“Nothing short of a miracle” – Mysterious angel/priest performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash

The highway in New London, Missouri had been closed for a quarter of a mile while rescuers tried to little avail to extract a girl from a car wreck on a Sunday morning. And yet out of nowhere this man shows up in priestly garb just after the driver, who was trapped in this Mercedes for around an hour, said she wanted to pray out loud with the rescue team. The priest said he would pray with her and he did while anointing her with oil – and then disappeared. But before he left he apparently told a couple of the rescuers to remain calm and that their tools would now work to get her out of the vehicle. They mentioned this because the Mercedes was so well built that their cutting tools were being dulled trying to extract her from the vehicle. But then after the priest left, they were able to extract her and get her to the hospital.

The fire chief says that to him it is nothing short of a miracle.


Also read this as it adds more detail to the story:

USA TODAY – The scene unfolded Sunday morning. Katie Lentz, a sophomore at Tulane University, was driving from her parents’ home in Quincy, Ill., to Jefferson City, Mo., where she has a summer internship and planned to attend church with friends. The Mercedes she was driving collided with another vehicle on a highway near Center, Mo. The accident crushed Lentz’s vehicle into a ball of sheet metal that lay on the driver’s side, Reed said.

Reed’s team and emergency workers from several other jurisdictions tried for at least 45 minutes to remove the twisted metal from around Lentz. Various pieces of equipment broke and the team was running out of choices. A helicopter waited to carry Lentz to the nearest trauma center. Though Lentz appeared calm, talking about her church and her studies toward a dentistry degree, her vital signs were beginning to fail, Reed said.

“I was pulled off to the side by one of the members of the” helicopter evacuation team, Reed said. “He expressed to me that we were out of time. Her condition looked grim for her coming out of that vehicle alive. She was facing major problems.”

At that point, Reed’s team agreed to take the life-threatening chance of sitting the vehicle upright so that Lentz could be removed from it. This is dangerous because a sudden change in pressure to the body can be critical, he said.

That’s when Lentz asked if someone would pray with her and a voice said, “I will.”

The silver-haired priest in his 50s or 60s in black pants, black shirt and black collar with visible white insert stepped forward from nowhere. It struck Reed as odd because the street was blocked off 2 miles from the scene and no one from the nearby communities recognized him.

“We’re all local people from four different towns,” Reed said. “We’ve only got one Catholic church out of three towns and it wasn’t their priest.”

Reed and the other emergency workers were on their knees. The priest of about medium build, maybe 6-feet-tall, stood above them.

“This priest approached Katie and began to pray openly with her,” Reed said. “He had a bottle of anointing oil with him and he used that.”

Another firefighter who had been watching said it appeared as if the priest also sprinkled Reed and two other emergency workers nearby with oil.

Everything happened quickly after that. Twenty emergency workers pulled together and sat the car upright, Churchill Lentz said. Katie Lentz’s vital signs improved and a rescue team from a neighboring community suddenly appeared with fresh equipment and tools. Lentz was removed and rushed to the hospital.

With Lentz gone, the rescue team prepared to clean up, Reed said.

“We all go back to thank this priest and he’s gone,” he said.

Initially, they assumed he had to get to his home church to lead Sunday services. But then they looked at their photos of the scene.

“I have 69 photographs that were taken from minutes after that accident happened — bystanders, the extrication, our final cleanup — and he’s not in them,” Reed said. “All we want to do is thank him.”

The Facebook page of Lentz’s mother, Carla Church Lentz, indicates Lentz is on the mend despite suffering two broken femurs, a broken tibia and fibia, broken left wrist, nine broken ribs, a lacerated liver, ruptured spleen and bruised lung.

Churchill Lentz said her daughter has undergone two surgeries at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Ill., and will undergo two more, but has been upgraded from critical to serious and is doing well.

“She sustained a lot of injuries, however, her face is beautiful, her teeth are perfect, she is sunshine, and everyone who’s contacted us — those emergency personnel, the Missouri State Patrol, the deputies, the firemen — they are all saying the same thing, she never cried, she never screamed, she would just say, ‘pray for me and pray out loud.’ “

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109 thoughts on ““Nothing short of a miracle” – Mysterious angel/priest performs miracle at site of Mercedes crash

  1. Now, you, the same person who in the same breath just finished calling me brother and welcoming me to this site:
    Sarcastically ask me if I am “blind”.
    Then you say that I “claim” to be a missionary.
    That I “refuse to extend grace to anyone but the person who rejected your beliefs”.
    Then you say I use my “Bible knowledge to argue rather than to instruct”:
    Then you wish me “good luck” (which does not even exist, but if I mention that truth I will be attacked yet again so I will keep it to myself).
    Then you sarcastically sign off with “Adios”.
    Wow. Breathtaking. This is the very definition of passive/agressive.
    Had enough abuse here for daring to express my opinion.

