NEW INFO from Brazile’s book revives Seth Rich CONSPIRACY theory…

“… for idiots,” was the end of that headline. You see, there’s an army of dishonest troglodytes who exist to lie about current events in order to radicalize the less witted among us about idiotic conspiracy theories.

And that’s exactly what is happening here.

Here’s what these tools are passing around as “evidence” that Brazile confirmed the Seth Rich conspiracy theory:

Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home. She wonders whether Russians had placed a listening device in plants in the DNC executive suite.

At first, Brazile writes of the hacking, top Democratic officials were “encouraging us not to talk about it.” But she says a wake-up moment came when she visited the White House in August 2016, for President Obama’s 55th birthday party. National security adviser Susan E. Rice and former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. separately pulled her aside to urge her to take the Russian hacking seriously, which she did, she writes.

NOTICE… she is afraid for her life NOT because she thinks the DNC will kill her – because, she happens to be the head of the DNC at the time – but because she fears the Russians might have killed Rich.

But that little fact conveniently escapes the morons and degenerates who are pushing this in order to further their idiotic fever dreams about conspiracy theories.

Please don’t join them.

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