusions, I live it. This isn’t perceived, this is blatant, I promise you.

        23. angelheartnikki 
          A nation that will elect a black man, twice to the highest office in the land is not a country that is bent on racism.
          If you mean that racism will never be 100% eradicated, you’re right, just like any other evil will never be 100% eradicated.
          If your daily experience tells you differently, I don’t know how to correct that, however, I do know this case is not indicative of racism in America. If that is the case then 6 women jurors are full out racists. Are you willing to believe that?

        24. angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          It’s not about your comfort. It’s about the truth and justice prevailing. You don’t send an innocent man to jail in the hopes of keeping blacks and brain dead white lefties from rioting.

        25. angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          Well, maybe your attitude might have something to do with it. Do you have a surly attitude? I have had many black women treat me like dirt simply  because I was white.

        26. badbadlibs angelheartnikki you are right, that was a step forward… but it was not an easy road and there was a lot of negative and racially motivated things said about Obama that had nothing to do with his political affiliation or policies. In fact, some on this very site, although its too far back for me to quote verbatim. I don’t know about all six, but I have a sneaking suspicion about this one.

        27. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          It seemed a bit insensitive last year when Trayvon’s mom TRADEMARKED his name.
          I can’t even put into words how low that was.
          It made me feel bad and I was not comforted by it at all.

        28. But don’t we all experience racial, gender, political, or religious discrimination all day long? Is it really a matter of how we deal with it? Or what our expectations are? Are some people more sensitive to it?

          My personal experience with discrimination is that this is what humans, by nature, do to each other. It’s horrible, yes, but that’s what humans do.

        29. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs lol does my photo suggest I have a surly attitude? and why would that even matter? No im pretty nice, if my dialog with scoopers is any indication.

        30. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          A surly attitude towards someone could affect how they treat a person. Being surly toward another person of a different race could be construed as being racist towards them.
          If your so called perceived victimhood of people being racist towards you makes you not feel comforted….perhaps the same is true for the other person.

        31. angelheartnikki 
          If there were “a lot” of racially motivated things said about Obama then it wasn’t said by hardly anyone here. Those people are considered trolls and promptly dismissed.
          I detest Obama’s ideology. I detest it with every single fiber of my being. I could not care less if he were purple with green dots. I would still detest his leftist, anti America policies, agenda and ideology. I hope you are not confusing that with racism.
          Back in 2000 I supported Dr. Alan Keyes for president over George W. Bush. He’s blacker then Obama. And I know all the conservatives I know feel the same way about race.

        32. angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          It had EVERYTHING to do with Obama’s policies. They sent me an illegal questionairre four years ago and said if I didn’t fill it out they would put me in jail.

        33. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs well im not “surly” or “snappy” or “ghetto”. But I am slightly offended at you’re perceived victimhood comment. Please do not belittle my truth.

        34. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          No, your photo does not, but your attitude does and your constantly harping on race does.

        35. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          I am not perceiving anything. You are constantly harping on race.
          I am sick and tired of folks being offended. That is used to try to shut people up.
          “Belittle my truth”. A bit ridiculous of a statement.

        36. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs What attitude? I am giving no one attitude here, Keyes. How can you ever understand if all you ever want is for black people to shut up already about race.

        37. badbadlibs angelheartnikki ohh I must disagree that they weren’t said here bad, im sorry I don’t have any record.

        38. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          Why don’t blacks worry about getting a good education….study….get married….and then have children. Stop having so many kids out of wedlock…and quit blaming someone else for their behavior?
          I’m with the black actor Morgan Freeman when he was asked about the race thing…he said, “QUIT talking about it.”

        39. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs Mr morgan is welcome to his opinion. He is one person. You are right we have our own issues. But im educated, I’ve studied, I may not be married but my son is adopted so does that fall under kids out of wedlock? Some blacks live this way, but not all blacks. It’s like me looking at honey boo boo and equating that with all whites which I know is not true. All that you describe has deep roots and it is not easily fixed. It’s more complicated than blacks, get your acts together.

        40. badbadlibs Keyes 
          The questionairre? Well, I made the mistake of posting my website to very part time business on my Facebook page. A month earlier David Axelrod said they needed to monitor all the social sites.
          They sent me an illegal questionairre shortly after I posted my website. Said they sent it out every 7 years. I’d only been in business for 5 and it is NONE of the federal gov’ts business. I threw it out. They sent it again. I threw it out. They sent it again and said they would throw me in jail!! It was page after page of personal questions. I should have gone to the media.
          Also starting getting emails from the WhiteHouse and I learned about a month after that started that O and his goons ILLEGALLY culled our emails off of Facebook.

