New York man charged with a HATE CRIME for defecating on pride flags

When I first saw this headline I assumed the New York man defecated on some official city pride flag in order for it to be a hate crime. But that’s not the case at all.

This man took pride flags from an outdoor table at a restaurant and used them to defecate and wipe himself:

NY DAILY NEWS – A homeless man has been charged with several hate crimes for defecating on an LGBTQ+ Pride flag and wiping his behind with another at a Manhattan restaurant, according to the NYPD.

Fred Innocent, 45, walked into Buceo 95, a tapas bar on W. 95th St. and Broadway on the Upper West Side, on April 15 at about 10 a.m. as the day crew was setting up and grabbed two rainbow flags off of a table, cops said. He relieved himself on one of the banners, according to police, then cleaned himself with another.

“This was a total hate crime,” restaurant owner Courtney Barroll said after hearing of the arrest. “He came in within 15 minutes of us opening up the restaurant. He could have gone to Popeyes or McDonald’s around the corner. He could have used napkins.”

She said that she puts the flags up in the restaurant to show that she’s welcoming to the gay community.

“We support everyone no matter what kind of background, race or lifestyle,” Barroll told the Daily News.

The man carried out his disgusting act beneath a surveillance camera, Trujillo said.

Barroll said that hate crimes detectives worked tirelessly to track Innocent down.

Innocent, whose address comes back to a Harlem shelter, was charged with burglary, harassment and trespassing, all as hate crimes. He was also hit with additional trespassing charges and burglary, not as a hate crime.

He was arrested in Midtown and was awaiting arraignment as of Wednesday evening.

“If I’m asked to go to court, I’m going to press for the maximum charge possible,” she said.

I hope Barroll asks for the death penalty because that is the only true justice for such a hateful act. Intolerance of this magnitude should never be tolerated and the only way to extinguish it is to kill those who commit such injustices.

Unless of course those injustices are aimed at white people. In that case they should be celebrated and rewarded.


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