Newt’s comprehensive answer on illegal immigration

This has to be the best and most comprehensive solution I’ve ever heard to the problem of illegal immigration. I think Newt answered the question quite substantively and I wouldn’t really take issue with anything in his plan.

During his answer he did get big applause for saying he favored English as the official language of government and for saying he would send at least half of homeland security to take care of the border in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico.

Here’s the full clip:

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137 thoughts on “Newt’s comprehensive answer on illegal immigration

  1. I would have liked to hear that he would not allow special discount or no pay tuition, hc or other free services for illegal’s that our citizens cannot get.

  2. Newt gave 6 steps and made it clear that they must happen in the order he gave them to be effective, and everyone is arguing about step 6. I contend that if we had the first 5 steps the last one, what to do with those who are here, would almost take care of itself at least in a generation.

  3. The SOLUTION is in the 1986 Amnesty. Laws were not Enforced so now they want to do it again. Those Grannies chose to be illegal when Sponsorship Laws are current. Grannies are NOT ABOVE THE LAW. AMNESTY and the DREAM ACT have been DEBATED and VOTED DOWN IN CONGRESS. Gingrich’s RED CARD is just another AMNESTY SCAM.
    Here illegally ? Go HOME. NO more Detentions.
    E-Verify all Jobs and Gov’t hand-outs.
    287g Nationwide to EXPOSE and DE-PORT all illegal ALIENS.
    When Laws are Enforced most illegals will leave on their own.
    All illegal ALIElNS and the Lawless Politicians that help them are Criminals.

  4. I could certainly live with everything he said. I think he’s correct to say that this is a “do-able” solution. It’s realistic and it would (IMHO) be effective.

    Once again Newt demonstrates that he is the candidate who has thought things through most thoroughly, and has the facts neatly arranged in his mind.

  5. You are kidding Right? Local boards deciding who stays and who goes?? As in immigrants who have the cash or influence or belong to a gang and can intimidate the local board members, can stay. Others have to go. In case you are not kidding, please willingly acknowledge that Romney has a better position on Immigration. If you don’t at least do that, I will know that RS has made the transition from a cool conservative political site to a full up Newt cult site.

  6. Whether talking about “path to amnesty” or “path to legality,” they are the same thing… under “amnesty” you are giving illegals immediate citizenship… under the “path to legality,” Newt’s plan, you are simply putting off amnesty for a year or two, using a bureaucratic smoke screen to delay the process; meanwhile, you allow the illegals to stay in this country, using a “Residency Permit,” and they gladly retain the substance of U.S. citizenship… jobs, schools, medical, public services, family, assets, rights. They pay no fines, serve no jail time… they lose nothing for breaking the law all these years. They are deemed “good prospects” for citizenship.

    So, whether “amnesty” or “legality,” illegals retain de facto citizenship.

    The bottom line is, no politician can stomach deporting millions of people… if they could, we would be following the letter of the law and deporting millions regardless of their circumstances. That… will never happen.

  7. First and foremost we need to help clean up Mexico. We need to invest in Mexico to make it self sufficient so the Latinos want to stay in their own country. Next we need enforcement through E-verify and stop the stealing of SS#. Enforcement of the immigration laws will force the illegal’s to leave on their own we and we will not have to round them up and bus them anywhere.

    First and foremost we need to criminalize the over throwing of our govt. We have Latino, Caucasian and Islamic teachers teaching revolution to our kids in our own country for God’s sake. We need to root out the treasonous Islamists and Communists and Latinos and force the Communist universities to teach our children to be responsible and productive citizens. Not little communist revolutionaries making them soldiers for the progressive cancer that many of our universities have become.

    1. We don’t have the money to spend on other peoples’ problems, you should’ve figured that out, by now, with this ballooning national deficit. Our nation’s federal government is not responsible for the development of any other nation, but our own, as well as our protection, and a step in that direction would be controlling our borders, using military force, if necessary. Once we’ve got military forces in place, then we can use forces like the DHS to start ferreting out these criminals called illegal aliens. Tracking employment records, birth certificates, school records, etc. they can be found. Employers that give them jobs should not face sanctions, other than 2 years in a federal prison. This penalty should also apply to teachers and school faculty that know of criminality like this occurring, but choose to conceal it from the DHS Seeing as to how illegal aliens and their spawn are not American citizens in accordance to & with the 14th Amendment, deportations should consist of ALL family members, including not only the initial border jumpers/visa over-stayers, but their children, as well.

      If anyone wants to invest in Mexico (which I would advise against, considering it is a thoroughly corrupt, increasingly socialist nation), it would have to be the Private Sector, and like I’ve already said: I advise against it, but your idea to spend more money is just plain un-Constitutional, and another burden you’d impose on taxpayers, who are already paying for illegal aliens and their get. Leftists believe that the best way to solve a problem is to throw money at it, and Conservatives can see how well that works. Mexico would become just another unfunded liability, and we already need to get rid of ALL of those, and right now, not pick up a bigger one.