        41. angelheartnikki
          Then they were not said by regulars. Most all posters here are born again Christians who know and do look past the outward appearance. If there is one or two who get past the moderators that would be surprising, but nobody can be everywhere at the same time. If you see it posted, then flag it and a moderator will take care of it.
          I can tell you if this was a racist board I would be out of here faster then you could imagine.
          I don’t know how you think and talk outside this particular conversation, but if you filter everything you experience, hear, see and do thru racism then you’re going to find it in depths that are not necessarily true.

        42. badbadlibs angelheartnikki lol I believe you, im not referring to these kinds of criticisms because you are welcome to it.

        43. Keyes 
          Yikes! Have they finally given up and stopped their undue harassment? Tyrants for sure.

        44. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          It’s welfare. Yes, too many folks of all races are having too many kids out of wedlock, but blacks are the biggest offenders. In the inner cities it is around 90 to 95%! 70% nationwide.
          I commend you on adopting, as long as you don’t take any gov’t handouts for the child.
          Until blacks quit blaming whites for their problems and take responsibility for themselves and their actions (you jump someone and pound their head against the sidewalk, you deserve to be shot) they will continue to wallow in their pity and poverty.

        45. PoCoTex you’re right and racism is one thing, but we have a history of oppression. it runs a little bit deeper then someone calling you a hurtful name.

        46. badbadlibs Keyes 
          I filled out the last questionairre as little as I could. I refused to answer it all and I went out of business after that.
          THAT is why we don’t like Obama angelhearnikki. He is a tyrant. I don’t like that he said that the future workers will be blacks and hispanics (sounds like he plans on mass genocide against whites) and he stood before the UN last fall and said, that the future does not belong to those that insult the prophet of islam…the shariah blasphemy laws.

        47. badbadlibs angelheartnikki 
          You know how I feel about Keyes! 🙂
          Angel can’t argue with the facts on this case….she’s just not comforted.
          She can’t argue with the facts on Obama….so it’s the EXPIRED race card.

        48. Keyes badbadlibs angelheartnikki I have already stated you are free to disagree or dislike Obama and that does not make anyone a racist. I wasn’t trying to argue anything in that regard,keyes.

        49. angelheartnikki 
          If you’re a Christian then you know we’re to leave the past behind and move forward. You are free woman in Christ and nobody can oppress you. This nation is not a nation of cowards, unlike what holder has said of the white population. We are a nation of fair minded people who are just trying to get thru each day, taking care of our families and having a little piece of the American dream, if you will.
          There will always be those who cannot be reached nor changed, but they have little power.
          Take heart, this trial is not indicative of American racism. Remember the FBI has already investigated Zimmerman to see if he had violated the civil rights of Martin. They found he did not.
          To have found Mr. Zimmerman guilty to placate those who think racism was at the heart of this would have been worse then you can imagine for race relations.
          Have a good night, Angel, love your boy, love your life and take care, it was good to talk with you.

        50. Keyes 
          Love Dr. Keyes! He use to have a message board that was very, very lively and moderated by a nitwit so nearly anything went…so I went. But, for awhile it was fun! Did you ever post there?

        51. badbadlibs Keyes 
          No, but I do get his newsletters from his Loyal to Liberty site. No one really posts there.

        52. badbadlibs angelheartnikki  You take care too. And I do, you have no idea how much. I am Christian and I can only speak for myself. yes I’d like to leave the past behind but there are people in power who are racists, sad to say.

        53. angelheartnikki 
          Don’t give them that  power, Angel. This is a nation that is fair minded and laws are there to protect you if your civil rights are being violated.
          You have the greatest influence over how your son perceives the people of this country. Teach him well and the way Jesus would have it done. 🙂

        54. Keyes 
          I kind of want to say you missed a lot, but then maybe you didn’t! It got crazy!

        55. badbadlibs angelheartnikki  bad, I appreciate your optimism but its not always fair minded and the laws aren’t really designed to protect us. in fact, when the constitution was written the term “men ” being created equal did not refer to blacks as were were only considered 1/3 a person.

        56. angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          The outrage is that they were counted at all. You see, racists southern democrats wanted to count blacks as one person, but the abolutionists didn’t want to count blacks at all….you know why? Because if black slaves got counted, the racist southern democrats would have a bigger delegation in the House….making it harder to do away with slavery. Get it?

        57. angelheartnikki 
          If you’re going to live in the past then you can’t move forward. That’s a shame. Don’t look for perfection, that only comes when Jesus returns to rule and reign.
          Blacks are no longer considered 1/3 a person, but you know that. Don’t dwell there, Angel. It’s where those who thrive on broken race relations want you and where the enemy of your soul is thrilled to see you.
          Move forward in Jesus.

