NY raising minimum wage by 71% – Dunkin Donuts CEO calls it ‘ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS’

Many morons on Twitter are attacking the CEO of Dunkin Donuts for calling out the New York state minimum wage raise to $15 for fast food workers in the next three years:

But as he explains, minimum wage raises will force restaurants to fire employees and bring an undue burden on employers. Here is trying to explain it very slowly to a CNN anchor:

Thank goodness there’s at least one CEO willing to speak out against the idiotic and destructive policies of liberal politicians. Of course, the mind-numbed zombies from the left will attack him because common sense isn’t allowed in Obama-land:



I don’t think Nigel has a lot to worry about. There were very few of this economically ignorant mental midgets tweeting about it. Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing my patronage at a donut place that understands and defends free market economics.

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