  2. big o7 
    You know, not everyone here is a Christian. Did you think everybody here is going to treat you with kid gloves? This is a public internet site and anyone can come here as long as they mind the rules. You chose to be offended by people because they did not fit your idea of how they should act. On the the internet there are people who claim to be what they are not and you have weed them out but you should not lump everyone together and claim they are all the same. 
    I apologized for something specific, you apologized for everyone. As a Christian are you blind to the difference? 
    You claim to be a missionary but refuse to extend grace to anyone but the person who rejected your beliefs. You have Bible knowledge but use it argue rather than to instruct. 
    Good luck in your endeavors. Adios.

  3. I don’t understand, toon, why you must explain Alicia to me. She can speak for herself, and I also know how to read as well.
    Then, twice, you tell me how I “felt”. How do you know how I feel? NOW who is apologizing and making excuses for the commenters here? YOU are!
    These unrelenting and deliberate comments were “just a fluke”? I doubt that.
    Upon my first visit to this “Christian” site, I have been called a piece of shit, a loser, an asshole, insensitive, that I need to be put in my place, judged as wanting, and worse. Never in my life have I been treated this way by the world. This came from my “brothers” in Christ! My crime? Daring to merely say I was skeptical about some story I don’t know is accurate or true, which you finally agreed with me about.
    I am serving full-time in Mexico, and just had a bit of down-time to go to an internet cafe to see how things were in the states. I think this experience has cured me.
    “Disheartening”? Uh, yeah. You “know how I feel”? Uh, no.
    And the most delicious part in your comment above was to close by calling me brother and welcoming me to TRS. To that, I’d have to say a gracious….no thanks.

  4. big o7 
    Alicia didn’t doubt the story because it lacks biblical proof. She doubted it because she doesn’t believe in God. Yet you found yourself agreeing with her side more than with your own and felt you had to apologize for them. Though that has its own problems but I know that isn’t what you meant.
    I know you felt judged by me with my first response and I want to apologize for making you feel like you had to defend yourself. That caused a lot of comments to be raised against you and I can appreciate how you felt. 
    I have been commenting for few years now and I have gone through all of the emotions that I’m sure you are feeling. I know that you are a new commenter and the reaction you got is disheartening. 
    I ask that you don’t let this experience get you down. I think you have a lot to offer and will not always get this type of reaction. It was just a fluke. We have some good arguments even between friends here. We dust ourselves off and go back to being friends afterward. 
    Welcome brother, I hope to hear more from you.

  5. What I actually stated has no connection to what has been put in my mouth here. Anyone who can read will clearly see the difference between my question and this sarcastic “summary” below it. These vicious words never entered my mind nor came out of my keyboard. I do not use these dirty words nor think these sick thoughts. They were invented by this person, and this is an example of the sad state of affairs at TRS where I don’t even need to express my opinions. Anasazi does it for me.

  6. I asked a silly question to express a sincere doubt about a particular story, (which I still find very ironic) and now find that I believe :
    That “someone’s worth as a human being depends on the car they drive.” And that “if you achieve any kind of success, you’re evil and f___”.
    I shouldn’t have to defend myself against these attacks, but will honestly state that these thoughts have never passed my mind. Much less did I state them on TRS,
    It occurs to me that I don’t even need to waste my time expressing my own opinion here. You people do it for me, (and twist my words, and read my thoughts, and put filthy terms in my mouth).
    Wow. I knew the internet was great and that technology is marvelous nowadays, but I didn’t knew it included all this!

  7. I wrote, as clearly as could be expressed, the old saying about the fact that we are NOT perfect. Where did you get that I said anything about me requiring you to be perfect? What I wrote is the EXACT opposite, toon. Please do not put words in my mouth or change what I say.
    I defended Alicia, because she is not wrong to doubt this story, and I share her doubt. You also finally admitted later that it may not be true. Doubt is not always a sin. The RCC (not a member) is EXTEMELY skeptical of this type of story. They often require decades to determine the truth about these experiences. In that, I’m with them and her.
    I defended Alicia (and would do it again) because for the first time in my life, I found myself agreeing more with her side than my “own”. Christians should act like adults and show love when commenting. Even on the internet speaking from the cover of anonymity. Can you imagine how God’s heart was broken by the vicious comments to not just an atheist, but fellowe believers who just happen to disagree?
    Yes, I believe she will remember the lone Christian who took her side against the horrible name-calling and paid a heavy price. What a bizarre situation to find myself in, but I stand with Christ against this moral failure at TRS. Yes, I DO believe that honestly admitting to this hypocrisy and taking a stand aginst it will help her in her journey towards forgiveness and restoration.

