MUST WATCH: Gun registration is HERE and it will only lead to gun confiscation

This is a stark warning by our brothers at Sun News in Canada that we are headed directly for gun confiscation and are blazing the same path that they took. It starts in Connecticut where they have now forced gun owners to register their weapons and Brian Lilly explains precisely how this new registration law will lead to gun confiscation.

This is a MUST WATCH:

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108 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Gun registration is HERE and it will only lead to gun confiscation

  1. The government doesn’t need to create a gun registry because your beloved NRA already compiled the most complete database of private gun ownership in the country and due to their incompetence, the NSA now has total access to it.

  2. Catherine Aird said it best; “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.”

    Of course then there is always the option of regime change, eh? Invest in Amerika, stock up on guns and ammo.

    A free man does not need permission to own a gun.

  3. Let’s be blunt about it – registration IS confiscation, it just a matter of where the guns are stored until they are taken and destroyed by the government.

    Registration mans you need to the government’s permission to exercise your Commonsense Civil Right of Self-Defense.[CCSD]

    There should be no doubt that the bureaucrats down at your ‘register your civil-rights’ office won’t do a ‘background check’ on your hide after you register your guns.

    And if you meet their standard for possessing the Commonsense Civil Right of Self-Defense, you can bet your bippy that they will soon come by and take your guns.

    1. Here’s another reference on that subject – from an eyewitness:

      Nazi Eyewitness Warns Americans: “Keep Your Guns & Buy More Guns” (Video)
      Kitty Werthmann is a native Austrian who remembers well the Third Reich reign of terror in Europe. Kitty believes America is truly the greatest country in the world. She speaks often on socialism and how Adolf Hitler took power. This is from her 2009 essay:

      America Truly is the Greatest Country in the World. Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away
      The Final Steps – Gun Laws:

      Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily…

      …Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria . Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. Instead, we had creeping gradualism. Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.

      Right Wing News has video of Kitty’s speech on gun control laws.
      “Keep your guns. Keep your guns and buy more guns.”
      Hitler Survivor Condemns Gun Control ‘KEEP YOUR GUNS, BUY MORE GUNS’ – Katie Worthman

  4. 80% lower receivers is the key to keeping your 2ND , Build your own legal in most states for now . Google it .

    1. Building Your Own No-FFL AR From an 80% Complete Receiver, by Nomad
      We live in very uncertain times. For some people, myself included, those times of uncertainty include anything from some financial hardship, to total economic ruin. In knowing this simple truth, I am inspired to share my knowledge and expertise concerning firearms preparedness: in particular, the AR-15 platform and a truly inexpensive option to owning one that is on-par with buying a much less versatile bolt-action rifle.

      So, where do the desperate and perhaps even destitute turn? We know that the engineered financial collapse is starting to really rear its ugly head and unravel before our very eyes, false flag events are coming in rapid-fire succession, and we are desperate to protect our families and ourselves.

      Years ago, I would have been terrified. Today though, I do have the answer…

  5. Canuck here, DO NOT REGISTER, under any circumstance, DO NOT REGISTER, like slime under the door they will now be in your life, like it or not. Look up what happened in High River Alberta after the floods where the once respected Royal Canadian Mounted Police used the registry files to illegally break into houses and confiscate legally registered firearms. Not unregistered firearms, registered ones, they knew exactly where to go to get them and they did, the unregistered ones, well, they are still out there.

      1. Yes, I agree with you, 100%.

        I think they will finally close the borders, after they give the illegals, Amnesty, so that “we the people” will be forced to pay for the “legislative New Americans”.

        G-d help us!

  6. ‘Ol Obama said I’ll have some fun, I’ll take away every gun.So he went and ordered the fed , and they said, turn ’em in or else you’re dead. So I grabbed my AR, my Glock & my Kimber & I headed straight for tall timber. So with my friends, patriots all, we said they really have the gall, to take away our God given right and force us all into a fight. They came for us one frightful night, the stars shined & the moon was bright. Some went around and flanked their ass & the rest of us met ’em at the pass. We fought ’em tooth & we fought ’em nail, God was on our side & we didn’t fail. Well now I gotta go back to light the lamp, and help throw all the bastards into THEIR fema camp!

  7. Below is a disturbing pic of gun owners in CT, biddably, lining up to register their guns

    do not allow this sequence to take place *nationally*, America!

    1. expand background checks ~> 2. institute National Gun Registry ~> 3. Gun Confiscation enabled

    I can’t help thinking of what happened to German citizens and their Weimar Republic back in the 1930s.

    Adolf Hitler rose to power on a popular Nationalist message and was elected by The People.