      1. So open borders is your answer?

        So pissing away billions on a failed border security problem is your answer?

        Investing means more things than just money. Investing in training and support of the mexican police and military on our borders makes more sense than letting them go all communist as you just admitted.

        You admitted no one will invest in Mexico because of the corruption and violence. Obviously do not know anything about what is happening on our borders with Mexico. The violence is spreading rapidly, nice to know you do not care about the safely of fellow Americans on the border.

        Let me guess you are a Paul isolationist, right? Let the enemy amass on our borders until it’s too late. We are Investing in China like there was no tomorrow and you don’t want to secure a country on our borders.

        I guess you don’t care about the beheadings that are happening in our border state’s do you? I guess at least until it is a relative of yours. The Mexican drug cartels are spreading like the plague and you just want to sit there and do nothing.

        1. You’re obviously a paulnut, which is synonymous with MORON. I clearly said:

          “…a step in that direction would be controlling our borders, using military force, if necessary.”

          If that’s what you white-sheet wearing stooges think is “open borders”, then that just validates the things people say about you. Furthermore, you’re obviously dumber than the average paulnut, considering the fact that you’re illiterate. Go play with MiketheMarine.

    2. History. Your idea has been thought out, tried, and failed. Until the majority of the USA unites, and works on this problem, it will remain as it has always done. A five second review don’t do it. Personally, I think the only solution, is to get everybody in the USA involved.How, I do not know, what will it take, I do not know. I just know, Perry had a good plan, and not many even cared. We had a chance to take it national, but no one wanted Perry. Until that day comes, nothing will change. Much like prohibition, all the people have to stop it.

  8. Our problem is not the fence or immigration “reform”. Our problem is that we give non-citizens the same rights as citizens without requiring they assume the responsibilities of citizens.

    Imagine if you could move to say, Switzerland, and receive all the rights and benefits of a Swiss citizen without having to pay taxes or suffer any penalties. Then imagine if you just hung around long enough, you and your entire family would be given Swiss citizenship without having to give up your US citizenship. Pretty sweet deal.

    We are fools and are being played as such.

  9. Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico… No California? Maybe that state’s so hopelessly blue that it’s a lost cause… ^_~

      1. Right on, ABC, from ‘little Cuba’. I have been to Florida many times, and am always amazed. A Peru woman took me to Florida, to meet her large family. We rode the back streets. I think ‘flooded’ is an apt description.

  10. His response is well thought out, compassionate, practical and comprehensive. Tea Party conservatives, and I am one of them, had better be careful about demanding the deportation of every illegal. First of all, it will never happen. Secondly, it makes us look like dispassionate fools for ever thinking that it will or could happen. We need to close the borders. We need to ensure that illegals are not bleeding our government, but contributing to its revenue, and we need to ensure that they are not voting until the become naturalized citizens.

    1. Contrary to popular pundit thought (which is heavily influenced by the huge, powerful “Latino lobby” in DC), Latinos make up only about 7-8% of the voting electorate and those are mostly native born Americans.

      Most Americans want immigration law enforced and yes, that means you are not allowed to work here, period. Deportation is the only solution. “Rounding up” is a strawman. You simply enforce the law, which means no employment and they will mostly self-deport.

      Most Americans want LEGAL immigration reduced a third or even a half, for a period of ten years or so, then we can see at that point.

      Most Americans want English as the official language of the land.

      It’s only Dems and Repubs who don’t want these things because they know, more people, especially more poor peasants are a mechanism for more political power, for them and for the federal government.

      1. I agree with you. However, my comment never mentioned Latinos or “rounding up” or opposition to English as our official language so why include any of those points in a reply to my comment?

        My point is that this issue should never be presented as though we conservatives are looking to deport all illegals, even if the effect of enforcing our immigration laws would be self-deportation. We need to lighten up on the rhetoric and I think Gingrich has done a good job in that regard. I think we agree that the best solution is to enforce the laws we have on the books. The socialists have no intention of enforcing laws if it would result in hurting their cause.

        1. Didn’t mean to “come down” on you but I don’t like it when people imply we need to coddle Latinos. Why? Are Italian-Americans allowed to break laws? How about Danish-Americans or Japanese-Americans? Why are the precious “Hispanics” (a political term, more accurately, “Latinos”) allowed to work against the law, use stolen or made-up social security numbers, avoind income tax, drive without a license, etc? Because for political reasons, they are given carte blanche. With a bad economy, do you really need to import tens of milliions of people? We need a ten year reduction in all immigration. Immigration lawyers and ethnic hustlers be damned.

