NOT KIDDING: Unhinged Dems introduce bill to keep President Trump from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery

When I say that Democrats can’t quit President Trump, it’s a huge understatement.

Fourteen House Democrats have now introduced a bill to prevent federal funds from being used to commemorate President Trump in any way possible and to prevent him from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The bill itself doesn’t reference Trump’s name specifically, but pertains to “any President that has been twiced impeached by the House of Representatives.” No doubt it’s about Trump.

The bill was initially put forth by Linda Sanchez, but has thirteen co-sponsors:

In this first section, the anti-Trump bill bans President Trump from being commemorated by any symbol, monument or statue on any and all federal lands and it prohibits the renaming of any federal building or land after him:

The second section blocks the granting of any federal funds to any entity that wants to honor Trump in any of the ways prohibited above. It also would strip Trump from receiving any benefit, other than the Secret Service, that he would normally be granted by the Former Presidents Act of 1958:

And lastly, the bill would ban Trump from ever being buried in Arlington National Cemetery:

Un-freaking-believable. If there was ever any proof of just how much Democrats hate Trump and want to stop him and his MAGA movement from ever threatening their socialist agenda again, this is it. They are truly obsessed with destroying this man and his legacy any way they can.

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