NOT GOOD: Trump just moved his red line on N. Korea…

The other day Trump drew a red line on N. Korea as a threat, which many understood to mean a threatening action.

Well now he’s just moved his red line to an utterance:

You heard him correctly. If Kim Jong Un utters an overt threat, then BAM we gotta take him out.

I know I know, Trump put an ‘or’ in his statement. If he’d only said that part about Guam I’d be okay with this. But he set ‘utterance’ as one of the conditions now and that is not smart at all, especially when Trump says they’ve been threatening us for decades. Why force us into using military force over rhetorical threats that may only be threats?

We are obviously watching them like a hawk right now and will see any provocative action as it happens. We don’t actually have to wait until the missile is in the air to respond. We can bomb them before it takes off.

But now Trump is boxing himself into a corner over rhetorical threats, which raises the expectation tremendously. I’ve been okay with everything up to this point, but honestly this just strikes me as dumb.

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