NOT GOOD – Ralph Peters: Military cuts would be WORSE than pre-WWII levels, Army incapable of fighting major war

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said on Hannity last night that these proposed cuts the Army would be worse than pre-WWII levels and that they would make the Army incapable of fighting a major war:

I’m getting a little tired of hearing that inaccurate comment about going back to pre-WWII levels, 1940. It’s actually worse than that. Because if we go back to the 440k or 450k troops we had in 1940 – well in 1940, an infantry division, for instance, had a much smaller tail, far less overhead, fewer systems to be maintained, smaller staffs. That division put a lot of riflemen up front.

Today an division equivalent, the brigades, they’ve got this incredible and important tail – this logisitical, medical, intelligence technical infrastructure and it puts a lot fewer riflemen up front. So if you go down to 440k -450k or lower, you’re going to have an Army that not only is unready and incapable of fighting any major wars, and may even strain to fight a mid-size war, it’s going to have less than a 100k actual shooters in that Army.

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71 thoughts on “NOT GOOD – Ralph Peters: Military cuts would be WORSE than pre-WWII levels, Army incapable of fighting major war

  1. As Tocqueville observed, individualist principles and democratic processes are diametrically opposed to centralized control and plunder.

  2. Well, Colonel, with the military so full of homosexuals and illegals it’s amazing it can fight at all!

  3. I don’t see this president ever defending our allies overseas or sending them troops. My concern is, I don’t think he has a clue what to do if we are attacked on our own soil.
    With a bad economy, exposed electric grid, bad infrastructure, and outdated energy production – we are sitting targets.

  4. Where is the Republican leadership? This is lowest of the low hanging fruit. Why aren’t they holding press conferences on military bases around the world decrying the recklessness, the vulnerability, the inevitable instability, and the potential world wide death and destruction created by such a power vacuum?

    Not to worry… homosexuals can now serve openly in the military and make issue of their homosexuality, fitness standards have been lowered so woman can serve in combat, military chaplains are forbidden to speak the name of Christ, Muslim-American soldiers can now grow beards and wear traditional head wraps, the rules of engagement are such that the enemy can fire on American soldiers and said soldiers are forbidden to return fire, if captured the enemy is read their rights and given lawyers, and on and on and on.

    This cannot end well.

    1. You nailed it!!!! Everyday, and I mean every single flipping day there’s another slam to our great military personnel active or retiree benefits. Not to mention the wounded warriors who have been waiting, waiting and waiting for medical care.

      The latest I heard yesterday was re the VA backlog. In typical fashion, instead of allowing our vets to go to ANY hospital or doctor for care and cover it by the VA so our vets could get TIMELY treatment….. they decided they would reduce the backlog “data” by destroying the records of pending old claims. Maybe some were destroyed because they hadn’t followed some record retention policy. I don’t understand why ANY records would be destroyed at anytime rather than archived and properly cross-referenced.

      Doing away with the commissaries? Why not just out source them to Walmart or Target, etc., let the company take over the property and allow them to run them and offer deep discounts?

      My blood boils every day, but extra hot when I see them messing with our military.

      1. Thank you.

        In the heat of the moment, I forgot about the pensions and the commissaries.

        It is outrageous that Obama would cut the benefits of those brave men and women in uniform who have sworn fealty to America and the Constitution. Unless however, he doesn’t want America or the Constitution protected.

        Let’s admit it, he HATES America, he HATES the Constitution, he HATES Liberty, he HATES our Military . He wants it all destroyed.

        Yet, he loves the power and the technology that liberty, free market capitalism, and our military men and women provide him.

        1. Yes, he acts as though he does hate us (meaning America and “we the people” who love America.) But I think many are giving him way too much credit. He’s really not all that smart, but he is the perfect puppet based on his upbringing, to do the work of many who have always wanted our demise and using him to achieve that goal.

          We didn’t get that darned decoder ring when he said:
          “Yes we can” (Who is the “we”? No one asked)

          and then latter separately said

          “Fundamentally transform our country…..” WHAT?

          Everyday it gets worse. I’m hopeful that we will not let down our founders, framers, and all military personnel who have sacrificed so much for our liberty. We just can’t let that happen. We would be a disgrace to generations to come.

  5. “So if you go down to 440k -450k or lower, you’re going to have an Army that not only is unready and incapable of fighting any major wars, and may even strain to fight a mid-size war, it’s going to have less than a 100k actual shooters in that Army.”


    liberalism poses a clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America!


