NEWT: Trump’s campaign speeches were at a 4TH GRADE LEVEL…

Newt explained to Heritage today why he believes Trump’s campaign speeches were at a 4th grade level:

Newt argues that Trump’s speeches were at a 4th grade level, not because he’s dumb, but so he could reach more people with his message.


While Trump may be a successful businessman, I think we all know from the campaign that Trump is just not a deep-thinking and thoughtful man. Remember how he explained in a debate what conservatism means? His answer made us all face-palm as he made conservatism sound more like conservation than about freedom and liberty.

Moments like that happened over and over during the campaign. Almost every day he’d say something stupid that would make the news.

So for Newt to suggest Trump’s speeches were at a 4th grade level so he could reach more people, well it makes him sound like he’s still spinning hard for Trump. In fact Trump’s speeches were at a 4th grade level because that’s where his mind lives. This is just how Trump is and that was so transparent during the primary and general election.

I’m not saying he’s stupid, but I am saying he’s not a deep and thoughtful person, at least by default. He’s quite shallow actually. But I suspect some of that will change now that he has to wrap his mind around the presidency.

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