Newt fires back at Pelosi: Bring it on!

Newt today said that if Pelosi wants to disclose information about himself from when she was on the ethics committee, that the House should immediately file charges against her as that is a violation of the rules of the House:

First of all I’d like to thank Speaker Pelosi for what I regard as an early Christmas gift. If she’s suggesting she’s gonna use material she developed while she was on the ethics committee, that is a fundamental violation of the rules of the House and I would hope members would immediately file charges against her the second she does it.

Here’s the full clip:


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147 thoughts on “Newt fires back at Pelosi: Bring it on!

  1. THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT PHONIES. All. of. Them. They ALL knew soetoro was not eligible or mentally fit for high office but went along for the ride anyway. Historical. Can you imagine how many dead politicos there would be right now if any of the pansies had’ve spoken up back in 2007/2008?

  2. Hey after you guys spit Newt’s dick out are you going to look at the Ethics Investigation stuff that’s public?

  3. Wow I came here for the Newt stuff but I’m staying for the demented Obama spittle flecked dementia. Boo. Ha ha did your pointy hat fall off. Boo.

  4. All this dirt and nothing on Obama who has enough dirt on him to fill thr Rosebowl . Here is the stupidity of Republicans there are so many candidates . Evreytime they attack any ONE of them they must ALL attack obama . Thats how you control this, lesser candidates who do not have a chance should take the lead on this, it would help them with their standing with the voters. but instead they are too busy being the PARTY OF STUPID

  5. Way to go Newt. Finally someone from the GOP hitting back and with force. piglosi you are out of there.

    1. Newt Gingrich Mocks President Obama-Hilarious!

      Also, got the following one in one of those chain emails:

      “As an American, I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his name. America gave him the White House, based on the same credentials.” -Newt Gingrich

      Also, search #5 Nastiest U.S. Presidential Elections in History

      Lincoln vs. Douglas, 1860

      Yep, even Abraham Lincoln was dealt his share of crap. But he was pretty good at dealing it too. Although it’s normal – and expected – for candidates to stump across the country in any little small town that will have them, but in 1860 it was considered a little tacky. Stephen Douglas chose this tactic anyway, but claimed that he was really just taking a leisurely train ride from D.C. to New York to visit his mom. Lincoln and his supporters took note of the fact that it took him over a month to get there and even put out a “Lost Child” handbill that said he “Left Washington, D.C. some time in July, to go home to his mother… who is very anxious about him. Seen in Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Conn., and at a clambake in Rhode Island. Answers to the name Little Giant. Talks a great deal, very loud, always about himself.” ‘Little Giant’ was a potshot at Douglas’ height – he was only 5′4″. He was also said to be “about five feet nothing in height and about the same in diameter the other way.”

      Douglas took aim at Lincoln, too, saying he was a “horrid-looking wretch, sooty and scoundrelly in aspect, a cross between the nutmeg dealer, the horse-swapper and the nightman.” Another good one? “Lincoln is the leanest, lankest, most ungainly mass of legs and arms and hatchet face ever strung on a single frame.”

  6. Must be nice to be able to seal your records Barack Obama, yet your comrades have access to all of your opponents records.

  7. Newt is the only one on the stage who defends himself and conservatism so succinctly and effectively brushing away the dirt, this is go to be very important in the upcoming Chicago style mudsling that’s coming to whomever wins the nomination.

    Romney is a RINO and doesn’t defend well at all.
    Perry too easy to portray as the second coming of Bush.
    Ron Paul is too cowardly to go to the Trump debate because Trump might mention Iran and we’re supposed to believe he can take on the Chicago slime machine?
    Bachmann can take it and shit out well but she can easily be portrayed as crazy aunt as Ron Paul can be portrayed as crazy uncle by Obama’s slime machine.
    Santorum is thick skinned and tough but I think Newt has a better shot of winning PA than Santorum does.
    Huntsman could have beat Obama in a Democrat primary.

    I wish all of the candidates had Gary Johnson’s veto super-powers. 🙂

    My opinion I could be wrong.

  8. I like Newt when he’s fighting. Unlike Romney who starts stuttering, Newt is calm, cool and collected, not even breaking a sweat!

  9. Why would Princess Nancy announce this? Kind of like saying there would be a press conference with the Cain accusers and Pelosi look-and-act-alike, Gloria Allred. The left is scared and actions like this prove it.

