Neera Tanden accidentally reveals what Dems will do to the economy to ‘stop’ Global Warming

 The president of the Center for American Progress, a far left liberal group, got into a twitter debate and let the cat out of the bag about what Dems *actually* need to do to “stop” Global Warming.

Check it out:

Yeah she got a LOT of blowback over this, primarily because most of the protesters are poor, and can’t afford the gas tax.

Here’s how someone responded, as an objection to the carbon tax:

Check out her amazing reply:

She doesn’t give a damn that people are being hurt by government making it expensive to drive. She just wants to drive up prices everywhere because of some “theory” about making electric cars less expensive. What if they don’t get less expensive? What then? I guess we’re all screwed. 

This is from a feminist – even she recognizes the absurd elitism of Tanden’s statement:

This is another liberal response:

She just doesn’t get it:

And that’s why it just won’t work. It’s all fine in theory but people are hurting – when you can’t push this crap in a far left place like France, how do you think it’s going to go in Texas, or in the midwest? Good luck with that, Democrats!! 

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