LOL! Trump’s favorite angry Trumper turns out to be a FRAUD!

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of bumping into a Trumpinista in the last few days you’ve probably been exposed to an all caps demand that you see a viral video of Larry Wayne Lindsey ripping up his GOP registration card.

OH look here’s one now:

It’s a very effective video, especially since we’re all preprogrammed to root for the little guy whose freedoms are being stomped on by a shady, powerful, evil establishment!! Makes you want to fire up your mouse-torches and grab your keyboard-pitchforks!! Let’s march on the capitol of wherever this happened!! Through Skype video-conferencing!!!

BUT, as the great Mollie Hemingway found out, he wasn’t shut out because the Colorado GOP was trying to steal his vote. Lindsey thought he had done everything he needed to do in order to be a delegate, but he DIDN’T. It was his OWN fault he was shut out, and it was the LACK of Trump organization in the state that insured that happened!!

From Hemingway:

In fact, according to a series of conversations with party officials, while Lindsey did show up to his precinct caucus and was elected as a delegate to the county assembly, he never showed up to the county assembly, or, at the very least, never signed in for his credentials. On Facebook, he erroneously claimed he’d been elected as a delegate to the state assembly from his precinct caucus, something that is not possible under the rules in Douglas County.

“Since Mr. Lindsey did not attend the County District Assembly he was not elected to be a delegate to the State Assembly, nor could he have been, so there is no way that he would have been listed as a delegate to the State Convention when he tried to check in on Saturday morning,” Tanne Blackburn, chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party, explained in a press release.

There’s an ever more absurd conspiracy theory about shadowy Cruz operatives misleading Lindsey, and that’s debunked here at Hot Air. 

Will you hear these details that completely overturn the Trump narrative from the idiots pushing the story? Not bloody likely.

Instead you’ll get this kind of mindless idiotic drivel, in all-caps of course:

Just to put this into context, ISIS sells women into sex slavery to be raped, and beheads and crucifies Christians and those who defy them. But the Colorado GOP is worse than ISIS because some idiot couldn’t figure out their delegate rules.

This is what happens when you allow a authoritarian demagogue to get some measure of power – the facts and truth don’t matter. Reality is subsumed under his will and whatever narrative his campaign puts out is dutifully swallowed and regurgitated by his mindless sycophants who will attack anyone who dares ask questions or defy the imperial rule.

Is it too early for a stiff drink?

P.S. Yes, I know “traitor” is spelled wrong in the thumbnail image to this story – that’s how Trumpolistas spell it according to my Twitter mentions.

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