Newt: George Soros is right. I’m the real threat, not Romney

Newt has already incorporated this weekend’s interview with George Soros into his campaign speech:

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55 thoughts on “Newt: George Soros is right. I’m the real threat, not Romney

  1. Good for Newt coming out against “Spooky Dude.”

    He was the only candidate to mention Saul Alinsky and Obama in the same sentence.

    Newt is Soros’ and Romney’s “Spooky Dude” and I ma praying (in spite of the absentee ballots) than Newt can pull this off in Florida. Then, we will see the establishment ratchet up the rhetoric.

  2. Dearest RS, If possible– could you please post the CBS live “Newt Rally” for continued topic:

    I sure could use some much needed encouragement and hope at this time. From the comments down thread, I’m bummed I miss-it!

    It would be much appreciated” ” ” ThanX CG *(big-smile)*

  3. Priceless comment from Legal Insurrection:
    “If Obama is called The One, I think Romney should be called The Other One.”

  4. This may help or add to the confusion, but the site is as close to neutral on the candidates as any I have found.

    Scroll down the page and you will see pics of each of the candidates, click on a pic and it will take you to a page where you can look at specific stands on issues.

    Or if you have trouble with that;
    In the order they appear,



    Compare and contrast.

    1. If your really willing to read it explains a lot and what I really liked was my support of Gingrich was vindicated. He’s a man who is willing to learn and willing to change but not out of expediency.
      I had no idea he an his daughter has worked in a reading program.

      What many now see as mistakes have in fact proven to be an evolution in thinking to coincide with what will work and actually help. Thanks for the links.

  5. excellent gesture encouraging the person w the computer picture about Romneycare and signing it to sell them online.

    1. It will be interesting to see how the absentee vote will affect the outcome. I’ve heard upwards of 25% of the votes have already been cast. Only the final tally will tell whether they were advantageous for Newt or Mitt.

      1. My guess (all of the thoughts I have anymore can be categorized as guesses, fantasies, myths or wild speculations) is that would trend toward Mr. Romney. He was heavily invested and had his apparatus set up for years (Maybe since 2008). The surge for Mr. Gingrich has come, in just the past 2 weeks.

        We will see in less than 48 hours.


  6. George Soros IS right. Romney and obama are very close to the same.

    AGAINST Second Amendment Right to honest Citizens to own guns.

    FOR government and bureaucrats taking over control of OUR OWN BODIES vis a vis Romney/obamacare.

    Put LIBERAL JUDGES into permanente seats on the bench.

    We can’t afford to elect another president who will put more liberals over the laws of our land!!!

  7. I was there for this speech! (in Pensacola, FL this morning). And at 55 seconds, you’ll hear my son, Justice (21 months old) expressing his disdain for the name Soros. ;^,

    Michael Reagan gave a great intro, debunking the idea that Newt was anti-Reagan.

  8. Soros is no dummy. He knows if he says something like this, that people will hear it. That’s what he does. So my question is: just what is he up to?

    1. He’s just trying to play god, as usual. He might think he’s the one who sets up the chess pieces in this political game, but as Newt said also in this speech, it’s all about people-power, not money-power in this race.

    2. Soros does not need to go on public TV. He can buy whatever he wants and whoever he wants. So when he does this, there is a reason. To get to the people, the voters, the campaigners, the reporters, the bloggers, the influencers who he cannot buy and control directly.

      While the political elite knows and respects Soros for the despicable subhuman cretin that he is, the masses of Dem voters do not see Soros as a self serving power monger. They see a kind of great and wonderful benefactor. A man working from within, to fight the very evil financial system he represents. A man who generously shares his wealth for their political, social and “charitable” causes.

      It is those people who Soros is talking to. The foolish lieutenants , the sargents, the privates in his cult. The useful idiots. He is telling them to support Romney, either as someone Obama can beat or someone they call all work with if Obama loses.

      1. Very well said, sDee. He’s marshalling all the clueless souls that require someone else to direct their thoughts, opinions and votes.

    3. Sometime we overestimate the prowess and genius of these people. Watching that interview, he came off as simply saying his mind.

    4. You never know because he’s the only one capable of using reverse psychology.

      Liberals for the most part including Obama only use blunt instruments to hit us over the head with. When ever they try to use reverse psychology it back fires on them because their followers don’t know what reverse psychology means. Of course they don’t know lies when they hear them either.

  9. How does one make that big smiley with characters? Because I have an actual big smile after seeing and hearing that. (BIG SMILE)


    1. I had a big smile on my face reading this as well.
      Akabosan, Is that Latin?
      So the plural would be Akabosus.
      I love your knowledge of latin man, keep it up.

      1. Yes, and instead of Akaboland, we will have to consider Akabolania. But that is to close to baloney, so maybe not.

        And Akabosus would be cool, but I hate to brag… Well, maybe a little in your case. 🙂


    1. MD? As in Maryland? Maryland in the U.S?

      Man, some of you jarheads just can’t get the battlefield out of your consciousness, can ya?

      Take a break. Go somewhere peaceful some weekend like Umatilla, Florida and hang out with the Umatillians.


      1. Yes, MD means The Peoples Republic of Maryland. On the right coast. You know, vs. the wrong coast, commonly referred to as Californicatia.

          1. Yup, My latin is a bit rusty. My latin teacher was cute and called me Brutus, but I still had trouble with it.

              1. Neither of those. I was a six time expert with my rifle and am even better with my gun.

                (BIG SMILE)

        1. We used to have a bumper sticker in Montana that read: “Don’t Californicate Montana”.

          (Though my very favorite was, “Welcome to Montana. Now get the f*ck out.”

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