MUST WATCH: The Obama/IRS Islamic Terror Connection

As you probably know from interviews we’ve posted of Walid Shoebat, he has exposed the Islamic terrorist connections of Malik Obama, brother of President Obama, and how Malik Obama funds terrorism with his IRS-granted tax exempt organization, Barack H. Obama foundation, signed off on by none other than Lois Lerner.

Interested yet? Just watch:

(h/t: Walid Shoebat)

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115 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: The Obama/IRS Islamic Terror Connection

  1. If they are the muzzie variety. Good for keeping the fangs in order, don’t you know.

  2. Meanwhile, Chris Wallace is asking Bob Dole if Ronald Reagan would be welcomed in today’s GOP…

    1. Matt2Matt Chris Wallace is also the guy who chided a guest for opposing gays in the Boy Scouts.

  3. <a href=””>Hyperinflation is when a few equals 88.</a>

    1. doriangrey_grey 88 named divided by 90,000 IRS employees equal .00098%.  That is less than 1 10,000th of a percent.  The number of suspected IRS malefactors at the IRS is numerically and statistically insignificant.

      1. strangernfiction john11111 : but the only one who can do something NOW……
        Tea Party still too weak, and IRS …..U know….

    1. Conniption Fitz yep u bet that’s what all that free crap cost bk when Obama was giving those Obama phones and crap away for votes.he sucker punched the lower class low to no info voter, then the mainstream media had its ongoing love affair with him now all these things are coming out against him. too little too late. now we r going to have to get smart-somehow and vbote this guy out next election cause he is not going anywhere anytime soon no matter how much you hear that old worn old phrase’ ‘impeach” impeach” because there is not a backbone to be found in DC.i just hope enough real Americans with real American values get bk in there to get positive result’s if not well the old America is gone.

    2. Conniption Fitz 
      I just can’t figure out why no one is stopping Obama.  After 9/11 I never thought the good people in the govt. would let something like this happen.  Where are they, and why are they doing something to put a stop to this?

  4. Scoop, you do a great job of posting current events. That being said, most of us have already been there.  Forgive me, but your readership consists of not a small number of intelligent people.  People who don’t watch television that much in the first place and because of the Internet, have already arrived  at the content of your post.

    Every few weeks or so, I come to the conclusion that I would like to have some input on the topics that are posted here.  But Scoop is not interactive.  I guess that’s the heart of my comment.  Every single one of us comments here each evening, because there is nothing else out there like Scoop. But we are essentially playing, “Follow the Leader.”  You make a post, we comment.  I believe you can see where I am going with this.
    There is simply too much going on in the world right now to continue with this format.  Everything evolves. My dream would be that  Scoop evolves along with it.  We need an open running thread, where everyone or anyone can scream at the top of their lungs about any injustice or ongoing criminal activity that affects the average American’s right to Freedom.
    Scoop could also do more in the way of Education.  What could be the possible harm in putting together a special conversation group to focus on The Constitution, or the Federalist Papers?
    You have the membership at this point.  Why waste it?  You now have national recognition for all you have done.
    Is this your dream?   Is this all you really want to do?  I don’t know you personally, but I find it hard to believe that this all you wanted to do when you started this trek.
    Me, I’m nobody.  I’ll be dead in ten years.  All I want to do is save this country for my children and grandchildren.  The opportunities I see for doing that, grow more dismal by the day.
    I guess what I am saying, is that I don’t want any of us to waste time on an internet blog site making each other feel good, with “likes” and supporting comments that we are all so familiar with, when we could be doing something really important.
    Obama is taking us fast down the road to Communism.  Last time I looked, there doesn’t seem to be anything in his way.
    We have to think of something.  We have to get in is way. We really have to think of a way to do that.

    1. white531 I anxiously await the launch of your website that improves upon the content of the website you are patronizing yet criticizing. Scoop is a clearinghouse of the idiocy of the left, and he never fails to deliver.
      Get over yourself.

      1. sybilll white531  
        No need to get offensive, sybilll.  When you use words like, “get over yourself,”  you’re really inviting an argument.  There is nothing wrong with making suggestions to improve site content.  Scoop can take them or leave them.  No one made you Sheriff.

        If you plan on sticking around, I hope your manners improve.

        1. white531 sybilll Apologies.  I am not a Sheriff, I am protective.  Scoop worked very hard, with long odds, to compete with other well-funded Conservative media outlets.  I am thrilled that he has succeeded.  When I do have suggestions or ideas, I have manners enough to contact Scoop privately.  Sorry if you misunderstood me.