  10. Love the Newt.

    I listen to him and he sounds like a man advancing.

    I listen to Romney and he sounds like a man couching, calculating, backpedaling, posturing.

  11. Nancy might be the most hated politician, so it automatically discredits all the ethics questions about Newt from the late 1990s. Not sure what Nancy’s thinking was.

  12. HotDang… I know we’re not supposed to like this guy just because of his oratoral abilities and capacity to bat down accusations with prowess and panache and we’re supposed to take into account all his fliflopping over global warming and all but … HOTDANG!

    1. You’ve never changed your position on anything? Really?
      Have you written a dozen books?
      Have you helped balance the Fed budget?
      Have you helped reform welfare?
      No. I didn’t think so.
      You are unidentifiably ridiculous.

  13. Mr. Gingrich is very naive if he thinks that anyone is going to go after Pelosi for disclosing documents. I mean we have an illegal President with a forged Birth Certificate and a dubious Social Security Number who had to surrender his law license to avoid disbarment, and everybody is watching and not doing anything about it, does he really think that Pelosi will spend Christmas in jail? She will get a personal invitation to go swimming with the President in Hawaii!!! Cain is gone……now they are going after Gingrich……the next one is Romney…….And what are we doing? Following the statements of two sluts Bialek and White and don’t have the cojones to defend and bring back Herman Cain!!!! What pisses me the most its that Fox News is helping Obama “fair and balanced”??!!

    1. I don’t think you have to worry. Newt knows the game and more importantly he knows exactly what Princess Pelosi can and cannot do without going to jail.
      I think he explained it very clearly that he has done nothing wrong and for the 1 MINOR thing he did do wrong he paid his debt and owes nothing.

      The American people will see this for exactly what it is…DNC slimeball politics. I believe it will completely backfire on them and this has the potential makings of the greatest Republican landslide victory in the History of American Politics and the Presidency, House, and Senate all turn Republican and the DemocRATS are turned into a party of the past like the Whigs.

      1. Allen, thanks for your message. I deeply hope that you are right! Obama has to become a one term President. I always thought that he was going to be the first 1/2 term POTUS.

  14. Now we get to see the real DNC slime machine get into high gear. They must be really really afraid because they know what is coming…..Most likely the biggest landslide election in history as Newt takes the Presdiency and the Republicans win back the house and senate and turn the Democratic party into a thrid rate party like the Green Party.

    Like Newt says….bring it on. Because the only way they can attack is by smear and false statement. If Princess Nancy (i look like the Joker) Pelosi wants to break the law then lets see where she runs with it. This will be nothing more than typical slime ball DNC smear but on a National Scale.

    I hope the DNC wastes tons of cash on this one to make a new low for them and finally show the USA exactly what type of turds the Democrats truely have become. The DNC is soo corrupt with Unions, Marxists, Socialists, and fringe Lefties….we could finally see an implosion that takes them down.

    Just like Newt says….Thanks for the early Christmas present Nancy….

  15. This is why we need Newt now he is the only one who can take the fight to the Democrats and the Media clowns. Pelosi is a reflection of the moral decay that has set in to the Democratic Party. We need to stand with Newt we cannot let the Media deflect all the attention from Obamas disaster.

  16. Perhaps his violation is that he illegally acquired a transcript from Occidental College indicating Barack Soetoro was a enrolled as a resident of Indonesia. Or, maybe it’s one of 1,000 unethical things a prostitute like Gingrich did while in office & out of office.

  17. Go ahead and make our day Stretch! The more people see this woman, the more they are to oppose her no matter what the issue is. I still don’t know how this woman still gets press attention since she hasn’t been Speaker in 3 years. She’s just a member of the House!

    1. and love how those supposedly-devastating video clips cut off his responses, leaving only the choicest little blurbs possible for the attack. /sarc

        1. You must’ve missed where I was attempting to be humorous with my statement… Ah, I see, I forgot a smiley attached to the end — I thought the “/sarc” was enough to denote it… I’ll make sure I don’t forgot that next time for you… 😉

  18. Now THAT is the way Cain should have handled his accusers! Instantly counterpunch!

    Regardless of any opinions I have of Newt, I like this reaction.