      2. No, failure to apprehend criminals is never a solution. You can hope that they leave on their own all you want, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen. You have entire states that declare they’re in outright rebellion against national law, like California, which is now a ‘sanctuary state’. You don’t hope that suddenly declaring your town a ‘law and order’ town will just make the criminals move to another one. No, one job of law enforcement is crime PREVENTION, and to do that, they hunt down criminals. Another job is to investigate and take care of crimes that have already happened. Once they’ve crossed the borders and taken up illegal residence, here, this is a cold case, and we’ve got to investigate and prosecute it. People get past ID checks, every day, through forgery and conspiracy. Utilizing the DHS, with the assistance of city, county and state police forces to apprehend illegal alien families and their cohorts, all with the ultimate goal of things like deportation and prison sentencing will go a lot further than wishful thinking. “Rounding up” criminals is not a strawman; it’s the JOB of law enforcement to do so.

    2. Calling out “deportation” is fear mongering. A typical liberal and media ploy. Ignore it.

      Deportation is rarely needed in countries that enforce their immigration laws and do not provide them generous government benefits and the rights allocated to citizens.

      1. Unfortunately, we need it desperately, because of failure to enforce immigration and naturalization laws, and an outright failure to obey the Constitution.

  11. The elites in both parties, for decades now, have favored letting millions of poor, grade school educated latino peasants into our country for two reasons. One, because businesses like the relatively cheap labor and two, because Democrats can create a new electorate, a new population. Most immigrants, legal and illegal are not Caucasian and they are not relatively well off economically, otherwise they wound’t leave their home nations; therefore they vote for big government social programs. Sorry if that hurts your tender feelings but its true. Latinos, Asians, Arabs/Muslims, just like Black Americans, all vote heavily Democrat.

    Good-bye GOP, good-bye limited government, good-bye USA.

    1. Calling out “deportation” is fear mongering. Ignore it.

      Deportation is rarely needed in countries that enforce their immigration laws and do not provide them generous government benefits and the rights allocated to citizens.

  12. I don’t know the answer right now for those who have infested this country for years – how do we find them and deal with them? My inclination is to simply ship them all out of our country… but apparantly that doesn’t sit well with some Americans.

    That being said, Newt’s plan seems the most detailed and I agree that securing the border is #1… then making English the official language is also huge. And punishing employers of illegals is a must. Stop enabling criminals.

    Santorum was on shaky ground all night it seemed… I’m disappointed in his performance.

  13. As ususal Newt, you, as non Texan, are ignorant of the border. If you are wise, you will ask for Perry’s help, for solutions. Otherwise, you will fail.

  14. “Residency Permit.” This is what is different in Newt’s plan than the others… but who EXACTLY qualifies is still non-specific… i.e. does the right to remain in the U.S. apply to illegal grandmas living here 25 years, as Newt says? Or do you have a 5 year cut off date? 10 year cut off?

    The application process MUST have a cut off date, or EVERY ILLEGAL PERSON will qualify… or find a way to qualify, via generous “sponsors” in their community. An entire black market will crop up to qualify illegals for this “Residency Permit,” just like the one for fake ID’s, jobs, fake social security numbers, etc.

    Unless politicians are truly ready to deport millions of illegals, I fear Newt’s permit is de facto citizenship. His other options for deterring illegals are much stronger.

    1. That’s been my concern about it. I like his plan, a lot of it is what we need, but things like this seem to always start off good, but end up the way things are now. There has GOT to be a cut off.

  15. I think Santorum’s rebuttal on Newt’s position was weak because;

    Newt does favor a path to citizenship for illegals. It’s called ”the legal immigration process” and if you can’t follow the rules then you get deported with one exception that Newt so clearly outlines in great detail. But even his exception is not citizenship because it is only a temporary ”guest worker” style permit and one must still follow the process like everyone else.

  16. I’ve been thinkin’ about this, and a ‘comprehensive plan for immigration’ from our presidential candidates is all nice and dandy and all… but honestly, all I wanted to hear was this:
    “The duty of the President of the United States is to execute the laws of the land and protect the people, ensure national security. Anyone in a border state understands that we don’t just have an immigration problem, we have a war spilling over our borders and into American land, endangering our citizens.
    First: Lock down border and stop suing any state over immigration law enforcement.
    Second: Enforce the law. (There is no need to pass a law to deport ‘grandma’s’. The law is already there and is fair across the board regardless of race, religion, culture, age, class.) This includes suing any ‘sanctuary’ city or state. It is blatantly illegal, and the Federal Government has a responsibility to act. (You enforce the law with removal of benefits, aid, and services, and the illegals will go home. We should not be required to deport anyone. They got here, they can get home. We’ll even let them leave without asking any questions.)
    Third: Send our troops to secure our border. It is waaaaaaaaay out of control. Protect our citizens, clean up our cities, ensure security. Whatever it takes. That’s the responsibility of the President of the United States.
    All three should be done immediately, as every day without action proves the President derelict of duty to his oath to the constitution.”