  8. Yes, we were all created by God. Stipulated.
    That implies the brotherhood of man, that we all share a fallen nature, and other important truths. But it certainly doesn’t imply we are all saved.
    I would ask you to study your Bible, and not hide behind the old “you can find a text to disagree with anyone” routine. The Bible has some hard parts, yes. Christians have and do disagree at times. But it can be understood or is a cruel joke and not the Word of God.

    Thank you. What a relief!
    “You are right, as Christians we don’t know. We also don’t know how many accidents have been prevented by His intervention either. But I would suggest that if, and that is IF, an angel showed up and did what the story implies it was to glorify God and not just a freak happenstance.”
    Finally, toon, you have come right out and agreed with me. And you could not be more correct. We don’t know if this particular case involved a miracle or an angel, but we DO know that miracles exist, they are from the hand of God, and that we probably don’t see or aren’t aware of many. 
    Thank you for the wisdom you expressed above. And you are exactly correct: if this was indeed a miracle, that would required that it was for God’s glory and not just happenstance.
    But better put your armor, on, my friend, because there are incoming missles. Just ask me.

  10. My comments have apparently been commented on to the point that the original has been lost. Seems as if what I said is no longer important, and now people are commenting on comments invented by others. They must have grown wings and morphed into something else. What a place this TRS is!
    I have never in my life even THOUGHT (much less commented on in the internet) that someone driving a Mercedes is less deserving than some poor farmer. No one ever mentioned any theoretical farmer, or compared him to a Mercedes driver. I have NO idea what you are talking about,
    Have any of you read my four simple questions about this “miracle”? Where do you people get these ideas? Does it even matter what I wrote? Why are we even talking about money when the topic at hand was this supposed miracle? How and when did I change from a Christian who was skeptical about another miracle story into a monster? Read the things I have been called on this site, for daring to admit I am not sure about this particular case.
    All I can say is “Wow”.

  11. big o7
    Here is where we have the biggest problem. You rejected every Christian who commented on this page, in fact, you are “ashamed to be lumped in with them, and must apologize for their actions here”. 
    Do you believe that your indignant and condescending manner toward your fellow Christians is helpful to bringing someone like Alicia to Christ? 
    “We are not perfect – just forgiven”. Why are you expecting us to be perfect?

  12. big o7 
    The question is not what I meant but what you meant. You brought up religion not I. 
    I agree, nobody gets to the Father except by the Son.

  13. big o7 
    In the scope that we are all created by God we are His children. Yes, you can usually find a text to disagree with anyone.

  14. big o7 
    I don’t get thrilled about water stains in the form of the virgin Mary either. 
    You are right, as Christians we don’t know. We also don’t know how many accidents have been prevented by His intervention either. But I would suggest that if, and that is IF, an angel showed up and did what the story implies it was to glorify God and not just a freak happenstance.

  15. big o7 
    I didn’t question your Christianity. As I said, I wasn’t looking to start an argument with you. I simply answered your questions as I saw fit. If I had known that you would use it as an indictment of everyone else on this site I would have said nothing.
    The Bible has been interpreted many different ways by many different people by many different religions. You do not glorify God by judging everybody else by your own standards. We can debate the intention of the Bible without calling people names and being defensive or offensive.

  16. No, it’s because you said that someone driving a Mercedes (albeit 20 years old and worth nothing) is less deserving than some poor farmer. Isn’t it about faith, charity, kindness and belief? Whether you have $1 or 1million

  17. I agree with you and perhaps my statement came off wrong- I know the car you drive doesn’t have anything to do with faith. I was trying to add- that the car she was driving was cheap-even if its called a Mercedes further diminishing his point. The Lord will help- … and I can’t describe more. I can’t speak for Him. I think it was a miracle and that it wasn’t her time, and that … man either humanly or through a miracle changed her vital signs- which the helicopter EMS said it was too late and she would die, and blessed the firemen and said their tools will now work- which they did. (and he isn’t seen in any picture in the middle of nowhere). IDK but its powerful. I hope this cleared it up. I think her pray was stronger than anything.

  18. Atlanta-Esquire But what if it was worth $50,000? What of it? Maybe she borrowed it, maybe her parents gave it to her. (I would question their parenting skills if that were the case.) But, that’s another argument for a different day. My point is, who cares? The value of a person’s assets and accumulations does not detract or add to their worth as a human being. So someone who is poor because of poor choices is a better person than someone who did OK for themselves because of good choices and is somehow more worthy of divine intervention? I just don’t see it as a relevant argument as posed by Big o7. That’s my two cents.

  19. I agree with Anasazi42: I can’t believe someone can find fault with this story. The “Mercedes” she was in was 20 years old- it probably was worth $2000.00 if that. And who knows the charitable things this young college student has done. She was going to church which my wife can’t make me do.