        2. sybilll white531  
          Fair enough, but you don’t have to protect Scoop from me. I support what he does 100 per cent.  Doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.
          I suggest you and I start all over again.

  5. All things considered about the Bengazi scandal, may we now say “People died and Obama lied”?

  6. …nothing new here just move on everything is going to be just fine. NOT.”
    Glory and Praise to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

  7. Even if BO isn’t directly participating in Islamic infiltration of this country (not saying he isn’t) why in the world do we have a president with THESE types of connections??!!

    1. Soldier4Right  because we see time and again that he lies and probably steals elections that he isn’t qualified for and yet gets away with it because the media has given him a pass because of his ethnicity.  Reverse racism is worse than racism itself. The media is to blame for this destruction

      1. jrenai67 Soldier4Right You’re dead right, jrenal67.  The LSM are fully complicit in the anti-American diatribe engaged in by this administration.  That photo of Oblamo holding up his head with his middle finger, staring directly at the viewer is priceless–just screams juvenile.

  8. Deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of islamic delights we go.  Three more years of this?   Will anybody survive?

  9. I have NEVER heard of a President that is more CONTROVERSIAL than Obama 
    The obvious corruption at OUR EXPENSE is outrageous 
    What baffles me is why is this allowed to continue? 
    Is the MSM being bribed with that much money? 
    This really sickens me

  10. Another disastrous result of this submission to sharia is that any “moderate” muslims in the US will now see that there is no protection FOR THEM at all, so they might as well cooperate with the radical terrorists.
    THE U.S. GUMMINT HAS JUST DESTROYED ANY CHANCE OF A GENUINE MODERATE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN AMERICA. And you can bet that they knew what they were doing. THis is even more important than the “chilling effect” on Americans. All “moderates” just decided to be recruited into jihad any time the radicals call for it.

    1. lawngreen 
      To muslims these jihadists aren’t radicals…they are just good little muslims following their prophet. Don’t let the “moderates” fool you….most of them support the jihadists.
      Did you see the tweets from muslims in Boston after the bombing? They were delighted about it. Didn’t see any tweets of muslims condemning it.
      Muslims are peaceful …until they’re not.
      All “moderate” muslims are potential terrorists.

  11. Got to soften us up for the muslim invasion and domination. Fat chance. The 47% doesn’t need any softening, and the rest of us will attempt to let light into closed heads. Er, minds.

    1. lawngreen Really well said, lawngreen. You spoke for many of us here at RS, that I have no doubt.

  12. And this is for the staff of “THE RIGHT SCOOP”    Why has no one , Hannity, O’riley,  YOU,  brought up the fact that as I understand Obama will be signing the Arms Trade Treaty with the United Nations June 3rd.   What is everyone going to jump through their butts only when it becomes News?   I have written all of them plus Congressmen and Senators and have gotten no response from anyone.   Its like it has been preplanned.    What can you find out about this issue?  We want to know.

    1. jwbandit27 The Senate has to approve all treaties, so the signing by barack is not “the” news event about that particular treaty.  It’s just a chance for him to prance and preen among his fellow totalitarians.  We can all get some great mileage out of calling it a null and void treaty, signed by our null and void SCOAMFOTUS.

      But if the Senate even threatens to consider approving it, we will have to tear the place down around them.

    2. jwbandit27 
      Remember, a treaty does NOT  trump the Constitution.
      Jefferson summed it up, “Self preservation trumps a treaty.”

  13. Someone tell me how Obama doesn’t know about the IRS targeting. And tell me again he isn’t a Muslim.

    1. Wiggy111
      “Careful RS or Obama’s DOJ will come after you for violating the civil rights of Muslims.”
       Yea, it’s a violation to insult muslims by associating them with Obama. 😉 You could get a serious ticket for that!

  14. Isn’t it peculiar that Preezy isn’t considered an enemy or infidel by these people for being a ‘Christian’ like the rest of us? Maybe they know something we don’t.

    1. jgilman 
      Yeah, I was saying that before the 2008 elections…that muslims aren’t calling him an apostate…things that make you go hmmm..

    2. jgilman I was wondering why a Muslim would stand up for a Christian at their marriage, and a Muslim would allow a Christian be the best man at His?

  15. Barry Soetero, Barack, BS Obama, whatever the appellation, this period of American decline and infamy will be regurgitated as bile should be. We will eventually cleanse ourselves of all these alien notions and acts brought to us from this Fraud. The Cult of BS Obama will dissolve. Even rivers filled with sewage can be cleaned and come back to life. America will purge this sewage ideology and repair itself. The Constitution, God, and Family values will take back the government and breathe life into our economy. Believe in our true values and resist despair. Speak out and practice decency. Believe in America, not ideologies. We are built on a philosophy of Liberty and a culture of individual worth (all humans are valuable under our creed). Elitism shall be debunked. The Cult Master, the Pied Piper of poverty, is on his way down.