    Everything else is simply window dressing and is the responsibility of the legislature. Sure the President can use the executive order, can promote bills, can galvanize his base… but I just once, just once, want to see the President of the United States actually do his freakin’ job without whining to Congress that it needs to be changed first.

  17. IF Newt would now just adopt Mr. Santorum’s ideas on economic policy, which for sure would get the economy going again, I think he would get my vote in the primary!

  18. Like so many of Newt’s plans, it is common sense, practical and Conservative. Seal the border where it’s leaking. Shut off the magnets, welfare and businesses that hire illegals. Illegals will go home on their own in many cases (and many have since the recession). Those that have been here many years and developed a whole life and acted responsible otherwise will have a way to stay legally but with less than full citizenship. Assimilate the cream of the crop.
    If anybody thinks forced deportation of non violent illegals is realistic, they are crazy. Armed Govt agents with big buses and vans, crying / screaming women and kids forced to go to home nations in poverty and violence. It’s nonsense and will never happen like that. This country is at least half responible for allowing the illegals to come here for some 30 years, *both* parties. (of course more Dems fault, but enough Repubelican duplicity too)
    Newt has *solutions* not hyperoble and grand standing.

  19. His plan is a solid one all the way around. Newt has stepped up and taken the bull by the horns and that is what I am looking for. He has a solid conservative answer for all the issues too. Unless Santorum can counter soon I am going with Mr. Gingrich.

  20. I can see him sending TSA workers down to the border. ‘Excuse me, sir. Do you have anything to declare?’ Please remove your shoe bombs, explosive vest, and empty all your automatic weapons before going through the detector. Thank you, for choosing America’.

  21. I absolutely agree with this plan……this actually has a chance of succeeding! English as official language? What a concept!
    Do you ever just step back and think about the lunacy of the subjects we are debating day after day? ///shakes head///

  22. I know that this is a serious discussion on immigration, but I have to say it from the first picture on that vid that keeps staring at me…

    The only thing that looks more ‘plastic’ than Mitt is Gingrich’s wife. I can’t tell whether she is an accessory or adoring companion, and that I can’t tell really bugs me. Sorry, but there it is.

          1. I watched the Marianne Gingrich interview on Nightline. Marianne is very the definition of “jealous old hag”.

    1. She bugs me ALOT LESS than the likes of “queen michelle”!!!
      Lets kick her big ole back yard out the white house!!!!!

  23. Seems about right that the first list may get most to considering going back home.

    But his last cavet is a terrible idea, will undo everything else and is a big cop-out to avoid making the tough enforcement decision. It will incent everyone stay because they know there will be a means ot get through these “boards”. The boards will be formed by activists like LaRaza, liberals and other assorted hate America and social justice types.

    He used the typical liberal “lack of compassion argument” on us again, and I resent it. Illegals are illegal. Just beicse they have been illegal for 30+ yerars and had the bad judgement and dishonest character to raise a family with illegal status, does not change anything.

    I know first hand working with these families they have no respect for us, this country or our laws. I guarantee you they will all have “family ties”. They are all related to each other when it comes to qualifying for something. They will take full advantage of this idea. They will be aided by same armies of lawyers and liberal social workers to game the systems and rig the “local boards”. They will continue to get government aid, drivers licenses, special legal protection, minority based scholarships etc etc. This is status quo with legal cover, and they will know it. More will come.

    Gingrich is over intellectualizing again. He is pandering to the Hispanic vote hoping we will not notice that he is pandering to the Hispanic vote. We have laws. Enforce them. No other modern sovereign nation is stupid enough to to float a scheme like this.

    I am greatly disappointed in Gingrich.

      1. Thanks …its how I grew up. I’ve a sense this may be the Cathoic church pressure on Newt. Needless to say mine is not a popular argument there and I do worry how the combination of illegal hispanics and social justice exploits compassion. It is wrong but who am I to pound that nail? I am in enough trouble already 🙂

        1. LOL- You and me both then, I get into a lot of trouble when I pound on this one. In one way, I can speak for those who come legally, through hard work and long process, but on the other hand, it makes me sound whiney, like I’m saying “it’s not fair!” But it really isn’t. It’s not fair to millions of us who work to get here, and who have to continue to “show our papers” and get them updated every few years to stay. Some day I will become a citizen, but that too is a hard and expensive process, but I am willing to do it because I respect the laws of this country. OK I am stepping off my soap box now 😉

          1. ABC, I don’t think you are being “whiney”. Anyone who is going through the process and trying to immigrate legally should not have his/her place in line usurped by someone who is here illegally. It isn’t fair, it’s as simple as that.

          2. ABC, I know literally hundreds of legal aliens. They, the ex Mexicans, stand shoulder to shoulder with you. They are very angry about it. They did it legally, without helping the criminals. They are responsible citizens, who vote. They voted for Perry. They are not as courageous as you, some are afraid to talk. I also wanted to say, if you stand up, sometimes, it makes you a target, if you catch my drift. I thank you, they thank you. God Bless.

