NFL players are plotting to STRIKE BACK at the NFL kneeling ban – here’s how

So there’s a report that NFL players are really angry at the NFL kneeling ban (believable), and that they’re banding together to BOYCOTT the NFL, lose out on millions, just to protest for Black Lives Matter (very dubious).

The reason I don’t put a lot of stock in this report, is that it comes from famously fake black white guy, Shaun King:

C’mon dude, at least make your lies somewhat believable. No where near 25% of players joined the kneeling protest – even when Trump called them sons of bitches. It ain’t gonna happen.

This I could see, because the NFLPA doesn’t do a great job of representing the actual interests of the players. They follow this symbolic crap and ignore more immediate concerns of the players.

OK, true. But this was true before the kneeling protests, and they didn’t do much about it.

And they can’t figure this out on their own? These are millionaires that can’t pay someone to set up a google group list. OK. Not sure you can blame this one on the white man.

So there you go. I can see a few people sitting out the season in protest, but 25%? Nah bro. If they cared more about protesting than they did about money and playing football, they’d be… well, they’d be Shaun King! LOL!

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