    1. Allen West would be a good VP…but I’m sure Newt’s intelligence and bravery are his own. He’s not “copying” anyone. He doesn’t need to.

  19. Pelosi is just horsetrading. I think it is time for the Ethics Committee to bring an action against Pelosi for her stock transactions. That should keep her busy until election season. Email Boehner’s office today to get this done. Even if she is found not liable under current law, it will neuter her and any charges from the 90’s against Newt.

  20. It did sound as if Newt would like to cover his butt on ethics. I would like for him to have used another argument against her…if there is one.

    1. You are falling for the liberal box job they are doing to Newt (i.e., that is because he doesn’t want it released, he is somehow guilty of something).

      The Ethics Report is the document of record here and details the Committee’s findings. Newt may have voluntary waived attorney-client privelege with regard to some documents produced during the investigation with the understanding that the Committee could use the factual information from said documents against him but could not release the privileged information to the public.

      The Ethics Report is the controlling document. If there was anything to this, it would be in the Ethics Report!

      P.S. You just got Pelosi-ized! (That sucks for you!)

      1. Liberals have been successful at using people’s emotions against conservatives with unsubstantiated accusations. To many people (conservatives) the accusation is worse than proof. All I’m saying is that Newt might be falling into a trap of the appearance of guilt. Regardless of the facts.

      2. They wanted him GONE because he was EFFECTIVE in his duties. Eighty-three of 84 indictments were dropped. Where’s Rangle? He’s still there.

  21. Please Nancy! Be kind to us all when you appear in public and put a bag over your coyote ugly head! And also,getthe shit out of your mouth so we can understand you.

  22. draft Allen West at the Convention for VP if we’re stuck Gingrich/OldTimePolitico as Prez, otherwise we’re likely sunk. Anyone running for the nomination must engage in all out war with the media/Rove/Axelrod Machine.

  23. Great column by Scott Wheeler (the guy who ran the Rev Wright ads even though McCain would not) today.

    “We frequently hear and read that presidential elections are won with votes from the middle that flow to the most moderate candidate.
    There was only one moderate running for president in 2008 and he was beaten by a left-wing extremist, so someone should explain how nominating a moderate and running to the middle wins an election.”

    “if Republicans had any moxie they would ask Obama this question: “If the Republican-controlled House was able to stop you from fixing the economy, why didn’t the Democrat-controlled House stop President Bush from wrecking it, as you claim he did?”

    “Obama’s campaign strategy is to blame the bad economy on Republicans, but Obama can be defeated by putting his leftist ideology on trial in this election and explaining how it brought the economy to its knees.
    But first, Republicans have to acknowledge that it was weak Republicans, in the interest of compromise, that allowed too much liberal poison to choke a once strong and free economy.”

    “poll after poll shows that 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservative, while 20% identify themselves as liberal, and yet our Republican establishment tells us we must compromise.”

    “we are told that we are not allowed to use words like “socialism” to describe the socialists in the Democrat party because that drives away independent voters, yet they call us names like “Nazi” and “fascist” and we call them “our good friends and colleagues.”

    “(The nationis) told by the left that success equates to “greed” and hope that no one notices that all of their schemes to redistribute the wealth always end with more power for them and less freedom for everyone else (except the political class who has the final say over who gets what).
    Power is the manifest greed of the political princelings of the Washington establishment.”

    1. Thanks, good article and very logical. Republicans need to grow a set. Newt already has a set…that’s why Tom Coburn, the self-righteous prig from OK, doesn’t back Newt a a leader. These are the kinds of bafoons voted into office by a public who can’t get past the “image”. POLIWOOD….Chris Wallace is on my shit list.

  24. So what Piglosi is saying is that she is waiting for ” someone” to give her the green light to start her blackmail of Newt ?
    BTW, NOW is the time Piglosi should be convicted and sent to jail for the way she certified Obama as Dem candidate . There is enough info out there to start an investigation…I mean if Repubs have any ca-ho-neys .

  25. Pelosi, the scumbag stock trader crook that she is will fold like a used kleenex on this one. What goes on in negotiations of any type is a long known fact that these meetings are private unless agreed apon by both parties to air to the public. Somehthing that the Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid did not adhere to during the healthcare debates. Obama’s campaign promise was thrown out the window and he still practices NO Transparencies to this day. Liberals are quiet on this until a Republican gets back in office and then they will complain and whine all over again!