        58. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs I get where you’re coming from but don’t you see no one should be arguing how is too much to consider a human being?

        59. Keyes 
          I believe she’s malleable. She loves the Lord and that makes the difference when nothing else can. 🙂

        60. badbadlibs Keyes 
          I don’t think the Lord is too happy with her race obsession and her wanting Zimmerman to be found guilty because he’s part white.
          A person who truly loves the Lord would probably not be so obsessed with race.

        61. angelheartnikki 
          But, you’re the only one who is. It’s past, leave it there. Let Jesus heal.
          I’m Jewish, there are factions all over this world that would like nothing better then to seem me roast in an oven. I don’t dwell on that, Angel.

        62. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          Well, I guess the North should have just let the South count all the slaves so they could have had a bigger delegation, thereby making it easier for them to spread slavery into the Western terroritories.
          You don’t seem to be able to absorb any facts….you just boomerang back to your comfy little victimhood chair.

        63. Keyes badbadlibs you are putting words in my mouth. I never said I wanted him to be found guilty and who are you to say what God thinks. I am no longer talking about race, if it such an issue.

        64. Keyes 
          Well, we can love the Lord and still need to grow leaps and bounds, growth takes time and for some a lot of time. 😉
          At least she’s willing to have a civil conversation and I can respect that.

        65. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          You totally inferred you wanted him found guilty because it didn’t bring you any comfort, etc.
          You should re-read through your posts.

        66. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs I am not a victim, I live a nice life, in a nice house with a nice job. I have an education and I am not blaming anyone for any shortcomings. How am I living in victimhood?

        67. angelheartnikki 
          To be fair, it was hard to understand exactly what kind of comfort you were looking for, Angel. I mean no disrespect, but Keyes is right. You were sad and found no comfort. That’s fairly profound a reaction to his case, no?

        68. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs my discomfort is that he is dead. I would have been sad no matter what the verdict.

        69. angelheartnikki 
          Ok, well that clears things up a bit. We’re all sad a 17 year old boy is dead! I have a 17 year old grandson and can’t begin to imagine the amount of grief Martin’s family is experiencing.
          His tragic ending is an outcome, sadly of a very tragic life.

        70. angelheartnikki 
          I use to tell this to my children, it’s a fact of life:
          “Show me your friends, I will show you your future”.

        71. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          By saying we should walk in blacks’ shoes, by saying you are constantly a victim of racism,…heck you are even whining about the 1/3 originally put into the Constitution.

        72. badbadlibs angelheartnikki 
          I am not sad that a vicious thug is dead. A thug that was in the process of trying to commit murder. He probably would have gone on and murdered more after he got done with Zimmerman.

        73. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs  hm, well I wasn’t exactly whining about the 1/3 thing, I was pointing out something. Bad mentioned justice prevailing, was just making a point.

        74. Keyes badbadlibs angelheartnikki that’s your choice.You don’t have to be sad at all.

        75. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          You were acting the victim. Pointing all the bad things that have been going on for 400 years.
          Will you check out the book I posted?
          Will you tell your friends about Obama’s policy with islam and how Christians are being murdered and an accelerating rate because of his policies? Do you and your black friends ever talk about the black Christians being slaughtered in Africa?
          Check out Atlas Shrugs that is posted on this site and get informed on that. Branch outside yourself and your skin color.

        76. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs  – Okay, first of all, it was 3/5 not 1/3.
          Secondly, I agree that no one should be arguing about how much a person is worth, but there was a reason for it, at the time.
          The Southern slave states didn’t want blacks to be considered humans except when it came time to count the population for power allocation.  Whether they considered a black person a person or a piece of property all depended on what was best for them.

        77. angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          Here you are playing the poor wittle victim.
          Believe me, I have worked with blacks that got away with stuff no white employee would get away with.

        78. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          Are you sad that Trayvon bashed Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk over and over?
          It brought me no comfort.

        79. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs Well, actually if I’m counting, I have 4 black friends. The rest are Jewish, Italian, middle eastern, Hindu, Buddhist , Asian, and Anglo. I do try to branch out.

        80. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs poor wittle victim of what? Nothing has happened to me.

        81. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          I base my friendships on content of character. NOTHING else matters. I dont’ try to collect different religions, ethnicity, etc. JUST CHARACTER for me.

        82. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs Keyes why are you being sarcastic? I’m sorry Zimmerman was injured. He’s won his case.