    Then there was the ‘Reichstag Fire’ incident (it’s purpose similar to the Sandy Hook event, IMV) and because of this crisis, Hitler persuaded other members of the German govt to give him more powers, **for the good of The People**.

    Then he began to **make The People more safe** by instituting a National Guns Registry

    and later, **for the good of The People**, he was able to start confiscating their firearms, especially those belonging to *harmful people groups like The Jews* ….

  8. Hello Citizens of Conneticut…just an FYI…assuming my internet information is correct, 176,446 of you (as of Sept. 2012) have concealed carry permits, and that’s only those of you that carry. You have about 1,248 state troopers. I really hope it’s only the tiniest fraction of you that are clueless enough to go stand in some registration line, because you SHOULD NOT be putting up with this.

  9. Where are our Patriots? Why aren’t they fighting this tooth and nail…? WHY isn’t there a law firm SOMEWHERE in COURT RIGHT NOW…challenging this TYRANNY?

  10. Thank God I’m a Texan. They pull that crap and I couldn’t even explain how bad it would get in The Lone Star state. Don’t mess with Texas.

    1. Thank God indeed; I live in the NYS and the gun laws here are repressive and politicians continue to attempt to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

    2. There was two times I remember all folks I knew said “there is no way they would elect a community organizer as a president” and “there is no way they would elect a communist as NY mayor”
      Ammo has tripled in price and guns are becoming unaffordable.
      Never say never, but make your plans well now for the future.

  11. “For the first time, a nation has conficated all the civillian’s guns. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” …Adolph Hitler, Leader of Nazi Natl. Socialist Party

  12. Why are CT gun owners not recalling the “law makers” who enacted this tripe like they did in Colorado?

    1. The North East is controlled by the left. The gun owners will most likely vote for the politicians who want to confiscate their firearms. Liberalism, as it often stated, is a mental disorder and these fools will keep voting them back into office. Just look at the Senators from the NE serving; it’s pathetic.

        1. I doubt he is. Seeing the line of people registering their guns with the government can make a person jumpy.

          1. I’m not joking; yes there are many gun owners in the NE who are conservatives and vote for politicians who respect the 2nd Amendment.

            But sadly, they are the minority (see below):

            Ayotte, Kelly – (R – NH)

            Blumenthal, Richard – (D – CT)

            Booker, Cory A. – (D – NJ)

            Collins, Susan M. – (R – ME)

            Gillibrand, Kirsten E. – (D – NY)

            King, Angus S., Jr. – (I – ME)

            Leahy, Patrick J. – (D – VT)

            Markey, Edward J. – (D – MA)

            Menendez, Robert – (D – NJ)

            Murphy, Christopher – (D – CT)

            Reed, Jack – (D – RI)

            Sanders, Bernard – (I – VT)

            Schumer, Charles E. – (D – NY)

            Shaheen, Jeanne – (D – NH)

            Warren, Elizabeth – (D – MA)

            Whitehouse, Sheldon – (D – RI)

            Most of them voted for the Assault Ban in 2013 albeit it failed passage.

            Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control

    2. Why did they register their guns and hi-cap mags? I know, I know. They don’t want the goons smashing down their doors. This is how freedom is lost: when peace and safety become more important.

      “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!”

        1. That’s their plan. One hopes that “circumstances” make any victory for the nazis come at a very high price.

  13. Historically firearms registration has lead to confiscation. This is why it is fought so hard against in this country.
    Confiscation has already started in both California and New York.

    1. When Marshall Law is put into effect, the gov’t will know whose house to go to so that they can disarm ALL legal citizens.

  14. I love Sun news. I watch it everyday. Talk about Conservatism on Steroids. they don’t play games on this station. Ezra Levant, Brian Lilley, Michael Coran, and Menzoid.

    Ezra takes on all the global warming fanatics, Idle no more crowds, and Occupy. He just took on David Suzuki, and wow suzuki was stunned.

    This Station is the Best thing coming. Mark Steyn, Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, and a whole host of others are on this channel sharing their points of view.

    This is the Best thing to happen to Canada. they are combating CTV, CBC, GLOBAL. the same idiots we have in the USA, they are worse it seems at times in Canada.

      1. Oh NO Kidding. Fox news has nothing on them, because as we see with Fox, they are trying to APPEASE Democrats to get them to watch. I have had to shut off the Five, i can see people babbling at each other on the View.

        Bill O Reilly – mister I am looking out for the Folks cause i am always right – Makes me ill. The way he treats people on his show, and the way he gets it wrong so many times, and pushes the Agenda of Liberals. I see it, especially with Amnesty.