  20. “2. Why did He not help someone with an old Rambler and instead chose to assist someone with a Mercedes?”
    So someone’s worth as a human being depends on the car they drive? So, someone driving “an old Rambler” is somehow more deserving of aid than a person driving a Mercedes. Got it. So remember folks, if you achieve any kind of success, you’re evil and f______. The story is irrelevant. People believe this story or they don’t. But, that argument used as part of healthy skepticism is very telling and frightening to me.

  21. This story reminded me of this amazing story. I haven’t heard any reports from the guy on the bike but what a story he has to tell: 

  22. Post a story about ‘Faith’, Palin  Hannity  Coulter,or Beck, and all kinds of critters show up. 😉 😉

  23. I am a Christian, but call me skeptical about these stories. Interesting, but there are several obvious questions one would need to ask before declaring this a miracle or deciding that this priest was an angel. Among them would be:
    1. If God sent this servant to help afterwards, why would He not have simply prevented the accident in the first place?
    2. Why did He not help someone with an old Rambler and instead chose to assist someone with a Mercedes?
    3. God has now officially converted to Catholicism? (If so, I’m in trouble.)
    4. God now needs to use annointing oil? Whatever happened to the good old fashioned way?

      1. AliciaKoory big o7 There is more to this world than you could ever imagine.
        It’s called Faith.
        Try some on.

        1. So now, as a follower (for decades) of Jesus, with degrees from two Bible colleges, if I do not believe in this one particular story (which will probably be shown to be invented later) I lack faith? Having merely expressed skepticism in some news story that I am not even sure was genuine, I am to be judged as wanting at TRS? Wow!

        2. big o7 Why is that on these blogs, every time someone is questioned, degrees and certifications etc etc. are flouted – like it somehow validates your opinion. Listen, I don’t care about your degrees or your credentials – neither do the people expressing their belief in God or Angels or this particular miracle (as they see it). But if you did indeed attend a bible college, as you put it, you should be a little more sensitive than you are. If the story proves to be a fake so-be-it. The fact is, It is an uplifting story and stirred good feelings/emotions in people. You are no better than that AliciaKoory POS who wants to poop all over everyone – actually you are WORSE. If you are educated in bible college, as you say, you should know better than to squelch peoples belief when its something you cant even prove yourself. Why would try and dampen peoples feelings of joy when they hear of such happenings?? You are a complete A-hole who needs to put in their place. Bible college… give me a break… you should have gone to a secular university first – maybe then you would know how to deal with people – Moron – Yeah you are judged as wanting… loser.

        3. I am so glad to have visited this site and merely express an opinion about an article! That requires being “put in my place”?
          Now, for expressing doubt about another “miracle”, I am worse than an atheist, am a “POS” (don’t know nor care to know what it is, but it can’t be good!), a “complete A-hole” (DO know that one), a “Moron”, “judged as wanting”, and a “loser”.
          Wow. And I am the one who is “insensitive”!
          Apparently, commentators here must be required to agree with all others or face this type of attack! I always have believed that walking in lockstep was not good, and that sites such as this one welcomed differing opinions.
          I did not realize that TRS existed to stir up “good feelings” in others, or if that is even good or necessary. But you, sir, did not stir up many good feelings in me for my crime of having an opinion different than yours.

    1. big o7 
      1. So God can show his glory.
      2. We are all His children, He doesn’t hold grudges against people because they are wealthy.
      3. God doesn’t belong to any religion.
      4. Oil is the old fashioned way. What were you thinking?
      I’m just answering your questions, not trying to pick a fight. I wonder about the whole thing myself. I do believe that God can and will send someone to help in times like this to allow Him to show His greatness.
      It isn’t wrong to question why.

      1. 4. Again, using sarcasm to make a point that God doesn’t need to use holy water, sacred oil, etc. to do His good work. Especially if the “angel” was directly, specifically sent by Him to do a certain work, I think God can and does do miracles without any of that stuff, which all was created by Him in the first place. And if oil IS the old-fashioned way, where is it mentioned in the creation story, the greatest miracle of all? God can speak for Himself quite nicely and doesn’t have to follow your rules about how He does things. What were you thinking?
        Your last sentence should have been your first., because it was the best point you made. It is not not merely wrong to question, we are specifically commanded to “test the spirits” (be discerning).
        I simply expressed doubt about a story that many guillible people will pick up and run with instead of reading and knowing and obeying their Bibles. And you had to answer all my deliberately silly but valid questions. Everyone is a theologian these days, and you apparently don’t even know basic Christian doctrine. If you sincerely believe what you wrote in number 2, you’d better repeat your Sunday School classes, my friend, because you obviously missed a Sunday.

        1. big o7 I know you believe. You have not seen, but yet stand up for right, and have enough sense to know that the priest, holy water, and all are not needed by God to get the job done, but then again, how else would he show the sign of a miracle, when without these things, and the priest, people would simply say,, My what luck!