  26. MAJOR BITCHSLAP TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Good job, Speaker Gingrich, even if you are a progressive Republican

  27. Newt shouldn’t be giving her the benefit of a response.

    Any rebuttal to Pelosi’s remarks should have been delivered by a third tier campaign intern.

  28. All of you who quietly applauded when they lynched Herman Cain because he wasn’t your candidate can… first kiss my Republican, Conservative ass – because you’re all basically traitors to the cause of Freedom – and therefore idiots.

    Having said that – and you know who you are… since you didn’t help support Cain when they took him down – they’re just going to continue to do it with your candidate. Here it comes…

    1. Yeah damn that woman for taking Cain’s money and calling him late at night for 13 years and then talking about it publicly and damn that Gloria for being upset about it. after all it was only a “pastoral relationship” hahahahahahahaha

    2. Hey Joel, KMA. I supported Cain until he started fumbling on issues like Chinese nukes, Lybia, and (fer crissake) abortion. He got to the point where he was having to consult lawyers or generals for every question that was thrown at him. I could care less who he’s nailing, or not. What we need is competence, and Cain, while I still love him as a person, is not up to the job. If he was on point, on message, and knew his stuff, he’s still be campaigining, but he’s not

    3. Yes, they will go after each and every GOP candidate until the only one left is RINOmney, IMO. We all knew it was coming.

    4. We DID NOT APPLAUD … we waited to see what Mr. Cain would do …. and I am sure his wife had already had enough! Newt STILL has to prove himself and I am WATCHING, like so many others.

    5. They lied, slandered and ridiculed Palin from the moment she became the VP nominee. The reason she’s still standing is because nothing stuck because there was nothing to stick. Cain was the main accomplice to his down fall.

      1. Are you serious?! They demolished Palin – and, by doing so, took away our best candidate – by far. None of the rest are even close.

        And the same weak-kneed conservatives (you know who you are – losers) who let them talk you into believing Palin was a dumb bimbo, also let them talk you into thinking Cain was a “womanizer”.

    6. Herman Cain lied to our faces and continues to do so. He gave money to a woman that wasn’t his wife for 13 years…if he wasn’t getting a little something else on the side then he’s the first man ever in history to do so. If he has no issue lying to his wife than he has no issue lying to us. Is Newt perfect, nope. But at least he admitted what he had done.

      1. Hey jack-ass… no wrong-doing was ever proven with Herman Cain. You have absolutely no factual basis for your comment. Just insinuation from your masters – the Liberal media.

    7. I’m hoping that those who silently watched Cain go down will have learned their lessons and behave differently with Gingrich. Probably not all, but perhaps enough to make a difference.

    8. I said back before the candidates started announcing they were running, that it would be a blood bath! The media will attempt to destroy whichever candidate is polling in first place, except for Romney who they secretly hope will run against Obama in the general election. Then in the general election (if Romney is the nominee) they will attempt to destroy Romney.

      Fellow conservatives we must be united against Obama! Obama must NOT be allowed to occupy the White House for another 4 years or we can kiss this Republic goodbye. I don’t care if my aunt fanny goes against Obama in the general election, I will vote for _____________ (fill in the blank) against Obama!

    9. Cain was not lynched or taken down by anyone but himself. If he didn’t have an affair, then he sure did a thorough job of framing himself. Numerous payments and late night calls for years to some woman without his wife’s knowledge? His defense: you can’t prove I did anything wrong, all charges are false or “unproven”. Pathetic, really.

  29. If Newt can survive and rise the next two weeks, his strength may strike fear in the Democrats who would potentially realize he could actually win… and would not want to face the wrath he would bring them from inside the White House, especially if the GOP takes back the Senate, too.

    Newt’s retribution against the democrats will definitely be served cold.

    1. Unfortunately Newt will never get that chance. Republicans who deserted Cain when he was lynched last month have shown what very serious pussies they are.

      I expect nothing better from them when they bring the long knives to Gingrich.

      1. Possibly, but Gingrich has a huge arsenal of facts in his pocket that he can destroy opponents with… something previous GOP primary leaders have been unable to bring out.

      2. Damn….you sound really bitter. So, because your candidate bowed out (admittedly through unfair accusations) you now want every candidate to crash and burn?