        Megyn Kelly has been busted lately with LIES – She lied about Joe the Plumber, I tried calling her out, and never retracted what she said.

        Sean has to change his Stick. I am so sick of hearing over and over the montage of garbage from MSNBC – geesh played it all last year and started this year with that.

        with Sun News – It is ACTUAL NEWS – No Spin or lies. Just showing the Liberal elite Left for the Hypocrites and disgusting figures they are. They go after So called Conservatives on their news network. I have found when they do a Story and I research it, they are at least 90% to 95% right on the facts of the story, where Fox is getting it about 75% right now.

        1. When the flood happened in Calgary and the Gun Grab took place. Allison Redford the premiere of Alberta, oh did she get busted. WE NEED THE WILD ROSE PARTY in Alberta to take Complete Control.

          You see if people could see that actual 3rd parties do work, you might see a change in my country of the USA. I live in Canada because my country gave me no choice. They didn’t want another white man in the USA. (my hubby is a Canadian, we met because he was in Windsor and I was in the Detroit area. You know those canadians and americans on the border are NOT supposed to meet each other)

          I love Danielle Smith. Talk about Conservatism on Steroids. WILD ROSE should sweep across this nation. Harper is doing a great job with Canada and this recession. The Jobs that are coming over are unreal. In Fort McMurray where I am, it is in the Tundra home of the Oil Sands. I tell you – You want to see People Work – come here.

          the neatest thing is all the AMERICANS MOVING TO CANADA in Saskatchewan and Alberta with their families and they have jobs !!! The move from Ontario out west. FANTASTIC !!! Just keep your liberal ideology in Ontario !!

          1. I am Canadian and followed this story very closely. You’re preaching to the converted here.

            BTW, keep reading about Danielle Smith – once again, a good party heading toward the mushy middle all in the name of garnering votes.

            Seeing her capitulation, this is why have no time for politicians who won’t stand on principle and therefore, have a huge amount of disdain for our current Prime Minister and his elitist cronies.

            Disagree vehemently about third parties, they divide and conquer and eventually fade away. Do some research on the origins of the Canadian Conservative Party/Reform Party and see what I mean. Look at what the NDP has done in Canada throughout the years which would explain so many Liberal governments in Canada. Being from Windsor, you should be very familiar with the NDP.

            I too, am from Ontario as you seem to be and the province is a mirror of what is happening in the USA. We are not the home of Liberal ideology – there is more to the province than Toronto. Once again, do your research on the previous Premier McGuinty and his connection to David Axlerod – see the parallels between McGuinty and Obama’s reign of error and, another Ontario Premier, a Conservative, named Mike Harris and how he brought Ontario back from the dead after 4 years of NDP rule.

            1. I know about McGuinty and Wynne. I have been trying so hard to learn all I can.

              I think Danielle Smith or the Wild rose would be much Better for Alberta than the Progressive Conservatives.

              I know the conservatives made a comeback when Harper splintered that off. But I am still learning, because if I am going to be here I need to know all I can.

              I have been so brainwashed on my side of the border for so long as to who and what the Canadian health System is, and the Welfare System. WOW Canada is NOT the Socialized Paradise that People think it is. Actually Canadians have more Provincial rights than we have in States Rights.

              So I am still learning and since i grew up with Canada in my backyard, never saw it as a Foreign Country, just our best friend. People who don’t live on the Border, or near have no idea what the Friendship is or means. That is the Only disheartening part about being here. Other than that I am with my hubby. that is the most important thing, and I WEAR AS A BADGE OF HONOR THAT WE DID IT ALL LEGALLY !!!

              1. The other thing Play a Speech of Obama’s next to a speech of Trudeaus on the same topic, and it is the same. I also know about David Axlerod, George Soros and the Connection to McGuinty.

                I know Toronto is the largest City, but it is not Ontario, it is just the city people point to. Just like with Michigan, Detroit is not the whole state. We have so much more, it is just that is what is pointed out.

                I do know NDP are pure Communist

                By the Way I like Mayor Ford 🙂

                I am from Michigan – Hubby Ontario, Dresden Wallaceberg Area, we are in Alberta because that is where Hubby’s job is, and I LOVE IT OUT WEST.

                1. Born and raised in Ontario along the US border so, I am well acquainted with the US, having traveled extensively throughout many States in my lifetime and still having many friends there

                  I spent time in BC, now. back in Ontario. I realize just how much I miss BC and how much I despise Ontario. BTW, Alberta’s weather extremes are a little intense for me – I’ll take the gentler climes of Vancouver Island.