        83. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          I said, “victims'” as in plural. That comment was not directed at you, but the likes of Sharpton and the rest of his ilk.

        84. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs me either. you cant even see when I am just making a point! You said do I talk about this with my black friends, and I needed to branch out.

        85. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          Because, NOT ONCE have you said anything about Martin attacking Zimmerman. NOT ONCE have you said what Martin did was wrong. Just infer that Zimmerman got away with killing Martin and that “it doesn’t matter now”.

        86. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs But it STILL doesn’t matter! He’s free! What do you want  to feel towards Zimmerman?

        87. Keyes
          angelheartnikki badbadlibs 
          Here you are playing the poor wittle victim
          btw ^ this  is what you said

        88. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          How about feel for him in that he was attacked and would be dead if he hadn’t shot Martin. Martin told Zimmerman he was going to die that night.
          How about you view him as a person who came close to being murdered by a racist thug? Stop with “it doesn’t matter now”.
          Zimmerman has to live the rest of his life looking over his shoulder because of all the credible death threats against him. He has to live with the pain of knowing he took a life…even though it was totally justified.

        89. badbadlibs angelheartnikki 
          Exactly. We have had some left wing trolls get on here and do that, but they are promptly removed.

        90. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          Post garbage and racist claptrap to try to make it lool like conservatives are posting it.

        91. badbadlibs Keyes 
          She may be civil, but she does not address the points made. She just sticks to the race issue and “it doesn’t matter now”.

        92. Keyes badbadlibs – She is still here.  It’s kinda rude to talk about someone while they are in the room — even if it is a chat room…

        93. Keyes badbadlibs oh come on keyes, I’m not on race right now. Frankly anytime I referred to it was in answer to a question. What is so bad about me saying it doesn’t matter now? How is that inflammatory?

        94. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          Never said it was inflammatory. I said you haven’t said anything about Zimmerman being brutally attacked. Just “it doesn’t matter now”.
          It will matter to Zimmerman for the rest of his life.

        95. nekodachi Keyes badbadlibs 
          Sorry, but I’m sick of “I’m a victim of the white man” garbage.

        96. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs The “it doesn’t matter now” was not in reference to Zimmerman being attacked it was in reference to the verdict and people reacting. “it doesn’t matter now” meant the trial is over, people may be angry but I see no need to protest, speak or march, none of that will change the outcome.

        97. Keyes nekodachi badbadlibs And, I’m the one stuck on race, right now? Come on, Keyes.

        98. angelheartnikkiKeyesbadbadlibs
          “You speak of racist blacks but you have no idea what it is to walk in our shoes.” 

          interesting comment. 
          Is there a store you can’t shop in? Is there a drinking fountain you can’t drink from? Is there a bus you can’t ride in the front of? Have you EVER been denied service because of your color, (that you can document), anyplace?
          If not, get out of the 50’s and quit playing ‘victim’, OK?

        99. tinlizzieowner angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs  okaytinlizzie im going to answer you. No I may shop in any store but that doesn’t mean I’m not followed around the store as if I was going to steal something. I have in fact been denied service, but of course how could I possible document that? Again I’ve been brought into a debate about race so please don’t say im playing the victim race card.

        100. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          Of course you don’t wish him any ill will. Why would you? He was visciously attacked and beaten. He’d be dead if he hadn’t defended himself.
          That is a very bizarre statement for you to make.

        101. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs  I’m really confused as to what you want me to say about Zimmerman.

        102. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          I’d like you to say that you are glad an innocent man was acquitted. Charges should have never been brought against him, but Obama’s racist Just Us Dept. stirred up the protests last year.
          It would have been nice to hear you say it was appalling the way Martin savagely beat Zimmerman and Zimmerman was totally justified in defending himself…..instead of “it doesn’t matter now”.

        103. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs what you mean is it would have been nice for me to agree completely with you. I don’t have to.  Yes Zimmerman was a victim but he was no way perfect or exempt from this situation escalating.

        104. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs what you mean is it would have been nice for me to agree completely with you. I don’t have to.  Yes Zimmerman was a victim but he was no way perfect or exempt from this situation escalating.

        105. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          No,it would have been nice for you to have researched the evidence. It would have been nice for you to have acknowledged what happened to Zimmerman instead of the same canned answer.
          He did not cause the situation to escalate. He was walking back to his truck when Martin jumped him. Martin was only a few hundred yards from his condo. There would have been no incident at all if Trayvon had just gone home.

        106. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          No,it would have been nice for you to have researched the evidence. It would have been nice for you to have acknowledged what happened to Zimmerman instead of the same canned answer.
          He did not cause the situation to escalate. He was walking back to his truck when Martin jumped him. Martin was only a few hundred yards from his condo. There would have been no incident at all if Trayvon had just gone home.