          3. Milady, you have chosen to take the honorable and legal path to be in America, and I salute you for it.
            We are a nation that began as a destination for immigrants, the same as your native Canada. The vast majority came here legally and raised families, opened businesses and became part of the community, just like you. VG

    1. 90% of NumbersUSA’s “goals” are unconstitutional, So it is not Surprising to see Big Government Santorum get a A in their Rankings or that Ron Paul Gets a F

      It is NOT the responsibility of Business Owners to be the immigration Police, that is the Job of the POLICE.

      1. A said: 90% of NumbersUSA’s “goals” are unconstitutional.
        Please prove your assertion. What specifically are the 90% of their goals that are unconstitutional? Compare the 90% goals to the specific violations to our Constitution.

        A said: It is NOT the responsibility of Business Owners to be the immigration Police, that is the Job of the POLICE.

        This may be your opinion but our immigration law states that it is against our law to employ illegals.

        Recruitment and Employment of Illegal Aliens

        It is unlawful to hire an alien, to recruit an alien, or to refer an alien for a fee, knowing the alien is unauthorized to work in the United States.1 It is equally unlawful to continue to employ an alien knowing that the alien is unauthorized to work.

        Encouraging and Harboring Illegal Aliens
        An employer can be convicted of the felony of harboring illegal aliens

        When Breaking the Law by Hiring Illegal Aliens Doesn’t Pay/ Tax fraud

        A said: So it is not Surprising to see Big Government Santorum get a A in their Rankings or that Ron Paul Gets a F.

        Please provide links proving that Santorum is a big government guy and that Paul deserves a better grade on illegal immigration.

        1. Ok lets day the Survey 1 at a time then, First off, NumberUSA is an anti-immigration organisation, they are against ALL immigration, legal or not, So you need to keep that in mind as well

          Mandate E-Verify
          E-Verify is a Unconstitutional “National ID Verification” database that uses the Social Security System as a National ID, which is not what is should be used for. And Turns Businesses in to Law Enforcement. It is the Job of Law Enforcement to Catch Illegals, not the Job of Business.

          Reduce Overall Immigration
          This has nothing at all to do with ILLEGAL immigration, Ron Paul, and I agree, that we need a streamlined process that allows people that want to better their lifes to enter this nation. NumbersUSA wants to end or massivly curb immigration, ALL immigration legal or not

          End Chain Migration
          End Visa Lottery
          Limit Unfair Worker Competition
          Again see above for all of these, these has NOTHING do to with ILLEGAL immigration, but NumbersUSA showing their Basis agaist all immigration

          Secure Borders
          Ron Pauls wants to use the military as they were design, TO DEFEND OUT BORDERS, I dont know why they have him as “unhelpful”

          End Birthright Citizenship
          Ron Paul has a Constitutional Position here as well, unlike the modern Interpretation

          Support Local Enforcement
          Ron Paul does infact support Local Enforcement, one comment rightfully expressed about the potential for abuse under the “Show me your Papers” act passed by AZ earned him an “unhelpful”.

          Punish Business Violators
          Again it is NOT the job of Business to police their work force, that is the job of GOVERNMENT

          1. Newt is intelligent, quick-witted and great in a debate and can certainly read the majority sentiment but quite frankly I don’t trust him at all. I’ll provide links to back up my assertions.

            However, with that being said, is Newt better than obama, who isn’t? Smile.

            Newt’s immigration Stance

            Newt is a Bildeburg member

            Newt belongs to CFR

            Newt endorses OWO

            The CFR controls American media

            Gingrich Speaks Out About CFR & NWO

            This is what he says but is it true?

            Alex Jones on Newt Gingrich

            Newt Gingrich Claims He’s Not A Member of Bohemian Grove, a Freemason, Or For A New World Order

            But google these groups and you will see that he is affiliated with them.

    2. As I said already people can learn and adapt to what the people desire. Newt is doing just that. I am glad you are holding his record up to make everyone aware of past mistakes though. My thought is maybe Newt has decided to go hard right because it is what we want. We are The Tea Party after all right? I am giving him credit for doing what no other candidate has done; taking the Bull by the horns! I support him.

      1. PFFV said: As I said already people can learn and adapt to what the people desire…

        G said: We just don’t know if he is the real deal or in campaign mode.

        I enjoy listening to Newt in a debate. He is quick-witted, has a flair for history and is quite the orator. I’m just nervous that we might be getting set up for a Globalist in Conservative clothing. Do you trust him?

  24. I am disappointed you favor Newt’s special status for illegals vs. Santorum’s equal under the law approach.

  25. This is the best outline of a practicable plan on immigration yet. And it is a winning argument on what has been a difficult issue for GOP in the past: every single item is something that Newt can contrast with Obama, who has a record of either doing nothing or doing more harm.

