NO WAY: Lois Lerner trying to get IRS testimony sealed permanently because it would ENRAGE the public…

Lois Lerner believes that if her testimony in a class-action lawsuit against the IRS gets revealed, it will enrage the public so much that it will put her life and the lives of her family in danger:

WASHINGTON TIMES – Former IRS executive Lois G. Lerner told a federal court last week that members of her family, including “young children,” face death threats and a real risk of physical harm if her explanation of the tea party targeting scandal becomes public.

Ms. Lerner and Holly Paz, her deputy at the IRS, filed documents in court Thursday saying tapes and transcripts of depositions they gave in a court case this year must remain sealed in perpetuity, or else they could spur an enraged public to retaliate.

“Whenever Mss. Lerner and Paz have been in the media spotlight, they have faced death threats and harassment,” attorneys for the two women argued.

Ms. Lerner and Ms. Paz gave taped depositions in a class-action lawsuit brought by tea party groups demanding answers and compensation for having been subjected to illegal targeting for their political beliefs.

The government settled the class-action lawsuit in Ohio and another tea party challenge in the District of Columbia in two agreements last month, admitting to the illegal behavior. The Ohio settlement also called for the government to pay $3.5 million to the tea party groups, according to one of the plaintiffs.

Ms. Lerner came in for particular criticism, with the government admitting she not only didn’t stop the targeting — contradicting the Obama administration’s claims — but also hid it from her superiors in Washington.

During the course of the Ohio case, the tea party groups filed thousands of pages of documents, but testimony from Ms. Lerner and Ms. Paz was left out of the public record because of their earlier request for privacy.

Now Ms. Lerner and Ms. Paz say that since the case has been settled, there is no reason for their testimony to ever become public.

Oh there are plenty of reasons why it should be revealed. The American public has a right to know exactly what happened and if it’s so bad that she feels it would put her family at risk, then she needs to pay for personal protection to keep that from happening.

She shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind this notion that she would be in harm’s way if the testimony is revealed. While there might be some truth to her fears, she isn’t the first to be threatened because of something other people don’t like. If it costs her money to move and have security protect her, that’s just the cost of her sins in trying to screw over conservatives to help Obama win.

Open the testimony, that’s the right thing to do.

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