  16. There is no doubt whatsoever that President Obama (or Soetero, or Dunham) is a Muslim sympathizer at the least, or a radical, America-hating Muslim himself, bound and determined to bring Muslim hoards to our country, America.

  17. There is no doubt whatsoever that President Obama (or Soetero, or Dunham) is a Muslim sympathizer at the least, or a radical, America-hating Muslim himself, bound and determined to bring Muslim hoards to our country, America.

    1. mkarussel Muslim? Obama? American-hating? The only Muslim hoards he will bring here will fly here like those nice 19 chaps on 9-11-01. They have the okay to carry blades on planes again. And we know now that killing 3000 isn’t a hate crime. Using the word Muslim against a jihadist or Muslim terrorist is a hate crime. Obama is just a good old fashioned guy, steeped in American values. You can read up on those values in the Koran. And Bill Ayers works. And Lenin and Marx’s tomes.

  18. Great Stuff…BUT…
    This will go NOWHERE…..and will NEVER make any significant new outlet.

    1. It’s already gone to all my contacts, about five minutes ago, labelled “URGENT”. News outlets? Maybe not. But before Tuesday, many millions of Americans will know.

    2. ArchAng3l   You are absolutely right.  It is all a waste of time and money, BO has the media in his back pocket and as long as he does all of the stupid, ignorant, entitlement Obama supporters will continue to buy his lies and deceptions.  The ONLY way that the stupid people will turn against him, is if BO begins to take things away from them.  The only thing that this video is, is interesting.  That’s all.

  19. McLain strikes again:- Ok to give weapons to Syrian rebels:

    1. Strangernfiction…ya know Christians are trashed all the time..and obama and his cohorts could care less…what have muslims done for this country (??)  There is no doubt in my mind that bo is a muslim!!
      Thanks for the link, great read.

  20. Never has there been such a division of democrats and republicans.  Lies and corruption and the democrats feel that they are justified.  I find myself wanting nothing to do with anyone that calls themselves a democrat.

    1. jrenai67 Never has there been such a division between the Feds and We The People.

    1. Think of the good Obama could have done as the first black president.  Yet, he’s such a corrupt soul, he’s wasted his tenure on sin, lies, corruption, sponsoring terrorism, doing dark and evil deeds.

      1. Conniption Fitz I agree and think its unfortunate because many will now think twice before they vote for another “black” president and look at Allen West who is honorable and a blessing to our country. I’d be proud to call him Mr. President.

        1. njmom Conniption Fitz  I agree, njmom. If it were Allen West or someone like him, I wouldn’t hesitate at all. West is an American. obama is not, and I’m not referring to the birth certificate issue. I’m referring to what’s in their hears and minds.

  21. OK class, repeat after me:
    My great grandfather was a democrat, my grandfather was a democrat, my Dad was a democrat, and ding dang doofus dagnabbit, I’m gonna be a democrat too(!), even if it harelips the guv ‘ner, wraps chains around my chilluns, and does all the “thinking” for me and mine forevermore!!!
    Furthermore, if it ain’t a gubbamint-approved truth, I don’t wanna hear it!
    Now pass the durn Cornflakes afore I sic my union brudders on ya!

    1. Rshill7 it’s ok to think for yourself….just sayin.  democrats from your great gran pappies days aren’t quite the same as now…nor some repubs from back in the day aren’t the same as today.  you might want to check to see if whomever your voting for represents you…before you vote straight ticket dem or repub!  might wanna check into that!

      1. lenoxstuart Rshill7 
        Him don’t know me very well do him?
        You might want to check into the Mayo Clinic.
        Have a dumb day 🙂

        1. As condescending as u like to be…u post an ignorant response alluding to u being for this administration and its cronies. Perhaps you should speak a little more clearly of your ideas and maybe, just maybe, you’d be taken a little more seriously. If not…continue ur babble and I as most of my fellow Americans will continue to think of ur ranting as an uneducated babbling idiot. I shall enjoy my day…

        2. lenoxstuart  You might want to check a few hundred of my previous posts (in the thousands before the format change). When I have more time, I’ll study both of yours 🙂

        3. lenoxstuart You don’t know or understand our beloved Rs but stick around and you’ll soon change your mind. 🙂

        4. lenoxstuart He has posted his views clearly. Like a lot of the rest of us here, he’s realized that there is no arguing with committed socialists or muslims. We have become very weary of seeing our country betrayed and slandered and destroyed by the Left. As for his “ignorant response” and being an “uneducated babbling idiot” … ur rong. E spelz ber > U by a long country mile.

