New York Governor’s panel votes UNANIMOUSLY for $15 an hour MINIMUM WAGE for fast food workers!!

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo is determined to destroy what little employment we have in this state just for political points as his political panel recommends that fast food workers’ minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour!

Watch below:

I love this girl who says the raise will “transform” her life. Yeah, if she’s the lucky one to get the raise instead of being unemployed. Then she’ll be magically transformed onto welfare!

From the execrable New York Times:

A panel appointed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recommended on Wedesday that the minimum wage be raised for employees of fast-food chain restaurants throughout the state to $15 an hour. Wages would first be raised in New York City and then the rest of the state.

The $15 wage would represent a raise of more than 70 percent for workers earning the state’s current minimum wage of $8.75 an hour. Advocates for low-wage workers said they believed that the mandate would quickly spur pay raises for employees in other industries across the state.

“Chalk one up for the 99-percenters,” said Bill Lipton, director of the Working Families Party in New York, which has campaigned for the $15 minimum wage. “There’s clearly a new standard for the minimum wage and it’s actually a living wage for the first time in many, many decades.”

Awesome!! I can’t wait to see the headlines of people being laid off by businesses in NYC just like they did in Seattle! LOL!!

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