NOT KIDDING: Obama agrees to help Erdogan secure TURKEY’S BORDER a day before Trump’s border visit


A day before Donald Trump visits the border in Laredo, Texas to point out the major problem of illegal immigration we have because Obama REFUSES to secure our border, Reuters informs us that Obama called Erdogan and agreed to help him secure Turkey’s border to stem the flow of ISIS jihadis into Turkey.

I’m not kidding:

REUTERS – U.S. President Barack Obama and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan agreed in a telephone call on Wednesday to work together to “stem the flow of foreign fighters and secure Turkey’s border with Syria,” the White House said in a statement.

It said the two leaders also discussed deepening their cooperation in the fight against Islamic State, which has grabbed swaths of Syrian and Iraqi territory and declared a caliphate.

Thousands of foreign fighters have crossed through Turkey, a NATO member, to join Islamic State over the past few years.

The audacity this president is unparalleled. We’ve just received reports that our border is going to be overrun with illegals again this year, just like in 2014, and that it’s already started as we have unaccompanied illegal minors just strolling across the border. And Obama is calling Erdogan to help with his border?

What a pathetic joke we have for a president.

(h/t: Maria Shoebat)

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