  30. Good God! Is Nancy trying to make me a Newt Supporter?

    Hey, Newty, I’m sure you know lots of dirt on her, so the moment she releases asnything she has, then release all your shiz on her.

    1. I’m thinking Newt is not going to waste his time playing Pelosi games. He’s going to stick to his message and hit all the crap thrown at him out of the park.

  31. That, my friends, is why Newt flew to the top of the polls…..the only to date with any, I repeat any, gravitas to put these Dumbocrats in their place….this is the woman who said we need to pass a $100 trillion in debt, 2,000 page Obamacare to see what was in it……can you say 57 States stupid???

  32. I just get torn in different directions about Newt.

    One part of me has some real concerns about his “baggage” and past statements. The thought runs through my head saying “has he really changed?”

    On the other hand, I love his direct approach to the issues. I keep telling my self that Regan was a democrat for many years until he reviewed what he believed personally. This is when he became a conservative. Could it be that Newt has reviewed his stance, talked to the people and realized some of his mistakes? I don’t know.

    What I do know is that I want a candidate who can look BHO in the eye and say it like it is. I’m personally impressed with his knowledge of our history as well as how the government actually works. Because of this I could only imagine that when it comes down to a debate between him and BHO, Newt would crush him and be able to point out the socialistic policies of our current POTUS.

    1. I understand but you might want to look at your own past (not that it was necessarily horrible) and ask yourself have you changed, are your ideas and actions like they were ten or twenty years ago. Since you probably weren’t in the public eye you don’t have to explain to anyone why or how you’ve changed, you just did. What would have passed for conservative years ago is now considered a sell out by many conservatives today. I for one trust Newt and I believe what he said at the end of his speech. “I want you to help me save the America we love.”

      1. Exactly…how much have I changed in the last 25 years? A lot! And thank God! One thing about the man, Newt, is that he is prolific in life. He says what he thinks. I find that refreshing.

    2. I can relate to how you feel. But, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I listened to Newt on two separate occasions describing his internal personal struggles through the years, the lessons he learned from that journey, and achieving what he feels is some degree of redemption. I suppose it could all be a facade…but it struck me as sincere. I suspect most of us ‘older’ folks can relate because we too have, more than likely, made a similar journey. I know I have. I’ve heard him give several speeches in the past 2 years or so (prior to him throwing his hat in)…and he articulates the conservative agenda better than any…and a vision of America that is inspiring. It may be that…because so many think it is so unlikely…Newt’s journey has led him to this critical juncture in our history as the man for the time.

    1. Really, sounded like a response of fear to me.. Threatening Pelosi with retaliation if she comes forward with information… If it were Obama, rather than Newt, wouldn’t we want to know what they had…

      1. No, it was a reply of reality.

        We have NO ONE in the House or the Senate that ever gets in trouble for anything….we need to start pulling this if you get caught speeding. Sorry, if Congressman can do it, so can I. Don’t pay your taxes and reference the behavior of these a-holes.

        These fools are going to learn soon enough that 330 million people out-number 535 members of Congress. They better start paying attention.

      2. Bill,

        Read the House Rules. Gingrich may have released attorney-client privileged information to the Ethics Committee with the understanding it would not be made public. The Ethics Committee wrote a full report detailing their findings. That document is public record. Don’t fall for this non-sense!

      3. Clearly defiance, not fear. Pelosi is trying to go outside the law to intimidate Newt. And if we want to know what info she has, I suspect we’ll get it. Of course, she was gunning for him even then, so why didn’t she nail his hide to the wall then? Answer: there wasn’t anything of substance in the charges.

      4. Bill, you’re an idiot… You say the dumbest things. sorry, but I’ve seen too many of his comments and this one takes the cake… As Herman Cain said.. “Stupid People are ruining this country.”

  33. Oh, so Newt’s not saying there’s nothing to her statement but that if she tries to use the info she has, she should be punished for it… Add that to his convenient Confidentiality Agreement not allowing anyone to know what, if anything, he advised Freddie Mac on how to get around the Republican’s attempts to rein-in Freddie and Fannie, and we’ve got the appearance of some Major Coverups.. What did they say about Cain, it’s not the ‘crime’ but the coverup…

    1. You are definitely not a lawyer and probably have never dealt with the legal process. Newt may have released attorney-client privileged information to the Ethics Committee with the understanding that the Committee could use the information against him but not release the privileged documents to the public. As a result, the Ethics Report is the document of record here and details the Committee’s findings. Releasing information in violation of House Rules is an ethics violation by Rep. Pelosi.