    1. Check Newt’s record on illegal immigration. The mistake that so many of us make us listening to what the politicians say and not looking at what they have done in the past.

      Do you support a pathway to citizenship for illegals, SV?

        1. I understand your point SV however I wonder if you support a pathway to citizenship for people in our country, illegally?

          1. Yes, I would, if they been here for most of their lives, I think there can be fair way for a pathway to citizenship. Deporting them all is unrealistic because they don’t have homes there, they don’t live over there anymore, they live here.

              1. You left? So it was your choice? I’m thinking about the kids that didn’t have choice and were brought here by their parent(s) and lived here pretty much their entire lives…

                1. We sponsored a couple from France to work here for 4 years. They had two children while here. They did not get citizenship. They did not just squat here and demand citizenship or leach off the taxpayers.. They returned to France with their children- of course. They are doing quite well indeed!

                2. In France? It’s dire economic times in France. I am glad if they are doing well though of course but aren’t they like in a serious financial crisis?

                3. Sdee. Thanks. glad to hear some good news. I travel a great deal, and have encountered French everywhere. They all seemed to hate the US. I have met Palestinians who like the US. Maybe their experience has changed them. Thanks again.

                4. 4 years ain’t 25 and the point Newt was making is not written in stone. It’s his view on how it should be handled. All of the other points are not only valid but doable on a very immediate basis. Let the Congress and state legislatures squabble over the fine points of letting those who have been here 25 years be handled as Newt suggests. It’ll all come out in the wash. Unlike Obama Newt isn’t trying to rule by fiat. He’s throwing out arguments for what he plans to try to implement along with what he can do as president.

              2. I see, you are reasonable. You have to add in the drug dealers, the Muslims, and the politicans who are getting millions out of this. They will fight this. Illegals have no problem returning home, they just have no incentive.

              3. I can empathize ABC. I too had no home, when I moved to Florida from Wisconsin. (Wisconsin is almost as far north and can be just as brutal in the winter.) We need more Canadians to move down. Bring that easy money and help make the US green again. Verdant green, not that muslim khaki green.


            1. We are being taken for fools.

              They have homelands and they have families there. There is no need to deport the vast majority. Most work tax free and get government aid, drivers licenses, legal protection, free healthcare, minority based scholarships and more. Cutoff their entitlements, “rights”, and legal protection and they will go home.

              For those that want to live here legally, apply.

              The principles of immigration law and policy are thousands of years old. Nations who ignore it need not be conquered, they are simply are colonized. Look around.

                1. Illegals in our muslim section do not come over the Mexican border. If any visa at all, they come in on student and tourist visas and just do not return.

                  No matter how high or wide a fence we build, it will not change anything. The draw is too great. Enforce the penalties for illegal status, remove the incentives for them to come and to stay and they won’t.

                  It really is that simple.

                2. Yes, I agree Steve, that is where the biggest problem is so start there. No policy will work until the border is secure, period.

                3. We need to take a multidimensional approach, that is, secure the borders, enforce all the immigration laws on the books, reintroduce the true meaning behind the 14th amendment and deport any children born to illegals.

                4. Sorry , but many illegals who cross the border are all nationalities. A lot of these do not even want a legal entry. I agree, a fence is worthless. It will take a large program, ran by someone like Perry, to even slow it down. Example, a $10000 fee, for carrying drugs, is a great incentive. Try to imagine a 1000 mile strip, where every 10 miles or so, people can freely walk across. If you can see that, which is real, then see those people crossing open country for 100 miles. Add to that, sympathetic people, who help them. Words fail me.

                5. Not tue. If we build a highly technolocal border fence that is patrolled by border guards in helicopters that are allowed to shoot to kill, illegals won’t be able to climb over an extremely high, solid, fence that shocks the hell out of anyone climbing up it. Because once the US shows the world we are serious about border control, they will listen.

                6. Liz, I’ll add a little more. There are mountains, where even if you put up a fence 2ooo feet, you can get over. If you had troops there, that would stop that. But, then, you have to add the people on the US side, helping them get over, and then hiding them. there is no simple solution. I only wish it was as simple as you state.

                7. it seems they do not want to secure the border right now. Some people suggest that after they have installed the NAU and crowned a dictators, people will be flocking to get out of the country but they will be forced to stay here to subsidize the greedy, power- possessed, regime.

                8. Exactly this is not an immigration problem – it is silent immigration policy.

                  This is all intentional. The left needs illegals, subversive marxists/communist and islamists. It is a way to undermine our institutions while building power.

                  Newt may think he is smart enough to out con them but he cannot. His loophole does not fix the problem which is our silent policy – it will ensure this only gets worse

              1. The principles of immigration law and policy are thousands of years old. Nations who ignore it need not be conquered, they are simply are colonized.

                Brilliant statement, sDee.

