MUST WATCH: Megyn Kelly interviews Baghdad Christian priest warning of imminent ISIS attack

This interview is going to break your heart when you consider this man, Andrew White, and many others like him may be dead in a few hours or a few days. ISIS is said to be controlling the western portion of the outskirts of Baghdad:


This priest told Megyn Kelly that he spoke to one of the Iraqi soldiers and asked what he would do should ISIS attack. His response was breathtaking, saying that he would take off his uniform and run. When the Priest asked why he is even a soldier then, he responded that he is only in it for the money.

The priest also pointed out that there is really nowhere to escape. ISIS controls too much territory in Iraq for an escape by car and if they fly out that won’t happen until Monday, and ISIS is feared to move in before then.

In the video below I’ve included Kelly’s lead up to the interview to give you a fuller understanding of just what awaits Baghdad in the coming hours or days.

As I say in the title, this is a MUST WATCH:

Where are all the troops we’ve sent to Baghdad? We should have at least 2-3k there I think. Are they going to be massacred as well? Are we going to see American troops on the ground in Baghdad being beheaded? Or are they going to evacuate?

This is Baghdad after all and if it falls to ISIS, what is left in Iraq?

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