We need a NEW PARTY IF/WHEN Hillary wins – Ted Cruz! [UPDATED]

Wow. Don’t count out Ted Cruz. It looks like he might be making a big statement here:

UPDATE!! Well that didn’t last long. The tweet was deleted. Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s an excerpt from the post written by Daniel Horowitz:

When John Quincy Adams entered office in March, 1825, he had lofty ideas both domestically and on the global front. The younger Adams had one of the most impressive resumes of a new president. He was widely regarded as one of the most successful secretaries of state in our history, and presided over the tranquil years of the Monroe presidency. Yet, the Jacksonian Democrats who dominated Congress, buoyed by the voting bloc of the southern states, absolutely decimated Quincy’s agenda and rendered his entire presidency an utter failure. There is no reason the same dynamic cannot occur during a potential Hillary presidency. Sadly, it won’t until a true alternative party is conceived.

Whether you love, hate, or tolerate the current GOP nominee, the reality is that unless something cathartic occurs before the critical mass of early voting begins, Hillary Clinton will be elected president on November 8. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just three weeks out from the election (and much less when mass early voting is factored in), it’s time conservatives of all stripes at least give some thought as to a game-plan past the sensational news of the day in the media.

You can bet there will be plenty who want to shoot Cruz for posting this. The entire post is worth reading, but here’s how it ends:

Moreover, in the state, Democrats have held only a minority of state governments for most of the past two decades. Republicans, on the other hand, now control two-thirds of the state legislative bodies and in 23 states they control the trifecta of state government. Democrats enjoy full control in just seven states. Yet, little has changed to thwart the agenda of the far-left on most issues. On the seminal issues of our item, such as Obamacare, Islamic refugee resettlement, and funding for Planned Parenthood — which should be slam dunk policy — Republicans have been impotent if not complicit in the problem.

The biggest question that conservatives must answer the day after the election is: for how much longer will they continue doing the same things and expecting different results? The sooner that question is resolved, the quicker we can chart a new course that will be embraced by a majority of the country, which is clamoring for something different. The imperative to act and the opportunity for a clean break from the past were never stronger. At this point, it’s all a matter of initiative.

Wow. So. What do you think? Cruznado, anyone?

[Editor’s note: We mistakenly wrote that Cruz himself had written the post at Conservative Review rather than tweeting it. We apologize for the error.]


Cruz is making for darn sure people know he didn’t intend to post this article – see what he’s saying about it here!!!

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