        2. Yes, the Globalists ( obama, Newt, etc.) are salivating they want this so badly. It is very possible to achieve because Globalists have orchestrated current day dynamics aka they set the wheels in motion.

          The Globalists have huge financial and political vested interest in achieving this policy as it is part of a much bigger picture. Ironically, the illegals and the American people are pawns in Newt’s and the Globalists production.

          Newt Gingrich: Mr. New World Order

          Gingrich’s support for NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO entrenched his position as an enthusiastic advocate of globalism and sending American jobs abroad, the “giant sucking sound,” as Ross Perot labeled it It was Gingrich who helped Bill Clinton and the Democrats garner enough votes from Republicans to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement, which is now quickly evolving into the North American Union.

          Gingrich’s Council on Foreign Relations membership and his close relationship with his mentor Henry Kissinger cements his role as a key agitator for the destruction of U.S. sovereignty. Indeed, during a July 1995 speech, he openly decried the constitution as being a roadblock to a UN-managed global government.

          Newt Gingrich, Member CFR,

          The North American Union

          RFID Chip: One World Order + North American Union & the Amero – The Truth!

          Lou Dobbs and SPP

          NEWT GINGRICH Building the New World Order

          The EU and the NAU ~ Two Peas In A Pod!

          Case I: The 10 Regions(Unions,Communities, Kingdoms)

      1. I know I have changed my opinions on countless issues. Have you considered that Newt has learned that the Tea Party is the majority in this nation and he is changing his stances because he understands what we want in the here and now? His policies for the last 3+ years have been consistent with Tea Party values and principles. I have been watching and at times have been his harshest critic, so I would know. He knows the majority of Americans want another Ronald Reagan and I believe he will try to follow in his footsteps. He reminds me a little of Reagan in the past couple debates and I like what I see. Let’s look forward and discuss the issues, even more importantly discuss the solutions as Newt is doing.

        1. Newt is intelligent, quick-witted and great in a debate and can certainly read the majority sentiment. I love it when he tells off the liberal media. But quite frankly I have reservations about him. I’ll provide some links to back up my assertions.

          However, with that being said, is Newt better than obama, who isn’t? Smile.

          Newt’s immigration Stance

          Newt is a Bildeburg member

          Newt belongs to CFR

          Newt endorses OWO

          The CFR controls American media

          Gingrich Speaks Out About CFR & NWO

          This is what he says but is it true?

          Alex Jones on Newt Gingrich

          Newt Gingrich Claims He’s Not A Member of Bohemian Grove, a Freemason, Or For A New World Order

          google these groups and look up Newt’s affiliation with them and you will see that he is affiliated with them.

          1. Linking to what that 9/11 truther piece of trash Alex Jones says about Newt loses all your credibility.

              1. Again, the message does not mean the message is not true.

                What is your beef against the John Birch Society? Please include links to prove your assertion.

  26. I totally agree. It was the most comprehensive and specific plan I’ve heard in a debate, and I thought it hurt Santorum to then say afterwards that Newt favors a path to citizenship for illegals. He did NOT say that — wasn’t he listening?

    And then Romney pretty much repeated everything Newt said.

    1. he’s desperate. Why Santorum is still in the race, I have no idea. Ego I suppose. Can’t accept the fact he has no chance.

      1. He stays in because Glenn Beck encourages him to stay in, he wants the conservative vote split so Romney can slide in to win. Santorum’s ego is being stubborn but he’s feeling the heat after palin and Perry endorsed Newt.

        1. Sorry, but that is about the biggest crock of bull crap I have heard in a looooonnnnngggg time! If you really believe that sir I really do pity you! Get a grip on reality! Santorum is a legitimate conservative who has much more ideas and is more electable and able to beat Obama than both ru-paul and mitt together!

        2. Yeah, that’s why he stays in – Glenn Beck wants him to. Not because he is the last remaining true conservative in this race, that he loves his country, or wants to be president. And I’m sure you’re right, that he wants to deliberately split the conservative vote so Romney or Maobama can win. That’s a brilliant observation…

          Sadly, Santorum seems to be on his way out. His debate performance was awful last night and his poll numbers are not good at all. If he finishes 4th then I have to concede that it’s time for him to go… he’s not getting traction right now.

          It’s Ron Paul (Libertarian NOT Republican) who is splitting the vote. He’s a present day Ralph Nader and is stealing away votes from viable candidates, even though he has no chance for the GOP Nomination. I’d like to see him leave now. But a top 3 finish will keep him in and push Santorum out. Sad…

          Fpcus on the Senate, House, Judges and state legislatures… that’s our only hope.

          1. Exactly. People who have no chance of winning should get out of the race because they take support away from candidates who actually can BEAT OBAMA IN NOVEMBER. That’s the goal here. The goal is not to have Santorum to stick in the race because a handful of people like him. It’s to BEAT OBAMA.