    2. Listen again if you will. What know already is that out of 88 complaints against him by the liberal committee one of no consequence stuck. This tells you that anything she has is contrived to say the least and is most likely a lie. He’s also saying even if they are lies she is showing her true colors by going against House ethics and should be reprimanded for it. This is a diplomatic way of saying even though Pelosi is a liar and brought false charges which weren’t true we need to reprimand her even though it will not stop her from being a liar, because it is against the rules.

    3. Did you even bother to watch the video? What do you think “83 charges were repudiated as false” and “every other charge against me was found false” means?

      FALSE means not true.

      1. Not only were the charges proven false, the IRS issued a letter stating that fact…but it was long after he had already paid the $300,000 dollar fine from personal funds, which he had to borrown, not from political donations, which he could have done.

        If you have not read his book “A Nation Like No Other”, you should, it provides a lot of insight into Newt’s philosophies and love for our country.

    4. You don’t get it. If Pelosi and Newt have a private conversation during a meeting of the ethics committee, she is not supposed to reveal those conversations. you’ve never had a conversation with someone in private that you wouldn’t want on the news?

      Where’s the full on attack on any leftwing candidate? Obama always got, and always continues to get, a free pass from the media.

  34. To drain the swamp called DC, we really need a DC insider now.
    I also hope our side realizes that NOTHING GOOD ever comes out of agreeing/compromising with islamomarxists .
    If elections happen in 2012, my vote is for Newt .

    1. I like Newt. I voted for Newt when I lived in Georgia.

      Newt is not the person we need to go to Washington.

      He will compromise. Future Spending Cuts will be promised, in exchange for Immediate Tax Increases. The Spending Cuts, shoved out to the later years, never happen.

      We need a President who will actively Dismantle Washington DC, with the same feverishness of a democrat spending other peoples’ money.

      1. If you really want Washington dismantled, you have to have three things in alignment

        1) Congress in control by the GOP (and filibuster-proof in the senate)
        2) President and administration in control by the GOP
        3) Actual popular support for dismantling Washington

        You can get #1 and #2 by supporting GOP in the next election; actually Goal #1 is well within reach and so is #2 if we don’t blow it. #3 comes AFTER the election, as us voters need to really put the heat on after the new administration is in office to force them to be good to their word.

        Newt’s not perfect, but he knows where all of the nooks and crannies are in DC, probably more so than someone who’s got a better conservative “vibe.” Give him actual authority and he’ll be good enough.

    2. Much as Newt is not my first or second choice, he does appear to have the grit and depth of experience which will be needed to “drain it.” If only he can stay on game…

    3. So far I agree. Newt knows how to handle these idiots and will not sit on his hands as Bush did. It’s time to fight back and defeat the liberals not compromise or reach across the isle. If I hear that from anyone they lose my vote.

      1. Yeah!!!!!! They are another cancer at work within the body of our nation. Wait until they get their numbers, then you will see them start demanding Shira Law.Any religion that forces a woman who has been raped to marry the bastard that did it is a disgrace & should not be allowed to exist in a society of decent,civilized people.I have heard so many politicians being so politicaly correct not to “offend” these people, it makes me sick. Yes they may be peace-loving,law-abiding citizens now, but if they are true muslims, their stupid religion does not tollorate any other,they are admonished to emulate their great Mohammid, who was a murderer & a pediphile.Their women have about as much status as their dogs.Between them & the marxists we have in this country, we may have to call on the Hispanics to help keep our country from being stolen.

    1. If you think for one second that Pelosi won’t disclose everything incriminating she knows about Gingrich because she’s worried about some ~ethics~ committee – you just haven’t been paying attention.

      What did they use against Cain as proof? Zilch. They don’t need proof. This isn’t about facts. It’s about Communism gaining the prize they’ve been after for 60 years. They just need insinuation – and it will appear on every front page and news program in existence – every day for weeks and months – until it creates the doubt.

      You losers who cheered Cain’s lynching on because you supported another candidate are about to get a stern lesson in Democrat ~ethics~.

