MUST WATCH: US knew BENGHAZI was terrorist attack DURING ATTACK

This is a very compelling interview from Special Report tonight where the pilot of a C-17 who was stationed in Germany tells that he could have gotten to Benghazi in 3-4 hours if he had been called upon to get in the air.

The pilot, Eric Stahl, who is a retired Major from the Air Force, tells what he knows from talking to the men on the ground that he flew out of Benghazi on Sept 12, 2012, men he calls heroes, a day after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Among the most relevatory things we learn is that the terrorists were using stolen State Dept. cellphones from the consulate to call their higher ups after the consulate battle, and the US intercepted this in real time as it was happening. They not only knew they were terrorists, but they knew exactly who they were.

Stahl says that he believes little of the truth of what happened that night has come out and that is why he is talking now. He hopes more people will do the same.

There are many more details in the interview below, including how our guys tried to board a private plane to get the heck out of Benghazi but were unable to do so.

It’s also written up here, but I recommend the video.


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