    2. big o7 Forgive me but isn’t God big on free will?  The accident happened due to choices we made….even if innocent are hurt.  Suffering and loss will continue most but not all of the time if we continue to make the wrong decisions.  But what do I know….it is just what I have learned through the years.

      1. I never mentioned, much less denied human volition.
        But who knows the real reason for this accident? You don’t, but yet seem very certain. Was it bad choices by the driver of the Mercedes, the natural result of simply living in a fallen world, or an event permitted by God?
        I certainly don’t.
        And I have no idea what your topic of free will has to do with knowing if this event was indeed a miracle or not.

        1. big o7 If you have no idea about the free will comments, then you have not been keeping up, and reading. If you have not the will to learn, before casting shallow comments about the subject, and I will waste no time explaining anything to those who are willfully ignorant. That is like trying to tell someone who watches N.B.C. the truth about something. They do not want to know the truth, or they would not be watching these grown men running around in mini skirts, and pom poms and cheerleading every time Obozo breaks wind.

        2. I am a missionary in Mexico, so do not watch NBC, nor know what is or is not on that channel or any other one on television in the states. I know even less about how that applies to the discussion at hand about a miracle.
          I do not even know how to respond to your comments about men in skirts with pom poms, and Obama passing gas. And how you would know anything about my will to learn, or if I am willfully ignorant is beyond me.
          What I do know is that you are making comments about Obama’s farts when we adults are trying to discuss a claimed “miracle”. Perhaps you are the one who is not keeping up, sir.

        3. big o7 In previous statement, it was you, who stated you have no idea what free will has to do with anything here. I just explained, before i realized you are jerking chains here, what willful examples. Those who do watch that channel are indeed willfully ignorant. After reading some of youre comments, I realize you actually do believe more than you let on.

    3. big o7 God is God. He uses random people to do His bidding, a priest, a hobo, an old lady, and yes, Angels, and yes, they are real. I know, because I met one, or at least I think I did. I didn’t know it at the time, but afterwards that tiny voice told me I was visited by one.
      God isn’t Catholic, He isn’t a Jew, He’s God. You can question Him, He doesn’t mind that, but, never, ever take Him for granted. We only get one chance at this life to prove ourselves worthy, don’t allow skeptics to sap your faith. Remember, it’s your faith in Him that allows Him to bless your life.

      1. If God is God, He does NOTHING randomly.
        I have no idea if you were visited by angel. But I DO know that your experience needs to be judged using the BIBLE as a guide, not your “tiny voice”.
        I never mentioned, nor wish to, “take God for granted”. I have no idea what you mean or how this relates to whether or not this story is valid.
        Show me from scripture where I have to prove myself “worthy”, much LESS that I only have one chance to do so. If I (or you) could do so, Jesus’ visit to this earth was a terrible mistake. I will stand before God forgiven and justified by His Son’s act on the cross as my replacement, not by anything I have done to be worthy.
        I never mentioned, nor allow, skeptics to sap my faith, and have no idea what you are referring to there.

    4. 1. No, the correct answer is “We as Christians simply don’t know.” I, nor you, toon, speak for God nor know His will completely. (especially from this ONE story can we not determine whether in this particular case He was trying to show His glory). I do not accept images of the virgin Mary in toasted bagels, either, but prefer to trust the CLEAR eternal and unchanging Word of God.

    5. 2. No, we are NOT all His children – nowhere does the Bible say that, and if it were true, Jesus would not have had to come to seek and save some. Go back and re-read the Gospel of John, especially Jesus’ comments to the pharisees. Then come back and tell me they were “all His children”. I was being sarcastic about the fact that this story included a mention of a brand of auto and how good the quality of the metal is. Your point about God not holding grudges against the wealthy stands, despite your serious doctrinal error in the first sentence. (However, I still find it ironic that the car was a Mercedes and the “angel” was a RCC priest.)

    6. 3. If by religion, you mean another man-made scheme to reach heaven by works, your statement is true. If you meant that anyone of any faith will make it to heaven, wrong. Re-read my answer to reply number two. God’s children are Jesus-followers, nothing more and nothing less.

    1. I am a Christian, not an atheist as you described yourself, my friend.
      But I have to agree with you here that this story is indeed, a very weak example of yet another “miracle”. I appreciate the way you have comported yourself here on TRS, which has been much more loving than my own fellow believers. Today, I am ashamed to be lumped in with them, and must apologize for their actions here. I am not a frequent visitor, but hope and pray the reactions here today are anything but typical for them.
      I pray that you will be able to separate out the true beliefs of Christianity from the embarrassing actions of some who claim to follow Jesus. I hope that you will be able to see that this type of behavior does not invalidate the doctrines of the Bible. We are not perfect – just forgiven

    1. AliciaKoory would you believe in God only if he did everything you think he should? who are you to question his judgement, and trials and tribulations? Be careful how scornful you are of God.