        5. Do a little research before you embarass yourself. Or rather, shut up before you embarass yourself more.
          Rshill knows more about politics than you ever will.

      2. lenoxstuart Not any more. I will vote straight Conservative / Tea Party, and nothing else. Both parties are guilty for the terrible catastrophe we are facing.

      1. LOL My father was a life long staunch Democrat. But that was when Democrats were Americans, and the old man must be turning over in his grave to see what his beloved party has turned into.

        1. famouswolf 
          Yay! Has anyone ever told you how mean you look? Grrrrrrr! 
          Let’s go rip up some lamb chops and then gnaw on the bones awhile.
          Enjoy the weekend friend.

  22. Do you trust your government?
    The Quinnipiac study shows deep-seated disillusionment with the federal government among American voters:
    “Only 3 percent of voters trust the federal government to do the right thing almost all the time, while 12 percent say they trust it most of the time…”
    But, but, but, isn’t an Orwellian Government a good thing? Who couldn’t use a big brother?
    Remember, when it comes to your Federal Government, “look for the Union Label”…it’s like an opaque plastic bag over your head that gathers about the neck. Just take a deep breath and feel pride swell within ya’…your lungs, not so much.

    1. Rshill7 Remember those commercials with the catchy song “Look for the union label” and all the smiling women?

  23. REUTERS: “Security officials say lawless southern has become the latest haven for al Qaeda-linked fighters after French-led forces drove them from strongholds in northern Mali this year, killing hundreds.
    “The south of is what the north of Mali was like before,” said a senior adviser to Mali’s interim President Diouncounda Traore, asking not to be named.”
    We also need to DRIVE Islamists out of the US and our government …from the top down.

  24. So many people that are so blind and ignorant!! If any of the LIBTARDS take the time to watch this and research it, they might actually get it. Too bad that is not the case. They will never get it, and we as true Americans will continue to go down the sewer!!
    Why can’t we get the attention of the the Bleeding hearts?? OR, perhaps we already do, and they just don’t give a damn!

  25. Ever feel as if you’ve slipped through a wormhole into a parallel universe without your knowledge or consent? Zzzzzzz…Naa, it’s just a bad dream…I hear the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background.
    What the heck was that? Oh right, that intrusive alarm clock o’mine. I’ll just phwing it out the window and slumber on…

  26. obamatollah is a marxist-muslime who stated “when the winds of change blow, he will “stand with the muslimes”.
    Is any of this surprising?

    1. That is wonderful! She was completely spot on in that monologue and the more people who hear it the better.

  27. “… the modus operandi of the Obama administration: To establish an “official truth” about all issues and events, and use the powers of the federal government to punish all those who question or expose the fraudulence of that “official truth.”

    From the outset of Obama’s tenure in office, his signature foreign policy has been his strategy of appeasing jihadist groups and regimes like the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran at the expense of US allies, including Israel, the Egyptian military, and longtime leaders like Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen.”

    1. Conniption Fitz Maybe China did not hack anything they were probably provided all the info and data directly.

  28. This is all very interesting and I don’t doubt a single word of it.   But we can’t even get Obama on the most obvious of crimes with the IRS, Fast and Furious, or Benghazi.  This video will never be taken seriously and will never ever be investigated by anyone within the media or in law enforcement.

    1. kong1967 It’s not that WE can’t,
      It’s that our elected officials WON’T
      The cowards we have elected are all poster photos for the very definition of Quisling.

      1. No_BlahBlah  Which leads me to believe that it’s “the good ol’ boys” system.  It’s just a game to the elitists.  There are some that want to track down every guilty party and prosecute, but they aren’t who’s running the show.  To the establishment, it’s merely about politics and playing the game of trying to defeat the opposing party.  It’s not about us or the law, because many in both parties break the law and feel they are above it.  Members of both parties are guilty of insider trading, for instance.   All we are to them are sheeple, people to manipulate so they can get back in office… those 8 Republicans who were voting for a bill even though they were against it (siding with the Democrats).  They were given a pass by the Democrats because they didn’t need their votes.  They lied to us…..deceived us so we wouldn’t know the truth about their stance and use it next election.  That’s fraudulent in my opinion and getting elected through deception.  We need people like Cruz to destroy this “good ol’ boys” system.

