Newt hammers Wolf Blitzer for selective outrage over Nugent’s comments…

While Newt doesn’t agree with Nugent’s comments, he refuses to get on the media’s bandwagon that’s trying to use Ted Nugent against Republican politicians who’ve been associated with him recently. I mean, honestly, the “subhuman mongrel” comments were terrible by Nugent. But I don’t think Nugent is a racist. I just think he went a little overboard with this comments.

But to suggest by implication that Greg Abbot agrees with those comments are absurd. In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the only people who likely knew about those comments were the leftists trying to dig up dirt to hurt Republicans.

But whatever. Newt hammers Blitzer over the selective outrage about this, bringing up Biden’s comments from 2012 where he said Republicans were going to put blacks back in chains if Romney got elected. And what’s worse, Stephanie Cutter actually said the Obama campaign didn’t have any problem with those comments. Most people in the media were like ‘they weren’t great comments but so what?’. They certainly weren’t outraged like the are now about Nugent.

Watch the clip below:

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89 thoughts on “Newt hammers Wolf Blitzer for selective outrage over Nugent’s comments…

  1. It is really funny how the same people who tore Sarah Palin apart are now acting indignant at someone speaking out honestly at 2013’s biggest liar.

    Obama won the prize for the #1 lie of 2013. Problem is…he is the winner for at least 5 fives running now.

  2. I remember Todd Palin endorsed newt and Sarah in trying to protect newt from the tina Fay savages held back but she tried to get conservatives to take a closer look at newt….the GOP was stupid not to get behind newt looking for that picture perfect mitt. Romney needs to stay out of politics imp.

  3. Blitzer is selective. He’s worried about what a musician has said but not what an elected Democrat named Joe Biden has said , while in office .

  4. Wolfie should get out of DC a little more often. We Texans agree with The Nuge!! Any president, destroying this country the way Obama has, IS little more than a sub-human mongrel.

  5. Media won’t tie Obama to comments his mentor Frank, Reverened Wright, his father, or statements he made himself before his run for national office, but no problem tying Abbott to this.
    Feign shock.

  6. It was smart to say, I show my students why it was smart to say. Look at Obama – what he’s done – mongrel (animal or plant resulting from the crossing of differentbreeds or varieties.)

    1. IMHO, there are not too many politicians that can say it like he can.
      I wish he’d volunteer to open a school to teach some of our ‘newbie young legislators’, to counter the crap that’s being tossed at them from the left as well as the right.

    1. I still regret that he did not get a chance! We need someone who can whip the media and get our message across. Yes, Romney was the all around family guy ect, without baggage, but he could and would not make mincemeat out of Obama and his lapdog media! Missing Newt even more when I see him do his thing and man does he do it well!

    2. Yeah, the reason he got dismissed is because he had too much baggage, Duh. maybe he didn’t have enough baggage, we sure know how to pick ’em. Or in other words, we let other people do the picking for us.

  7. Obama has 10 times the musicians slandering republicans for every one that is vocally outraged by Obama’s agenda. Barbara Streisand has said worse about the GOP during public fundraising, Madonna has spewed , Springsteen, and the list goes on

  8. Wolf! Careful! You’re about to strain your milk!

    Right on, Ted! Keep callin’ ’em as you see ’em!

  9. Obviously Newt will never get Wolf Blitzer to seriously criticize any Dimocrat for offensive comments they make. Blitzer would overlook those comments and move on to other subjects.

  10. Been a huge fan of The Nuge since the late 70’s, and yeah, he can go over the top now and then but the fact is Libs spew far worse every hour of every day. Blitzer is a dinosaur who is predictable and one reason why fewer folks watch CNN

    1. Yeah, you gotta’ expect a little extra from anyone who begins their career with shows that feature flaming arrows being launched from the stage!

  11. Physiologically, we might be connected as some distant human variant , but ethically and morally…forget it.

    Anyone who, after rising to the highest position in the nation by people who were willing to invest their trust and belief in him, can appear and lie about something–i.e., the nation’s healthcare–as important as one-sixth of the nation’s economy…that is an extremely important issue to all American citizens, the president lied for no less than three years–with no remorse.

    Make no mistake, the president knew what would happen, and he knew that what he claimed as the truth was a lie–from the first day until it was no longer deniable. Ok, this is why I say that…”If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. Period.”

