#NewYorkValues: Court upholds RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION against Christians who wouldn’t host gay wedding

Ted Cruz said New York values are socially liberal and this latest action by the NY Supreme Court proves he is absolutely right. Not only are they socially liberal, but they violate the very essence of the First Amendment by punishing Christian farm owners who refused to host a gay wedding on their property:

WASHINGTON TIMES – A New York appellate court upheld Thursday a $13,000 judgment against the owners of Liberty Ridge Farm for refusing to host a same-sex marriage on their property.

Cynthia and Robert Gifford, who own the 100-acre farm in Rensselaer County, violated the state’s Human Rights Law when they declined for religious reasons a September 2012 request by Melisa McCarthy and Jennifer McCarthy to rent the venue for their wedding ceremony, the court ruled.

After being hit with a complaint, the Giffords were fined $10,000 by the state Division of Human Rights and also ordered to pay the McCarthys $1,500 each in damages for “the emotional injuries they suffered as a result of the discrimination.”

In affirming the earlier decision by the state Department of Human Rights, the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division said that the agency’s determination “does not require them to participate in the marriage of a same-sex couple.”

“Indeed, the Giffords are free to adhere to and profess their religious beliefs that same-sex couples should not marry, but they must permit same-sex couples to marry on the premises if they choose to allow opposite-sex couples to do so,” Presiding Justice Karen K. Peters said in the 14-page opinion.

Man it sucks to be a Christian in America sometimes, especially if you are in the wedding business. America is becoming more fascist all the time, all in the name of ‘equal rights’ for homosexuals. To hell with the Constitution and the First Amendment. To hell with religious liberty. To hell with everything the founders fought for to create this great nation.

You can believe whatever you want as long as it doesn’t infringe on the evil LGBTABCDEFG crowd. Once it does you’ll feel their wrath and fury in the courts who will make you pay for being so backwards in such a ‘progressive’ society.

They will force you to care, as Erick Erickson says.

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