        1. kong1967 No_BlahBlah The personality type of the career politician is a case study of those susceptible to corruption, collusion and graft.
          How many people who have jobs / careers where something must be accomplished or produced have the time to sit in interminable meetings to ‘discuss’ how to proceed or what is the ‘best method’ to help everyone involved feel as if they are contributing? When the real intent is to TIRE EVERYONE OUT TO THE POINT WHERE THE MAJORITY WILL AGREE WITH THE MINORITY OPINION JUST TO SHUT THEM UP?!!?!?!?!
          These are the weasels who structure their resume in order to project competence and accomplishments and present themselves as ‘experts’ when truthfully? THEY ARE PARASITES UPON SOCIETY!
          The Republican party is finished, IMO it is not salvageable because it is controlled by the progressive lites who as you posted don’t care about anything but their own power and greed. The demonRats are way beyond that, true commies, socialists and ‘new leftists.’
          If the ‘new media’ and the internet is allowed to continue unfettered, I believe the hope is that grassroots conservatives can organize and elect true conservatives without the party structure.
          The gop has proven it won’t work with conservatives who have a R in front of their name. It’s time to stop trying to work within the broken system. The elitist DO respond to pressure from voters. That is our last hope.

        2. No_BlahBlah  I have been a Tea Party guy since the group took off.  I have had the hopes that we could swallow the Republican party whole and bring it back to conservatism and away from elitist politics.  But the establishment R’s like McCain are openly trying to destroy the Tea Party freshmen, which says they don’t give a crap about what conservative voters want.  It’s a slap in the face and definitely says they don’t represent us at all.
          I think you may be right.  The Republican party is too settled in and will not change regardless of what we tell them we want.

  29. We need to retroactively recall Obama from 2008 and invalidate every act, executive order, bill, and appointment of him and his cabinet.
    In Hillary’s words, PRESS THE RESET BUTTON!

    1. Conniption Fitz 
      That is legally what must be done. O is a usurper and that means EVERYTHING he’s done is null and void…including the judges he’s appointed.

  30. Whisky Tango Foxtrot is going on in this country. I really hope this is a false report. If there’s any truth to this
    People need to go to JAIL and I mean yesterday.

    1. Yuri Bezmenov The problem is that when the govt. has been usurped, and is now working for, and has become the enemy of Freedom and Liberty, against it’s own people and US Constitution, there is no longer a anyone, any agency of authority to go to, to police the govt. for their own injustice to the People and Nation.
      This is the Democratic Tyranny dilemma of Obama and his regime henchmen/women that which are now faced with. Congress (Republican controlled House of Rep) and the Courts are limited in their response, according to their process and time constraints, if they are even willing and able to act in the manner we need them to.
      Other than Congress and the Courts, the only entity that has been on the front line battle we are now faced with against Obama’s tyranny is Patriotic American Tea Party Conservatives, and the Social Media web sites.
      Examples of Obama’s treasonous conspiratorial acts against Americans and the US Constitution:
      “Benghazi Reveals
      Obama-Islamist Alliance” – James Lewis  Nov 1, 2012
      “DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing
      Muslims May Violate Civil Rights” May
      30, 2013
      In its
      latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social
      media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims,
      threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.
      In response- Pamela Geller:  How
      is this any different than Islamic law in, say, Turkey (Obama’s favorite and
      most trusted ally)?
      Note to the Justice Department -“We
      will fight you on this every step of the way. We will drag your dhimmi asses
      all the way to the Supreme Court. This is sharia enforcement, and we are not
      going to stand for it.”
      Plus, the IRS, as well as other govt agencies. of which all have targeted innocent American citizens by Obama’s henchmen/women for political purposes, in direct violation of the Code of Ethics, if not direct Federal law, for which they are by law are forced to follow, but circumvent, subvert, or just ignore.

      1. RReaganRepublic   The only defense left to liberal tyranny is us and our votes.  Dems have already defeated the system of checks and balances where their corruption cannot be stopped or prosecuted.  They own about every government agency that exists, which constitutes a permanent tyranny under leftist rule.  Lastly, the R’s cannot do anything about it.  Any attempt is shut down by the tyrannical leftist mafia called the Democrat party.
        Even though we have the power to vote them out, I am doubtful about that as well.  They have also corrupted the voting process so badly that I don’t know that victory is within our reach any more.  Our voices are being shut down by the IRS and ACORN (with it’s affiliate organizations) are destroying the integrity of the votes.
        Undoing this whole criminal mess is going to be a long and very difficult process, if not downright impossible or too late.

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