        107. Keyes angelheartnikki badbadlibs This is why I asked to agree to disagree. I did research, I am not surprised by the verdict.

        108. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          No intelligent person would be surprised by the verdict.
          And yes it matters now. No victim of violence is ever the same.
          Zimmerman will never be the same after that beating as no rape vicitm is ever the same. A year later….it still matters.

        109. Than what about Rachel Jeantel on Piers? And no I chose not to watch that interview either.

        110. angelheartnikkitinlizzieownerKeyesbadbadlibs 
          Can you prove that you are being followed around because of your ‘color’, NO, you can’t.
          ” I have in fact been denied service” 
          if you can prove that you have been ‘denied service’ because of your ‘color’, I’ll help you file a civil law suit but of course I wouldn’t have to, one e-mail to Jesse Jackson would get you all the help you need, wouldn’t it?
          You might think I sound like a racist but I’ll remind you, I’m a Viet Nam Vet and there’s no such thing as a ‘racist’ in a ‘Fox Hole’. 😉 😉
          One last thing. If I hear Trayvon Martin referred to ‘as a child’ one more time by the ‘victimhood Klan’ I’m going to puke.
          He was over 6 feet tall, weighed at least 180 lbs (bigger than I am) and old enough to join the Marine Corps.

        111. tinlizzieowner angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          I asked her too about being denied service, but she never answered.

        112. tinlizzieowner angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs 
          prove, prove prove . You asked me a question, I don’t care to start any silly lawsuits. I simply took my business elsewhere, but you asked me so I answered. I can not help it if you don’t believe it happened and at this point it would be difficult to prove. Can you think of any reason why I was followed from one end of the department store to the other? I’m 5f1 and 127lbs. did I pose some sort of threat I wonder? Can you think of why I was not waited on for an hour in a restaurant? No one attempted to even show me to a table even though I tried numerous times to get someone’s attention. Again I’m sorry I have no documented proof.

        113. tinlizzieowner Keyes badbadlibs  where you just asking me so you could try to prove me wrong? Try to convince me that it was all in my head?

        114. angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs GZ is alive only because he had a gun. Only. Now crawl into your slime pit.

        115. angelheartnikkitinlizzieownerKeyesbadbadlibs
          “so, no response?”
          I have to sleep sometimes. 😉
          You know, you really sound like a reasonable, rational person. Not at all unlike my Black Viet Nam Vet ‘Brothers’. You will find I use the term ‘Brothers’ (not ‘Brothas’), any time I speak of those who served in combat. Because we are ‘Brothers’, in thought, word, deed and sometimes, blood.

          Back in 08, when Obama was elected, I got into a conversation with one of my dearest friends. We ended up on the topic of the election, now mind you this man is a wealthy, very well respected, Black conservative. Yet he voted for Obama? Naturally, the naive ol White boy (me) asked him why? His reply, “It’s a Black thing, I could try to explain it to you but I don’t think you would understand”. I had to accept that answer at face value because I know this man (and his (White) wife, very well. 
          Henceforth, I’m going to extend that same courtesy to you (though I don’t know you at all). Why? Because I’m not arrogant, young or stupid enough to think that aren’t beyond my comprehension. You could ask me try to explain my war experiences to you but you know what?
          “It’s a War thing, I could try to explain it to you but I don’t think you would understand”.

        116. tinlizzieowner angelheartnikki Keyes badbadlibs lol tin I thought I saw you comment prior to me saying no comment…yes I know it was pretty late. Believe me you never have to explain to me your war experiences, I honor your service.

    1. So you were going to leave and not come back last week. Please live up to your promises.
      Kissee, kissee.

      1. famouswolf  
        We welcome polite dissent.  It’s the bomb-throwers and antagonists we show to the door.

        1. This individual is borderline antagonistic. If my kissee post is over the top, please delete. No matter otherwise, as I have no intention of engaging her in any sort of dissent.  Or bomb throwing, for that matter.

    2. angelheartnikki  
      Gee, I distinctly heard her call Treyvon by his name over 10 times…  But I guess you hear what you want to hear … or not..

    3. Hey, Angel I have to admit I didn’t watch the interview. Mainly because I think it’s a little obscene if not poor taste to profit from a case. Otherwise, have the guts to show your face. That’s beside the point and a personal opinion. My question though is did the juror really state she was a friend of the defense? That would have disqualified her from the jury pool. “Trayvon is a boy of color,” where did that quote come from? All I have heard is white-Hispanic or African American.

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