                  After being raised on a diet of Canadian and American politics, having seem way too many politicians on both sides of the border torpedo themselves when it comes to not standing for what they believe in, I am a very cynical, distrustful Canadian who has no time for politicians who speak out of both sides of their faces.

                  While Harper is the best of a bad lot as Prime Minister, he is far from Conservative and the leftards are bound and bent to see the backside of him, as they groom Justin Trudeau for PM. I have tackled many candidates, sitting cabinet ministers, MP’s and MPP’s saying just that and frankly, I hold out little hope for a real, true conservative leader, both in the US or in Canada. That being said, nice talking to you ms. sturgis, Enjoy Ft. Mac!

                2. I enjoy it very much. I am with my husband, and glad that Canada allowed me to do it legally to be here. I miss home very much. I love my country very much and hate seeing what is happening to her.

                  I am glad that I do get to still work on campaigns, and that i still get to be involved. Even over here. they love people like me who are very good on the phone.

                  The Tundra isn’t bad, and yep Harper is very Conservative when it comes to certain things and then left leaning on others. I agree with you there. I will take him anyday over Obama. I doubt if we will see a Conservative leader in the States.

                  iT was so nice meeting and talking to you 🙂 I am here a lot, hope to see you again God Bless 🙂

        2. I cannot stand Megyn Kelly. That business with the black/white Santa Claus was, IMHO, stupid and unnecessary. To me, she is Bill O’Reilly in a dress-bombastic, vain and egotistical. Bill O’Reilly – King of the Bloviators, Greta – too liberal for my liking and Sean Hannity – actually more tolerable since he got bumped to 10pm. Never watched the Five, the only decent thing their anymore is their morning show.

          1. Sean is more tolerable. I just think Sean is trying to be “LIKED” and so he bends. His conservatism has suffered greatly over the Obama years. I never thought i would hear him say I support Immigration Reform. then when all of them stood by rubio and still promote him, Come on.

            Greta I really like. I have hated Aspects of her show. Like When she interviewed Nancy Pelosi and never Once Questioned her on Obamacare, and all the yelling Greta did about it, and never said one word.

            Or when she interviewed Hillary, again she was Screaming about Benghazi, and she spoke about how she knows Hillary’s Mother, and how they were friends. It was like Watching Babs do the interview.

            Fox isn’t bad, it is all that is on right now in the USA. But it isn’t great anymore either. I don’t get up at 4 am to see Fox and Friends. But People forget Elisabeth hasselbeck is a NY Conservative, that is like being one from California. they have liberal tendencies, and Hasselbeck showed those on the View. She seems nice though.

            Megyn has become a little like Bill, but I don’t like Lies, When she lied and didn’t retract, that turned me off. I used to really love her show in the Afternoon. It has gone down hill since then.

            1. I can’t stand any of them so, I don’t watch them – haven’t watched any of them since the last election. Any station that still has Karl Rove on as an expert is playing both sides and accomplishing nothing.

        3. Nice assessment of Fox News. How do we get Sun News down here in the States? Is it on any broadcasting channel anywhere south of the border?

          Edit: Oops, sorry. I see you posted a link further down. Thanks.

      1. It is a Canadian News Station, but you can hook up with their reports if you are in the USA, on Facebook. You can also find them on the Internet.

        You can also call your cable or Satellite provider and ask them if you can have it broadcast on your system. It was streaming online for free, because Bell Satellite Customers lost Sun News for a while, but not anymore. If anyone else has a link, for that I dont’ know. I can’t find a link for that anymore.

      2. Tim, SUN used to live stream, but not anymore. They really operate on a shoe string, (23 million a year)… and the state broadcast regulator CRTC has made it impossible for a SUN to get must carry status on all cable channels which the state run commie broadcaster CBC gets for free. Leftists control almost everything here.

        My favourite is a guy on Sun called Ezra Levant. His show is “The Source”. He’s a political animal, and he’s a friend of our PM Harper, but he holds nothing back. Here is his website which features all his TV segments.

        If Ezra was on American TV he would be the absolute top of the food chain. Although he focuses almost exclusively on Canadian issues… it’s worth watching him just for the viewing value and his stuff is so much applicable to what goes on in the US as well… and he’s as funny as hell in how he express himself. P.S. He’s a good dancer as well… and when he does it on air… makes one laugh like crazy.

        Here’s Ezra’s segment on the founder of GreenPeace who is now a practical environmentalist who believes in nuclear, oil, gas for society. Two segments.

  15. He talked about gun deaths being down, which is a good statistic. He could also have cited the work of John Lott (“More Guns, Less Crime”) who has shown that when private people have guns, crime goes down.

  16. Looks like obama is determined to put the Constitution through a shredder little by little until he has completely destroyed it….and the United States of America!!!