  6. Vladimir Putin dancing in the streets every day Obama is president. Obama views America as the world’s aggressor and wants to assuage the world by making us a weakling on the world stage.

    1. Kind of makes you wonder if THAT is what Obama was referring to when he told President Medvedev he’d be able to do MORE in his second term. Weaken our military so substantially that we are easily taken by a foreign threat?

    2. Darn….somewhere in history there was an example of a great empire falling into the ash heap…..humm…..let me think….too many wars (loss of committment)……overspending….out of control debt……embracing sin, sin, sin (evil behavior)…..military spread so thin….even conscripts eventually being used to fight the country’s wars…..invaders (barbarians) then taking them down…..someone fiddled…….(evil leadership)……..

  7. Isn’t this what all Democrat Presidents do, gut defense, then a Republican President has to be elected to clean up the mess the Democrat left?

  8. Left-liberals honestly believe that war is a thing of the past. That naïve thinking was also hanging around before WWI & WWII. Also, Leftists want the US not to be stronger and more capable than other countries. Lastly, Leftists don’t really believe in national sovereignty. They want to do away with nations.

  9. We’d still be capable, but we’d have to bring back the draft….which means little training and a less effective military. I really like our soldiers being the best in the world and not some schlubs off the street just looking for their next joint.

    1. And how long before Putin sends his troops into the Ukraine? There are Russian citizens in Kiev and all Putin as to say is, :”I must send in military forces to protect the Mother Country’s citizens.”

  10. The Lt. Col. is brilliant, however, I was distracted by the breathing in the background…Was that Bob B sleeping through the entire segment ?

    1. LOL! Good catch. I thought Ralph might have his old dawg sleeping under his desk. Mine used to get pretty noisy when he was in the middle of a good nap.

  11. I’m not sure if you guys are interested, but I received this petition this a.m. It’s by ACT! for America (Brigitte Gabriel’s group). One of the key points:

    “Secretary Hagel brags that this would be the first defense budget in
    thirteen years that is not on a “war footing.” The problem with that
    line of thinking is that no one told Al Qaeda that we are no longer at
    war. Further, new threats are emerging from Iran and China, both of
    which are expanding their armed forces, with America in mind.”

    1. That’s the whole point. Most Americans still believe that Obama is a great American who loves this country and has her best interests in mind like they do. They’re naive and foolish. He is a marxist, and his aim is to disassemble America.

  12. Less than 100,000 soldiers. Considering what obama probably has planned for the army, that’s a good thing. Of course, there’s probably – I would say almost certainly – a foreign invasion planned for America.

    Any young men who have been thinking of joining the US military ned to forget about it and find a mentally stable, capable militia instead. Not the National Guard. A militia. Just choose carefully. I’m sure there are lots of nuts on the tree. Not to mention fedgov spies in, probably, every militia.

    1. No one ever asked why Obama wanted a civilian army just as well equipped as our military. Do you think he is diverting funds to Ameri Corps and Homeland security, SWAT teams?

      1. I think so. 1.6 billion rounds of ammo is a big expense. That was just the pistol ammo. They also bought a lot of ARs and lots of ammo for them. DHS’ website admits to having 240,000 employees.

        It’s ironic, isn’t it? National defense only requires a max of 100k soldiers, even though we’re fighting wars right now (I can’t even keep track of how many we’re in at any one time) but “homeland defense” requires more than twice that many, in spite of all the law enforcement officers in the US. To top it off, the fedgov is doing a terrible, lousy, no-good, fire-me-without-delay job of protecting America internally. Like no border security …. I’d better stop here. I feel a rant coming on, and it’s not even 9am yet.

        1. No funding cuts by Repubs for any gov’t agency.
          Connecticut is now enforcing gun laws and confiscating guns and large capacity magazines..
          Even Leftist lawyers are saying Obama has gone too far, but it doesn’t mean Obama is stepping down. We have a serious crisis for the survival of a nation.

          1. Yep.

            I hadn’t heard that CT was confiscating guns and mags yet, just that they outlawed them. Are you sure?

            1. Heard it on radio yesterday. Google this
              Connecticut wants gun magazines surrendered and you will find the stories

              1. Got it. CT has not yet begun actual confiscation. They’re sending out threatening letters. They’re trying to flush out the last of those who can be intimidated. Cut down the odds they will face when they try to confiscate. Unless something miraculous occurs, it appears that the politicians’ plan to subjugate CT residents will proceed. I also discovered that there are other sentiments coming to a boiling point. I strongly suspect that if Connecticut law enforcement is so evil or so stupid as to assist the evil politicians in this matter, Connecticut will be the flashpoint, and the rest of America will quickly become a war zone. The CT state police have received a warning from “the other side”.