      1. Christians always have the same responses. Thank god for this miracle, lets forget about all of the starving children and people suffering around the world. It’s gods will. You know, I would be more careful, if I believed in your god.

        1. AliciaKoory No Christian I know says that. That is ridiculous and a blanket statement. Atheists always have your exact same response because they are extremely weak individuals that make excuses for their failures and blame it on others.
          It is pseudo-intellectualism coupled with apathy.

        2. How very Christian of you to pass judgment of a person that you do not even know. Doesn’t the bible say let those with out sin cast the first stone? If I were a week individual I certainly wouldn’t have posted my views here, would I have? I wish I saw more Christians live what they preach. I love each and every one of you, even though I am an atheist.

        3. AliciaKoory 
           It amazes me to find an intelligent person who fights against something
          which he does not at all believe exists. –Mohandas Gandhi

        4. AliciaKoory Why would you take your time to seek out and respond negatively to Godly stories and posts.  Do Christians go to Atheist sites and post about them?  What about accepting each other and allowing for different points of view and opinions? 
          It’s time we stop this negative and destructive behavior and learn to love, respect and accept our differences.  I won’t expect you to change if you don’t expect me to change……..

        5. Snake Eater
          You see, Snake Eater – I never called myself an atheist until someone else did. Nobody considered that I might be agnostic.

        6. AliciaKoory How very atheist of you and sinful to misuse and abuse a book and religions that you don’t believe in. What you posted was typical leftist talking points that have the depth and understanding of a teaspoon.
           You are a weak individual, whether you know it or not makes no difference. You might have the courage of a village idiot but you are still weak. Take note of the difference of meaning of ‘weak’ and ‘courage’ and also realize both come in many forms and at many different levels.

        7. AliciaKoory 
          Snake Eater 
          Frankly I really don’t see much of a difference. Atheist’s don’t believe in God.Agnostic’s won’t believe in God until there is proof of his existence
          I, like you, was at a point in my life when I too was in doubt.
          A situation took place in a very remote place in the world.During an intense fight with some very evil “People”. I was in an extremely rugged,rural area I looked up and saw a young girl.She was seven,barefoot,crying and sweating profusely.Another guy and myself swooped her up,got her to a safe location and aided her with medical attention. She had a high fever,hives and she showed me on her person where an evil group of men had raped her. 
          I questioned how God could have let this happen to a child.
          She looked intensely into my eyes with her beautiful brown eyes and said,”You are God right”
          I told her “No,sweetie I am not God.” She said ‘Yes, I think you are.”  
          I went on to explain that God lived in Heaven,that God was watching over her,that God loved her,that God would aid her in her recovery,that God would help find her family or someone to watch out for her. 
          In the course of trying to convince this child that God was real. I in turn convinced myself that God was real
          I never questioned his existence or his power again. 
          Maybe your life is void of miracles.
          The odd thing is. You seem to be holding your own miracle in your arms in your posting picture. Your child. God’s child.

        8. That, my friend, is beautiful. I once was religious. And hateful, church going people, and the atrocities around the world took my religion from me. You are absolutely right. I have two little girls who are my miracles. I have a beautiful family; and we have everything we need. Being called stupid, or trailer trash by a person who has never even met me – makes me lose faith even more. I was only commenting on a story that I had read. Nothing more, nothing less. Just because I don’t believe
          It was Devine intervention that saved this girl doesn’t mean that I am not happy that she is safe.

        9. Alicia you stated that,”and we have everything we need”
          That was the point of sharing this story with you.You are lacking what I lacked in my life. God. 
          ” hateful, church going people, and the atrocities around the world took my religion from me”
          No,Alicia you chose to find an excuse to throw away God even after he blessed you with a beautiful family and two little girls.
           Let me tell you something. That little girl could have been your child.You would you not of looked up and thanked God she was safe? You would you have not asked God to heal her? 
          It takes a hell of alot of arrogance not to thank God for his divine intervention.

        10. AliciaKoory 
          We Christians don’t have to love everything you say…………God does understand and love you no matter what, you are His child even in your denial.

        11. No, actually we don’t.
          And it’s hard to believe in spite of the world, and how it is. That’s the point.
          One thing I can tell you for sure, Christians with real faith have a strength that I cannot explain. They can really deal with what life throws at them. Can you?

        12. She isn’t ‘passing judgement’ on you, just pointing out how very weak your position is. It is simply sophistry coupled with apathy, as she said. You don’t have a leg to stand on, but just attack something you don’t understand but deep down wish you did.
          If you were sure, you would never have posted what you did. What’s the point?

        13. AliciaKoory Just by implying that there is a God you don’t believe in, tells me there is a God, otherwise,  you’d have nothing to deny in the first place.