    1. Not just Obama. Pretty much every politician. They have entered a phase of unchecked, exponential power growth.

      Only we, the people, can stop it.

  17. That might work in Connecticut, but let them come down here to the South and try the gun registration and see what happens. I hope that republican governors across the country will make it clear to the feds that they will have no intention of having their constituents comply with that.

    1. I suspect, that is, know, we gun owners in Texas would not be lining up like sheep to register our weapons as I saw in the video just now of Conn. That was just sickening to me. What a bunch of cowards.

  18. Love Brian Lilly. Some Canadians have been trying to warn us for a while about this, as well as we did about o’care. Doesn’t seem like many people want to hear facts from people who live them.
    If you like your rifle, you can keep your rifle.period.

    1. So many choices. You could start with just how big the game is you anticipate hunting.

      A 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun gives a lot of flexibility loaded with shot and/or slugs.

      A multi-caliber AR platform is a highly configurable choice (ammo and barrel length).

    2. I have Benelli R-1 for sale if your interested. Five round magazine(10 available), camo-stock, factory scope. Never fired. Chambered in .30-06 Spingfield. Semi-auto

    3. Springfield M1A1 in .308, great all-purpose reach-out-and-touch-someone-at-800-yards rifle.

  19. Healthcare laws, gun registration, voter ID laws, entitlements, etc, etc – it’s ALL about control. That’s the bottom line with everything the left is trying to do.

    We must fight tooth and nail every attempt by this administration to control the masses before there is nothing left we can do. It is paramount that we expose the agenda for what it truly is.

    1. You hit the nail on the head.

      The HusseinCare exchanges are nothing but a registration database. The policies are all issued by private insurance companies in each State. We could just as easily buy the policies directly. The exchange serves no other purpose but control.

      1. I’m not referring to the laws that require ID to vote (that’s a good thing). I’m talking about their resistance and reaction to any form of honest election, their desire to maintain control over the low-information voter.

        And, yes, they would call me racist. I think I hear a knock on the door even as we speak. HEY!, get away from my keyboard………..

        1. The funny thing about the left screaming “racist” regarding voter ID is that it is them, the left, that are claiming what they call “minorities” are not able to sign up for voter ID.

          That somehow being a “minority ” places a burden on doing things others can do… Talk about racist!

          1. Good point. Every thing they say about minorities, while on the surface is “defending them”, actually demeans them every time.

            1. And there we have it!

              BINGO we have a winner! When did being a “minority” become a handicap? Answer; When leftist realized they could use it as a tool!

              When saying, “Minority” I mean there are no minorities in America, we are all equal! However leftist in government decided that so called “minorities” should have privileges “non-minorities” don’t have! There by buying votes at societies expense and demise…

        2. I am glad you explained Voter ID, typing is hard. I was going to say hey wait a minute I like Voter ID 🙂

        3. I was out sick the day my public school educators taught “effective sarcasm”. F- on my part.

          1. FYI, I realized your sarcasm (it was pretty good, btw). I just wanted to clarify a point that I had left murky.

            On another note, I was absent the one day in High School that my gym class taught how to score in bowling and the final grade was based on making up a bowling scorecard. That quarter, I had straight A’s and 1 F (guess where). lol

  20. Had I lived in Connecticut, we would have brought our affected guns and magazines to a friend, family member, or storage unit in another state.

    We would have then begun planning our relocation to another state.

    We should all have such backup plans in place. You can not trust Progressives, elephant or donkey species.

    1. “And so they lined up to hand over their rights!”

      And when they are asked to turn their guns in will they comply then too?

      Do these people not know what “infringe” means? Was no one there gathering signatures to repeal the “law”, and to recall elected officials?

      Isn’t registration basically a call for “where are the guns”? In other words the government really does know where, who, or how many these people own…

      1. “And when they are asked to turn their guns in will they comply then too?”

        Of course they will. The marxists know that this a self-selecting process.

        They know that those willing to comply with this unconstitutional mandate, will comply with the next one.

        Imagine if all those who lined up to register, had instead lined up in a class action lawsuit with the NRA,

        1. I got a better one Dee. Imagine if they lined up carrying?
          What do you think would’ve happened then?

      2. Guns? What guns? I lost mine about 5 years ago while on a fishing trip in the gulf. (wink, wink)

        1. Salt air is very corrosive, it’s understandable that they would become damaged beyond use and be disposed of!

          Must be something wrong with the current trends in metallurgy as it seems to be near epidemic…

          Many folks have had the same issues! Not a day goes by that it seems someone is not having to bury one or two…

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