‘Never Trump’ ringleader Jonah Goldberg says Trump is RIGHT about the VP debate!!

I was kinda flabbergasted when Trump said that Pence had such an overwhelming win that it was probably the best in all of the history of Vice Presidents debating each other. But, according to Twitter user Jonah Goldberg, he could be RIGHT!!!

What, seriously dude?!?

Watch below:

Goldberg then says that even though he might have won, it doesn’t mean much because winning a Vice President debate is like having the best OctoberFest in Orlando, Florida. This is a yuge slander on the fine, fine city of Orlando, Florida, but these “Never Trumpers” have no civility!!

Personally, I think they purposely sent Kaine to be as Trumpy as possible so that they could throw Trump’s antics back his supporters’ faces when they whine about it. And then there are the reports that Trump is angry that so many people are saying Pence did better than he did!!

What a crappy election.

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