        14. AliciaKoorySnake Eater 
          “even though I am an atheist’ 
          We know dear, we know’. 😉 ;-).

        15. AliciaKoory God can and does miracles, but He also gives us all free will. There will always be poor, always be disease and tragic stuff, but it’s how we respond to those is what counts.
          You may not believe in God. I hope and pray that some day you will. But as for me, I believe, and this being one of my favorite parts of the Bible is also one I try and live by, even though I fail miserably….

          Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:
          For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:
          Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.
          Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?
          When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?
          Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?
          And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
          Matthew 25:34-40
          Most Christians I know do a lot to help poor, help those who are struck by disease and tragic circumstances. If we also believe that God moves the Way He chooses, what’s the harm in that?

        16. AliciaKoory How very UNchristian of you to pass judgment on a God you do not know!!!  If you knew Him, you wouldn’t even be asking these questions!!  But you said it, you’re an atheist that means that you CHOSE not to believe in HIM!!!   That’s your choice but try to understand the position of that girl in the accident, who cried out to God in a moment of trouble (she was pratically dying) and God answered in his own way.   Alicia, I pray you find peace.   Reconciliation with God is the first step to freedom..

        17. AliciaKoory  Alicia, I’m way late coming on here, but please don’t equate “religion” with a relationship with Jesus.  I totally understand where you’re coming from as far as religion goes, and hypocrites.  Yes the church, all denominations are full of them, but honest, there are a lot of good Bible believing Christians too. I pray you’ll find some in your life, some who will show you the love of our Father.  I’m going to be praying for you, if you don’t mind.
          I was like you once. Only I wasn’t agnostic- I just looked everywhere else instead of for Jesus. I was tired of religious folks who didn’t practice what they preached. I believed Jesus existed, but I ignored Him and searched for other ‘truth’. I thank God for His patience with me. I pray you’ll pick up a Bible again, and ask Him to show you whether He is real or not. With a sincere heart, He will show you. 

        18. AliciaKoory Alicia, many believers started their life’s journey asking the same questions you are asking today.  All of us can testify about a time when we had questions about God’s power to hold back a calamity, the death of an innocent or someone being victimized.   We all at one point in time had similar questions.   Actually, we were not born Christians, we became Christians when we believed in God and repented of our sins.  And miraculously, in His immense grace, He welcome us, just as we were.   Sometimes, we tend to forget that we, once, were young and had “saving-the-world” questions but there is evil in this world.   There is not only good, but evil, which is a consequence of sin.  And when it affects others, there is nothing we can do but rely on God.  Do we Christians loose our family members to cancer, MS, heart failure?   You bet, we do!!   But throughout all this, we know that God is there to help us through.  Being a mom, you would understand that we do not always get the best of attitudes from our children, but we still love them through and through.   So does God.

        19. Cindy09 AmericanborninCanada AliciaKoory You’re welcome sis! I’ve missed you! 🙂  What you just said there ^^ Well done and well said. 
          If it weren’t for my faith, no matter how shaky it gets at times, I would not be alive still. Honestly.  A lot of stuff, and stuff with friends and family- I just never would have made it without Jesus. He’s blessed me immensely through the hardest times in my life.  Not by big acts of dramatic miracles, but in so many little ways, but still knowing the circumstances, there’s no denying His touch and works.

        20. AliciaKoory However, you still self identified yourself as an atheist, rather than correcting the poster by identifying yourself as agnostic. In truth you are little more than a second rate “troll”, who cannot summon anything more than the standard “cut and paste” talking points from atheist forums. If you are so happy and secure in your professed disbelief, why do feel it so necessary to come into a Christian thread and denigrate Christians and Christianity? Perhaps your own insecurities about you professed beliefs?

      2. Frank Marion AliciaKoory   God is not our servant.  We are his and we are here do do his work.  We should feed the starving children and care for children with cancer.   We have work to do and just like the priest, we must exercise our faith and trust in the Lord to cure.

        1. AliciaKoory BS! You have no faith in humanity or you wouldn’t be posting dribble about why people ‘suffer’.

          You are foolish.

        2. elizabethw Frank Marion AliciaKoory As long as it is not a (mandatory government thing) I am all for it. I hate government more than Jesus did. I contribute to Shriners childrens hospitals, but I am so ticked at librats (liberal democRATS) and their mandates, I cannot see straight. Free will, that’s where its at.

        3. AliciaKoory We would all be better if you placed you faith in the Lord. He is our shepherd, he is our strength in all times of good and bad. I pray you will return to Him just as we have.
          You need not fall off a roof, have a thriving business where there wasn’t one before, survive a car crash to appreciate His affection, His control over all of creation, you need only to search your heart for the answers. They came to me and I’m certainly no Bible thumper, however, I could no longer deny history of Israel nor of this nation. The answers are there, you just have to look for them. Your two children are constant reminders of His blessings even to those that fail to see them.