                1. I hope you’re right. Cops & SWAT follow orders.
                  Cancer patients are now without their doctor or medicine. I thought they’d be in DC tearing the WH down. Nothing happening except some isolated stories how Obamacare is hurting a few people.

                2. The bottom line is that a bunch of people have to be willing to die, because that’s what it’s going to take to stop the rogue muslim in the White House. So far no one is willing to die. It’s easier to think you have a chance of surviving when you’re part of an army or a crowd, but forming such an assembly, for the purpose of evicting the tyrant in the White House, is very dangerous, given that NSA is almost certainly techno-snooping on every conversation in America. The odds are that the first attempts will swiftly end in participants’ arrest or deaths before they can even formulate a plan. No one wants to die uselessly.

  13. Well, DUH! 0bama and other blame-America-first hard left fascists don’t want America to be able to fight a war.

  14. obama is positioning the United States where we won’t be able to influence anything or anyone because our military has been reduced to the point of being behind China in strength and might and fading even further behind. He wants to ensure that we can’t be a player in world politics due to our weaknesses. He is gloating over the destruction he has wrought.

  15. In my worst nightmare of worst case scenarios, a couple well placed EMPs could destroy our reality. No power,water,heat, medicine, and romeo sierra. We would be on our own, and all the generators we have would be worthless. Periodically, the power would go out in Chu Lai, and we always made sure to unplug everything. One time I forgot, and all the circuits in my cassette player were fried. Done for and gone. That is a small example, but imagine every wire and circuit in every device you have being fried and that of all the people that make and provide our stuff is fried too. That is EMP and all the enemy has to do is wait for us to die and our stench to go away and they come in and just take everything. I really do hope that our military is doing something to prevent that.

  16. When Truman announced the atomic bomb to the American people they were stunned. Let’s hope that we got something up our sleeve, or this makes no sense. But then they boys who are playing soldier right now in Washington are the same people that truly believe that windmills and solar panels are the answer to our energy needs, so why not believe that drones will save us.

  17. seriously … why would we need to fight a major war? I can only think of two reasons. Because we will stand our ground and defend our principals? I don’t see that happening unless someone is going to have some principles, put down the red crayon and stop drawing the next revised/reconsidered/spun “new” red line (… Iranian nuclear arms, Russian missile tests, North Korean missile developments, invasion of allied or “free” soverign states, etc.) And the other reason … you don’t think anyone would seriously consider imposing their will on us with regular or unconventional force … do you? Oh sorry … it looks like the dripping sarcasm left a little puddle there …

  18. I wonder if this is part of plan to implement the civilian army (think SA) that he spoke of the campaign trail in 2008 that would be just as strong as our regular military.

    1. I should have read the posts before putting my 2 cents in. So I duplicated comments and ideas already made by you. DUH?

  19. My point from yesterday. It’s maddening that these devils are even considering this. I could go on… but I’d just be venting. Foolish idiots!

  20. The only thing that would make sense to me other than to weaken our military strength is that they have a Manhattanesque project going on that is their ace in the hole so they don’t need as many combat infantrymen. Other than that, Obama is just short of cash and wants all the money he can get his hands on to promote his socialist agenda.

  21. All I can think of are the idiots in Virginia who voted for Obama and gave he a big victory when at the time, Obama’s huge cutbacks on are Navy had already been made public. The jerks vote for the ‘thug in chief’ and he repaid them with pink slips.

  22. Continuing the “fundamental transformation” of Our Country! At what point do we impeach this traitor!!??

    1. Looks like you and I are not screaming loud enough, nobody in congress is hearing us. He needs to be stopped now!

    2. We impeach when the media is no longer filled with commies, the rinos grow some balls, when freeloaders are no more, when dunce voters wise up, etc. Oh yeah, and when unicorns appear.

  23. Most democrats would be thrilled if the country were overrun by communist China, Russia, Cuba, or North Korea.

    1. Yep, in their naive little minds they think communism is a warm fuzzy blanket, when in reality it’s a bed of nails!

  24. They would be. Consider the loss of life the first two years of WWII due to not having a war ready military.

    However the loss of life isn’t much different now. We have a war ready military that has the most dangerous and dumb ROE. Ask the media why are they covering up the gigantic death toll under Obama.

    So the problem is a twofer in my opinion.

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