MUST WATCH VIDEO: Egyptian youth tell how they were tortured and beaten in a Mosque by the Muslim Brotherhood

This video will probably break your heart while watching it, but it is a must watch. It is the testimony of different Egyptian Youth on how 30 of them were kidnapped and taken into the Bilal Mosque in Moqattam on March 22 (after Friday Prayers). They were beaten by around 50 Muslim Brotherhood men with clubs, whips, and chains until they were ‘broken’. After the torture and beatings were done, they were forced to be photographed holding machetes as if they were the perpetrators of this horrible crime. All their money was taken from them and they were put in a bus where they were not allowed to look up and driven about 50 miles away. They were then dumped out of the bus individually at about half a mile increments and left for dead.

I don’t know if these youth were Coptic Christians or not as the video does not say, but it really doesn’t matter at this point. It is related to the story on Fox News of one Coptic Christian activist was beaten pretty severely at the same exact Mosque in Moqattam.

Watch below but be sure and click the CC button to turn on the English captions. It has been professionally captioned by

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34 thoughts on “MUST WATCH VIDEO: Egyptian youth tell how they were tortured and beaten in a Mosque by the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Christians are beaten, intimidated, and killed, and churches burned down.  Those same muslims can immigrate here, and have their mosques, and television programs, and be quoted a s a religion of peace.  Our schools cannot have traditional Easter or Christmas, but will accommodate special places for muslim prayers.  Obama represents them well, in the White House, with dinner to the Muslim Brotherhood.  You can’t count on him to defend Christians against assaults by muslims.  He will defend Islam against Jews.  The sooner that man is booted out of office, the better.  He doesn’t deserve to be under the same roof as all the Presidents who were defenders of the Christian faith, and governed according to the teachings of God.  Pray every day for God to prevent advancements from our enemies, working to destroy our country.

  2. Beat them, stab them, put them in chains; kick them, hammer them, cut their flesh and gouge their eyes, leave them in the dessert to die…and they just keep coming back, you filthy, cursed, muslim pigs.

  3. And these people are getting our weapons?? These Mosques deserve a day of Hell Fire Missile training. I have ZERO respect for a person (yes, Obama) who supports these savages. I am really TICKED!

  4. Just imagine, Obama goes to Cairo and lectures President Morsi about their oppression of Christians just the same way as he lectured the Israelis about the Palestinians.  Somehow, that doesn’t seem like it will happen.
    Just sayin’

  5. All this made possible by the obamessiah’s apology tour 2009.  It was the catalyst that got it all started.

  6. The Religion of breaking hearts, minds and bodies into pieces heard from again. 
    If it wasn’t for good websites like this great one, we’d not even know about it because the MSM will NEVER cover anything that shows Muzzies in any light other than pure white… You know what I mean.
    I feel sorry for that poor guy and all the others…  They’ll get no sympathy from the hardened hearts of Liberals though because they are the willing dupes and allies of the Muslims Brotherhood.  United by their hatred of Christians and Jews. 
    Travon Martin – wall to wall coverage for weeks (months?) on end about the poor boy with the skittles being “murdered”, the media doctoring the tapes to fit the agenda…  The MSM using the murder to push all kinds of liberal agenda… 
    But as I said, they’ll never cover this.  They don’t want us seeing the truth… But HE is watching GOD the Almighty is watching!  And though the media may cover for the murderous rats here on Earth.  They and their enablers in the MSM will one day be before HIM and they will have no cover!   May God have mercy on their souls because I wouldn’t.

    1. WolfieUSA, the Lamestream state-run media and official Obama stenographers probably won’t cover this but it doesn’t prevent us from sending this video around to everyone we can think of and make it go viral so that even the Lamesteams can’t ignore it.
      John Craven – New Orleans

      1. JohnCraven Good point John.  The New Media is running circles around the old media now! 🙂  Good thing too… Can you imagine how bad this country would have been if NObama came 20 or 30 years ago when the Liberals had complete control of the media and there was NO social media to even raise legitimate questions… Shudder.

  7. Men as well as women have been raped in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.   Some say Ghaddafi was raped post mortem. 
    There ain’t nobody dead or alive, or nowhere safe in Islamic hell-holes

    1. Isaiah 54 And they’re anti-gay.  It makes no sense.  As a child I can recall my mother screaming about the Mohamadistist. I know that isn’t a word, but that’s what the Muslims were called when I was a child.  I can also remember my WW II father warning me about “those” people and how their oil was going to do us in.  That was in the 50’s.  Not much has changed since then except for the attitude that we need to accept them. I’m sorry, but count me out.

      1. americalsgt Isaiah 54   Yes, our founding fathers called them “Mohammadins,” I believe.
        Your father sounds like a wise man.

  8. How could this happen in a mosque??? Where are all the Muslims marching in the streets tor desecrating a mosque by torturing young Muslims inside of it? Surely the religion of peace will have leaders popping up everywhere to condemn this horrific act. Hahahahahaha, I’m a real funny guy.

      1. Mosques, courthouses, police stations and holy days have the greatest number of jihad terror attacks.

      1. OneThinDime ryanomaniac 
        The seventy-six virginians will be encased in a huge block of ice, along with the school bus,  before that happens.

  9. If you think this is bad,wait until they start using those American jets and tanks to kill their people.their blood is on your hands Obama!

    1. 57thunderbird Unfortunately it isn’t just Hussein and the ‘rats that support arming the Mohammedans.

  10. Compliance through fear, the exact opposite of what Jesus taught and died for. Much like the ignorance of our own political climate here in America. Reid and Pelosi both use this tatic to keep their party in line. There is a poster that I have seen in the hallways in many of your nations schools, “doing what is popular isn’t always right, doing what is right isn’t always popular. Jesus knew this all too well, and even carried his cross when most everyone would have done anything to get out of it. Pray our politicians will see the light and re-establish their backbone. “A coward dies a thousand times.”

  11. So hey obama! How many of these boys could be your sons? 
    Their pain and blood is on your head as much as your brotherhood buddies you evil, ignorant piece of crap!
    Lord forgive me yet again for my anger- but please help these boys to know Jesus and trust in You.  
    Psalm 37…. breathe…

  12. Yeah and you are giving them your tax dollars to torture your fellow Christians. I suggest people start bombarding the politicians.

    1. Laurel A Correction, the politicians are redistributing our tax dollars to the MB without our consent to torture our fellow Christians…..but your meaning is true and your suggestion to bombard the politicians even better!

        1. Laurel A OneThinDime We all do it because the politicians are supposed to be our representation.  Unfortunately, they do whatever the heck they want and then just lie and steal from us more.

      1. therightscoop comoesta3 It was tough to hear of their torture, but glad you shared so people can become aware of the atrocities.

  13. How’s that mooslim brotherhood workin out for ya…. “Imagine a mooslim boot stamping on a human face … forever”

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