    Mr. Nugent, you might be attacked for your comments, but if those attacks are coming from anyone who chose not to condemn the president, then I have no respect for what they have to say.

    It appears that Wolf Blitzer is another one of the attack mongrels who don’t deserve respect, and their views herein don’t really matter.

    Now, anyone taking the time to read this comment–in agreement or not–thank you.

    1. Like a stab in the heart. Destroying the most personal asset in a persons life, their health protection, is about the lowest form of hate of your fellow man. The personal stories of agony have not been published yet, but you can bet the misery is out there, and will come to the public’s attention sooner or later. You can bet on it.

      1. I agree, and 2014 will be stacked with more and more personal stories of loss and tragedy due to ObamaCare.

        If it were possible to bring lawsuits against the lawmakers who are responsible for this law, then they should be brought forward.

        The track record for Demo-Heads will not be good by November 2014.

        Keep reminding others of the fact that a 2/3 majority in the Congress can override a presidential veto. Therefore, with a majority in the full Congress the GOP can repeal OCare.

  12. R’s kicked Newt out because he held Bill Clinron’s feet to the conservative/principles fire… and here we are facing total destruction…enjoy your slavery!

    1. Newt went from Conservative to RINO and back and forth, but he knew how to make the deal. I’d take him over Boehner/McConnell anytime. He would have been a better president than Obama and wouldn’t sell America out.

  13. Considering CNN’s ratings, there are many more people reading about the event here than people who watched the actual broadcast.

  14. “subhuman mongrel” ?

    The only part I have a problem with is subhuman. We are all basically parts of different races by now and that would classify us as mongrels.

  15. It was like Wolf was not even listening to Newt. I think Newt could have been speaking pig latin and Wolf’s responses would have been mostly the same.

    Second, has anyone even asked Ted what he meant by that comment. Was he speaking of Mongrel in racial term (not good) or in political terms (i.e. mongrel communist-socialist mix; somewhat apt analogy).

    Second, funny how the media’s panties are in such a twist over an entertainer well known for saying incisive things. I think they see a two fer witch they can both beat the republicans over the head with and improve their street cred with their peers.

  16. The nazis referred to the Jews as subhuman mongrels, and apparently they’re the ONLY ones in history to have ever used that term, so NATURALLY Ted Nuggent is a nazi.

  17. How many times has Wolf Blizter taken leftists to tasks for their sleazy comments about Republicans? What about I guy like Bill Maher? How many times did Wolf Blizter get upset about his commentary on Bush?

    Bill Maher Takes On George Bush

    And here’s just one example of Maher raising money for Dems:

    Alabama Democrats Use Bill Maher for Fundraising

    “The Democratic party continues its bold stand against hateful rhetoric, such as the C-word, this time in Alabama:

    An Evening with Bill Maher

    March 17, 2012 Chairman’s Reception at 7pm

    Performance at 8pm

    Come join Alabama Democrats at the Von Braun Center Concert Hall in Huntsville for an Evening with Bill Maher. 700 Monroe Street Southwest, Huntsville, AL 35801…”

    And here’s a list of celebrities who are Democrats and have campigned and donated to Democrats. Many of you I’m sure will know some of the outrageous and vitrolic comments they have made about Repubilcans.

    1. Michael J. Fox

    2. Demi Moore

    3. The Dixie Chicks

    4. Eminem

    5. Faith Hill

    6. Jennifer Aniston

    7. Gwyneth Paltrow

    8. Hugh Hefner

    9. Hulk Hogan

    10. Jerry Springe

    11. Jessica Biel

    12. John Goodman

    13. Kevin Bacon

    14. Larry David

    15. Leonardo Dicaprio

    16. Matt Damon

    17. Michael Jordan

    18. Natalie Portman

    19. Jack Nicholson

    20. Oprah

    21. Paula Deen

    22. Reese Witherspoon

    23. Regis Philbin

    24. Bruce Springsteen

    25. Steven Spielberg

    26. Tom Hanks

    27. Willie Nelson

    28. Jake Gyllenhaal

    29. Harrison Ford

    30. Andre Agassi

    31. Brad Pitt

    32. Cameron Diaz

    33. Jennifer Garner

    34. Lady Gaga

    35. Chevy Chase

    36. Tim McGraw

    37. John Cusack

    38. Meryl Streep

    39. Robert Deniro

    40. Ben Affleck

    1. Sorry about the length, but leftists elites in the media have stated many hateful diatribes about republicans, conservatives, Bible-thumpers and our guns and [email protected]@ers. But I never heard Blizter or any lefty journalist get upset.