            Same goes for Ron Paul. He should have dropped out right after Bachmann. Saying Ron Paul should drop out kind of goes without saying but I guess I need to explicitly state it since there are some Santorum people who automatically assume criticism of him is support of Ron Paul. There’s actually a couple more guys in the race.

            1. Well, I agree that no matter what, we HAVE to beat Maobama. And to do that, we have to unite behind a candidate so we’re not stuck with Romney. We also have to take the Senate, House, Judiciary and state legislations.

              I like Rick and still feel he’s the best candidate we have right now. He is clearly the opposite to Maobama on most things (more than other candidates) and has principles and honor. He is low in the polls and if he doesn’t rise in them after a few more polls… then I’ll accept that people don’t want to back him and he should suspend his candidancy. He’s only hurting Ron Paul at this point.

              Ron Paul has no chance of winning the GOP nomination imo. Mittens or Newt (at least) will likely seal his fate going forward. Santorum still can’t be counted out either.

              I apologize for implying you are a Paul supporter. Paul has a woody for Santorum and that’s where the most vicious and consistent attacks come from. Forgive me?

      2. Possibly because he is a conservative who has substantive idea’s, and last I checked is winning primaries (Iowa). People are looking for a conservative who has ideas and is not a rhino like romney! But my guess is you are just another ru-paul drone! Why is ru-paul up there is the real question! Everyone knows he is not a republican, nor a conservative and has ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of being a president. According to your stated views, I guess ru-paul has a tough time accepting the facts as well!

        1. You suspect wrong. Criticizing Santorum doesn’t make me a “ru-paul” drone. I don’t support Ron Paul. I support Palin, then Gingrich, then Romney, in that order.

          You should ask follow up questions before you make a fool of yourself.

    2. But, Newt has said in the past that he favored a path to citizenship aka amnesty.

      Presidential Stances on Illegal Immigration

      That Was Bold… Newt Gingrich Pushes Amnesty Plan at CNN GOP Debate (Video)

      Gingrich Says He Opposes Amnesty, Wants ‘Path to Legality’ for Some Illegal Immigrants

      1. I don’t see where he says he favors amnesty, which is a path to citizenship. I think a path to LEGALITY is entirely different.

        I personally think the vast majority of people “on the right” (non-liberals, in other words) do not agree with the blanket “throw them all out” policy that some people seem to want. We’ve had a failure at the border for decades which needs to be corrected, but there are ways to move non-tax paying illegals into taxpayers without making them citizens. That’s the path to legality that Newt is talking about — for some, not all.

        If your basement floods, you find the source of the leak and fix it, and then you deal with cleaning up the mess left behind. Some things will be thrown out, and other things will be salvageable. It won’t be as perfect as if the flood had never happened, but it’ll be the best you can do under the circumstances.

          1. Lets be realistic, they are people with kids and established roots in the society.
            I understand your view having most likely immigrated legally to the US from Canada……but what Newt states is true – there is no way you are going to get through the Congress and laws passed sending people home who have been residing in the US working and such for sth like 20+ years. No way, no how.
            Now if they are here breaking the laws, not working and sucking off the gov’t teet, than by all means show them the door!

            1. That’s a sad reality and a sticky problem.

              I’d like to deport all of them and their progeny… they are not U.S. citizens, they are here illegally, they refuse to embrace our history, culture, values and beliefs, and language (in many cases), many (look in Arizona or So. Cal. for instance) want to make this a smaller version of Mexico, and they are a drain on our country and infrastructure in many ways (abusing the emergency rooms of hospitals for instance). They invaded our sovereignty. Not to be heartless but I have little compassion for unrepentent criminals.

              However, I’m sure most will never be deported… so…

              1. Which is why Newt’s “make English the only language” point got so much applause. You CAN force them to learn English by making all forms they have to fill out be available only in English. You CAN collect taxes from them if they are here on a legal work program. You CAN take away the incentives that lure them here. If you go back and listen to what he said and read what he said on those links 12Grace supplied, you’ll see he says most will go home, but there are a certain amount of embedded people who will have to be dealt with differently. We can harp on that, or we can look at the bigger picture and see a very specific plan to fix this problem for once and for all. This is no different than the Medicare issue…. it’ll be different for those who are already on it or close to getting it, but it’ll be an entirely new ballgame for everyone else. You don’t make drastic changes all at once — they have to be made in steps so that they are realistic.

          2. ABC, as one who has lived it, it is complicated. Only Perry has a clue. If you don’t understand a problem, it is hard to fix. The solution has to be many facetied, or it fails. So, easy to call on Perry, and ask. My addition would to get all border people involved. My problem is, most of the USA doesn’t care.

          3. Has your basement ever flooded? You never get all the water. You get what you can and the rest of it has to dry up on its own, and I think that is the point you’re not seeing. What you want to do is just not realistic.

        1. Rosie that was the best way to explain this problem.Fix the leak first.GREAT I have to remember that when I get together with my nit wit friends.

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