Newt hammers Wolf Blitzer for selective outrage over Nugent’s comments…

While Newt doesn’t agree with Nugent’s comments, he refuses to get on the media’s bandwagon that’s trying to use Ted Nugent against Republican politicians who’ve been associated with him recently. I mean, honestly, the “subhuman mongrel” comments were terrible by Nugent. But I don’t think Nugent is a racist. I just think he went a little overboard with this comments.

But to suggest by implication that Greg Abbot agrees with those comments are absurd. In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the only people who likely knew about those comments were the leftists trying to dig up dirt to hurt Republicans.

But whatever. Newt hammers Blitzer over the selective outrage about this, bringing up Biden’s comments from 2012 where he said Republicans were going to put blacks back in chains if Romney got elected. And what’s worse, Stephanie Cutter actually said the Obama campaign didn’t have any problem with those comments. Most people in the media were like ‘they weren’t great comments but so what?’. They certainly weren’t outraged like the are now about Nugent.

Watch the clip below:

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