      Since Nugent is part of that media, I have no-problem with anything he says about Obama and in states where gun rights is an important issue, Nugent will help them in their campaign.

  18. Why is this even big news? Do they hold Bill Maher to the crap he’s said about R politicians? The DNC’s lackey’s in the media have been given their marching orders.

    1. Well, not only that but why are they asking Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry a question about Ted Nuggent’s comment? I would’ve said, “I DON’T KNOW DUMMY, GO ASK HIM!”

      1. Exactly! I think he was just trying to get one of them to condemn Ted’s remarks so they could turn around and make headlines: “Republicans Condemn Ted Nugent”

  19. Blitzer (and several apparatchiks in his earpiece) countering Gingrich’s point re:dems racist statements):
    “But politicians who are leaders, but who are leaders, should not embrace people who make these vile, outrageous, racist statements like [celebrity did].”

    Democrat ‘leaders,’ not celebrities, ARE the ones making the statement, Wolf.

    Did y’all notice how stubbornly Blitzer stuck to the communist Alinsky’s tactic of, Zero In and Isolate / Guilt by Association? He didn’t want anything to do with racist statements by Dem ‘leaders,’ only targeting ‘pub Abbott and repeating, Nugent (read:GOP) and sub-human mongrel.

    THIS! is CNN…smearing someone to help pave the way for pro-abortion Wendy Davis.

    1. We better stop rolling over and gracefully keep accepting their crap. We better take lessons from all their crap, and start using and talking just like them. It may not shut them up, but if you’re going to be called a horses arse, you might as well start acting like one.

  20. They are reaching for ANYTHING…ANYTHING that can help wendy davis here in Texas. Abbott is going to WIPE the floor with her!!!!

    Notice how everyone on CNN keep making the connection between The Nug and Abbott.


  21. I just did a brief search online and could not find any comment by Wolf Blitzer criticizing Martin Bashir for his disgusting comments on Sarah Palin.

  22. What was Wolf’s comment when Obama called TEA party tea baggers?
    What was his comment when Holder called American’s cowards about race?
    Did Biden ever show Wolf that BIG STICK that Obama has?

  23. subhuman mongrel?

    So the obama is a dog?

    Hey Ted, dogs are man’s best friend. Please don’t ever again insult the dogs.

  24. I agree with Blitzer Ted Nugent shouldn’t have called Obama a subhuman mongrel. He should have called him a lazy, arrogant, lawless,evil, spiteful, dimwitted, coldhearted, lying, dangerous,muslim-loving,hatefull, unamerican, conniving, tyranical leftist dirtbag, not a subhuman mongrel. But subhuman mongrel works too.

  25. A little bit of context in this case…

    Nugent has been using the “subhuman mongrel” and “knuckle-dragging” phrases to describe the anti-Second Amendment goons for at least two decades. Probably longer.

    And the vast majority of the people he addressed it to were white. So while the words are intentionally inflammatory, they are not racist in origin, or intent. It’s what he does: make outrageous statements that are not part of the usual language people find in these debates.

      1. Yep.

        With the lone exception of his mis-spent youth, he’s been a major voice for responsibility, thinking clearly, and taking care of your family.

        Nobody’s perfect, and rock musicians perhaps least of all, but I’m confident Ted Nugent is less racist than either Eric Holder or barack.

  26. The great thing about Newt is that he never, ever allows the statists to set the agenda for discussion or debtae. He immediately puts them on the defensive by turning their own talking points back on them. And he does it with grace, wit and humor. The other conservatives should pay heed to the lesson.

      1. We’re stuck with the fact that conservatives come in many varieties. If we only allowed Ted Cruz/Sarah Palin types to be called “conservative” then our list of allies would be thin.

        Newt is FAR more conservative than the majority of RINO’s in DC today. He’s just had trouble staying true to the cause.

