“No, we love Yeshua” – Vicar of Baghdad describes horrible atrocities committed by ISIS against Christians

This is something that every person needs to see. CBN News interviewed the man known as the Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White, who oversees St. George’s Church in Baghdad. White discussed the Christian persecution committed by ISIS as they moved through northern Iraq and the stories he told are heartbreaking.

In one instance White describes how ISIS forced a man to convert to Islam or else his children would have been killed. After saying the Islamic conversion, that desperate man called White and told him what happened, telling him that he couldn’t bear to see his children killed and asked if Yeshua still loved him despite saying the Islamic conversion. Of course he assured him that Yeshua still loves him.

He also told of some children that weren’t even 15 years old who ISIS had captured and also commanded to convert to Islam. But the children resisted, saying “No, we love Yeshua” and the proclaimed how they had always loved Yeshua and how he had always loved them. White recounts that ISIS demanded they say the words of the Islamic conversion. The children said no so ISIS cut their heads off.

White, nearly in tears, asked how does one respond to that?


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