      1. It’s how Cain handled the mud is what brought him down… everyone is gonna dirty in this process, no one is spotless, it’s how you clean yourself up afterwards is what matters, whoever can come out the cleanest in the end will be the nominee.

        And I’m not invested in any of these candidates as much as I would have been if it was Sarah Palin running but she’s not so I won’t get my heart broken if my candidate is not the nominee. All I need against Obama is a CANDIDATE, doesn’t matter to me who it is, I want OBAMA OUT!

        1. So exactly what could Cain have done differently? He denied the charges, even took a lie detector test and passed it. How did his ‘handling’ of the mud bring him down? Makes no sense.

      2. Well said. We cannot be divided, because then we are easily conquered. I’m not a Perry supporter, for instance, but I cheer his efforts on. If he’s the nominee, I will be a Perry supporter. Period. I’m sick of these Marxists picking our candidates! These scumbags need to be politically destroyed.

      3. Wrong. You and the communists are about to get a lesson in what happens when you hit someone who knows how to hit back.

        And I’m not insinuating that you’re a communist. I’m certain you’re not. I’m just joyously anticipating the first round of the 2012 election where someone not a conservative kisses the canvas.

        1. I hope with all my heart you’re right. But I know you’re not.
          I’m hearing the constant dripping already about Gingrich…

          “took a million dollars from Fannie Mae”… drip, drip…
          “divorced his wife while she was dying in the hospital”… drip, drip…

          There’s nothing Gingrich (or Cain) can say to make that go away – it’s up to US. I’m only hoping those who joined in on the Cain bashing – will be smarter this time.

          1. Oh yes, you’re right about Newt’s baggage. The difference here is that Newt seems to be bashing back instead of being intimidated. Toughness counts for a lot, and attitude is a big part of toughness. Of course he could fold too. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s just beginning.

            This is the first time in my lifetime that the press has abandoned all pretense of objective thinking. They’ve revealed themselves as a bunch of brutal, lying, communist sharks. They know that if they lose this time, having had a Marxist prez for four years, they’ll have a tough time regaining power. If they get total power, they’ve won. But they may have tipped their hand one election cycle too soon. Maybe enough people – even democrats – have seen the result of marxism that they’ll back off. Maybe.

          2. The part about Newt’s wife dying of cancer is false. She was in the hospital for removal of a benign tumor, and it was SHE who wanted the divorce. The media never actually SAYS that he divorced her while she lay dying, but they do a very good job with innuendo, and no one seems to question their motives.

          3. Make it go away by getting the FACTS and know what the truth is.
            Newt did NOT divorce his wife while she was dying in the hospital.
            He was paid that much by Fannie over a long period of time for consultation….
            and long before it became the albatross it is now.
            I didn’t like the Cain bashing. I liked Herman but never confident enough in him to vote for him….he just wasn’t ready, regardless of the sex scandals.

      4. I never cheered anything the liberal press said or says about any of our candidates. Not that you meant me personally but what I did cheer was his dropping out because he didn’t handle a personal problem before running.
        Anyone running for president who is a Republican had better handle what ever needs to be handled in their past before hand not after people have supported them with money and especially not at the expense of their spouse. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know the liberal press and Democrats will do or say anything against our candidates. This is such common knowledge I can’t help feeling that Cain was to arrogant to care.

        1. Handle it?! Handle it!!??
          How the hell does anyone handle a constant stream of lies appearing in every news outlet in the country?

          It’s up to us. The candidate is basically helpless in that situation. We need to ignore the bullshit – unlike what you obviously did with Herman Cain.

          1. Maybe Cain should have had those women whacked before announcing his candidacy? That’s about the only thing he could have done to prevent them from spewing their venomous lies.

      5. You’re exactly right. Id just say that when the charges have no foundation they are much harder to go up against. ‘It didnt happen’ is generally to short an explaination for people to buy for some reason, EVEN when it is the truth. It is going to be a real shame if it comes out that the first two charges were concocted. It is looking like Cain may have had some marital indiscretions but this is politics?? I only care about who can get the american economy (and the wider worlds economy) back on track. If you have a president that will do that then you have a president get us out of this mess!

    2. Pre-game trash talk. After it all settles after the election they’ll sit back down on that bench, have a chuckle, and toast themselves on fooling us all over again.

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