        I think we’re stuck with several conservatives who do things that make us want to slap the liberal right out of them. If a one-star Conservative thinks Mitt Romney is great and a five star conservative thinks Ted Cruz is great, I’d say Newt would be at least a three-star guy.

        1. Newt is well versed on domestic AND foreign affairs. He has never shown fear and he would never have sold this country out by leading from behind.

        2. What Gingrich had was fight. He made headway, because he never gave up. It doesn’t matter than someone else might have wanted to pull the other side further, if they didn’t have the temperament to actually pull.

        3. I like Newt, he was my choice out of the debacle of the 2012 R Candidates; but, ouch, ouch, ouch… K-Bob? I’ll say no more except to point out : Conservative does not come in many colors???????????

      2. I have the tapes for Gingrich’s course in American civilization. If anything, it’s our history and culture as a triumph of conservatism.

        And for anyone paying attention, government only got smaller twice since WWII. When Reagan battled the libs down to a 1/3 reduction is discretionary spending, and Gingrich forcing Clinton into reforms that reduced spending as a percent of GDP by over 1/3.

        There may be those more ideologically conservative than those two, but none that have nay accomplishments.

      3. Most of the time. Newt always had Reagan’s back in the 80’s. He was the best at explaining the GOP conservative positions and giving a voters a platform like the contract with America. Next to Reagan no one was better at smacking down the Left’s arguments and throwing it back in their faces with facts and historical context. I enjoyed watching him in the 90s when he gave speaches on CSPAN.
        Newt was far from perfect. He had personal issues, was too much for big government on healthcare and fell for the climate change crap like most of the country. Still the man did balance the budget. Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming to cut spending. Newt showed guts in shutting down the government. Boehner and his crew are tongue tied stiffs who can’t compare. Boehner and his crew probably can’t even inspire their wives.

    1. I think he would be a good president but I know that he could not get there. Too much history. However he would be a breath of fresh air as RNC head.

  27. Subhuman: failing to attain the level (as of morality or intelligence) associated with normal human beings.

    Obama’s handling of the economy proves his lack of intelligence and Obamacare proves his lack of morality. He’s definitely a mixed breed, so why is Ted wrong?

  28. The great debate in Texas – should Abbot pretend Nugent is toxic for some over the top comments? No. And I’m sure Texans will not expect him to either.

    1. It took the left that long to dig and dig and dig to find something, anything they can hang around the neck of Greg Abbot and hope they sway enough voters to cast their vote for the witch, Wendy Davis.

  29. CNN is SOOO desperate. They will gladly kill someone’s reputation or grasp at straws so ‘their guy’ or gal (Abortion Barbie) will win. I agree with Newt – this is phony outrage – nothing more. CNN and MSNBC love to beat a dead horse to death to push there ideology. Bridge Gate immediately comes to mind… now there’s this. Desperation! Liberal Arrogance! Maybe full panic mode over Abortion Barbie’s low numbers? The only story here is that these morons are trying to make this a story. Again… utterly pathetic.

  30. Selective outrage…not so much…as badbadlibs said…campaigning for that stump-stupid broad, wendy dumba$$ doofus..err..davis… Like…something like that……

    Wolf Blitzer is all bark no bite, par for the course, of course…what a putz!

    1. Make that “wormy” stump stupid! 😉
      I heard that expression several years ago and have never forgot how aptly it describes anyone on the left.

    1. Americans in general are considered, not so fondly, as “mutts”. “mongrels” by the Europeans, most of us are mixed big of nationalities. Obama is worse, undoubtedly, bc he’s a mix of toxic anti-American sentiments, anti-globalization, anti-US leadership in the world, and hardly celebrates and embraces the virtues of freedom and capitalism, which has uniquely benefitted all mutts, mongrels and masses of the middle class unlike any country in the world, precisely bc his worldview is exactly wrong.

  31. That was nothing but a blatant and free political ad for the witch, Wendy Davis and against Greg Abbott.
    Blitzer wouldn’t let the speaker get a word in edge wise for fear his point would get across too loud and too clear.
    These leftists hacks absolutely know no shame. None.

    1. “These leftists hacks absolutely know no shame. None”
      I’ve yet to meet a Lefty who knows shame.

      1. Me either. They are so tuned out to reality it’s mind boggling. I’m done trying to figure them out, I don’t think there’s mental help enough.

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