    2. AliciaKoory Because maybe it is their destiny to do so. Or maybe God wants YOU to save them instead of standing around whining. If everything was easy in this world we would learn absolutely nothing. Man learns the most through his failures, not his successes.
      Perhaps you would do better to question yourself and not God or your fellow man because you are failing to live up to any standards.

      1. Laurel A 
        It is peoples destiny to suffer every day of their lives? Yes, let me feed the millions of people dying of starvation. Come on lady.

        1. AliciaKoory Laurel A No YOU COME ON! You are a negative defeatist imbecile that wants to point the finger of blame instead of lifting a finger to help. I have absolutely no use for imbeciles like you. and it’s very apparent you can’t read either. I said maybe, along with a few other maybe’s that implies to ‘who knows’. You want to blame God for people’s suffering but in reality the source of the suffering is man, not God.

          And yes people suffer. A portion of the population suffers at any given point in time in any given day. I’m suffering right now by tolerating your ignorance. You are another that hides your laziness behind the religion of atheism and then goes on to use it as a weapon. Well it has absolutely no effect on me. You are patently absurd.

        2. AliciaKoory Laurel A Who knows why the higher power intervenes in some case and not others. You rightly point out that there are many people suffering and dying each day… so what’s your point?? Is it written somewhere that God or the “higher power” intervenes at all times and rights all wrongs and cures all ills? NO. Does it mean that the higher power does not exist? NO. You just better hope that when you need a miracle, someone or something is there for you – or not – I really don’t care. Most people who try to find god at the 11th hour die at 10:30.

        3. This will be my last response. If you were a true Christian, my blatant ignorance would be met with kindness and understanding. Not harsh words and criticism. I am no more of an idiot for not believing in religion, anymore than you are for believing.

        4. AliciaKoory Moron – don’t your get it? Nobody cares what you believe or don’t believe… people were commenting on a beautiful story and YOU decided to try and poop all over their beliefs. If you don’t believe in the premise of the article, don’t read it – at least refrain from commenting – you are not changing anyone’s mind here with your less than eloquent reasoning or rationale. I’m a true christian and i will criticize you all day. You will not get kindness or understanding from me. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t go out of my to attack you, but I will punch back if offended or attacked. Now go away… make some some babies to fill that trailer you live in.

        5. AliciaKoory  Life is what YOU make it.  It’s about the little things we can do for each other while we are on this earth, whether you believe in the saving grace of God or not.  Penn Jillette is an excellent example of an atheist with integrity and acceptance of all opinions. 
          As for me and my house, I will serve the greater good through and by the Grace of God. 
          The division in this country gets greater each day, we should be trying to, at least respect, others and their opinions.

        6. Laurel A
          This is a great reply to Alicia. Some people need a good smack down and I believe you have managed to do just that, 
          I think I’m in love.LOL

        7. @A without understanding
          of the word of  God in Jesus Christ who can speak of the thing of God.

        8. You are to be pitied, both for what you lack and the fact that you try to rile people up, probably for ‘fun’.
          Really classic liberal socialist style sophistry.

        9. Yep, Laurel has a tendency to, ah, cut to the chase.
          Great story of yours. Myself, I couldn’t admit God’s existence as a truly caring, aware God until obama so completely demonstrated the existence of real coherent evil. In a way it proves God exists, day vs. night.
          The rest follows.

        10. Troubles76 AliciaKoory Laurel A True. Six million Jews were sought out and murdered by the Nazis and their allies. The lesson is evil exists and we must both learn and remember so that it doesn’t happen again. Unfortunately, it looks as if the same ignorance is looking to repeat it once more.

        11. warpmine Troubles76 AliciaKoory Laurel A 76, you are so right. The ignorant DemoncRATS support the same kind of trash the fools in Germany supported, and history will repeat itself. Be watchful. and make it a point to know those around you who are supporters of the evil scumbag.It will be useful later.

    3. AliciaKoory Our God is an awesome God. God knows the days of our lives, we do not. When He calls those little ones home, they have been here for the amount of time God gave them. God sent an angel to help my daughter save her then boyfriend, now husband, because it was not his time. God did not send an angel when our sweet 4 year old was dying of an inoperable brain tumor. Her time with us was over. He is sovereign and He alone numbers our days. Glad He is in control and not me. How and who would you choose?

  24. I truly believe that he was an angel.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve been helped several times by my guardian angel.

    1. Troubles76 Believing is what separates us from Librats (liberal democRATS) . For we need no vote on whether or not God will be in our party.
      Did not mean to get so much stirred up, but maybe with the wisdom most of you show in your  posts, I think my faith in my fellow man is starting to grow back. Now, all we need is a decent president who loves  God and country.
      God bless all,

      1. silusdogood Troubles76 Well said, friend. I truly hope we get that president you speak of. I have been sorely disappointed… I just have to believe that in the end, it will all turn out for the best. God Bless.
        CJ Melle

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