‘Nobody likes violence’ – Trump supporter DECLARES 30 seconds after PRAISING violence at Trump rally!

We’ve come a long way, conservatives!! Remember a few months back when we were calling “Black Lives Matter” protesters “thugs” because they were advocating violence? What I’ve found out from Trump supporter Andy Dean is that unprovoked violence is AWESOME as long as it’s from another Trump supporter.

Check it out:

I don’t know what that guy did before the video, but he was just walking out. That Andy Dean thinks it’s so awesome just shows how far into the moral sewer Trump is leading his followers.

But wait, that’s not all!!

In this interview from Inside Edition, the crazy old coot thinks it’d be proper to kill the guy next time:

I dunno. Seems a little problematic. I guess I like my presidential candidates to not encourage violence among his rabid supporters. I’m weird that way.

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